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VPN Proxy Master Review 2023 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image MJ Marsden
MJ Marsden Cybersecurity Researcher

VPN Proxy Master is a decent VPN. Its speeds are good, its privacy policy is reassuring, and its applications are efficient. Not to mention that its server network is massive, and its security features are comprehensive (on desktop at least).

However, there are a few areas in which VPN Proxy Master falls short. This VPN routinely fails to get past geo-blocks on streaming sites, and its mobile app lacks some of the features that make its desktop application so good.

I tested its speeds, network, security, and other features to give you the expert’s opinion on this VPN.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

  • Unblocks US Netflix, Amazon Prime and Peacock TV. Not all of VPN Proxy Master’s servers were reliable, but I eventually found a server that unblocked each of these platforms. See the full results of my streaming tests here.
  • Doesn’t unblock Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, or ESPN+. No matter how many servers I tried, I couldn’t use VPN Proxy Master to watch content on any of these sites. See my full findings here.
  • Connection speeds are excellent. VPN Proxy Master imposes no limit on your bandwidth and I was extremely impressed by the results of my speed tests. See the details here.
  • Security is mixed. VPN Proxy Master offers a great suite of security features on desktop, but only a few of these are available on their mobile app. See the results of my security testing here.
  • Setup is quick and easy. The desktop and mobile apps install quickly and signing in to access premium features is simple. VPN Proxy Master also offers a one-click connect feature which automatically chooses the best server from wherever you are. Skip to my setup review here.

VPN Proxy Master Features — Updated in February 2023

💸 Price 3.75 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 6000+
💻 Number of devices per license 6
🛡 Kill switch Yes
🗺 Based in country Singapore
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming — Sloppy and Unreliable

VPN Proxy Master struggled during my testing when it came to getting past geo-blocks to access streaming websites. No matter how many times I switched servers, VPN Proxy Master was unable to unblock Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, or ESPN+.

Even with the sites that did work – US Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Peacock TV – I usually had to switch servers multiple times before I could find one that got past the sites’ anti-VPN software.

Unblocked: US Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Peacock TV

Screenshot showing US Netflix homepage using VPN Proxy MasterIt took a few tries, but I could watch US Netflix with the right server Screenshot of Amazon Prime Video's homescreen using VPN Proxy MasterIts VIP US server managed to break through the blocks so I could watch APV Screenshot showing Peacock TV homescreen using VPN ProxyIts VIP US server managed to break through the blocks so I could watch APV

Blocked By: Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and ESPN+

Despite the fact that VPN Proxy Master has a dedicated server for each of these sites, none of them worked, and neither did any of the standard US servers I tried. If you need servers that can reliably access most streaming platforms, check out my top recommended VPNs that unblock Disney, Hulu, and most other sites.

Graphic showing Disney Plus's block text and VPN Proxy Master connected to its US VIP Disney serverI tried a number of times but couldn't get access to Disney+

The VPN couldn’t hide my location from Hulu, and the platform blocked me when I tried to access my account.

Graphic showing Hulu blocking access and VPN Proxy Master connected to a US serverIt was impossible to bypass Hulu's strict blocks with this VPN

HBO Max errored when I tried to access its homepage, so I couldn’t sign in to my account.

Graphic showing HBO Max block screen and VPN Proxy Master connected to a US serverHBO Max's platform recognised that I was using a VPN every time I tried

When I tried to access ESPN, I encountered an error. I couldn’t log in to my account or watch any competitions.

Screenshot of ESPN's homescreen blocked using VPN Proxy MasterI had no luck getting past ESPN's blocks

If streaming is your main focus, then take a look at these VPNs that unblock hundreds of websites.

Speeds — Extremely Fast and Reliable

Throughout my testing, VPN Proxy Master demonstrated blazing fast speeds. I was also impressed that these speeds were reliable and steady throughout my time using the VPN. While all VPNs decrease your connection speed, I was pleased that VPN Proxy Master was so strong that the difference was minimal.

Graphic showing VPN Proxy Master's download and upload speedsProxy Master's speeds were consistently impressive throughout my tests

My base connection speeds, without starting VPN Proxy Master, were 66.16 Mbps download and 8.61Mbps upload, with a latency (ping) of 11ms. These speeds are easily enough to handle streaming in 4k, and the low latency means that I experienced no lag at all in online gaming.

