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Ivacy Review 2022 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Lea Hyatt'
Lea Hyatt | Updated on 15th May 2022 Cybersecurity Researcher

Ivacy — a Singapore-based VPN released in 2007 — claims to be a top-of-the-line, extremely fast, and innovative VPN. The real question is: is Ivacy worth your investment or are there better VPNs out there?

With over 5,700 servers in 100 countries, Ivacy allows you to stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and HBO Max, but I couldn’t get it to work with Hulu.

This VPN offers a zero logs policy, AES-256 encryption, split tunneling, 10 simultaneous connections, P2P servers, IPv6 leak protection, and a kill switch. Your IP address, browsing history, and personal information are completely safe and never tracked. The only information Ivacy keeps is your email address for billing purposes, and even then, you can request it to be deleted. It offers a few protocols to choose from: L2TP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 — but no WireGuard.

They also have a few protocols to choose from: L2TP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. But, they don’t support WireGuard. There’s an ad and malware blocker that stops malicious sites from infecting your device, too.

Ivacy claims to have fast, low-latency servers (and dedicated P2P servers). But, its slow speeds make gaming and streaming more frustrating than enjoyable. Even on a local server, Ivacy cut my speed in half. Because of this, I recommend trying a faster VPN.

There are apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Kodi, game consoles, and routers. They also have a free version of the app called Ivacy Lite — but it’s very barebones and isn’t useful. When you sign up, you get a 1-day free trial to test Ivacy anyway (and Ivacy premium is affordable).

I have taken the time to test Ivacy to see how it works, if support is responsive, what features are available, how much it costs, where it’s available, and if it’s private and secure.

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Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

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Ivacy VPN Features — Updated in May 2022

💸 Price 1.19 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 5700+
💻 Number of devices per license 10
🛡 Kill switch Yes
🗺 Based in country Singapore
🛠 Support 24/7 Live Chat Support
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming — Unblocks Netflix US, Disney+, HBO Max, and Others

Ivacy unblocked almost all of the streaming services I tested, including Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, it couldn’t unblock Hulu.

Unblocked: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video

Using the Android app, under the Purposes tab, I found the Smart Streaming section. This lead me to a page with a list of dedicated streaming servers for HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video US, and more.

I chose Netflix and was sent to the connection page, where it asked if I would like to watch Netflix. After choosing ‘yes,’ the Netflix app was opened on my phone, and I jumped right into streaming.

A screenshot of Ivacy unblocking Netflix with its optimized servers.

I was able to unblock Netflix easily with Ivacy

The whole process of using the Ivacy app was pretty easy and self-explanatory. I also unblocked HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video using the same method.

A screenshot of Ivacy unblocking HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video

It was also easy to unblock Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max

Disney+ was a little different because the Ivacy app doesn’t have a dedicated server for it, so I had to test a little differently.

First, I used Ivacy’s ‘Smart Connect’ feature to connect to my closest and fastest server. Once that was done, I went to my Disney+ app and signed in. It worked!

I tried to test BBC iPlayer using Ivacy’s dedicated streaming server in the Smart Streaming section, but didn’t have any luck. I reached out to Ivacy’s customer support to see what exactly was going on. Support asked what device I was using and then sent me a step-by-step guide on how to connect using the “Smart Streaming” option.

When I explained that is how I had attempted to connect to BBC iPlayer, I was instructed to switch between security protocols in the app settings. I changed the protocol from UDP to TCP and tried again via Ivacy’s Smart Streaming option, and I was in!

A screenshot of Ivacy unblocking BBC iPlayer

Ivacy unblocked BBC iPlayer, but I had to change my settings first

Every show I watched with Ivacy had buffering problems, taking close to a minute to load. The whole experience of streaming was slightly annoying because of this.

Blocked by: Hulu

Hulu, on the other hand, was unsuccessful. I reconnected to the VPN three times, hoping that a change in IP address would resolve the issue, but it didn’t.

I also tried to use the Chrome and Firefox extensions to see if they could unblock it but they were so slow I couldn’t load the pages. I contacted their live customer support about this issue. According to Ivacy, other users have reported the same issue.

