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PureVPN Review & Test 2023 - Surprisingly Better than Others

Author Image MJ Marsden
MJ Marsden | Updated on 27th January 2023 Cybersecurity Researcher

PureVPN claims to be a superfast VPN for streaming with great security at a low price. It offers an extensive server network, military-grade encryption, and much more. But is it really as good as its most popular competitors?

To find the answer, I performed extensive tests on its speeds, security features, and everything else it offers. This included seeing how well it works with the top streaming platforms and a thorough deep-dive into its privacy policy.

After all my tests, I was impressed with PureVPN’s results. The speeds are excellent on nearly every server, even distant ones. It unblocks tons of streaming services, and it’s super secure. This is a list of the best VPNs available today; there are only a few areas where PureVPN needs to improve before it’s just as good.

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Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings



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PureVPN Features — Updated in February 2023

💸 Price 1.33 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 31 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 6500+
💻 Number of devices per license 10
🛡 Kill switch Yes
🗺 Based in country Virgin Islands (British)
🛠 Support Live Chat
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming — Great Playback Quality with Strong Unblocking Abilities

PureVPN unblocked every platform I tested except for one. It also worked great for streaming. I could always load videos super fast and didn’t experience any buffering. Previously, you had to use browser extensions to access some platforms. I was happy to see that now you can unblock all the top platforms with the app. Overall, it’s a great choice for streaming.

Unblocked: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and more

I had no problem unblocking 5+ Netflix libraries with PureVPN including regions in the US, Germany, the UK, and Japan.

Screenshot of Netflix player streaming Better Call Saul while connected to PureVPNI tested 3 different cities in the US and each one gave me the full US library

PureVPN used to have issues with Hulu, but it quickly unblocked it in my test. This platform is usually harder to access with a VPN, but I had no problems watching Pleasantville while connected to PureVPN.

Screenshot of Hulu player streaming Pleasantville while connected to PureVPNPureVPN recommends Salt Lake City and Phoenix servers to unblock Hulu as well

HBO Max was just as easy to unblock. Like with the other platforms, I could watch movies and shows with zero buffering.

Screenshot of HBO Max player streaming Elvis while connected to PureVPNI could unblock HBO Max with every available protocol

Amazon Prime Video has some of the strongest geo-blocks, but PureVPN got past them with no issues. I was able to access entire libraries in the US and in the UK.

Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video player streaming Lord of the Rings while connected to PureVPN There weren't any dips in quality; videos played back in HD the whole time

Next, I tested BBC iPlayer to see how well PureVPN works with platforms outside the US. The Manchester server unblocked BBC iPlayer easily. It’s always great when a VPN unblocks this platform because it’s free.

Screenshot of BBC iPlayer streaming Ghosts while connected to PureVPNYou just need to confirm you have a UK TV license before BBC iPlayer will work

I was able to unblock tons of other streaming services, including Disney+ and Sling TV. In the table below, you’ll find a list of the other streaming platforms PureVPN let me access:

YouTube Disney+Star ITV Player Hotstar CBS
ESPN+ BT 10Play Funimation Crackle
Screenshot of ESPN+ player streaming Peyton's Places while connected to PureVPN ESPN+ streamed just as well as the other platforms without any buffering

PureVPN is an excellent choice for streaming. It unblocks all the major platforms, and its fast speeds make streaming with it a breeze.

Blocked By: DAZN

The only platform that I couldn’t access was DAZN. This didn’t surprise me because I haven’t found many VPNs that can unblock it.

Screenshot of DAZN website being blocked while connected to PureVPNDAZN is available in the US, but you'll see this screen if it detects your VPN

PureVPN is one of the best VPNs available for streaming. Few services have more servers to help you access additional platforms. When it comes to unblocking and good streaming quality, it’s close to perfect.

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Speeds — Superfast on Nearly Every Server

PureVPN provided me with fast speeds on most servers. The VPN has recently upgraded its servers, and now it’s much easier to find a superfast location for any of your needs.

I started testing by measuring my base speed so I had something to compare my results with. I had 309.93 Mbps download, 329.92 Mbps upload, and a ping of 77 ms.

Speed tests conducted on Ookla while connected to PureVPN Australia is over 13,000 KM away from me, but it only dropped my speeds by 14%

Next, I tested speeds with every available protocol. I got an average speed over several servers close and far away from my real location. You can see the results of my tests in the chart below.