Graphic showing Proxy Master connected to a UK server with high speedsI could watch shows and movies in HD with no interruptions

Next, I activated VPN Proxy Master and connected to a server close to my location, in London. Unbelievably, my download speed actually increased slightly when I connected to VPN Proxy Master, which is probably due to the VPN avoiding the throttle that my ISP normally places on my download speed.

Graphic showing fast download speeds recorded using VPN Proxy Master's US serversI watched shows in 4K quality thanks to its US server speeds

Next, I connected to a server in New York and ran another test. Again, the results were remarkable – a slight increase in download speed.

The other metrics were less impressive though. My upload speed almost halved and my ping shot up 827% to 91ms. This tells me that VPN Proxy Master’s servers are mostly optimized for download speed, which is the case for the majority of servers around the world.

Graphic showing high ping speeds using VPN Proxy Master's Japanese serverThe servers focus on download speeds and I was disappointed by other aspects such as ping results

Finally, I decided to really push VPN Proxy Master’s capabilities and connected to its Tokyo server. This impacted my metrics substantially. My download speed went down to less than a fifth of my base speed, my upload speed halved, and my ping skyrocketed to 273.

This download speed is not enough to stream 4k video, but it should still be enough to stream in HD, so watching Japanese Netflix shouldn’t be a problem. A ping of 273 is not nearly low enough for online gaming, and even video/audio calls will experience significant latency issues. However, since the data had to travel 9,000 miles, these results are no worse than I expected.

Are VPN Proxy Master’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Only on Local Servers

As long as you choose a server close to where you live, you shouldn’t experience any issues while gaming online. When I connected to a server near my home, I measured a ping of just 19, which is easily low enough for online gaming. However, when I connected to servers further away from my home, my ping rose significantly.

Graphic showing low and high ping speeds using VPN Proxy Master for online gamingIt depends which server you connect to whether you can game online

If you’re looking for a more reliable service, check out these gaming VPNs.

Server Network — Fast and Comprehensive, but Misleading

On VPN Proxy Master’s website, they advertise “6,000 + locations.” This is misleading. What they mean is that they have a server network of 6,000+ — the actual number of locations (i.e. different parts of the world in which they have servers) is 56. Additionally, despite boasting “40+ countries,” VPN Proxy Master has exactly 40.

Graphic showing VPN Proxy Master's key featuresIt has plenty of server options to choose from, and spans across the globe

Aside from false advertising, however, VPN Proxy Master’s server network is impressive.

According to my tests, the servers were very fast and optimized for download speed, which is excellent news if you’re planning to download a large file through your VPN.

Also worth bearing in mind is that the server network is significantly smaller on mobile.

Security — Great on Desktop, Worse on Mobile

VPN Proxy Master supports the OpenVPN, V2ray, and IKEv2 protocols and uses AES-256 encryption.

OpenVPN is the industry standard, so I was pleased to have it as an option. On desktop machines, you can choose between all these protocols. On mobile, however, you’re limited to OpenVPN.

It also has a kill switch, which shuts down your internet connection in case the VPN fails. This helps you prevent data leaks.

It also comes with automatic WiFi protection, which connects you to the VPN if it detects an unknown network. This means that you don’t need to worry about hackers interfering with your activity.

The DoH service is meant to protect your online privacy. However, it may cause DNS leaks in some cases. Nevertheless, I was impressed to see VPN Master Proxy set it up.

WiFi protection and the DoH service aren’t available on mobile devices, which is a little counterintuitive — you’re more likely to connect your phone to an unsecured

It’s clear that VPN Proxy Master’s mobile app is not yet as robust as its desktop application, which is worth bearing in mind if you plan to use it on your mobile device.

Privacy — Flawless

I was very pleased to see that VPN Proxy Master has excellent privacy policies. Its mobile app does not require any permissions unless you choose to utilize its “Phone Boost” feature. In that case, it requires permission to read your app usage data, which is fine due to the nature of this feature.

I read through VPN Proxy Master’s privacy policy and discovered that it keeps no unnecessary data, and users can request to have the minimal data that is kept erased at any time.

Graphic showing VPN Proxy Master's privacy policyVPN Proxy Master's overall privacy policy is good

Torrenting — Supported

Torrenting is fully supported by VPN Proxy Master on its desktop application. It boasts 4 specialized torrenting servers in 4 locations: Canada, USA, Netherlands, and Germany.

While there is no dedicated torrenting server for any Asian country, I was able to find a number of servers in Asia on which torrenting was supported.