A screenshot of Ivacy's customer support saying it can't unblock Hulu

Support confirmed that Ivacy can’t unblock Hulu

Streaming services like Hulu and Netflix try to stay on top of blocking VPNs, so considering only one was blocked out of the handful I tested, this isn’t a bad outcome.

Unblock Netflix With Ivacy!

Speeds — Slashes Speed

While Ivacy advertises exceptional speeds, I was far from impressed.

I attempted to test Ivacy's Chrome and Firefox extensions on my laptop, but my speeds dropped so dramatically that webpages wouldn’t open. I connected on my Android, where I had better luck. It took between 10-30 seconds to connect.

My speed was decent on local servers, but I had significant drops on overseas servers. If you don't have the best connection initially, Ivacy will not help.

I tested several locations using OpenVPN (the only protocol available on the app). It’s disappointing that Ivacy doesn’t have WireGuard like most top VPNs do. WireGuard is faster than OpenVPN and this would help with speed tremendously.

Location Download Speed (Mbps) Upload speed (Mbps) Ping (ms) Speed loss %
Alabama, US (starting speed) 34.20 5.70 29 N/A
Georgia, US 18.00 1.48 54 47.37%
London, UK 7.97 6.90 141 76.70%
Paris, FR 13.40 11.30 191 60.80%
Queensland, AU 11.00 4.95 262 67.80%
Frankfurt, Germany 1.18 9.39 201 96.50%
Singapore 10.50 13.40 281 69.20%

Ultimately, your location and distance from the server determines whether you get a decent connection. Still, when I connected to my local server here in the US, my speed dropped by a lot. French and Australian servers were better, but the speeds were awful in general. Germany by far was the worst.

Try Ivacy VPN Today!

Are Ivacy's Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Maybe

Using the Smart Connect feature will give you the best gaming results, but ultimately speed reduction is inevitable with Ivacy.

Ivacy claims to have a decent latency rate, but from personal experience, their claims fall short. Latency on my local server was 54ms — which is pushing it, considering a decent ping rate for gaming, on average, is 40-60ms. I wasn’t even able to test properly due to Ivacy making everything extremely glitchy while in use.

Try Ivacy VPN Today!

Server Network — Plenty of Servers

Ivacy has 5,700 servers in 100 locations. This seems like a good setup because you will have a wide variety of options, but we need to dive into this a little further.

Having a lot of servers looks excellent on the surface, but we need to look at the number of servers in one country vs. the number of users in that country. You're going to have an easier time accessing a country with 100 servers than a country with only 10. And, if the country you want to connect to is overcrowded because there are too few servers, your speed will drop. Think of it as a traffic jam caused by too many people on one roadway.

Let’s take a look at where Ivacy’s servers are located:

The US Canada Panama Costa Rica Mexico Kenya
Chile Brazil Peru Colombia United Kingdom NZ
Germany Netherlands Sweden Romania Switzerland Seychelles
Luxembourg France Italy Bulgaria Poland Nigeria
Czech Republic Belgium Denmark Norway Spain Ghana
Latvia Ukraine Finland Austria Turkey Egypt
Hong Kong Indonesia Taiwan South Korea Japan Australia
Jordan Philippines Brunei India United Arab Emirates South Africa
Sadi Arabia Pakistan Russia Malaysia Singapore

About 25% of Ivacy’s servers are virtual. Ivacy hasn't always been upfront about its use of virtual servers. For example, its Venezuelan and Saudi Arabian servers are actually in Miami, Florida. Ivacy also doesn’t disclose the number of IP addresses it assigns.

On the plus side, I was impressed to see it has servers in countries that many VPNs don't — like Panama, Kenya, Ghana, and Costa Rica.

Looking at the app, the “Smart Connect” feature is the first thing you see. This feature routes you to the best local server. With one tap on the screen, I was connected in seconds.