Screenshot of a chart showing average speed results with each PureVPN protocolThe chart shows my average download speeds, but Wireguard gave me the best upload and ping results too

Based on these results, I recorded the rest of my speed tests with Wireguard. I had the slowest speed on its New York server. My download speed dropped by 57%. This surprised me because it’s only 2,805 KM away. I usually get much better results at that distance. However, it was the only slow server, so I believe it was just crowded. Some VPNs let you see how crowded each server is, a feature I hope PureVPN adds in the future.

As you’ll see in the table below, most servers hardly reduced my speeds at all:

Server Download Speed Upload Speed Ping
No VPN 309.93 Mbps 329.92 Mbps 77 ms
Houston 287.98 Mbps (8% decrease) 311.53 Mbps (5% decrease) 88 ms
Toronto 322.46 Mbps (4% increase) 58.52 Mbps (83% decrease) 56 ms
New York 133.63 Mbps (57% decrease) 110.02 Mbps (67% decrease) 162 ms
Sao Paulo 243.27 Mbps (22% decrease) 224.53 Mbps (32% decrease) 179 ms
Sydney 266.26 Mbps (14% decrease) 327.73 Mbps (1% decrease) 243 ms

Download speeds and ping held up well at long distances. However, the upload speeds were much more unpredictable. This isn’t a huge deal, but it will slow you down while you post on social media, for example. The chart below will show you how far away each server is from where I conducted my tests, and the download speeds I recorded.

Screenshot of a chart showing download speeds on different PureVPN serversEvery server I tested gave me more than enough speed for buffer-free streaming

PureVPN will help you maintain fast speeds for browsing and streaming even at long distances. It also has 20Gbps servers in Washington D.C., London, and Manchester. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem much faster in my tests, but it doesn’t really matter since its overall speeds are so good. A few VPNs will give you better upload speeds, and some will provide faster results over OpenVPN. But as long as you stick to Wireguard, it’s one of the fastest VPNs around.

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Are PureVPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Only on Local Servers

PureVPN can handle gaming on local servers. However, on long-distance locations, the ping can get as high as 350 ms. In general, you need a ping of 50 ms at most for a lag-free experience.

Screenshot of Steam running Rogue Legacy 2 while connected to PureVPNI could also play games with minimal lag using the Bahamas virtual server

I tested it out by playing Rogue Legacy 2 while connected to the nearest server. It’s a fast-paced game, so I would have noticed any lag. I enjoyed the game because the character always responded to my inputs immediately. When I tested the Manchester server (7,000+ KM away), the game took longer to load, and there was a small amount of lag. It wasn’t much, but it made the game unplayable.

If you want to play with friends from all over the world, you can find better ping results at long distances in this list of the top VPNs for gaming.

Server Network — Large and Well Distributed

PureVPN has a large worldwide network of 6,500 in 78 countries. This is impressive although some VPNs like CyberGhost and Private Internet Access have more. There are servers in the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and Asia. A network of this size should help avoid any server overloading issues and enable fast and stable speeds. A vast global network is also essential for accessing content when traveling abroad.

Another cool PureVPN feature to help you bypass geo-restrictions is Domain fronting, which lets you to connect to an alternative domain address not blocked by ISPs. So, even if your ISP has blocked PureVPN where you are, you can circumvent this by using Domain fronting.

While most of the servers are physical, there are 20 virtual servers. The difference between physical and virtual servers is that the virtual servers are not actually located in the country you are connecting to. You’re assigned an IP address for the location of choice, but your traffic is routed via a server in another country with a more stable connection.

I appreciate that PureVPN is transparent about its use of virtual servers. Some providers are less likely to tell you. It’s easy to see which servers are virtual with its mobile apps. They’re indicated with a “V.” Examples of its virtual servers are Barbados, Argentina, Panama, Monaco, and the Philippines. Virtual servers aren’t necessarily worse than physical locations, but they can affect your speeds if they’re farther away.

Screenshot of PureVPN website highlighting which servers are virtualYou can find a list of virtual locations on PureVPN's website

For an additional cost, you can get several add-ons. You can get a Dedicated IP or Dedicated IP + Port Forwarding features.

A dedicated IP can be useful if you want to host an FTP or web server, whitelist your IP, set up remote access to your PC, and more. Dedicated IPs don't offer the same level of anonymity as shared IPs, as you're the only one using them.

