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Ivacy VPN Review 2023 — Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Matthew Amos
Matthew Amos | Updated on 27th January 2023 Senior Editor

Ivacy VPN claims to have several impressive features. It comes with tons of streaming-optimized servers for platforms around the world. Recently, it upgraded its servers to 10 Gbps and added WireGuard to increase speeds. On top of that, it works with tons of devices. But can it really compete with the top VPNs, or is it just another service that makes claims it can’t back up?

To find out, I performed extensive tests on all of its features. I did speed tests on various servers worldwide and tried it with the most popular streaming services. Leak tests showed me if it really keeps you safe online. Plus, I investigated its privacy policy to see if you can trust it with your data.

After my tests, I recommend trying Ivacy before making a long-term commitment. It worked great for streaming and online gaming, but I got super slow speeds while torrenting. The privacy policy isn’t as solid as it first seemed. On top of that, your speeds will drop a good amount even with nearby servers. To get better speeds with a service that will never log your data, check out this list of the best VPNs available today.

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Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings



Ivacy VPN Features — Updated in February 2023

💸 Price 1 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 5700+
💻 Number of devices per license 10
🛡 Kill switch Yes
🗺 Based in country Singapore
🛠 Support 24/7 Live Chat Support
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming — Unblocks a Ton of Platforms With Great Playback


I could access all the top streaming platforms and watch videos in HD without buffering. There were only a few minor issues. For example, I did find some servers that Netflix blocked, and there was 1 streaming service I couldn’t unblock.

The browser extensions are nearly as good as the apps for streaming. Some videos streamed in lower quality, and I couldn't unblock Netflix with the Firefox extension. But it worked so well with Edge, Chrome, and every other app I tested; I’m guessing this is a small issue Ivacy will eventually fix. I had to use the streaming servers with the extensions, but normal servers could unblock platforms in the app.

Ivacy has streaming servers that can unblock the following platforms:

Netflix Hulu HBO Max Amazon Prime Video Disney+ BBC iPlayer
ITV ABC beIN Sports NBC BT Sport RaiPlay
Fox Sports Go CBS Canal+ Channel 5 Match TV CWTV
ORF Canal 13 TV Player LCI FR RTVE VRT
ViuTV BNT Telemundo BFM TV FR TV4 S4C
KBS RDS TV Azteca RTBF TransTV Caracol TV
SRG SSR Hotstar TVN RCN TV TV5 Ten Play

Overall, I was impressed by Ivacy’s streaming performance. It also works great at accessing services like Spotify and Facebook. There are a few VPNs that are faster and unblocks more platforms, but not many.

Try Ivacy VPN Today

Unblocked: Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and more

I was able to access 12 different Netflix libraries. All of my streams were buffer-free and played back in the highest quality. However, servers in Brazil and Ireland were detected by Netflix, and the site was blocked. With the Netherlands, Iceland, and Mexico locations, I could only unblock Netflix Originals. This is a version of the site with only content that Netflix owns, so it’s missing out on region-specific content.

Screenshot of Netflix Player streaming Stadium Fluffy while connected to Ivacy VPNThere are optimized servers for Netflix US, UK, and Australia

I unblocked Netflix libraries in the following countries:

United States United Kingdom Canada Australia
France Italy Spain Finland
India Japan New Zealand Germany

I could easily unblock Disney+ with US servers, too. The server optimized for Disney+ automatically sends you to Disney Now, which is a free ad-supported site with different content. However, it worked once I navigated to Disney+ and logged in.

Screenshot of Hocus Pocus 2 streaming on the Disney+ player while connected to Ivacy VPNMovies loaded in a few seconds, and I could always stream in 4K

HBO Max was just as effortless to access, and I watched shows with zero buffering. Videos loaded superfast and always played back in the highest quality.

Screenshot of HBO Max player streaming House of the Dragon while connected to Ivacy VPNI couldn't find a normal server that could unblock HBO Max

Amazon Prime Video was blocked on normal servers, but the Amazon US streaming-optimized location unlocked it. It has some of the toughest geoblocks, so I was happy to see that the optimized server really works.

Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video player streaming Candyman while connected to Ivacy VPNI was only able to unblock Amazon Prime Video's US library

BBC iPlayer played back just as well as the other platforms. That means videos loaded quickly in high quality, and I had no annoying interruptions. If you’re interested in watching streaming services from around the world, Ivacy is a great choice. I like that it doesn’t just focus on US streaming platforms.

