Tuxler VPN Review & Test 2019 - Free, But Not Worth The Risks

One of our major concerns about free VPNs is how they use your information to make a profit. Tuxler’s approach to users’ data does nothing to alleviate these concerns. Tuxler clearly states that it collects a range of data about its users, including their online activity, and passes this information on to service providers, related companies, its subsidiaries, and when asked, legal authorities.

Straight away, we already know it's no match for a premium vendor like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. You won't have to worry about any data logging or compromises on security.

There is no indication that this approach to your data changes if you purchase the Premium paid package. Furthermore, we noticed an increase in spam and unwanted email while testing this provider. While this may be coincidental, it is certainly worth mentioning.

In fact, we are not exactly sure what you gain by upgrading to the Premium package. Tuxler vaguely promises increased security and faster speeds, but we have been unable to verify those claims or locate any more specific information.

As a community-powered VPN, Tuxler works by giving its users access to the IP addresses of other users. Traffic is encrypted for security but Tuxler was not very forthcoming in explaining what other security it puts in place. The provider stated that it does use tunneling protocols, but provided no further details.

One of the benefits of a community-based system like Tuxler’s is that it is much harder for websites and online services to detect than a conventional VPN. We were able to access Netflix services in a range of different countries and connect to the BBC iPlayer.

However, connection speeds were very slow, and we experienced buffering and difficulty connecting to the specific shows we wanted. We experienced similar speed problems with general surfing, regardless of the country we connected to. Inconsistencies in the locations that we were connected to also caused issues.

If you want to connect to US Netflix, for example, then you need a US server, so being redirected to Venezuela is very unhelpful. Connections refresh at random as well, and there is no guarantee that the server you will be redirected to will be in the same country as your current server. If none are available there, you are bumped to the next available country – or, it seems, continent!

Tuxler is a great concept that has been poorly executed and because of this, it provides a poor level of service and puts its users’ data and identities at risk.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 64
Number of servers 64
Number of IP addresses 70000
Does VPN keep logs? Yes
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 1
Ease of Use 3.9 / 5.0

Tuxler is extremely easy to install and use, with no manual installation required and no customizable options to set up. To get started, choose whether you want to use the free version or the paid service, and click on the appropriate button. There are opportunities to upgrade later if you choose the free version.

For the paid version, you need to choose your payment option, complete the details, and then provide your personal information. With the free version, you simply skip the payment process.

Once you’ve completed the signup, find your welcome email. Click on the download link in the email, and wait while the setup wizard completes the installation. Then, enter the login details that were included in the email and you are ready to get started.

To use the VPN, click the IP Changing button to the ON position and choose the country that you wish to access. You also have the option with some countries to choose a city. You should receive a notification that you are connected and ready to surf.

Pricing 4.6 / 5.0
Free Version
$0.00 /month
Premium Version
$7.99 /month

Tuxler offers both a free and a paid service. According to the provider, the paid service offers greater security and access to faster servers. While the paid service is comparable in price with other VPNs, it does not represent good value for your money because of its inconsistent speeds, lack of customer support, and data-sharing practices.

When considering pricing, you also need to take into consideration the fact that this VPN works as a P2P network, which gives other users access to your connection. If you are on a limited or metered connection, the costs could soon mount up.

The vendor states that it offers a 1-day free trial. However, on further investigation, we found that this is not a continuous offer and that it seems to require signing up as an affiliate. No money-back guarantee is offered by this vendor.

Reliability & Support 3.9 / 5.0

Tuxler’s reliability is questionable. On more than one occasion, our connections were blocked by our antivirus software and were flagged as potentially dangerous. We have not encountered this issue with other P2P-based VPNs.

When we did connect successfully, the connection was not always to our chosen destination. We tried to connect to servers in the USA and were connected instead to Venezuela. On another occasion, we tried to connect to China and were instead connected to Vietnam. This raises questions about the number of IP addresses that the company has access to in any given location.

Tuxler’s website is well organized and provides access to numerous pages containing useful information. However, the depth of this information is limited, as are specific details. Customer service and support can be accessed via an online contact form.

Requests sent through this channel are acknowledged immediately with an automated email. However, responses to the questions can take several days to receive; we are still waiting for a response to our second set of questions (over a week at this point).

The answers we did receive to our previous questions were vague and not very helpful. The reply failed to answer several questions and gave generalized answers to others.

Tuxler does have a social media presence, but its Facebook page has not been updated for several months and states that the company does not deal with customer service queries through this channel. The page instead provides a support email address, which is the same email we reached via the contact page.

The Bottom Line

An inconsistent VPN that puts your data and identity at risk

Tuxler is a community-powered VPN that makes money by using and selling your data to provide targeted advertising. It is open and honest about this practice in its policies but doesn’t acknowledge the risks to you that can arise from this approach. The VPN offers little additional functionality for paying customers, and while it can access geo-restricted content, its speeds are inconsistent at best and unusable at worst.

Clearly, Tuxler doesn’t live up to the expectations of our most highly rated VPNs. If you’re after an all-in-one VPN that gives you the very best features on the market, we suggest you check them out.

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 0
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1
VPN Plans: www.tuxler.com
Tuxler User Reviews
  •  5
Excelente alternativa

Me encanta este VPN su precio es bajo y su calidad bastante buena, IP's residenciales, se conecta muy rápidamente, la velocidad de conexión es bastante aceptable! lo recomiendo ampliamente! Sirve para ver Netflix, desbloquea muchas páginas y tiene una buena cantidad de servidores en Estados unidos, México, Chile, Colombia, España, entre muchos otros! Su precio es bajo para lo bueno que es!! Formidable!!

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    •  1
    Never recommend Tuxler

    I have used Tuxler their IPs work really very slow and they do not have wide range of IPs, as they mention on their website and their support is very bad never reply to emails. If you want to save your money then try some other VPN websites.

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