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vpnMentor was established in 2014 to review VPN services and cover privacy-related stories. Today, our team of hundreds of cybersecurity researchers, writers, and editors continues to help readers fight for their online freedom in partnership with Kape Technologies PLC, which also owns the following products: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and Private Internet Access which may be ranked and reviewed on this website. The reviews published on vpnMentor are believed to be accurate as of the date of each article, and written according to our strict reviewing standards that prioritize professional and honest examination of the reviewer, taking into account the technical capabilities and qualities of the product together with its commercial value for users. The rankings and reviews we publish may also take into consideration the common ownership mentioned above, and affiliate commissions we earn for purchases through links on our website. We do not review all VPN providers and information is believed to be accurate as of the date of each article.

VIP72 VPN Review 2024 — Here's Why You Need To Avoid It

Our Score: 5.5/10
Ranked 159th out of 285 VPNs
Priscilla Liu Updated on 12th May 2024 Cybersecurity Researcher

Launched in 2006, VIP72 provides a VPN service and proxy solutions to protect your online data and activities. It supports the SOCKS5 protocol that you can use for extra privacy.

VIP72 uses DoubleVPN to increase anonymity but at the cost of slowing down your connection speed. You can choose from DoubleVPN server options like Germany-Sweden, USA-Europe, and UK-France. It also uses 2048-bit encryption with OpenVPN for safe VoIP calls, streaming, browsing, messaging, and torrenting.

There is a selection of 30,436+ proxy and SOCKS servers in 168 countries and 30,436 IP addresses. You can change your IP address anytime you want.

VIP72 offers average speeds, and it helps if you do not go above the bandwidth limit. Furthermore, it works with various streaming platforms, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

A couple of years ago, VIP72 gained notoriety for spreading the Bunitu Trojan botnet. Furthermore, it claims that it has a strict no-logs policy, but there's no audit to prove it. However, it is based in the US, which belongs to the 5 Eyes jurisdiction.

VIP72 is compatible with Linux, Windows, macOS, and FreeBSD on desktops. Nevertheless, it doesn't have native apps for Android and iOS.

The website is outdated and difficult to navigate. You won’t find any set-up walkthroughs or troubleshooting guides there. There is also no FAQ page, request form, or live chat if you require immediate assistance. You can reach out to the support team through email, but they take 2-3 business days to respond.

You can choose from its weekly, monthly, or yearly packages. Although the yearly subscription seems to be the least costly at $22/month, the price points are still high. There is no refund policy, but you can request a free demo to the Germany server. If you decide that VIP72 isn't for you, take a look at some of the best VPN services that we've written reviews about.

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Short On Time? Here Are My Key Findings

VIP72 VPN Features — 2024 Update

💸 Price 12.42 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 2 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? Partially
🖥 Number of servers 30436+
💻 Number of devices per license 1
🛡 Kill switch No
🛠 Support Email support
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming — Works With Some of the Major Streaming Platforms

You can use VIP72 to privately stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer. The only problem is there are limited compatible servers, and the high prices are not justified. Also, these streaming services use advanced and constantly evolving algorithms that may break VIP72 compatibility soon.

So, you’ll need a better service than VIP72 to enjoy specific VODs in uninterrupted UHD. Netflix, in particular, is always looking for new ways to prevent VPN connections. It’s not uncommon to find VPN alternatives that are useful in the event a certain server goes down, but you won’t get this with VIP72. So, you can check out some of these VPNs for streaming instead.

Important: My team and I do not condone breaking any copyright laws. It’s up to you to use the VPN responsibly. We urge you to always act in accordance with the terms of service of any website, app, or service you utilize.

Works With: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube

VIP72 meets the basic requirements of streaming Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer. The service provider attempts to maintain a reasonably performing server that enables you to connect reliably and securely.