Screenshot of BBC iPlayer streaming Doctor Who while connected to Ivacy VPNYou can watch BBC iPlayer for free; you just need a VPN that can unblock it

I could also unblock ESPN+ and Hulu. Plus, Ivacy VPN makes it easy to cast Kodi on your smart TV. I like to use Kodi to stream copyright-free movies on all my devices, including my PS4. Ivacy has a helpful guide on its site for setting up Kodi on your Roku.

Kodi does give you access to P2P streaming sites that have copyrighted material. My team and I don’t condone any illegal activities, so I recommend reading up on your local laws before you decide to use sites like Popcorn Time.

Blocked By: DAZN

The only streaming service that blocked me was DAZN. Even some of the most highly-ranked VPNs for streaming have a tough time with this site. So, I’m still impressed that Ivacy could unblock everything else.

Screenshot of DAZN website being blocked while connected to Ivacy VPNDAZN is available in the US, but this screen shows up when it detects a VPN

It’s possible there are other services that could get blocked from time to time. However, I’m impressed with how many streaming-optimized servers Ivacy provides. This makes me confident that it will consistently work hard to update its servers and keep them working with all these platforms.

Try Ivacy VPN for Streaming Today

Speeds — Good Results but There Are Faster VPNs


Ivacy VPN dropped my speeds on all servers, but I was happy to see how well it held up at long distances. I looked into 3 factors while testing its speeds:

  • Download speed tells you how fast you can receive information. It’s important for streaming, loading sites, and videos, etc. It’s measured in megabits per second (Mbps).
  • Upload speed shows you how long it takes to send information. It helps you upload videos, send emails, and post on social media more quickly. This is also measured in megabits per second (Mbps).
  • Ping lets you know how long it takes information to travel. It’s essential for online gaming, where you need your input to register quickly. This is measured in milliseconds (ms).

I started by performing a test with no VPN connection, so I could see what my average speed was to compare it. Then, I performed tests on 7 locations around the world. These tests were performed on a laptop running Windows 11 with the WireGuard protocol. You can see the results below:

Location Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps) Ping (ms) Speed Loss
Base Speed (Texas, US) 292.59 245.70 36.67 N/A
Atlanta, US 222.42 102.82 68.67 24%
London, UK 174.41 37.47 153 40%
Paris, FR 127.57 171.76 170.67 56%
Melbourne, AU 216.29 274.32 309.33 26%
Frankfurst, DE 225.48 273.14 232 23%
Tokyo, JP 243.51 283.26 245.33 17%
Singapore 248.70 236.32 251.67 15%

The closest location I could find was 1,500 km away (in Atlanta). I was a little disappointed that the nearest server dropped my speed by 24%. The best VPNs will usually drop my speeds by 15% or less with nearby servers (under 5,000 km away). I got the best result from the Singapore server, about 15,812 km away.

Although, it didn’t negatively affect my upload rates on YouTube. I tested this by uploading the same video on YouTube twice, once with the VPN connected and once without. There was zero difference in how long it took.

I was surprised that long-distance servers gave me better speeds. However, this could be due to overcrowding. When more people are using a server, it will slow down. Unfortunately, Ivacy doesn’t show you how crowded a server is, so I can’t confirm this. That’s a feature I’d like to see them implement.

I performed my tests with WireGuard because it was the fastest protocol. I used the Atlanta server with each protocol offered on Windows to see how different the speeds were. You can see my results in the chart below:

A chart showing speed differences between different protocols on Ivacy VPNThere are many other VPNs that will give you better speeds when using the robust protection of OpenVPN

WireGuard is also a super safe protocol, so I have no issue using it for most online activities. Overall, Ivacy is a solid VPN when it comes to speeds, especially for the price. But if you’re looking for a VPN that will hardly drop your speeds, check out this list of the fastest VPNs around.

Are Ivacy VPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes


I was able to play games online with little to no lag. You’ll need a ping below 100 ms to enjoy online games. When your ping rate is high, it takes the game too long to recognize your inputs. That makes the game unplayable because your character won’t move instantly when you enter a command.

Screenshot of Steam playing Rogue Legacy 2 while connected to Ivacy VPNMy ping was below 70ms, so I didn't have any issues

I tested its gaming performance by playing Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam. You’re constantly dodging and attacking enemies in this game, so any lag would be noticeable. With a nearby server, the character moved as soon as I pressed a key.

