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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

Does Surfshark have what it takes to compete against CyberGhost, one of our most recommended VPNs? With strong 256-bit encryption, a variety of protocols, and blazing speeds, these two VPNs have a lot in common. Privacy is also covered – Surfshark (British Virgin Islands) and CyberGhost (Romania) both operate in favorable jurisdictions without serious data retention laws, resulting in strict zero-logging policies you can trust. As for streaming, both VPNs get past the difficult Netflix blocks with ease. CyberGhost impresses us with dedicated server lists for streaming. It even lets you know which ones are optimized for popular geoblocked websites. Surfshark’s minimalist clients don’t offer the same level of depth, but the clean and intuitive design will be appreciated by newbies and casual users just looking for a quick connection to bypass geo-restrictions. Both VPNs have great features for users of all experience levels, from leak protection and wi-fi security to live chat and simple manual setups. It really is a challenge to find the better service for your money. This is why we’ll take a closer look. Scroll down to see how Surfshark and Cyberghost fared in our tests in several key categories.






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 The Bottom Line

Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

Surfshark is a rare find – a new VPN that’s already challenging the biggest names in the industry. We expected close results when we ran the tests, but not this close. Even though CyberGhost won in most categories (and is arguably the better VPN for iOS if you’re fine with seven connections), Surfshark put up a great fight. Here’s the big takeaway: If you want a leading VPN for security, streaming, or torrenting that provides a strong balance between performance and ease of use, CyberGhost is the one to get. That said, don’t underestimate Surfshark. It has already shown a lot of promise, and future updates will surely make it even better. For now, Surfshark is a solid pick for the casual VPN user who isn’t looking for a ton of depth, just dependable protection and hassle-free access to geoblocked content.

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