Doesn’t Work With: Amazon Prime Video and Kodi

Users cannot make Amazon Prime Video and Kodi work with VIP72. Consider more robust alternatives if you want to enjoy Amazon Prime Video and Kodi, which has improved its online streaming service due to its freemium feature.

Speeds — Below Average and Inconsistent

VIP72 does not have fast and consistent speeds, making it an unpredictable service. I considered three factors when testing its speeds:

  • Download speed is how fast I receive data from the server I’m connected to, including streaming and loading websites. We measure this in Mbps.
  • Upload speed is how fast I send data to the server I’m connected to, including posting on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media handles, video calling, etc. We measure this in Mbps.
  • Ping is the time it takes for data to travel, and we measure this in ms. A low ping means a more responsive connection which is great for streaming or online gaming.

Here’s a summary of my findings:

  • The service does not have the high-speed connections of competing VPNs. However, speeds for streaming online content are reasonable as long as you do not go beyond the bandwidth limit.
  • Its strong presence in Europe means customers there can benefit from decent speeds, and there are no server switching restrictions.
  • Choosing to use DoubleVPN considerably reduces bandwidth speeds.

Furthermore, VIP72 has SOCKS IPs available in 168 locations, and they most likely depend on virtual servers instead of bare-metal servers. The website promises ‘hispeed connections’ with no traffic limit, although they haven’t specifically mentioned what speeds to expect. Speeds are generally slow in Australia, Asia, and Africa, particularly Asia, because it has fewer server locations. I hope that VIP72 can live up to its claim by upgrading its service soon for faster speeds.

Are VIP72 Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? No

VIP72 offers decent speeds that enable you to play online games, but I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect VPN for gaming. This is because it operates in select countries where connection speeds are unpredictable, although you can access any server you want.

In a nutshell, you shouldn’t consider VIP72 for gaming because of the following reasons:

  • Connection: I don’t think VIP72 is dedicated to consistent server improvement and maintenance. You wouldn’t want to increase lag or experience low FPS because of slow connection speeds.
  • Speed: VIP72 does not improve ping times, and some VPNs are dedicatedly designed for gaming. It is better to select a VPN with fast servers near your location and in other regions where you may require an IP address.
  • Security: I do not recommend you to use VIP72 for gaming because of data leak concerns. However, it does offer 2048-bit encryption with the OpenVPN protocol to protect online media streaming, torrenting or P2P, FTP, VoIP, and instant messaging.
  • DoubleVPN: double encryption and information traveling through more than one server result in high data rates, so this is not a good fit for online gaming. However, you can redirect and encrypt your traffic with DoubleVPN for extra privacy.
  • Reputation: VIP72 does not have a good rating among verified users, so be careful if you decide to entrust your data to the service provider for gaming purposes.

If you’re a serious gamer, then you should try out these VPNs for gaming instead.

Server Network — Versatile but Questionable

VIP72’s server network comes with 2 types of servers; Single OpenVPN and Double OpenVPN. To date, VIP72 has servers in 168 countries with 30,436 IP addresses. The SOCKS proxy offers access to 30,436 IP addresses. With the availability of SOCKS IPs in 168 countries, VIP72 probably uses multiple virtual servers, indicating that they do not utilize as many bare-metal servers in comparison. These SOCKS proxies hide your IP, and all information travels through a safe connection from a user to the proxy server. In this way, hackers and third parties cannot intercept your data.

Unfortunately, VIP72 does not have obfuscated server features for advanced security. Obfuscation offers an advantage when you have to ensure the utmost privacy while living in strict countries like China and Russia. This allows you to manage stringent online restrictions that these countries impose on citizens and travelers. So, VIP72 is yet to show measurable progress in obfuscation if it expects to gain a competitive edge over other VPNs.

As a user, you play an integral role in determining the speeds you experience when you connect to any VPN. Although your provider mostly handles the speeds, you have quite a bit of control over how quickly your VPN works. You may be thinking about measuring the amount of speed you lose by using VIP72 across both slow and high-speed connections. For this, you should factor in how well the VPN handles streaming, torrenting, and gaming.