What really impressed me was how well it worked on a distant server. I tested the game while connected to a London server (7,905 km away). Even though my ping was over 150ms, I still had just a small amount of lag. I recommend playing with the closest server, but this is much better than most VPNs I’ve tested. Overall, Ivacy is a great choice if you need an affordable VPN to keep you safe without resulting in lag while you’re gaming.

Try Ivacy for Gaming Today

Server Network — Reliable Connections on a Good Number of Locations


Ivacy has 5,700 servers in 100 countries. It’s a good amount, although there are VPNs that are available in way more countries. However, I’m happy to see several countries that most VPNs don’t provide, like Costa Rica and Kenya.

It owns all of its servers, which makes it more secure. Most VPNs rent at least some of their servers. Ivacy also owns all of its virtual locations. These servers give you an IP in the country listed, but they’re somewhere else. Some governments, like Russia, have seized VPN servers. So virtual locations can make it look like you’re there without putting your data at risk. 12 of these virtual servers are listed in the Windows app.

The one issue I have is how long it takes to connect. There were times when it took over 20 seconds to connect to a server. It didn’t matter how close or how far the location was. I was never able to connect in less than 10 seconds. The browser extensions connect instantly, which makes sense because they’re only proxies. It’s not a huge problem, but most top-rated VPNs will connect much faster.

I only had connection issues once with the UK London server. During several tests, there were errors, and it wouldn’t connect. Once while it was connected, it said it would reconnect in 15 seconds because “I couldn’t browse.” Other than that, I always got reliable connections.

The different server categories are confusing. Smart Connect is a strange title because this is just the tab you use to connect to the regular servers. Within it, you’ll find the Automatic server, which gives you the closest location. I had to ask support staff to explain what the Unblocking tab was for.

Screenshot of Ivacy live chat where support staff told me how its server categories differUnblocking is for accessing websites, and Streaming gives you optimized servers for specific streaming platforms

Dedicated IPs are available in 7 different countries. It’s an extra $1.99 per month for an IP address only you use in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, or the US. You don’t get to pick the city, but this is common with dedicated IPs. It’s not a bad deal, but some VPNs offer it for cheaper in more locations. These can be useful if you’re running a website and need to keep using the same IP address.

Overall, Ivacy’s server network is solid. There are a few small improvements it could make. But for a smaller VPN company, I’m impressed with what it offers.

Try Ivacy VPN Today

Security — Solid Protection but Some Apps Are Lacking


Ivacy offers solid security, although it is missing a few key features. Most important is its 256-bit encryption. This is the highest level available, and it’s used by militaries worldwide to protect confidential information. It’s nearly impossible to break, and even a supercomputer would take 100s of years to crack it. So, your data is super safe when you’re connected to Ivacy.

Screenshot of leak tests performed on ipleak.net while connected to Ivacy VPNIP/DNS leak protection is automatically toggled on, and it also protects you from IPv6 leaks

There are a wide range of protocols available, but it depends on the device you use:


OpenVPN is the most secure protocol because it’s open source. This means it’s always being checked for vulnerabilities by people worldwide. You get 2 options for OpenVPN. TCP is supposed to be faster, but UDP did better in my speed tests. UDP is also more stable, so I recommend using it.

As my tests showed, WireGuard is the fastest protocol. It’s a good choice for streaming. The other protocols provided are older, and I would only recommend using them if you really need to. For example, if you’re having problems accessing a website or streaming channel. You can also connect to SSTP manually on Windows, but I don't recommend it since WireGuard and OpenVPN outperform it.

Ivacy was the pioneer behind split tunneling, so it’s a shame it isn’t one of the best. It lets you choose what traffic moves through the VPN tunnel, and helps me keep up with local news while streaming content from other countries. Unfortunately, Ivacy’s split tunneling feature only lets you whitelist sites. This means you pick which sites move through the VPN tunnel. Other VPNs also allow you to blacklist sites, which can be more convenient. It also doesn’t work with WireGuard, which is disappointing since it’s the best protocol for streaming.

The kill switch works well, but you must remember to activate it. Most of the top VPNs now have an automatic kill switch, which I prefer. This super important feature blocks your internet connection if the VPN accidentally drops. It makes sure there’s no way you’ll go online without encryption.