Does VPN Proxy Master Work in China? No

According to the support agent I spoke with, VPN Proxy Master does not work in China, as it is unable to break through China’s “great wall” of anti-VPN software and censorship. This isn’t unusual, but there are some VPNs that can break through the blocks.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Up to 6

VPN Proxy Master allows up to 6 simultaneous connections on a single license. This is roughly industry standard, so you can keep all your devices protected at once.

Device Compatibility — Compatible with Most Major Devices

VPN Proxy Master works on Windows (7 and up), macOS 10.12, iOS, Android, and even Fire TV.

However, its compatibility with web browsers is much more limited. The only browser extension VPN Proxy Master offers is for Chrome, and it’s in beta (i.e. not fully released).

Additionally, you won’t be able to use VPN Proxy Master on your router, gaming console, or Linux PC.

Installation & Apps


Setup & Installation — Quick, Easy, and Fully Featured

Setting up VPN Proxy Master was a breeze. It’s quick to download, runs efficiently without taking up too much CPU or drive power, and you can connect to a VPN server with a single click.

VPN Proxy Master has a number of useful features on desktop, including split-tunneling and UDP speeder, which is designed to increase download speeds.

However, if you want to connect to a specific server, you must select it from a long, alphabetized list of countries. This is much less intuitive than selecting a location from a world map, which is the method used by the majority of VPNs.

The installation experience is similarly seamless on mobile devices, although neither split-tunneling nor UDP speeder are available on the mobile app.


24 Months Plan
$ 3.75 / month per month
15 Months Plan + 3 months free
$ 5.33 / month per month
1 Month Plan
$ 12.99 / month per month

VPN Proxy Master offers no free trial, but purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It has 3 different pricing plans, so you can choose the one that works best with your budget.

I was impressed to see that as well as credit card and PayPal payments, you can also pay using Bitcoin for an extra level of privacy. It also caters to most popular regional payment systems, including OVO and OXXO.

Reliability & Support


I contacted customer support to ask about their dedicated streaming servers and whether the VPN works in China, and I received a response from a support agent in under a minute. I was very impressed with how helpful they were, and my inquiry was fully answered within five minutes.

Compare VPN Proxy Master With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

VPN Proxy Master has a wide variety of excellent security features, a good privacy policy, excellent download speeds, and decent compatibility across devices. However, the results of my streaming tests were mixed. Even when I was able to access a site, it was usually after several attempts, which would become frustrating if you were planning to use this VPN for streaming on a regular basis.

VPN Proxy Master is a good choice for protecting your privacy while surfing the web or gaming (on PC), but if you’re planning to use this VPN to get around geo-blocks, it would be a poor choice.

Additionally, if you’re planning to use VPN Proxy Master on mobile, bear in mind that many of its security features are absent from the mobile app, and the server list is much shorter than on desktop.

  • Excellent Speeds for streaming and gaming
  • Manages to unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock TV
  • 6000+ servers in 40+ different countries
  • Great desktop security with military-grade protocols
  • Connect up to 6 devices under 1 subscription
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

FAQs on VPN Proxy Master

Is VPN Proxy Master safe?

Yes, absolutely. VPN Proxy Master’s privacy policy is excellent and its applications are solid. During my testing, I found no reason whatsoever to distrust VPN Proxy Master.

Can VPN Proxy Master unblock Netflix?

Yes, easily. Netflix was the one site that I found VPN Proxy Master could unblock consistently and reliably. The application has dedicated servers allowing you to access Netflix from various countries: the US, UK, Japan, India, and Germany.

Will VPN Proxy Master slow my speeds down?

It depends. If you connect to a server near your home, your speed will be relatively unchanged (it may even go up if your ISP has been throttling your download speed). But if you connect to a server far from where you live, you will experience a significant drop in speed. This is the case with every VPN.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 30
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: 6
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Adil Zakay
Adil Zakay
Good and bad at the same time

I don’t like how it is choosing only Netherlands I like when it connects to us because it is better. And connects better. Plus The VPN is connecting so slow It is not real I think this is what you need to focus.

No longer works with Netflix

Has worked well in the past but apparently Netflix has their number as connections no longer work for out of country access. Overall for a free service it works well. The free server locations are limited and paid offers about 2 times as many.

Podría mejorar

Da un error a los dias de usarlo al estar encendido no me dejaba acceder a las paginas por el buscador sino que tienes que escribirlas directo al navegador, cuando la descondectaba me servia el navegador la probe con crome firefox y opera y todas daban el error 403 lo apagaba y zas todo bien.... si arreglaran ese detalle seria genial.

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