Next, as VIP72 has a large network of global servers, you are likely to find one that is not crowded with other users attempting to use the same bandwidth. My concern about VIP72 is that having multiple servers does not necessarily make it better than other VPN solutions. The reason it may need more servers is to meet the needs of more subscribers. Furthermore, I’m not sure how VIP72 allocates its servers compared to the number of subscribers it has. In any case, some websites will block VIP72’s traffic because it has earned a reputation as a suspicious VPN service. Let’s not overlook how using VIP72 can reduce download and upload speeds while increasing an internet connection’s latency.

There are 2 options if you are not receiving the internet speed you require with VIP72. You can either upgrade your internet speed or change your provider as there are faster VPN services than VIP72. Whether it is the user to server ratio, your network, or optimization efforts, not all VPN solutions are equal. VIP72 certainly does not qualify among the top service providers in this case.

Overall, VIP72 has 30,436 servers but does not explicitly say that it uses virtual servers, even though it’s more than likely it does. Currently, it has VPN servers in the following countries:

Single OpenVPN Double OpenVPN
United States USA-Europe
Germany UK-Belgium
Netherlands UK-France
Switzerland Switzerland-Latvia
Sweden Netherlands-Luxembourg
Czech Republic Germany-Netherlands
Malaysia Germany-Sweden
Luxembourg -
Panama -
Latvia -

Security — Low-Tier Security With Lack of Advanced Features

As a VPN with multiple IP addresses, VIP72 connected to P2P networks and allowed me to exchange files while surfing the internet anonymously. It protected my identity with encrypted IP servers, which was good. I was able to download and install open-source apps privately.

Let’s not forget that VIP72 is a major provider of the SOCKS protocol. This was useful for routing data packets from the user (me) to servers via a proxy, hiding my browser usage details, and finding a way around circumventing firewalls. The SOCKS proxy is also effective if you don’t want anyone to know that you are using the Tor browser for anonymous communication. You can use SOCKS5 to enhance security, but a viable option is to capitalize on the DoubleVPN feature that routes online traffic via two VPN servers. DoubleVPN sacrifices connection speed for security, so the choice is yours, depending on the goals you want to meet. Albeit, VIP72 doesn’t support other popular protocols like PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IPSec.

VIP72 employs 2048-bit encryption with its OpenVPN servers to protect sessions like browsing, streaming, and downloading torrents when using public WiFi. I give credit to VIP72 for offering the best SSL certificate one can get, but does this protect us from potential risks and threats on private and public networks? I expect it to do the same as other VPNs that encrypt my information so no one can see what I’m doing.

VIP72 does not incorporate a kill switch, and this can be a problem. Generally, when using any VPN, you would want it to have a kill switch, and here’s why. It is a feature that automatically disconnects your mobile device, tablet, or PC from the internet until your VPN connection restores. With a kill switch, there are zero chances of accidental exposure of your IP address, not to mention that your internet connection’s security is never compromised. This is a good reason to switch providers if you have subscribed to the service.

Sadly, VIP72 fails to meet the benchmark of a truly safe VPN. However, it uses SOCKS and OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), which is one of the safest protocols to secure your online activities. Furthermore, the 2048-bit cipher that the service uses to encrypt data largely determines how OpenVPN performs as a tunneling protocol. In any situation, there is a risk because VIP72 underwhelms in terms of providing a 100% secure VPN platform.

As discussed, VIP72 was associated with the Bunitu Trojan botnet by functioning as a delivery channel for malware that blocks antiviruses and decreases speeds. As per a 2015 study, Malwarebytes Labs, an anti-malware company, exposed VIP72 as the responsible party for spreading the Trojan. The Trojan infects your computer and makes it function as a proxy for remote clients. The malware works instantly when you install VIP72 on a system, and it opens ports for remote connections. This harms the network and reroutes infected IP addresses. What’s the riskiest thing that can happen? You may find yourself participating unwillingly in cyberattacks, or worse.