The Windows and Android apps are the only ones with kill switches. Support staff told me that kill switches are in development for Mac and iOS apps. There is no kill switch on Linux. I also wish there was an auto-connect feature. This makes sure the VPN connects before you go online, so you’re protected even if you forget to turn it on.

There is no double VPN feature, which can give you added encryption, but it sacrifices some speed. WiFi protection also isn’t included, and there’s no ad-blocker. These aren’t essential features, but many of Ivacy’s competitor’s have them. Overall, its security features will protect your vital information from anyone looking to spy on your data, which is the most important thing.

Stay Safe Online With Ivacy Today

Privacy — Stores Some Data and Is in a 5-Eyes Alliance Country


Ivacy VPN has a solid privacy policy, with only 1 issue. It states it only holds on to the information you give them. This includes a name, email address, and payment method. This is standard, and you can remain anonymous by paying with cryptocurrency and using a throwaway name or email.

But, support staff confirmed that Ivacy VPN knows what country you’re logging in from. This isn’t a huge deal because that information isn’t super specific (it’s not your IP address). However, I do feel more comfortable using a VPN that doesn’t hold on to this information.

Screenshot of Ivacy VPN live chat where staff confirmed it logs your countryThis concerned me because earlier support staff told me it only logs the data you give them

It’s located in Singapore, a country that gives information to the 5-Eyes Alliance. This is an agreement between governments to share data on their citizens. That’s another knock against Ivacy because it means they could be compelled to store data in the future. But so far, there haven’t been any incidents showing Ivacy storing identifiable information from its customers.

Lastly, Ivacy’s privacy policy hasn’t been proven by an independent audit or court case. Right now, you just have to take it at its word. Other VPNs have proof that their no-logs policies are strictly followed. So there are several things Ivacy could do to be more privacy friendly. If you want to be certain a VPN will never store or share your data, check out this list of the best VPNs with strict no-logs policies.

Torrenting — Slow Download Speeds


Ivacy VPN dropped my download speeds on uTorrent by 89%. That’s a huge drop. It meant it would take me nearly an hour and 45 minutes to download a movie. I could finish that file in 10 minutes or less without the VPN connected.

Screenshot of Night of the Living Dead downloading on uTorrent while connected to Ivacy VPNThe P2P-optimized server in Costa Rica was even slower

The Secure Downloading feature is supposed to help you download and seed faster, but it didn’t help in my tests. It’s also frustrating that you have to access the website to see which servers are P2P-optimized. But I’m glad it now allows torrenting on every server. The following are the locations Ivacy recommends for torrenting:

Belgium Brunei Bulgaria Chile
Costa Rica Denmark Germany Latvia
Luxembourg Netherlands Nigeria Panama
Russia Sweden Turkey UAE

Port forwarding can be added for $1 per month. This feature should help you seed and torrent faster. It worked for me with other services. But all of them offer it with a regular subscription. Ivacy doesn’t have the best privacy features anyways, so I wouldn’t recommend paying extra for port forwarding.

Torrenting is legal in most countries, but downloading copyrighted files is never legal. My team and I don’t condone any illegal activities. You should read the laws of the country you’re in before downloading anything. If you need a privacy-friendly VPN to help you torrent at high speeds, you can find one of the best VPNs for P2P in this list.

Does Ivacy VPN Work in China? Unsure

According to a support agent, Ivacy VPN only works in China sometimes. However, it has a dedicated FAQ page on troubleshooting issues in China, recommending you use the latest version of Ivacy Prime. That might be a solution. Unfortunately, I don't have a colleague living in China who can test it for me

Screenshot of Ivacy VPN support staff telling me it doesn't always work in ChinaIvacy Prime is a version of the app made for use in China, but I couldn't confirm it works either

The Chinese government has banned several VPNs. However, it usually only goes after the technology rather than punishing individual VPN users. My team doesn’t approve of any illegal actions. Please read up on the laws before you decide to use a VPN in China. If you want to use a VPN to bypass the Great Firewall, look at this list of the top VPNs for China.

Simultaneous Device Connections — 10

You can use Ivacy VPN on up to 10 devices with 1 subscription, beating many premium VPNs. I tested this by simultaneously connecting my Android phone, Amazon tablet, Windows laptop, and roommate's iPhone. Each one worked well for streaming; I didn't notice any delays or buffering. So, this is one area where Ivacy VPN excels.

