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Guy Fawkes | Anonymous Cybersecurity Experts
Updated on 26th May 2020

Smart DNS Proxy is a brand of Global Stealth Inc. which has been offering world internet security, anonymity services, and data encryption since the mid-1990’s. While we can’t help wishing it had the speed of ExpressVPN, many Fortune 500 companies trust this brand to keep their employees secure and encrypted when surfing the web. Based out of Seychelles and has only eighty-nine servers in forty-two different countries. You can access and unlock over 200 channels in 29 countries.

SmartDNS Proxy can unblock Netflix US, but slow connection speeds limit the quality of your stream. If you want to stream in HD or 4K, I recommend choosing one of the best VPNs for Netflix, instead.

Because there is such high demand by their current clients and they have such an extensive experience in their field, Smart DNS Proxy has decided to offer the general public a separate VPN service with all the bells and whistles. Their main focus is to provide their customers with stable, fast, and secure networks anyway possible and good value for their money.

Smart DNS Proxy is a service that allows you securely to unlock global video, music, and website services. You can unlock services, such as Hulu, Netflix, ABC, or music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora no matter where you are on the planet. There’s no connection or disconnection needed. It’s much faster than a VPN and works with any device, such as Mac, PC, Xbox, SmartTV, Routers, PS3, iPhone, and iPad or any Android device.

Smart DNS Proxy has secure and fast DNS servers for your use. You just need to modify your DNS IP address on the device you’re using to a Smart DNS Proxy IP address. Then, all your DNS inquiries go through their secure DNS network.

They have servers globally in all countries to route you to the right traffic you request through their DNS. Even if you’re vacationing in Europe and you want to stream Netflix from the United States, their DNS routes your request to the right United States Netflix server, and you can stream from Netflix whatever you want. It’s the same way with any other site.

All of Smart DNS Proxy’s servers are encrypted and secured. There are no logs, so all your traffic and data remains anonymous.

Their services work with all internet capable devices, and they provide you with unlimited device access.

You can encrypt and secure your internet traffic with L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN Support. You can also have up to five simultaneous connections at one time.

Due to their long-term experience as security providers, the company has a vast level of knowledge just about every question you might have about their service. (That, however, does not always equate to a deep and vast VPN.) They have setup instructions for television, computers, game consoles, Android and iOS devices, and set-top boxes. You also have access to a frequently asked questions list, as well as a form you can email to them in case you have any concerns they don’t answer on their site.

This company accepts PayPal and credit cards, and all your payment methods will be secured. You get the first fourteen days free.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 29
Number of servers 89
Does VPN keep logs? Partially
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 5

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The Bottom Line

Secure enough, but small server selection.

If you’re looking to stream Netflix, we recommend a VPN with faster connections and a far larger server network like ExpressVPN. One of our favorites for good reason, ExpressVPN boasts over 3,000 servers in 160 locations. Compared to that, Smart DNS just comes up short.

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 30
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 5

Surfshark User Reviews

Based on 37 reviews in 2 languages
Cheap literally, price and service/product - 4
Mitch -
May 13, 2020

I'm still their customer, today's my last day after 5 yrs of 'service' - or better said, lack thereof. I bought primarily for Netflix (i want the US library) in Europe, access from my win10 PCs - which often was delivered at low bitstreams (under 2-3Mbps), too low even for HD-ready screens. Forget about HD and UHD/4k, the Smart DNS proxy unblockers rarely could sustain a steady HD stream US->Zurich. Many times Smart DNS was detected by Netflix and then for weeks/months their techies were playing a cat-mouse game, while keeping the customers in the dark (ie, no service). Annoying is the lack of transparency and stateless 'markovian' operation of Smart DNS: The tech support doesn't ACK the issue cause (lack of servers and skill/budget). When the Smart DNS service was eventually restored days/weeks later, no email, no apologies, no owning to the problem (repeated)... as if nothing ever happened ... :-) Smart DNS at $1.5/mo is 33% cheaper than eg, SurfShark, yet so much worse and lacking of servers (and skill/budget again?) that i couldn't recommend it for Netflix ... these Netflix guys are a networking outfit "accidentally streaming some content" catching the cheapskates too often for any practical use. I gave it 2* because Amazon Prime video works OK, albeit often too low streams. The VPN offers a tax-free US state and some service, but i'm not interested in this for other reasons. I'm a tech nerd (switch/router designer, the irony of it...) with little time and desire for extra fiddling Smart DNS's leaks in the evening before a movie.

The worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life - 4
Paul -
May 9, 2020

What worked well? They are taking money from me. What went wrong? Everything else. I bought it for trying to watch BBC abroad, guess what it didn’t work! So I contacted their level 1 support - a guy named Anthony. The wait time is usually a few days for a response. He went through the usual, restart router, try different servers, ‘oh it must be your router’ (so I got another router), then it must be my smart TV (I have two of different makes) again try even more servers. Some of them I couldn’t even complete a ping trace on them. So this all took just over 30 days. Messaging back and forth with level 2 support and level 3 support (also all called Anthony)... eventually Anthony came back with the reply that it doesn’t work... so I ask for a refund, Anthony adds a smiley face (bless him, so kind he is) and says he can’t because more than 39 days have passed by this stage and it’s a 30 day money back guarantee. So my advice is avoid these bunch of con men like the plague. For some people this works but unfortunately for most of us this service will not work. Then you’re stuck with. Try removing it, it keeps coming back to haunt you, horrible company, they’re not actually from the Seychelles they just have an operations company there. Strongly suspect some Eastern European connections here somewhere. Has anyone out there ever managed to speak to any of these people? I have all the email correspondence with these people (all called Anthony) should you require it.

Can not remove - 2

Like a virus this software is a real nightmare to remove, just type in smart DNS removal. If you try and search the web, a page will pop up asking for money. To me that's a virus, i have yet to find something that will remove it. It does not show up in programs, it hides itself. Do not download if you like your PC.

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