I then tested servers in the UK , France , Nigeria, and Costa Rica. I am based in the US, and anything overseas was very slow and inconsistent. The UK server took about a minute to connect, and had a connection drop on my first attempt. France took about 10 seconds to make a connection. Nigeria connected almost instantly, and Costa Rica took about 30 seconds.

I then took a look at the app’s specialized servers; you can find them under the ‘Purposes’ tab.

  • Smart Streaming servers can unblock streaming sites.
  • Secure Downloading servers are optimized for P2P.
  • Start Unblocking servers are optimized for accessing blocked web pages (like social media).

The catch to the latter two is that they don’t tell you the best server to use, so you have to experiment to find your best choice, which is a bit of a hassle.

Try Ivacy’s Servers Today!

Security — Locked Down

Ivacy offers 256-bit encryption. This is what all premium VPNs use to encrypt your data. Everything is encrypted to shield your information from potential hackers, whether you're streaming, downloading, or browsing. You are anonymous and hidden when you use Ivacy. Ivacy prevents ISP monitoring, so your location and your online activity are always hidden.

There are several security protocol options, such as: IKEv2/ IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), PPTP, and SSTP. You can choose which security protocol best suits your needs, however, not all devices have the same protocol options. For instance, I was only able to select OpenVPN protocols on my Android. OpenVPN is only available in 17 countries and WireGuard is not supported at this time. I noticed that you have to disconnect your current VPN connection to switch protocols.

It also offers DNS, IPV6, and WebRTC leak protection, along with first-party DNS and a kill switch. All of which help you keep your actual IP address hidden.

The security features are easily accessible on the app under the left side toolbar.

I first took a look at the split tunneling feature. Once you open that tab, it directs you to a page where you can turn on the feature. Once the split tunneling feature is turned on, you are directed to a list of apps, where you can choose which ones you want to route through the VPN.

A screenshot of Ivacy's settings menu

The settings menu is easy to use

This is an excellent feature to have so you can browse the web safely with the VPN in use while other apps can be used directly with your ISP. This is good for times when you need to connect to a printer or other device on your local network. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Apple users, only Windows and Android.

I had to enable the kill switch manually before connecting. Once connected, I couldn’t turn the feature off (and likewise could not enable it while connected). When my connection dropped, the kill switch was activated and I got an error message sayingI was disconnected. I had to manually connect the VPN. The whole experience of testing was quite annoying and didn’t go as smoothly as hoped.

Ivacy’s ‘Secure Download’ feature was probably the worst to test of all. This feature protects your device from viruses by scanning the document before downloading. It also has a malware blocker that detects harmful URLs and stops you from accessing them.

Another red flag is Ivacy’s zero encryption option. Encryption is vital because it protects your sensitive data from cybercriminals. It isn’t safe to use a zero-encryption option, and it’s shocking that a VPN company would even offer this.

A screenshot of Ivacy's zero encryption option.

Ivacy says it offers a zero encryption option

Protect Yourself With Ivacy!

Privacy — Using Ivacy is Worry-Free

Ivacy is upfront about their basic procedures and their relationships with third parties.

Your browsing history, what you download, and IP address are not stored. Ivacy only collects data you consent to, so you know what is being processed. The only information you need to provide is asked of you upon registration. The website states that you can also ask for deletion of all your personal information.

A screenshot of Ivacy's privacy policy

Ivacy is upfront about the data it collects

Ivacy is based in Singapore, which is well-known for cooperating with the Five Eyes Alliance and easily hands over information.

The Five Eyes Alliance is a surveillance network involving the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. While its zero logs policy means that it can’t share your data with the Alliance, Ivacy has yet to go through a security audit. This is bad news because security audits make sure that VPNs are telling the truth about their security policies.

To make this worse, Ivacy is secretive about its ownership, failing to provide any information to the public. Ivacy's Public Relations Manager went on record and even validated these claims by stating, "There is no ethical obligation to reveal who the people behind Ivacy are."

Why be so secretive? And do you want to trust a company that refuses to name its CEO?

Ivacy's parent company is PGM Private Limited, the same parent company as PureVPN, which isn't an issue on the surface because this is a common occurrence for several competing businesses to be owned by one parent company.