The Bunitu Trojan was distributed through the Neutrino exploit kit in different malvertising campaigns. Experts weighed in on the possibilities, and they discovered that the requests they received were not associated with an ad-fraud activity. Instead, they seemed to be coming from some VPN service, namely VIP72. Several forums refer to the VIP72 VPN as the top choice for cybercriminal activities, including a report from FireEye on Nigerian fraudsters.

Additionally, I’m not sure if VIP72 truly keeps DNS, IP, and WebRTC information safe.

Privacy — Could Be Better

According to VIP72, the company will not ask users to share personal data during registration and when using its services. It does not keep any user emails nor utilize any tools that require user identification to accept payments. However, it uses cookies to improve website performance and offer an optimal user experience.

There is a no-logging policy on the website that mentions VIP72 does not keep a history of user activity logs, so digital activities are never exposed. Note that the service does not specify if it complies with data-related laws like the GDPR and POPIA. Furthermore, be careful not to violate its Terms of Services as doing so will result in a penalty of $0.2 for using each proxy. If the company receives a copyright infringement notice, it reserves the right to suspend your account permanently. Using Bitcoin to pay for VIP72 services is your safest option if you want to improve your anonymity.

When a user considers investing in VPN services, they factor in transparency and visibility before reaching a decision. This is because they trust VPNs to keep their details safe, especially in a digital ecosystem where cybercrimes are rising by the day. Taking all this into account, I’m not sure if I can completely trust VIP72’s level of service. Remember, although VIP72 does integrate features that protect online privacy, it is a US-based company, so customers naturally demand the highest standard of data security and integrity.

This brings us to another point. VIP72’s location in the US raises concerns because the country comes within the jurisdiction of the Five Eyes alliance. This alliance presents a risk to your privacy and anonymity when you perform online activities. Furthermore, as part of the Five Eyes jurisdiction, US government agencies investigated VIP72 for spreading the infamous Bunitu Trojan botnet in which the service used infected hosts as proxies.

VIP72 claims that it has a strict no-logs policy, but being based in the US, VIP72 must abide by its data retention law at all times. The Privacy Policy page on the website does not contain sufficient information, and the broken English only makes it harder for users to properly understand the service. The poor quality of the language on the website raises doubts about whether this VPN is truly based in the US, an English-speaking country.

Let’s move on to the Privacy Policy. Here’s what it looks like on the website:

A screenshot from VIP72’s Privacy PolicyA screenshot of VIP72’s Privacy Policy

Let’s have a look at the main statement. It says that VIP72 is committed to protecting your information from unauthorized interference as you browse the internet. The service supports the OpenVPN protocol to secure data that travels through open connection channels. Interestingly, customers can get in touch with the support team by jabber without worrying about privacy.

The main statement is somewhat confusing, and I’m not sure if I can entirely trust these claims. As mentioned, VIP72 has a reputation for being associated with malware and suspicious activities, and there is insufficient evidence to suggest otherwise. There are quite a few grammatical errors, and non-native English speakers reading the document may not understand what’s written. This can cause VIP72 to lose out on potential customers because a Privacy Policy can make or break the first impression when users learn about the best VPN services. Non-tech-savvy users are also likely among those who won’t understand the document. If anyone, it’s an IT department that may be able to determine whether these statements are true or false. This is because it is relatively simpler for them to test a VPN and report the findings as compared to first-time users or beginners. So, VIP72 should eliminate these errors and draft the Privacy Policy from a layman’s perspective.

What if you want to access blocked websites related to business, trade, and finance? I don’t think VIP72 is reliable, especially if you need to give any bank or card details for transactions, and you save this information for the next time. Don’t disregard the last point on the Privacy Policy because it may keep logs of your activities on web pages. The last thing you would want to do is accidentally expose your card data or financial statements to anyone online.

