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VPN4All Review & Test 2021 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes | Anonymous Cybersecurity Experts
Updated on 12th August 2021

Based in the Netherlands, VPN4ALL began in 2009 and today boasts customer numbers of over 37000 in 160 countries across the globe providing them with private and anonymous internet connections. No where near the numbers of more trusted services like ExpressVPN but still respectable. VPN4ALL can unblock Netflix but I found its speeds just too slow for satisfactory streaming. I would always opt for a faster VPN for Netflix, like ExpressVPN.

That being said, VPN4ALL comes recommended by 98.25% of their customers. It covers a wide range of regions around the world including the USA, Canada, UK, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Offshore. They provide a “state-of-the-art Tier 3 secure global server network” designed with your security and privacy in mind. They endeavour to make sure their users get the most of VPN protection without slowing down their browsing speeds. Their network security has been independently tested and certified by Acutest and Opswat. And they use AES-256 RSA 2048bit (Military Grade) Encryption to protect your data.

VPN4ALL offers three different subscription plans. The VPN4ALL 50 plan which includes up to 50 GB of bandwidth, the VPN4ALL Unlimited ‘Movie Junky’ plan offering unlimited bandwidth, and the VPN4ALL Mobile plan which includes 5 GB of bandwidth.

The first two packages are aimed mostly at Windows and Mac users, with the connection going via OpenSSL. The mobile plan operates with iOS, Windows, and Android devices, and necessary, of course, to access their VPN service on any such mobile device. Their Unlimited plan is completely unlimited – no throttling, no fair-use policy, and above all, no nonsense. They also offer a full month-long (30 days) money back guarantee!

For an extra few dollars per month, you can purchase their Anti-Malware Protection; for the additional top-notch online security and privacy. It works by adding at-the-server AntiVirus, AntiMalware, AntiPhishing and Firewall protection to your VPN4ALL packages.

For the ultimate online security and privacy, add at-the-server AntiVirus, AntiMalware, AntiPhishing and Firewall protection to your VPN4ALL package. Stop malware even before it reaches your PC, Mac or mobile device. They support P2P torrenting, and here’s their incredibly comforting privacy policy word for word:

“Our Privacy Policy is simple. We don’t log, and we don’t cache your personal data other than the email address you provide at sign-up. We utilize Google Analytics to analyse our traffic, but we do not keep any private data. Since our parent company is off shore, there are no laws that obligate us to keep logs on our customers – so we don’t.”

As a company they don’t do anything by halves; even their Customer Support is high-quality. 24/7, 365 days a year they are always online helping customers. They don’t outsource customer care and promise to be there for their users even on Christmas morning if they’re having issues!

While their customer service is spot on and their no-logs policy is solid, there seem to be some hangups with the actual software and users aren’t impressed. We recommend you try a free trial of one of our top 5 vendors, to see what a cohesive VPN can do before making a commitment. Or, check out our rundown of the best Netflix VPNs if you want to find a VPN for streaming.

💸 Price $7/month
📝 Does VPN keep logs? Partially
🖥 Number of servers 80
💻 Number of devices per license 1
🛡 Kill switch No
📥 Supports torrenting No
  • No hardware required, subscription based VPN service
  • Offers the ultimate effective protection for your data
  • Up-to-date state-of-the-art Tier 3 secure global servers
  • Enhanced security for OpenVPN
  • 99.99% uptime so they are there when you need them
  • 37000+ customers in 160 countries
  • Get started with VPN4All now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 0
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1
VPN Plans: www.vpn4all.com

VPN4All User Reviews

Based on 3 reviews in 1 languages
It's been acceptable until Feb 2020 - 6

I have been using VPN4ALL for 2-1/2 years. While this service is more costly than several others, my priority was privacy. There they appear top notch, and I have recommended them on that basis. Note they also support vpn for mobile devices. Today is March 19, 2020. As of late Feb 2020 I have not been able to access their service. Their webpage (vpn4all.com) gives a 404. Although their client page(s) at secure.apn4all.com do load, they have been unresponsive to emails and the ticket submitted over a week-and-a-half ago. They have not interacted on their Twitter or FB pages for a few years. Beyond the lack of service and support, I now seriously wonder if I will be able to be refunded for the time left on my 1-year subscription. They have some 'splainin to do.

Jack Malerba
Obsolete software with techs who close tickets without a resolution to the problem. - 2
Jack Malerba

Obsolete software which will lead to demise of the service -- most of the software is compromised -- when you go to OpenVPN forum VPN4All is 2 or 3 versions behind -- I have one tech tell me to download OpenVPN community software and download just the TAP to correct a connection error -- I thought why am I doing this -- should the service provided update the software -- I change to ExpressVPN -- no issues same speed -- periodically updates to keep the software secure.

Stay Away from VPN4All - 2

The Positives first: - Fast first response from Support. That's about all. The Negatives: - Their help turned out to be useless and no, I am not letting a stranger access my computer via TeamViewer. After that, no more help from Support, just silence. That makes tolerating the rest even less of an option: - Extremely ugly interface - Lack of server options (default is Russia, of all places) - No KillSwitch (at $84/yr you should expect that) - Slow, building the connection takes forever - No attention to detail (go to their Feedback page: the latest Windows version there is Windows 7) - The 'KnowledgeBase' is a joke: mainly one-liners that sound like ad copy (predictably, users are not impressed, just click 'vote' at the bottom and see how many users found any of the offered answers helpful) - Overpriced In short: there are much better VPNs out there. I use the market leader on the other PC and it works like a charm.

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