Try Ivacy VPN Today

Installation & Apps


Device Compatibility — Available on a Wide Variety of Devices

You can use the app on many devices, but some lack features. Below is a list of devices offering a native app:

Windows Android iOS macOS
Linux Amazon Fire Stick Edge Firefox
Chrome Routers Android TVs

Windows and Android apps have a kill switch and multiport, but you can only use split tunneling on Android. So Mac and iOS devices are missing these important features. But I’m glad to see that a Linux app has been added. You have to use it through a command-line interface, but most VPNs don’t offer a GUI for Linux.

Android devices also get the TV Login feature, which lets you sign in to streaming apps on your Android TV. I like this because it’s tough to type with a remote.

The app is relatively easy to use, but the servers could be organized more intuitively. I needed help figuring out what each server category does. However, you can view a list of countries or cities. This makes the server list easier to navigate. It’s a minor complaint, but I wish you could switch servers without disconnecting. Most of its competitors let you do this.

The browser extensions work well for streaming, but they’re only proxies, so they’re less secure. These let you toggle WebRTC leak protection on and off. I recommend keeping this on to stay safe. I’m glad it offers an Edge extension since most VPNs only have extensions for Firefox and Chrome. These also come with Bypass Proxy, which is a split tunneling feature. You won’t get a kill switch with the extensions, though.

I do wish it came with smart DNS. This makes it easy to connect your game consoles or non-compatible smart TVs to a VPN server. Other than that, Ivacy lets you connect to the most popular OS, and I’m impressed that it continues to add more.

Try Ivacy VPN Today

Setup & Installation — Simple on Phones and Desktop

Installation was super easy on desktop — just download the installer from Ivacy’s website, open it up, and that’s about it. It couldn’t be easier or faster.

Screenshot of Ivacy VPN Windows app highlighting where the login isThe sign-in button is in the upper-right-hand corner of the app

I appreciate that you can set up the whole app on Android TVs or an Amazon Fire Stick. You just download the app from the store like on your smartphone. The browser extensions are just as easy to set up. You’ll have to set up Ivacy on a router to connect it to any other smart TV. This will also let you use Ivacy VPN on game consoles (like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, etc.).

Try Ivacy VPN Today


5 Years
$ 1 / month per month
1 Year
$ 3.5 / month per month
1 Month
$ 9.95 / month per month

Ivacy VPN has an average price point with the cheaper tiers. The 5-year plan is a really good deal, but that’s a very long commitment. I recommend testing out its free plan or getting a shorter subscription first.

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, or JCB credit cards. It also accepts Paypal, Paymentwall, and PerfectMoney. To pay with cryptocurrency, you have to use Coingate or BitPay.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee with the longer plans. The monthly plan only gets a 7-day money-back guarantee. I don’t like this because most VPNs give you a full month to test it, even with shorter plans. You also can’t get a refund if you paid with cryptocurrency.

I tested its money-back guarantee, and the process was a bit frustrating. First, I canceled the live chat, but I was told I had to contact Ivacy’s email address. It took 4 hours to receive a response. The first email Ivacy sent back tried to get me to stay. This isn’t a huge issue over live chat, but it meant I had to wait for them to email me back again. They did that the same day, and I got my refund after 5 days.

The free plan is generous and a good way to test it out. You get unlimited data and can use it as long as you want. However, you can only use the Automatic server, which connects you to the closest location. Extra features like streaming servers, a kill switch, split tunneling, etc., aren’t available. But you can still test its speeds and see how it works for local streaming, browsing, and downloading. I also like that you don’t have to sign up. You simply download the app.

Try Ivacy VPN Today

Reliability & Support


Ivacy VPN has excellent customer support that always gave me detailed answers through its 24/7 live chat. I contacted support 20+ times, and each agent was polite. Plus, I didn’t have to wait long to get in touch. It never took longer than 15 seconds to get connected after I asked my question. You can also submit a ticket, which usually gets a response in 3-5 hours.

Screenshot of Ivacy VPN live chat where support staff explained TV login for meI appreciate that the support agents are patient and don't pressure you to sign out of the chat

It also offers phone support and email; you can access it through TeamViewer. This lets multiple people ask questions and receive answers on different devices, which is great for an office setting. I also like that there are tons of guides for super specific cases like watching UFC on Kodi or connecting to Roku. The only issue is you can’t use support without an account. That’s a bit disappointing since the free version is so good.