I contacted Ivacy’s customer support to ask about ownership and if they have any ties to PureVPN due to speculation after Ivacy claimed they had a minor affiliation with their competitor. Unsurprisingly, I did not get a response.

Do we want to trust a company that holds our privacy in their hands when they cannot even be upfront and honest about who they are and what is going on on the inside?

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Torrenting — Good Choice in Theory

In theory, Ivacy is a good choice for torrenting for Windows and Android users.

  1. Their zero-log policy keeps your information safe.
  2. Their kill switch protects you in case of a disconnection. Be mindful of the fact that macOS and iOS do not support the kill switch feature. Your safest option for using Ivacy for torrenting is to do so on Windows or Android devices.
  3. They have dedicated P2P servers that help lighten a load of popular servers to keep them from getting over-crowded, which, in turn, would slow down speeds. But if their speeds are terrible in the first place, does that really help?

You have to be connected to one of these servers to be able to access P2P:

  • Brunei
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Pakistan
  • Panama
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • Venezuela

Be sure to check the rules and regulations for your country before torrenting. My team and I do not condone illegal torrenting.

You can find Ivacy's dedicated servers for torrenting/P2P under the "Secure Download" section of the app under the "Purposes" tab.

Here, you are given a shortlist of P2P servers to choose from, but they don't give you any inclination of what server will be the best option for you, so it's a bit of a trial and error type of situation.

A screenshot of Ivacy's P2P server list

Ivacy has many P2P-optimized servers

In the testing process, the app froze several times , and was too slow for me to test this feature at all.

Torrent With Ivacy VPN Today!

Does Ivacy Work in China? No

I contacted customer support and, according to them, Ivacy does not work in China.

There is an app that’s just for Chinese users (called Ivacy Prime). Oddy, they didn’t give me any information about their app — and this app isn’t advertised on their website, other than one installation guide.

I later asked customer support about Ivacy Prime to see what information they would give me since they were vague about my other question.

A screenshot of Ivacy's customer support talking about its use in China

Customer support says it’s hard to get a VPN to work in China

I then decided to do some research, which was hard because Ivacy’s website gives no information on the subject. Ivacy Prime is made specifically for Chinese users, but it is not equal to its original counterpart. This version is only available for Windows and Android users, as well.

It doesn’t cost extra; it’s just a separate app.

Ivacy Prime has fewer features — it doesn’t have the kill switch feature or split tunneling. The kill switch is a significant feature that protects users in the case of connection drops, and by not having this feature, users put themselves at risk.

Unlike the original app, Ivacy Prime only supports OpenVPN. OpenVPN is a good choice for this app, however, because of how secure it is.

I attempted to test the Ivacy Prime app with no. Everything tells me this app is available for Android, but in my case, it was unavailable. It is nowhere to be found in the Google Play Store, but I found a setup guide on Ivacy’s website via a Google search.

I followed these instructions, but wasn’t able to download the app due to this security message. I honestly didn’t feel comfortable attempting to download by changing my phone settings because of the lack of information I could find about the app. So testing this section for this review was a flop, as well.

A screenshot of our attempt to download Ivacy Prime

I wasn’t able to download the Ivacy Prime app

Try Ivacy VPN Today!

Simultaneous Device Connections — More Bang for Your Buck

According to their customer service support, you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Device Compatibility — Wide Variety of Devices, but Not All Created Equal

Ivacy is compatible with:

Android Apple TV
macOS Edge
Windows Firefox
iOS Chrome
Amazon Fire Stick Nintendo
Chromecast PlayStation
Kodi Xbox
Linux Routers

Some apps have extra features — for example, the kill switch isn’t on macOS or iOS. So if you choose Ivacy, you run the risk of being exposed if your connection drops.

When I was testing customer support, I asked if Ivacy is compatible with Roku (the same goes for Nintendo, PlayStation, and XBox). I was told I might need to configure the VPN through a router. To do this, you have to manually configure your router’s settings.