I also did a tracker test using Ghostery’s browser extension and these were the results I got.

A screenshot of the VIP72 tracker test. Results from Ghostery’s tracker test on VIP72’s website

Torrenting — Not Entirely Secure

You are granted the option to access peer-to-peer websites and share files on certain servers. While this VPN is proficient for BitTorrent, the lack of comprehensive protection against IP address leaks and operating system vulnerabilities may deter users. Furthermore, without a kill switch, there's the risk of connection instability leading to potential IP address exposure, so it's tough to fully assure a satisfactory torrenting experience. It's also recommended to steer clear of using the US servers for torrenting, as it's not permitted due to stringent US laws against online torrenting. Non-compliance could lead to violations of the DMCA, attracting significant penalties.

VIP72 does not provide security against IP address leaks. The lack of a kill switch and leak protection capabilities also implies that your data might not be safe when you use VIP72. There is a way you can address this, though. Simply install and set up the SOCKS proxy at the torrenting client level to prevent any potential security threats or discrepancies. However, if you would like a VPN that will give you peace of mind, I suggest you take a look at these VPNs for safe torrenting.

Does VIP72 Work In China? No

VIP72 is ineffective in China. The country employs techniques to thwart VPNs from circumventing its online restrictions, making the evaluation of VPNs challenging in that region. For residents, students, or expatriates in China, it's advised to look into alternatives to VIP72. The service doesn't feature a mirrored site that would allow its use within the country. It's crucial to note that by February 2018, China's government directed three major telecommunication firms to restrict VPN access. This action was taken in light of the numerous individuals using VPNs to navigate around the Great Firewall, China's censorship mechanism.

Here’s why this is important if you decide to use VIP72. I wouldn’t suggest going for this service in China or any country that heavily restricts VPN use. VIP72 does not have premium security features or a stealth protocol that can bypass censorship. Not only is this risky, but you can also get into trouble with the law if you use the service as an investigative journalist. The same applies if you carry out any illegal browsing and downloading activities that may result in your account being suspended or terminated altogether. I recommend using VIP72 for study, research, and other legitimate, business-related purposes. Just take care not to violate the terms of use that you agree to upon signing up for VIP72, and you will be fine.

More importantly, VIP72 does not offer the obfuscation feature, which is crucial if you want to hide VPN traffic and avoid the Great Firewall’s VPN blocking capabilities. The lack of obfuscated servers for additional privacy means that VIP72 is not equipped with special algorithms to unblock websites, applications, or services in China.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Limited to 1

You can only use 1 device under a single VIP72 subscription, so there is less value for money. Generally, VPNs restrict simultaneous device connections to 5-10 devices, and even this is limited for families using multiple devices. VIP72 needs to up this selling feature if it expects to stay competitive. Still, I tested my device to see whether it would affect performance in any way. To my relief, I was able to browse online anonymously with the freedom to change my IP when necessary. My IP address change didn’t have any impact on the device itself.

Device Compatibility — Linux, Windows, Mac, and BSD

VIP72 is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, and FreeBSD on desktops. If you visit the website, you’ll see that you can use the VPN on BSD through Wine. This is software that enables you to run Windows applications on other OSs, and it does not help if you use Windows. This is because the VPN software uses a form of a network adapter to pass traffic to and from a network stack. The Windows interface for network adapters is defined, so any driver designed for Windows will not operate in Wine. You cannot install the Windows VPN client in Wine and expect it to work.

VIP72 does not support any router, and you cannot configure the service on Kindle Fire. Furthermore, it does not offer dedicated apps for Android and iOS. Users of these OSs must leverage OpenVPN to get VIP72 on their portable devices. You can utilize its download feature to install the VPN on Linux, Windows, Mac, and BSD. While the process is relatively simple for Windows users, I cannot say the same for Mac and Linux users.

