TorGuard Review by our expert: Safely access blocked and restricted sites
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4.8 / 5.0
Features 4.4 / 5.0
Ease of Use 4.4 / 5.0
Pricing 3.7 / 5.0
Reliability & Support 4.5 / 5.0

TorGuard is compatible with the Mac OS. Both the Viscosity client and the TorGuard lite client are have been available for Mac users, however, the company has recently released a new, dedicated app, which is compatible with all Mac operating systems. This software utilizes Ope...

updated: Jan 4, 2019
TorGuard User Reviews
Jan 4, 2019
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Great product

Have been using VPN's for many years now.I have tried a lot , but for the past few years I am pretty happy with tor-guard. Good service, responsive help-desk, good pricing and you also get an anon emailbox of 10MB for free with your subscription. When longer customer you also get good discount ;)

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    Great vpn for streaming, support and features

    After trying many very good vpn products I settled on TorGuard with a private IP. A bit pricey, but everything just worked. Support was great and the app on Android TV/ FireTV, etc... allows you to select apps which you wish to bypass the VPN. It auto starts at boot time, is reasonably fast, very stable, etc... Their iOS app is excellent. This is the simplest app I have used for streaming, and by far the best. To be fair, this evaluation assume you use a private ip which then increases the cost.

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      No refund!

      Be aware they don't give refund!, before i made the purchase they offered 7 days refund but after the purchase on the first day of subscription i made a request for a refund and they say they cannot because the refund abuse is currently being attempted by many users? Why they misleading people that they offer 7 days refund? Be aware that TorGuard doesn't offer refund!

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        Features Description
        Number of Server Locations (countries) 50
        Number of servers 3000
        Does VPN keep logs No
        Includes Kill Switch Yes
        Devices per license 5
        Ease of use - TorGuard 4.4 / 5.0

        The process of downloading and installing the TorGuard application is simple and straightforward. Once you successfully created your account, just follow the steps to download, install, and use the application.

        1. Download the TorGuard program.

        2. Once the download is complete, open your “Downloads” folder, click on the file and select “Run”.

        3. Go through the standard procedure of the setup wizard and then click on “Finish”

        4. From your Desktop, double-click on the TorGuard icon to open the program

        5. From the main section of the program, click to open the drop-down menu to select the country you wish to connect to a server in, select the server you want to connect to and then click on “Connect”

        6. To connect to the server, you need to enter your username and password. (You need to do this every time you want to connect.)

        7. All the information about the selected server will appear alongside its status appearing as “Connected.” Simply click on “Disconnect” at the bottom of the application window to disconnect.


        Pricing 3.7 / 5.0
        $5.00 /month
        Semi Annual
        $5.00 /month

        TorGuard offers 4 different services: Anonymous VPN, anonymous proxy, business VPN, and private Email service.

        Anonymous VPN is their standard VPN package. You can add extra features, like a Dedicated IP or Streaming IP, but the main package does the job. If you have a specific task you want to achieve with this VPN, we suggest you consult their live chat.

        The proxy service is the cheapest, and it comes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed, more than 2000 elite proxy IP’s in over 50 countries, Fast SOCKS5 proxy servers in over 8 countries, up to 5 simultaneous connections, and SOCKS5 + HTTP/SSL proxy support.

        The private Email service has a free version and a premium version. The free service comes with the VPN, and it only offers 10 MB of offshore email storage. The paid service includes unlimited offshore email storage, secure G/PGP email encryption, end-to-end security and protection, no advertisements or marketing, and forward secrecy. The premium VPN service is the priciest service among them all, but it’s still relatively affordable, especially if you get the annual subscription.

        The business VPN comes in 4 different packages: Starter, Small, Medium, and Enterprise. The Starter plan includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed, access to more than 3000 servers in over 50 countries, up to 10 VPN user package, up to 10 encrypted email accounts, dedicated VPN management portal, 24/7 dedicated account manager.

        The Small business package includes the same features included in the Starter plan; except that it provides up to 15 VPN user package and up to 15 encrypted email accounts.

        The Medium business package also includes the same features, but it provides up to 20 VPN user package and up to 20 encrypted email accounts.

        Finally, the Enterprise package has a custom cost depending on many factors that can be discussed with TorGuard's support team. Same features are included in addition to providing the user company with more than 50 additional sub-accounts, and more than 100 encrypted email accounts.

        In all packages, TorGuard provides their new subscribers with a 7-day money back guarantee period in case users are not fully satisfied with the service.

        TorGuard accepts both standard and anonymous payment options including; credit card, Paypal, Cashu, AliPay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Crypto.

        Reliability & Support 4.5 / 5.0

        TorGuard has one of the most responsive live chat customer support team we have come across so far. When we contacted them and asked a few questions about the service, their response was almost instant, informative, and to the point. They also have a ticketing system which has an SLA response time of 24 hours, but usually responds within an hour via email. TorGuard also has an official Facebook page; however, it will only allow you to call their toll-free number through it and not send any messages. The toll-free number but can only be called from within the US, leaving only live chat and email viable options for those outside of the U.S.

        The Bottom Line
        Ariel Hochstadt
        (Ex-Google, International tech speaker)
        A VPN, proxy, and private email service all in one place

        TorGuard provides users with a massive network of servers (more than 3000!) in over 50 countries. Even though many might see the service as a bit costly at first, when you take a closer look at the countless features, not to mention the quality of the services, you realize that it is well worth the price. And for those concerned with protecting the payment process, TorGuard accepts anonymous payment options, such as Bitcoin and Crypto.

        4.8 / 5.0
        Detailed expert review of TorGuard
        Ariel Hochstadt
        (Ex-Google, International tech speaker)

        TorGuard is compatible with the Mac OS. Both the Viscosity client and the TorGuard lite client are have been available for Mac users, however, the company has recently released a new, dedicated app, which is compatible with all Mac operating systems.

        This software utilizes OpenVPN to provide fast connections, although this isn’t as secure a protocol as the other software provides. The interface has been updated to allow for easy navigation through the VPN server selection menu. TorGuard is recommending all Mac users download and begin using this new OpenVPN app for the best possible experience. The users are able to access all services and products offered through the OS X, as they would on other operating systems.

        The configuration procedure for the OS X is easy to follow and available on the knowledge base of the private provider. The users are able to choose between a variety of security protocols, as they are all compatible with OS X.

        • Unlimited Bandwidth and Speed
        • Up to 5 simultaneous connections with the ability to add more connections for $3 per additional connection
        • Multiple security protocols supported Stealth VPN
        • 3000+ servers in more than 50 countries
        • 24/7 Live chat customer support
        • Get started with TorGuard now
        Money Back Guarantee (Days): 30
        Mobile app:
        Devices per license: 5
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