Shared IPs allow hundreds of users to connect at any given time, so it’s impossible to tell who is doing what on that server. However, dedicated IP addresses are great if you need to securely access your banking account without being blocked by the website.

PureVPN also has a new feature that lets you see which locations are recommended for different streaming platforms. You can also save servers for quicker access. These are common features, but it’s nice to know that it’s continuing to update its apps. Servers that are recommended for torrenting are indicated with “P2P.” This is similar to some other VPNs’ specialized servers.

Lastly, PureVPN owns all of its servers. That’s great because cutting out a middleman makes them more secure. There aren’t many VPNs that can match its server network. It would be nice if more cities were available, but its speeds are so good at long distances, it’s not a big issue.

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Security — Military-Grade Encryption

PureVPN provides solid security thanks to its variety of protocols and security features. Outdated protocols and complex features have been removed without compromising the VPN’s safety.


The VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your information. This is the highest level available and makes your data virtually unhackable.

PureVPN also uses IPv6 leak protection to ensure complete online anonymity from hackers, trackers, and any other spying entity. An IPv6 leak occurs if your browser connects to an address outside of your VPN connection, which uses your ISP directly and so reveals your personal data. Both the encryption and IPv6 leak protection are automatically enabled so you don’t need to worry about safety. While this is great for less experienced users, advanced users might want more manual control.

PureVPN didn’t allow me to connect to another VPN while it was connected. This is another good security feature because some VPNs leak your location if you forget it’s on and connect to another VPN.

It also has a new feature called Quantum-Resistant Encryption keys, which can protect you from hackers stealing your data using quantum technology. These are available in select cities in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, the US, the UK, Canada, and Singapore. While this isn’t necessarily a danger right now, once quantum computing becomes common, this feature will be very useful. I’m happy that PureVPN is looking to the future because cybercriminals will never stop updating their encryption-cracking tech.


Its native apps offer three protocols to choose from, but you can also manually set up a few more options. Protocols you can use with PureVPN are:

  • OpenVPN — this protocol is highly configurable and the industry standard, offering safety and speed. It has two options: UDP and TCP. UDP is faster, while TCP is more secure. PureVPN also added obfuscation to its OpenVPN protocol so that your VPN traffic will appear like regular traffic to get past ISP/network restrictions and firewalls more easily.
  • WireGuard — a super fast VPN protocol now available on all operating systems, allowing you to get the fastest connections possible without compromising security.
  • IKEv2 — a protocol known for its consistency, security, and versatility. This tunneling protocol sometimes offers better connection speeds than OpenVPN.
  • SSTP – developed by Microsoft, it’s one of the most secure protocols and a great choice for bypassing strong firewalls such as the Great Firewall of China.
  • L2TP/IPSec – L2TP is usually paired with IPSec to provide encryption and authentication, but it’s not as reliable as OpenVPN.

By default, the Automatic Protocol Selection is turned on. But you can toggle it off and choose a protocol yourself. Additionally, you can tick the option to use a fallback protocol. But there’s no indication which protocol that is, nor does the app notify you in case it falls back to the other protocol.

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is a really handy feature if you need to access an internet-connected device or service from another location. For example, you can access your computer while you are away or play an online game with your friends. If configured properly, it allows computers outside your network to access a specific device connected to your local network.

While PureVPN offers this feature, it is not included in the standard subscription and you can get it for less than a dollar per month as an addon.

DDoS Protection

PureVPN provides DDoS protection, but it comes as an add-on. This feature foolproofs your security against complex DDoS attacks by providing you with DDoS-protected IPs. Having a DDoS-protected VPN is really useful if you want to block unwarranted traffic, or if you are a serious gamer that may be targeted by cybercriminals and competitors. It is also excellent for e-commerce stores and only businesses that want to block out any illegitimate traffic.

If you want to use this extra feature, you will need to activate it at an additional cost to your subscription. The good thing is that once you turn it on it’s going to be active at all times. A soon as an attack is detected, the DDoS protection will neutralize it immediately.

Kill Switch

The kill switch is an important security feature in VPNs as it turns off your internet traffic in case your VPN connection malfunctions. That way, it protects your IP address and other personal data from leaking.

PureVPN is equipped with a kill switch, called IKS in the app. It’s turned on by default so you don’t have to worry about it. You can disable it anytime you want, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I tested the kill switch by switching servers with a browser window open. This let me see that it always disconnects my network when the VPN isn’t connected, so I know my data won't get exposed accidentally.

