PandaPow Reviews 2019 - Why 4.0 Stars?

People like using PandaPow for several reasons. One of the reasons is the fact that it is very easy to use. The installation process tends to be nice and quick, and then you will have the power of a quality VPN backing your Internet searches. They can provide you with anonymous surfing without any restrictions, and they encrypt traffic from and to the web. You can even use the service in WiFi hotspots.

Why Should You Choose PandaPow?

Let’s look at some of the other reasons we’ve found that make this service a good option for many who are looking for a VPN. It’s a one-click application, which goes back to the ease of use we discussed. However, just because it is easy to use does not mean that this Hong Kong based company is unsafe or that your data would be in danger in any way. In fact, they provide the users with very strong encryption. This ensures everything stays safe and that you don’t have to worry about prying eyes.

Even though the system is very simple to use and to get started, you might still have questions or concerns. You can use the company’s support options to get help. They have a chat button right on their site, as well as a messaging system. You can also email any issues you have to the support team’s email. The will generally get back to you relatively quickly.

They have software available for Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad, and Windows. All of the downloads are right on their site, and they even have special setup guides with each of them. You should not have any trouble getting started with the program.
Types of Plans Available

PandaPow offers a wide range of different plans. The PandaPow classic option has several payment options including single month plans for $9. They also have three and 12-month plans that are a good option for those who are accessing the web from their home. In addition, they have a router-based VPN plan that comes with a router. You can also choose a WiFi plan, if you are going to be using your service mostly while you are out and on the road. After all, you want to make sure you are still safe and surfing anonymously when you are in those hotspots.

One of the other nice things about PandaPow is that it comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. If you find that the service isn’t for you, simply get in touch with them in this time frame and ask for a refund.
If you have been searching for an easy and economical way to get started with a VPN, we’ve found that PandaPow could be exactly what you need. It is easy to get started, so why not check it out and set up your account today?

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 16
Number of servers 120
Number of IP addresses 120
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 3
The Bottom Line
Though a bit pricey, PandaPower is an easy-to-use, reliable VPN with top notch customer service.

PandapPow is, without question, a great VPN for those who are looking for ease-of-use, as it appears this is one of their niches. Their claim of 1-click set-up, while maybe slightly exaggerated, is not far from the truth. Those seeking high configurability should probably look elsewhere as their setup is very simple (for better or for others, for worse). Another benefit of going with PandaPow is their customer service, which is very responsive and top-grade over all. If you're looking for a router/wi-fi set-up, we definitely recommend PandaPow as they have clearly proven themselves in this area and the price is very good. Overall, we highly recommend them because they are fairly priced, reliable, have good speeds, and their customer support is top notch.

  • Keep safe while surfing at a hotspot
  • Anonymous web browsing
  • No restrictions
  • Encrypted Internet traffic
  • Fast transfer speeds
  • Servers around the world
  • Get started with PandaPow now
Money Back Guarantee (Days): 7
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: 3
VPN Plans:
PandaPow User Reviews
  •  4
Mostly fine, been a customer for several years.

Mostly worked well. The only operational issue was that if the vpn connection failed, which often happened when I was in China, access would fall back silently to non-vpn. Obviously, this could be a big security risk for some people. The only indication that something was wrong, was a small change to the task bar icon, which is not exactly prominent. Peeved that they dropped support for linux, though they would sell me a $99 router to fix the problem. Speed seems OK. I am still a paying customer though, so they can't be too bad.

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    Dirk Heck

    Pandapow do no work good in China Need to reconnect 15 times an hour if I can get a connection at all Beside that Helpdesk can not help The only answer they know is please send us your log We are waiting almost for one month now for the solution of our problems.

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