They offer browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, these extensions are only proxies. They don’t provide you with full coverage security as the app does.

The app is simple and a good tool for new users. I found it to be relatively easy to use, besides being vague about the purpose of certain sections.

When you open the app, you’ll see the “Smart Connect” feature. With a click on the grey power button in the middle of the screen, this turns on the VPN. When set to automatic, it connects you to your nearest server.

To change your server location, tap underneath “connect to” or the location tab on the top right-hand portion of the screen. Here, you can select your location of choice. There is also a search option, and you can look for servers in specific cities. The downside is that the app does not indicate which server is best.

A screenshot of Ivacy's apps

Ivacy’s apps are easy to use

The “Purposes” tab could use a little more explanation. This tab gives you 3 options: “Smart Streaming”, “Secure Downloading”, and “Start Unblocking” but doesn’t go into detail about the purpose of each mode.

By clicking the toolbar on the left side, you will find your kill switch, split tunneling, and security protocol options

On the upper right-hand top of the screen, you will find a “More info” button; this leads you to a FAQ and contact page.

The desktop app is very different from the mobile app, with fewer features. The kill switch is easy to spot and is off by default.

The "Purposes" tab is slightly different; the desktop version is labeled as "Start Streaming" and "Internet Freedom (unblocking)" and seems to be missing the "Secure Downloads" feature for dedicated torrenting and P2P servers that the mobile app provides.

A screenshot of Ivacy's mobile app

The mobile app is different to the desktop version

The locations tab is similar to the mobile app, with a list of server locations, but still no help in finding the best server.

Also, surprisingly, compared to the mobile app, there are far fewer setting options. The only options are the ability to bypass a proxy, a link under “Members Area” that directs you to their webpage, an “about Ivacy” section that also links you to their webpage, a link to their privacy policies, a webRTC leak protection switch, and a FAQ section.

Where are all these features Ivacy brags about? Am I missing something?

Try Ivacy On Your Device!

Ease of Use


Set-Up & Installation — Easy Set Up

Ivacy is easy to set up. It only takes a few minutes.

When using the 1-day free trial, all I needed to provide was my name and email address, and Ivacy sent me an email instantly. Once I opened the email, I verified my email address, and Ivacy sent me to a download page for a plethora of apps for different devices.

I left the website and went to Google Play to download the app because the website kept trying to get me to buy a plan even though I was registered for a 1-day trial.

All I had to do was search “Ivacy” in the Google Play Store.

A screenshot of Ivacy's listing on the Play Store

It’s easier to download Ivacy from the Google Play Store

When I downloaded the app, I clicked "sign-in/sign up," which is located at the very top left of the screen when you click on the toolbar. I was prompted to sign in with the email and password I created for the 1-day trial, and I was in!

A screenshot of the Ivacy app login process.

It’s easy to get started with Ivacy

For the desktop Chrome extension, the process was simple as well. I first went to Ivacy’s website and logged in with my email address and password. Next, I was sent to Ivacy’s download page.

I chose the extension tab where I had the option to select between extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. I chose the Chrome extension and was led to the download page.

A screenshot of Ivacy's download page

It was easy to download the Chrome extension off Ivacy’s website

I chose the “download free option,” which sent me to the next page. Finally, I selected “add to Chrome,” where my computer then sent me a prompt. After selecting "Add Extension," Ivacy immediately began to download. Once downloaded, I was able to sign in and begin using.

A screenshot of the Chrome extension download process for Ivacy

I had to click “add extension” to download Ivacy on Chrome

Besides a few extra steps, getting the browser extension was as simple as getting the Android app. Luckily, they have step-by-step guides on their web page that can really be of help.

Try Ivacy VPN Today!


5 Years
$ 1.19 / month per month
1 Year
$ 3.99 / month per month
1 Month
$ 9.95 / month per month

Fair prices, but you get more bang for your buck with extended plans.