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Split Tunneling

With PureVPN you can use split-tunneling and choose whether you want your whole traffic to go through the VPN or only the traffic generated by select apps.

This means that if you need to access your bank account and use your ISP’s IP address and at the same time you need a VPN IP address to access a streaming platform, you can do both. Split tunneling will separate the requests between the two and route only the steaming traffic through the VPN.

Split tunneling is currently only available on the Windows and Android apps. To enable it on the Windows app, click on the setting icon in the bottom left. When the option is off, all traffic will be routed through the VPN and use the VPN IP address. When the option is on, only the traffic generated by the apps you add to the list will use the VPN IP.

IP, DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 Leak Protection

I tested PureVPN for all types of leaks and I didn’t find any. When using a VPN, your traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel and all personal identifiers, such as your IP address, are removed. But sometimes, information may leak through, and your identity and online activity may be revealed to a third party. This is not good if you’re using a VPN to stay anonymous.

There are several types of data leaks that can happen:

  • IP leaks — If the VPN fails to hide your real IP, it will be exposed to the websites you visit. When this happens, your real location can be discovered.
  • DNS leaks — The DNS translates domain names into IP addresses for the websites you visit. If your DNS requests are leaked, then your ISP will be able to see what you’re doing online.
  • WebRTC leaks — The WebRTC technology that allows calls without using a plugin or app, for example over Google Hangouts. The downside is that it reveals your IP address to the websites that use it. As a result, your identity is revealed to the website and the ISP.
Screenshot of leak test performed on ipleak.net while connected to PureVPNPureVPN kept my IP hidden on all 10+ virtual and physical locations I tested

All servers I tested successfully stopped leaks. My IP address changed to the expected location each time, and my DNS requests were covered. Even more, IPv6 was blocked, so I wasn’t at risk of having my IP exposed if a website requested it.

On top of all the other features, PureVPN offers obfuscation — but only with the OpenVPN protocol. It also recently added PureKeep for an additional fee. PureKeep is a password manager that lets you save all your passwords with encryption, so you can easily pull them up on any device. It also has a password generator feature. Many VPNs offer this for a comparable price, so I’m glad it’s been added.

Overall, PureVPN offers robust security features, which all worked great in my tests. However, some popular features are missing, like DoubleVPN and an ad-blocker. These aren’t essential, but those are the areas where I could see the VPN improving.

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Privacy — No-Logs Policy and Outside the 5 Eyes Alliance

With its transparent no-logs policy and voluntary self-audits, PureVPN is trying hard to regain its users’ trust. I was impressed with the clear steps it has taken in improving its privacy policies.

PureVPN Doesn’t Keep Identifiable Logs

PureVPN stores a little more information than I’d prefer. It does log the day you connected, the VPN server location, city, connection length, and the total amount of bandwidth you’ve used. It states it uses this information to keep the VPN working correctly, but many services store less data.

Screenshot of PureVPN's privacy policy highlighting the information it doesn't storeIt doesn't store your IP or browsing history, which is the most important thing

In the policy, the VPN states that it doesn’t collect your origin IP address, assigned VPN server IP address, VPN session timestamp, browsing activities, or DNS requests. However, at sign-up, it collects your name, email address, and payment method. It claims this information is used only to provide, operate, and maintain services, which is standard even for the most privacy-conscious VPNs.

PureVPN doesn't have such a spotless record when it comes to keeping subscriber privacy. Back in 2017, the company aided in the arrest of an alleged cybercriminal by providing the FBI with his logs. More specifically, the VPN managed to trace two of the criminal’s email accounts and connect them to the same IP address. Following customer backlash, PureVPN has altered its privacy policy and tried hard to regain users’ trust.


PureVPN was originally located in Hong Kong, but in late 2021 it moved to the British Virgin Islands. Although both these locations are outside the 5/9/14 Eyes jurisdiction, users were concerned about China’s pressures over Hong Kong. Relocating set PureVPN’s customers’ minds at rest.


PureVPN’s privacy policy is air-tight and confirmed to be so by 2 auditing companies.

Altius IT, an independent US-based auditor went over the VPN’s system and configuration and certified that it “didn’t find evidence of system configurations and/or system/service log files that independently, or collectively, could lead to identifying a specific person and/or the person’s activity when using the PureVPN service”.

If this isn’t reassuring enough, PureVPN also has an always-on contract with KPMG, one of the biggest auditing firms, meaning the audits can happen at any moment, without notice.

