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Alex (Shurf) Frenkel | Ex-Hacker and Technical Researcher
Updated on 11th January 2021

Cienen’s creators pride themselves on offering truly high speed VPN connections, as well as unlimited bandwidth. Naturally, this sounds like a dream for someone who wants to stream and who may want or need to use VOIP apps, such as Skype.

We’ve tested the speed and have found that it is very fast. While that’s all well and good, it’s not reliable for accessing Netflix.

More Reasons to Consider Cienen

The service provides 128-bit encryption, which can provide you with protection against hackers, and even against your own ISP watching what you are doing online. Those who use the service will also be able to use it at WiFi hotspots. Since people often use these hotspots, it makes sense to add that extra layer of safety with a VPN.

You can search the web safely, and you can rest easy knowing that you are not being logged. Cienen doesn’t track what you do online, so you can be sure you are truly anonymous. You can choose from two protocols – PPTP and L2TP.

Getting Support

Cienen also offers several options for support. One of the first things you will want to do is check out their frequently asked questions page. It covers a number of the common issues and questions that many people have regarding the service. They also have a contact page that features emails, as well as a contact form that you can fill out. Be sure to put in as much information as possible regarding your question, and they should get back to you very soon. In addition, they provide their social media pages, so you can follow them to get all the latest information.

Pricing Plans

The company offers a couple of different plan options, each with certain features to make it unique. Their Shared IP Network plan provides access to servers in 10 countries around the world. you can switch servers as much as you would like, and can connect seven devices. The Dedicated IP Network option provides high-level security and IP addresses in the UK and US.

MicroTik Router VPS is available as well, and you can have up to 64 IP addresses on their router. While this might not be necessary for everyone who simply wants a VPN, it’s nice to know it is available.

You also have a three-day money back guarantee with the service. This allows you to see if it works as well as you’d hoped. From everything we’ve seen, this is a high-quality and fast service that has a lot to offer.

If you’re still on the fence we recommend researching a few more VPN’s before committing. I’d recommend these top vendors if you want to stream Netflix libraries around the world hassle-free.

Number of countries with servers 17
Number of servers 25
Number of IP addresses 25
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 10

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Money Back Guarantee (Days) :
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 10

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