My experience with Ivacy’s customer support was excellent, and the 24/7 live chat worked every time I tried it. Many VPNs claim to have 24/7 live chat, but it’ll be down at random times. Others hide it under tons of menus. Ivacy’s is right there at the bottom of its website’s main page. I haven’t found many other services that match Ivacy in this category.

Try Ivacy VPN Today

Compare Ivacy VPN With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — A Good VPN for Unblocking and Gaming With Excellent Customer Support

There’s a lot to like about Ivacy VPN. It works great for gaming, and it’s super secure. You can connect it to most devices, and it comes with 10 simultaneous connections. Plus, it unblocks nearly every top streaming platform.

However, it also has a few flaws. It collects some of your data and is outside a privacy-friendly country. I experienced some server connection problems, and it has speed issues, especially when torrenting.

So, I recommend testing Ivacy VPN before buying. It has a great free version and a reliable money-back guarantee. However, there are premium VPNs you can get for a similar price that outperforms Ivacy. If you want a VPN with a proven privacy policy that gives you consistently superfast speeds for streaming and P2P, read this list of the best VPNs.

  • Unblocks tons of streaming platforms
  • Works well for online gaming
  • Strong security features
  • Compatible with the most popular devices
  • 10 simultaneous device connections
  • Great customer support with 24/7 live chat

FAQs on Ivacy VPN

Is Ivacy VPN safe?

Yes, Ivacy VPN will protect your vital information. It comes with AES 256-bit military grade encryption that’s nearly impossible to crack. Plus, it passed all of my leak tests. Unfortunately, the kill switch is only available on Windows and Android apps.

Can Ivacy VPN unblock Netflix?

Yes, I could access 12 different Netflix libraries with Ivacy VPN. It has optimized streaming servers that unblock Netflix in all of my tests. The VPN doesn't have the best speeds, but it worked great with Netflix. I could stream HD videos all the way through with zero buffering.

Will Ivacy VPN slow my speeds down?

Yes, it will slow you down. All VPNs will reduce your speeds because your traffic has to be rerouted. The closest server dropped my speeds by 24%. The top VPNs only slow me down by around 10-15% with nearby locations. I recommend using WireGuard to get the fastest connection because the other protocols were twice as slow in my tests.

Is Ivacy VPN any good?

Yes, Ivacy VPN does a lot of things well. What impressed me most was how well it works for unblocking streaming platforms. I could access Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and several more. Plus, it has optimized servers for platforms around the world. It also works well for online gaming and has solid security features. I recommend testing out its free version to see if it works for you.

Can I get Ivacy VPN for free?

Yes, it has a generous free version. It works on all the major operating systems, and it provides unlimited data. There’s no time limit, so you can test it out for streaming, gaming, or torrenting as long as you want. You won’t have access to the streaming-optimized servers, but you can connect to the closest location available. Just be aware it doesn’t come with any additional security features like a kill switch, multiport, or split tunneling.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 30
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: 10
VPN Plans: www.ivacy.com

Watch the short video review and tutorial below of Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN User Reviews (User reviews are not verified)
Based on 278 reviews in 9 languages
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Jan 11, 2023
It's a scam

Whatever you do, don't pay them anything. The money-back-guarantee only applies if you pay via credit card and the extras they offer like the free cloud space are for 1 month only (and it is totally useless). Their windows client is full of background-hidden advertisement calls which is why it is marked as 'misleading' by most antivirus companies.

Ray Zwankhuizen
Ray Zwankhuizen
Dec 18, 2022
Extremely unreliable

An absolute scam. I bought the service because they would support access the channel 5 in the UK, and there is a 30-day refund policy. Well, channel5 detects you're using a VPN, that is if I get it to work. Most of the time the IVACY app will not connect at all. A refund is not possible because I paid with a "pay wall"??? Absolute bullshit, I paid using Ideal, which is normal in the Netherlands and now they will not reimburse me. DO NOT USE THIS!!!!

Bad experience, Not recomended

I purchased dedicated IP and every two days, I experience problems with Ivacy. The support crew responds at all times. But they consistently fail to solve my problem (10 out of 10 times). I felt like I was stuck in a pitch-black void. They keep you waiting while you are unable to complete your work using Ivacy. Ivacy didn't refund my money and that ticket is still pending. but it's ok if not refunded, They charge me for the next subscription even though I talk with them about the cancelation.

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