Thanks to the location choice and the fact that PureVPN’s policy has been audited and certified there are no logs, you can rest assured that the VPN will keep you anonymous. KPMG has also concluded that “PureVPN puts a strong emphasis on the privacy of the customers”.

I wish complete independent audits were available to the public. It’s not a huge issue, but other VPNs let you read comprehensive reports. There are also semi-annual transparency reports. So there are a few small things PureVPN could do to make it more privacy-friendly, but I trust it to be responsible with my data.

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Torrenting — Allowed on Certain Servers

PureVPN only supports torrenting on 37 P2P-optimized servers, but I got it to work with others. Its website states it blocks P2P in the UK, the US, and Canada. But I was able to download files with the Atlanta, US server.

Screenshot of Utorrent downloading Night of the Living Dead while connected to PureVPNI could download the file in less than 10 minutes without the VPN connected

That was the fastest server I could find in my tests. When I tested approved servers, like the Netherlands location, my speeds dropped as low as 88 KB/s. Switching protocols didn’t improve my speeds either. Port forwarding is a feature that can help increase download and seeding rates, but PureVPN only offers it for an added fee. Most other top VPNs include it with the price of a subscription.

That’s too bad because its solid security and privacy features would have made it a good choice for P2P. Torrenting is legal in most countries, but downloading copyrighted files isn’t. My team and I don’t condone any illegal activities. If you want to torrent files safely with superfast speeds, check out our list of the best VPNs for P2P.

Does PureVPN Work in China? Yes

PureVPN works in China. When I contacted the support team, I was informed that its servers are optimized and can bypass the firewall.

Screenshot of PureVPN live chat confirming that it works in China The live agent recommended using the OpenVPN UDP protocol

It's always best to install the VPN before you arrive in China, as the government blocks all the services that don't comply with the country's laws and regulations. However, PureVPN also gives you the option to manually configure it from China in case you forget to download the program. Be aware that PureVPN doesn’t have any server locations in China, so you won’t be able to get a Chinese IP address should you need one.

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Simultaneous Device Connections — Up to 10

PureVPN gives users 10 connections under one subscription. I think it’s a great selling point when a VPN offers its users multiple device connections on one subscription, along with vast device compatibility. PureVPN offers both, so you can run the VPN through all your favorite devices at once.

Device Compatibility — Extensive

PureVPN has extensive device compatibility. There’s nothing worse than having multiple device connections to use, then finding that the VPN will only run on iOS or Android. PureVPN certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Instantly Compatible With: Compatible via router:
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, AndroidTV, Kodi, Firestick, Chrome, Firefox, Edge AppleTV, Chromium, Roku, Boxee Box, Now TV Box, Raspberry PI, ChromeCast, Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox,

In my tests, I was blown away by how easy it was to set up on my router and run through my Playstation 5. I also tested it on my Windows laptop, Android phone, Firestick, and Google Chrome. The Firestick app has much more features than many other VPNs offer. I'm happy that it lets you switch protocols and use split tunneling. You can even sort and favorite servers. It’s not yet available on Opera or Safari browsers, however, which may be disappointing for some subscribers.

It was interesting to discover that PureVPN doesn’t have SmartDNS technologies. SmartDNS is similar to a proxy, but it uses your domain name server (DNS) to unblock websites, directing only your DNS queries through its server and keeping your IP address intact. It is used by a lot of VPNs as it doesn’t slow down internet traffic because of its lack of modifications to the data that’s running through it. That said, PureVPN’s speeds were solid, so I don’t think not having it has too much impact here.

The PureVPN DD-WRT applet for routers is the reason why it has such success when it comes to device compatibility. It lets you access a basic GUI (graphical user interface) as soon as you log in to your router, giving you options to choose various servers based on your needs. PureVPN provides you with a comprehensive guide so that you can install it on most routers.

Screenshot of PureVPN Linux app's GUILinux users can manually configure OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IKEv2 protocols

It doesn’t have split tunneling, but the Linux app offers a GUI, which is rare. I appreciate that because it makes it much easier to use. One other thing I love about PureVPN is you can choose between 12 languages on the Windows, Mac, and Android apps. It’s much more than most VPNs offer. So overall, PureVPN has a great app for more devices than many of its competitors.

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Installation & Apps


Set-Up & Installation — Easy Apps for Quick Installation


PureVPN supports OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) and IKEv2 tunneling protocols on its Windows client. You can select the protocol you want to use, and can choose whether you want to enable or disable the kill switch and auto-connection functions.

