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Compared to some of the big guns on the VPN scene, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN, NuVPN’s server locations are rather limited, with just 10 different countries to choose from. This will cause some issues for those regularly globetrotting may find there is little coverage in certain areas, particularly Africa and the Middle East.

NuVPN is a bit of an enigma and the anonymity it offers its clients, keeps it under wraps as well. On their website, they do claim that they “make it our business to stay out of your business” and they certainly seem to be managing that! On the plus side, they do take privacy seriously and state categorically that they retain no information about IP addresses and keep no logs. Strangely enough, however, they also suggest that users looking for complete privacy should try Tor instead.

NuVPN is very upfront and honest – a refreshing take on a VPN – but they make their flaws known. One of the drawbacks that they openly admit to is that they have yet to gain access to Netflix. On the upside, they are committed to privacy and net neutrality so do not place any restrictions on their services, although users who torrent material that is under copyright will be banned from using the service.

In addition to seriously competitive pricing plans, you also have the option to try out NuVPN and take advantage of their free 3-hour trial when you purchase a plan. They also offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the service, although the details of this appear rather vague. Even though the distinction between each pricing plan is pretty limited, they are all in the lower echelons of what you can expect to pay for a reliable VPN. The great thing about this is that you can easily commit to a month without feeling seriously ripped off. Each plan comes with a money-back guarantee, varying from seven days for the one-month plan, up to 30 days for the 6-month and 1-year plan. The setup is straightforward as well – just sign up, download your OpenVPN profile, and then use it on up to three devices at any one time.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 25
Number of servers 25
Number of IP addresses 25
Does VPN keep logs? Yes
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 1
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Rating: 9.9 / 10

Rating: 9.9 / 10

Rating: 9.5 / 10

The Bottom Line

Novice VPN with competitive prices and serious security

While not one of the high-fliers in the world of VPNs, NuVPN is a promising fledgling with competitive prices and a clear commitment to privacy and security. On the downside, their inability to crack the Netflix matrix works against them, as does their rather limited distribution of servers.

If you need a VPN that allows you to watch all your favorite Netflix content, check out our guide on unblocking Neflix outside the US.

  • Competitive pricing plans
  • 3-hour free trial
  • Money-back guarantees on each pricing plan
  • Allows legal torrenting
  • Supports up to three simultaneous connections
  • No-logging policy
  • Commitment to net neutrality
  • Get started with NuVPN now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 0
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1
VPN Plans:

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