VIP72 doesn't offer add-ons for browsers like Chrome and Mozilla. It was only useful when I switched IP locations on my browser to bypass geo-restricted content on the internet, but nothing else. Also, I was only able to use VIP72 on a Linux, Windows, or Mac device.

My take on this is that VIP72 should upgrade its device compatibility if it wants to cater to a larger customer base and offer a more user-friendly VPN service. The service is quite basic on the operating systems it supports, and there are no modern features, settings, or configurations.

Installation & Apps


Set-up & Installation — Fairly Simple, Not Time-Consuming

It took a few clicks to download, install, and begin using VIP72. It works more or less the same way across Linux, Windows, and Mac, so you have an idea of what to expect each time you use a different OS. The service is available in three languages: English, Chinese, and French. Be careful when using VIP72 because the administration is not responsible for any illegal practices you may engage in. The company is not liable, nor does it guarantee uninterrupted, 24/7 access to its services.

I tested VIP72 from my location, and I was able to connect to my choice of IP servers to avoid restrictions when exploring the internet. Here’s how I installed VIP72:

  • Visit the official website, download, and install the service. I came across three different plans from which I had to choose one to continue.
  • The website asked me to enter some basic details. Next, it directed me to create a username and password to access my VPN account.
  • To complete the downloading and installation process, I accepted VIP72’s Terms of Service. Then, I chose the country of the server I wanted to connect to and configured a few settings before proceeding.

It’s worth mentioning that VIP72 can enter the web via private and encrypted tunnels to direct an IP address to other available addresses. It facilitates complete web access and navigation through social networking sites that your country may have blocked access to.

I was hoping to find some descriptions under each setting and feature on the website so that I could better understand what it does. Unfortunately, there was very little information for me to work with, so VIP72 could benefit from some key improvements. It would be helpful if VIP72 improved its customer service so I could get immediate responses to questions like choosing the fastest possible server. I believe that a live chat service, walkthrough, and FAQ section on VIP72’s website will also make it easier for potential users. Let’s be realistic because nobody’s going to wait for 2-3 business days before they finally receive an answer or get a solution to a complaint.

In terms of multiplatform support, VIP72 has a single custom client for Windows. It is possible to use the VIP72 VPN on Linux, macOS, and BSD through Wine. Wine is a free, open-source compatibility software that helps run Windows applications on OSs. This may not be a viable option for users who want to use Windows dedicatedly.

As mentioned, you won’t find any set-up guides, user walkthroughs, or troubleshooting measures on VIP72’s website. The good thing is even if you are non-tech-savvy, you don’t need much knowledge to use the service. You can start by simply downloading and installing the software. Here’s how you do it. First, visit the official website, and choose from one of the three pricing plans they offer. Then, you can download and install the complete VPN.

I found that there’s also an option of setting up the VPN manually. If you want VIP72 for your Android device, you can get it through the OpenVPN GUI client. This will prompt you to download and install OpenVPN from the PlayStore app and the configuration files from the official website. Next, click the Import option on OpenVPN, and choose the .ovpn files. Choose a server and enter your login information. You should be able to use VIP72 on your Android device after this. In my view, this is a slow way to go about things, and I would probably get a lot more done with less if I consider VIP72 alternatives.


Double VPN 12 Months
$ 12.42 / month per month
Double VPN 6 Months
$ 24.84 / month per month
Double VPN 1 Month
$ 35 / month per month

VIP72 offers three subscription plans: weekly, monthly, and yearly. If you wish to use the VPN for the short term, it is a good idea to go for the weekly plan that costs $9. The monthly bundle is available at $25, while the price for the yearly plan amounts to $265. There is no free trial or refund policy. Although VIP72 does not offer any real incentive for users to save, the overall cost comes down if you increase the duration of your subscription. This is still expensive because you can get better features, benefits, and security at the same price or lesser from other more affordable VPN services.