If you prefer a straightforward app on your PC, this should suit you as its design is quite basic.

Browser Extensions

The Chrome extension gives users 30+ servers in different countries and unlimited bandwidth. It has WebRTC leak protection that you can enable or disable at the click of a button. Its interface is clear and simple and I had it installed on my browser within a couple of minutes.

Screenshot of PureVPN's Chrome extension connected to a US serverPureVPN also has a Firefox extension with the same features

The browser extensions are convenient, but they are only proxies. This means they don’t encrypt your entire device. They only protect the browser, so I recommend using the app whenever possible.


On testing the Mac version of the app straight after the Windows test it’s clear that they are almost exactly the same. It only supports IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP tunneling protocols. One other difference is that, unlike the Windows app, the Mac app doesn’t automatically display ping rates. If you’re planning on using the VPN to game or download files, this is a little frustrating.

It was quick and easy to install, so if you like a no-frills VPN, you should have no problems with PureVPN’s design.


I was pretty impressed with the Android app from PureVPN. The app used to offer specific modes like Streaming, Internet Freedom, File Sharing, and Security/Privacy. In the latest upgrade, PureVPN has removed this option. Instead, it relies on its algorithm to choose the best server for your needs. This makes the process more streamlined, adding to the overall speed increase that PureVPN has promised its subscribers.

Unlike the iOS app, Android gives you split-tunneling capabilities and the option to choose NAT or non-NAT network (basically whether your router forward ports or not). You can also choose a dark or light theme, so you can match it to your social network setting preferences.

I’m happy that the Android app now has all the same protocols as the Windows version. I was also a little bit confused that it shows a red button when it’s connected to a VPN server. I’m used to the buttons showing red when they’re disconnected and (often) green when they’re connected, so I kept having to double-check I was connected until I got used to it.


The new-and-improved user interface is clear and straightforward. PureVPN states that privacy and security are its main focus along with ease of use, and in all my tests I found the app to be secure.

Provided you're accessing secure websites, PureVPN will automatically connect you to the VPN whenever you go online, and will auto-reconnect if it drops out.

It doesn’t allow split-tunneling, however, so if you’re used to being able to access a local server at the same time as streaming on a server abroad, you may find this app disappointing. If you want to use the best VPNs for iOS, check out my comprehensive list.


5 Years
$ 1.33 / month per month
12 Months
$ 3.24 / month per month
1 Month
$ 10.95 / month per month

PureVPN accepts PayPal, credit cards, Google Pay, and cryptocurrency payments. Credit card options include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and UnionPay. I was also happy to see that it allows payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This is a great way to purchase a subscription while staying anonymous.

When you use its 31-day money-back guarantee you get an extra day than most providers, and I liked that the guarantee is worded to say “If we aren’t the right fit for you” (you get your money back). Some VPNs make the money-back guarantee as difficult as possible in the hope that they won’t have to pay up, but PureVPN’s guarantee is open and easy to request. You can also get a 7-day subscription for $0.99. Just be aware that you’ll be charged for a full subscription if you don’t cancel within a week.

Screenshot of PureVPN live chat highlighting its automated cancellation processI received a confirmation email the same day and had all my money back in 5 days

PureVPN also has several add-ons available. The longer your subscription tier, the cheaper each is per month. PureKeep is its password manager and generator. PureCrypt is a cloud service that lets you store files online with encryption. Lastly, PurePrivacy can scan your social media accounts to increase your privacy, stop targeted ads, and alert you of security breaches.

Overall, PureVPN works out cheaper than many other top-performing VPNs, particularly when you take advantage of its current $1.33/month savings deal. It often has special discounts running on its longer-term policy, so if you are willing to sign up for 24 months, you could get a fantastic deal on a solid VPN.

Reliability & Support


PureVPN has excellent 24/7 live chat support, but you do start with a bot. To access a live agent, you have to choose “other” when the bot asks what your question is. There is also email support and a huge knowledge base of over 100 FAQs and guides.

Screenshot of PureVPN customer service answering a question about torrentingI appreciate that customer service reps were patient and never rushed me

Good customer support is something I always look for in a VPN so if I run into trouble I know the issue can be resolved without having to wait around. In my tests, the support rep made me certain that they were knowledgeable about all areas of the VPN. They were also very friendly and acted as though they cared about my user experience.

