VPNSecure Review 2019 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

VPNSecure is a VPN provider that prides itself own having built their own VPN clients and server hardware and software. This helps them be one of the fastest VPNs (almost as fast as ExpressVPN). All aspects of their service are entirely customized. The service provides a truly global network with a great number of servers (53) in 41 countries, which include the United States, Portugal, Austria, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, and more. With this global network of exclusive servers, VPNSecure provides fast and reliable connections, with OpenVPN and SSH SOCKS protocols, and 128 bit and 256 bit key encryption. Just like our #1 vendor NordVPN,  VPNSecure servers do not keep logs of internet activity, and there are no bandwidth or switching limits and no speed caps. VPNSecure also offers HTTP proxy.

Another feature VPNSecure offers is a Smarter DNS Package, which allows users to access geographically restricted websites and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Spotify, HBO Go, and others, without needing a proxy service. This means users can watch their favorite movies and TV shows even when they are away from home.

VPNSecure is easy to install, configure, and use. Users can take advantage of an extensive and detailed knowledge base available at the service's website. VPN Secure is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux. This means it can be used in most desktop and laptop computers, as well as most mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It can also be used on DD-WRT and Tomato routers. Customer support is efficient and quick to reply and can be contacted either through an email ticketing system or by live chat.

VPNSecure offers 1-month, 6-month, and 1-year VPN plans. These include all the features offered by the service. The longer subscription periods represent substantial savings in comparison with the 1-month subscription. VPNSecure also offers some advanced plans: one month HTTP proxy and 1-month Smarter DNS.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 48
Number of servers 76
Number of IP addresses 6500
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? Yes
Number of devices per license 5
Ease of Use 4.4 / 5.0

1. Download VPNSecure from here
2. Click OpenVPN Client, then “save”
3. In your downloads folder double-click VPNS_2.1.7.exe, then click “Run”
4. Continue through the Set-up Wizard, click “Install”
5. Click “Install” again, then “Finish”
6. Double-click on the VPNSecure icon on your desktop
7. Click “Login”, enter your VPN username and password, then “sign In”
8. Hover over the location you wish to connect to, then click “Connect”

Pricing 3.0 / 5.0
6 Months Plan
$8.30 /month
12 Months Plan
$6.66 /month
1 Month Plan

VPNSecure offers subscriptions for 1, 6, and 12 months – all providing the same features, though the longer plans offer greater financial savings. There are also additional 1 month plans available for HTTP proxy and Smarter DNS.

Reliability & Support 4.2 / 5.0

Customer support is usually efficient, and quick to reply. They can be contact either through an email ticketing system or by a live chat feature. We had no problems getting some useful information from knowledgeable operatives, when using the chat feature, but at times it look a long while before one became available. They have a clear refund policy, which includes a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. After seven days, you can be refunded if you still can’t connect after contacting Customer Support and going through troubleshooting, as long as you request a refund within 90 days.

The Bottom Line

Large server list and highly customizable, with DNS available

VPNSecure provides a large server list of locations, with a choice of encryption level. They keep no logs, and place no limits on bandwidth or data quotas. VPNSecure’s Smarter DNS Package is a great feature, allowing you to view geo-restricted websites, without needing to go through any proxy service, or experiencing any of the slowdown in connection speed which comes with it; ideal for those who purely want service for watching Netflix abroad. They even give different pricing plans for each service that you want to use, but may not be the cheapest if you are looking for an all-encompassing package. For that, we think NordVPN offers much better value for money, both in terms of cost and the features available.

  • Anonymous payment options
  • Lots of plans to choose from
  • Great website and client
  • Unclear in their privacy policy what information they keep on you
  • SmartDNS service
  • Get started with VPNSecure now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 30
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 5
VPN Plans: www.vpnsecure.com
Watch the short video review and tutorial below of VPNSecure
VPNSecure User Reviews
Sep 26, 2019
  •  5
Works awesome for me

I bought the lifetime option/version and have it on my mobile (Android 10 on Pixel 2XL currently) and several PCs (a mix of desktops and laptops). Only site I have found issues with is Netflix which is a known issue. Other that than I have zero complaints about it.

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    Aug 22, 2019
    •  5
    All is working good!

    VPNSecure should fix the app, because from time to time it freezes. After change to Tunnelblick app, all is working extremely good, Connections are stable, There are no problems. For me, VPN Secure is the best solution compare to other vpn's.

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      •  1
      Paid for Life-Time Plan, Never Worked

      Paid for Life-Time Plan, Never Worked The life-time offer was through StackSocial.Com Tried tech support, could not get it to work. StackSocial said to get refnd from VPNsecire VPNsecure said StackSocial should refund. There was no refund. So total loss. So switched to other VPN services. Always keep your loss and initial outlay small. Do not believe reviews blindly.

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