You do have an option to test VIP72 without opting for a plan, but you must pay $1 for the demo. To use the service, you have to create an account, and the good thing is you don’t have to give any personal details for registration. According to the website, all you have to do is register and pay if you want to instantly access the service. Furthermore, VIP72 accepts WebMoney, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Liberty Reserve as payment methods.

The Register & Pay method is another option you can go for, and it’s fairly simple. This will give you instant access to your chosen subscription plan, and you can start using the service at your convenience.

I compared these plans to the market rates and service benefits of more competitive VPN service providers and concluded that it’s not worth the money. Other VPNs offer discounts if you do long-term business with them, but VIP72’s pricing is not budget-friendly.

All payments are processed automatically. Here are some steps to follow when buying the package you are interested in:

  • Go to the VPN’s official website, where you will find the link to the payment page.
  • Click ‘Buy Now’ on a bundle, after which the system will prompt you to select your preferred payment method and complete the transaction.

VIP72 has specific rules when it comes to its pricing and payments:

  • You cannot reverse any payments you have made, even if they were accidental. You do have the right to access the proxy for any overpaid amount.
  • You purchase access based on how many days you want to use the service.
  • VIP72 will restrict your access once you reach your usage limit. This applies even if you have subscription days remaining.
  • For plans with fixed limits, you can use your SOCKS if you extend your account.
  • You cannot make your next payment after seven days of your last subscription’s expiration date.
  • You can switch from the Unlimited plan to a limited package provided that you recalculate the proxies you have already used.
  • You can access the Premium Zone as is. The limits in Premium Zone vary depending on the primary limits of your account. Although the current daily usage limit is 111 IP, you cannot exceed the total usage limit on your account.
  • The Unlimited plan refers to a plan with no fixed limits. VIP72 calculates pricing based on activity, account usage, and other factors. To understand VIP72 VPN’s restrictions, you can contact their team or visit their website.
  • If VIP72 offers an option, you can use the Unlimited plan with no fixed limits as long as you strictly adhere to the company’s restrictions. Or, you can opt for the plan with fixed limits.

VIP72 has a bonus program that includes all its packages except for the demo/test version. The current bonus amounts to 10% of the base cost of the bundle if a customer uses WebMoney payments. Also, customers can only utilize bonuses if they have three or more active referrals. The bonus program is not a self-discount program, and you cannot misuse the referral system. Any violation will lead to the bonuses being reset to zero.

I did an SSL test on VIP72’s website and as can be seen from the results, it showed a B grade on all of the tested servers. This means that your payment info might not be the safest with VIP72. I would’ve liked to see an A+ or an A on this test but, unfortunately, that was not the case.

A screenshot of VIP72's SSL test results A screenshot of Qualys SSL test results on VIP72’s website

Reliability & Support


VIP72’s Privacy Policy does not provide sufficient or reliable information. There is no visibility, meaning you cannot entirely depend on this service provider to keep your billing information safe. VIP72 has not taken any definitive steps towards transparency, and the lack of customer support only adds to my doubt. There is no 24/7 live chat service, so what to do if one has an urgent question, complaint, or problem to solve? VIP72 should have an online Help Center that includes set-up and installation guides, tutorials, feature explanations, and a FAQ page.

You have the option to send an email to its team via support@j.vip72.org or support1@j.vip72.org and get a response in 2-3 business days. This is a slow method, and customers expecting fast, or immediate replies do not prefer using email to communicate in this digital age. Furthermore, email support is available only for users who subscribe to the service, so VIP72 loses out on the opportunity to connect with potential clients. You can contact their team through ICQ, but it is unlikely that they will reply.