Compare PureVPN With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

PureVPN has a large list of impressive features. It gave me incredible speeds on nearby and distant servers. I had no issues unblocking all the most popular streaming platforms and watching movies with zero buffering. Plus, it passed all my leak tests, proving its security is top-notch.

It does have a few negatives. Its privacy policy is solid, but I wish it stored fewer anonymized logs. Torrenting was always slow, and it charges extra for port forwarding. I’ve also seen a few VPNs perform better with online gaming on servers worldwide.

I recommend trying PureVPN to see if it’s for you. It’s getting close to being one of the top VPNs around. If you’d rather stick with a tried-and-tested service, check out this list of the best VPNs available today.

  • 6,500 servers in 78 countries
  • Cross-platform support
  • Security features include split tunneling and Ozone
  • 31-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers dedicated IPs and P2P support
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 10 simultaneous connections

FAQs on PureVPN

Is PureVPN safe?

Yes, PureVPN is very safe. It uses 256-bit encryption, up-to-date protocols, and has a kill switch. I tested it for DNS leaks and found it to be watertight. Since it has recently turned its focus to its users privacy, it has a reliable no-logs policy and is regularly audited to ensure it is up to standard.

Can PureVPN unblock Netflix?

Yes, PureVPN can unblock several Netflix regions. It’s an excellent choice for streaming because it gives you superfast speeds on tons of servers. I was able to stream in HD with zero buffering on servers over 10,000 KM away.

Will PureVPN slow my speeds down?

Yes, PureVPN will slow down your speeds a little. Depending on which server you connect to, this could be by as much as 80%. But, when I tested servers that were closer to me geographically, I had good speeds overall, with more than enough to stream movies in HD, game, and download big files.

Is PureVPN any good? 

Yes, PureVPN is a great service. I had superfast speeds on most servers, even ones on the other side of the world. This let me stream uninterrupted, and it unblocked all the top platforms. I didn’t have any connection issues with its large server network, and apps are available for all the major OS’. Each one is easy-to-use. Its solid security features kept my real location hidden with military-grade encryption.

Can you get PureVPN for free?

No, there’s no way to use PureVPN for free. I don’t recommend free VPNs since they always offer limited features. Most are less secure, have fewer servers, and give you a small amount of bandwidth. Some even log and sell your data to make a profit. But PureVPN does have a 31-day money-back guarantee —I tested it out, and it’s easy to get a full refund.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 31
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: 10
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Nov 29, 2022

I paid for the subscription using crypto, and the money was withdrawn from my account to theirs, I waited 30 minutes upon the request of their system and nothing happened, then their system told me that the session was expired and no payment was received! I reached out to their support, and they kept telling me that my issue was moved to some higher level support and they will reach out. I waited, and I waited, and while I was waiting, three of their customer support reached out to me asking about my experience with the service... and when I answer and tell them that I have no service! they just ignore it. After more than 24 hours, I reached out to their support, and they told me that I'll get an answer in 2 hours, waited for 5, and still no answer. Reached out again, and they told me that the money didn't go to their accounts! I send them a screenshot that proves otherwise again, and they told me to wait again And in the end, they told me that the money will be converted back to my account in 15 days, 18 days later, and still nothing. Reached out again, and they asked me to re-tell the situation 10 times! and still no solution. All I hear from them is, I apologize for the inconvenience, we'll solve this soon, we'll move this ticket to the next level of support, and we'll reach out to you soon... empty promises!

John Jonckheere
John Jonckheere
Never worked

Tried to install with online chat assistance and never got it to install on my Firestick, that is less than a year old. It kept freezing up on installation and I could not move the City, State or the Country around, kept freezing up. I have a GB connection and every other app works fine. The tech kept telling me uninstall and reinstall the app again. I did this 5 times and still exactly the same thing it would freeze and never got it to install. So within 1 hour, I cancelled my subscription.

    Robert M
    Robert M
    Difficult to connect and when connected - Disconnects every few hours

    I like Split Tunneling but Port Forwarding was an addon with extra cost. Upload speed is really really bad. Download speed was seriously constrained as well. My download speed without VPN was about 300Mbps but with PureVPN download speed came to a crawl (with their supposedly fastest server - Germany - de1.pointtoserver.com. I don't know how the author recommends this - most of the tests I did with the above came really negative. I wouldn't recommend PureVPN at all - also it is owned by a Pakistani firm.

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