They have 4 available options:

  • A 1-day free trial — this is a short amount of time to test, but you can do this without payment information.
  • 1-month plan — $9.95/month
  • 1-year plan — $3.66/month
  • 2-year plan — $1.19/month (savings of 88%)

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it is not an option for monthly subscriptions.

You can also get a dedicated IP address (for Australia, Canada, Germany, HK, Singapore, and the US) for $1.99/month extra. Port forwarding can be added on for $1/month.

You can pay using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, PayPal, BitPay CoinGate, and PerfectMoney.

Ivacy has a free version that could be a good option if you’re looking to test it for a little longer, but it’s very limited.You don't have access to a kill switch or split tunneling, and you cannot connect to any other servers besides the one closest to you. Surprisingly, it comes with unlimited data. You can get Ivacy Lite without having to give any payment information.

Test Ivacy VPN Today!

Reliability & Support


Ivacy is quick to respond, but inconsistent with information.

You can contact Ivacy via live chat, email, or even in person if you are on location.

I tested both live chat and email. Sometimes, I got good, fast, and informative responses, but other times, they were just not helpful.

Below is an example of the response I got when I asked, "how many devices can I connect at one time?" The support agent told me 10 — but on their support page they say you can connect between 5 and 10 devices — conflicting answers.

A screenshot of Ivacy's live chat support

Live chat gave me conflicting information

I switched to email to gain clarification on that question. It took about an hour to get a response. The response wasn't written in perfect English, but was still understandable. Still, the answer was super short and not very informative. If you are new to the world of VPNs, this isn't very helpful.

A screenshot of an email from Ivacy support.

Support took an hour to reply via email

You can also look at the FAQ section on their site if you don't want to deal with customer service. I find this section to be more transparent and precise. They also have step-by-step picture guides and tutorials on their site, so you can skip the customer support.

Try Ivacy VPN Today!

Compare Ivacy VPN With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict - Right Idea, Wrong Execution

Ivacy has all the makings to be a great VPN. With low prices, high security measures, servers spread out all over the globe, and the ability to unblock the most popular streaming services, you would think this would be a great investment. Ivacy’s drawback is slow speeds, which makes all the other areas they excel in useless because you’re not able to use them properly.

Besides speed being a major issue, they do have some features going for them. For example, their customer support is very quick to respond, they have dedicated servers for torrenting, and the ability to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

In my opinion, however, there are far better VPNs on the market.

  • P2P friendly
  • Unblocks Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and HBO Max
  • Responsive 24/7 live customer support
  • Low prices
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Zero-log policy
  • Military-grade encryption

FAQs on Ivacy

Is Ivacy safe?

If anything, Ivacy’s best feature is its security protocols.

Ivacy uses AES-256 encryption (military grade) to protect all your information.

They have a zero log policy that ensures none of your personal information, browsing history, or just online activity, in general, is ever tracked or logged.

Split tunneling and kill switches are also part of their features on most devices. You can see my full security report here.

Can Ivacy unblock Netflix?

Yes, Ivacy can unblock Netflix.

Will Ivacy slow my speeds down?

Yes, especially if connecting to servers further away from you. You can see my full speed test results here.

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 30
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 10
VPN Plans: www.ivacy.com

Watch the short video review and tutorial below of Ivacy VPN


Ivacy VPN User Reviews

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Was good..now not reliable

The kill switch used to kill the connection to the internet until the user shuts it off, meaning the user could close torrent clients and browsers before exposing their IP address, but now it auto reconnects leaving the torrent client to download from the users IP address during the time between it turning kill off and making a secure connection. Very disappointing... I'll be trying a VPN router with them (only because I have paid up to sometime in 2025) but also looking to Nord or someone else.

Seriously low speed.

Seriously low speed, I asked for a refund. However, there is no card cancellation menu, and refunds are very difficult. Never buy. will regret.

Tom Hofmann, Germany
Tom Hofmann, Germany
My full recommendation.

Here is Germany. Here, too, the freedom of speech has ended. Of course, too much freedom of expression promotes anti-Semitism. That's why you need a VPN. I have IVACY and I have to say that it works really well. The price is also quite cheap. My recommendation.

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