Compare VIP72 VPN With The Top Alternative VPNs
Our Score: 9.9
Our Score: 9.7
Our Score: 9.5
Our Score: 9.4
Editor's Note: Transparency and impartiality are important to us when bringing you our best selection of VPNs. Some of the industry-leading products on our list, including Intego, Private Internet Access, CyberGhost, and ExpressVPN are owned by Kape Technologies, our parent company. The VPNs we choose are derived from a thorough testing process.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

VIP72 has the potential to do better if I compare it to other VPNs on the market. I was particularly unimpressed with VIP72’s customer support and level of accountability. I also want to learn more about their services and any potential updates they may be rolling out, but there are no reference materials on their website. It seems like they didn’t do any recent work on revamping their website, and they should if they expect to stay relevant.

Here’s the lowdown:

VIP72 has an anonymous sign-up process, and the OpenVPN tunneling protocol is useful. The downside is it does not offer value for money, and without a dedicated customer care team, they won’t be able to stay relevant in the long term. It does not work in China, where residents and foreign workers need VPNs to access certain content and get projects done. Furthermore, the threat of malware infection is enough to drive a potential customer away and search for other options instead.

  • Hides your connection from everyone with encrypted SOCKS proxies
  • Option of using DoubleVPN to increase anonymity
  • Freedom to change your IP address anytime you want
  • Pay with WebMoney, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Liberty Reserve


Is VIP72 safe?

VIP72 falls under the jurisdiction of the US. This is not a secure location for any VPN service to be operating in due to multiple American national and state-level laws that simplify data collection. So, VIP72 must make sure that it strictly follows the data retention laws in the country. This is because the US is a member of the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance. The fact that its government agencies have closely monitored citizens’ activities in the past means VIP72 has all the more reason to exercise caution.

Does VIP72 work with Netflix?

VIP72 is capable of streaming VODs. When testing the service, you will see that it does work with Netflix, although alternative VPNs are more suitable options for doing so. Netflix is also known for using smart algorithms to detect VPN and proxy servers. If these algorithms become more advanced, VIP72 may find it challenging to work with the streaming giant soon. This means you’ll have to consider other alternatives that are available at more or less the same price as VIP72 but with better capabilities.

Furthermore, some countries like China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and Iran have tough censorship laws, meaning the shows and films you want to see do not align with their social, political, and religious views. These locations are constantly searching for new ways to block access attempts by VPNs and proxy servers. VIP72 can be at a disadvantage if it does not revamp its features and capabilities, so you may want to consider more well-known alternatives on the market.

Will VIP72 slow my speeds down?

VIP72 connection speeds differ from country to country. All the website says is that VIP72 provides high-speed connections without traffic restrictions. Firstly, there is no actual mention of what speeds we can expect, and this makes us question the claim on the website. Furthermore, using DoubleVPN provides additional security, and this is a protocol that few VPN service providers offer. However, this comes at the price of compromised bandwidth speeds because of using two servers in different locations to protect online traffic.

As mentioned earlier, VIP72 supports the SOCKS5 protocol that you can use to circumvent online censorship from multiple different locations. This option offers fast download speeds with additional security. It is possible to benefit from quick P2P downloads while using location services. You can simultaneously maintain a normal download speed for other browsing purposes.

Again, VIP72 SOCKS5 torrenting provides an increase in connection speeds, but there is always a risk as a proactive government entity could eventually catch up on user activities. As the user, it’s up to you to decide whether the speed gains that the VIP72 SOCKS5 protocol offers are worth the trouble.

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All Speed Streaming Security Сustomer service

I bought a subscription for 100 dollars and it is not active and no one answers. This is a SCAM. I want the money back immediately.I tried to send a message but no one answered. You are a fake VPN. SCAM SCAM

VIP72 has ended

On Friday 2.04 vip72 has an error, maybe they restarted the system. Since then it works only at night (time Berlin). It is useless during the day. Support is ignored. I used this program for 3 years. Now is my last month.

      VIP72 its a scam stay away

      I Paid but they never activate my account. I contacted them on ICQ they never reply. John read messages but did not care to reply. Last seen online was 2nd April 2021 11:07PM They are scamming people please guys stay away from them.

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