How to Close Your ExpressVPN Account and Get Refunded

ExpressVPN promises a 30 days money back guarantee upon subscribing to their service. However, when logging into their website, it was difficult to find where and how exactly one can cancel their subscription. As your loyal vpnMentor, I went over to ExpressVPN's website to show you how to cancel your account with them and get refunded. Share

How to Close Your ExpressVPN Account and Get Refunded

If you arrived here only to check Express’s refund policy, you can read on, but don’t buy it without using the 49% discount with this link .

Step 1- Login to Your ExpressVPN Account

The natural place to start was by visiting ExpressVPN’s My account page, where users can view a list of all their active subscriptions with ExpressVPN.

First thing’s first, I wanted to cancel the automatic renewal payment, as you can never know what will be your preference in a year from now. This is fairly easy to do. Simply click on “manage settings” and then click the blue line at the bottom that says “Turn automatic renewal off and cancel my service on the expiration date“.

  1. Click on “Turn off automatic Renewal”

2. Click again…

3. And again…4. You would see this message:

Following this action, I received an email from paypal confirming that the automatic renewal option is off for my subscription.

cancel automatic renewals on your ExpressVPN Account

So far so good. But what if I wanted to cancel the subscription right now?

Step 2- Live Chat

Since I couldn’t find that option anywhere, I went ahead and opened the live chat option at the bottom right corner of the screen.

I was asked to provide my account email address  and wait for a moment, but in reality, it felt slightly longer than that. The agent asked to know the reason for my cancellation, however it didn’t take much to get him to prepare my refund request. Again I had to wait a little longer until finally I got the following reply:

“I have gone ahead and forwarded your cancel and refund request to our billing department. Please wait for 5-7 business days for this to get processed.”

I have to say i did not like that answer, so to be on safe side and make sure i’m actually going to get refunded, i asked a few more questions:

The good part was that meanwhile, I was able to continue using their service, free of charge.


**Update. We consistently check ExpressVPN and other VPN cancellation policies to ensure our information is up to date. Regarding ExpressVPN, once the automatic payment is suspended, there is no need to cancel the account. See the message in chat:


Step 3- Cancellation Email

When a customer support rep tells me I’ll get refunded, I always wait for an email to confirm that’s really the case. It’s not clear why cancelling a subscription should take that long, but anyway, 5 days later the email arrived and indeed, my account had been canceled and refunded.

Well done ExpressVPN!

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