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Updated on 12th January 2021

While some VPNs advertise their services as unrestricted, fair, unbiased, and often free of any charge, others are of very poor quality or simply a way to scam you out of your hard-earned money. In the case of VPNKI, we are not sure whether it’s a ruse or just a young and up-and-coming company that is still trying to find their footing in this ever-growing and developing industry. The good thing about this company is that their service is completely free of charge and they market themselves as providing security and safety of your information on the internet. The bad thing is that VPNKI is not a reliable service for unblocking Netflix. NordVPN is the best VPN for Netflix and a much better choice if you want to use your VPN for streaming.

VPNKI is a fairly young company that tries to sell a product that is still in its early developing stage. According to the company’s website, they are currently using OpenVPN protocol, which should provide certain advantages over simply using PPTP and L2TP/IPsec instead. As of April, VPNKI provides their service to ‘Majordomo’ users with the installation of a PPTP tunnel and an integration plugin. The plugin is available at the Majordomo app store.
Despite their somewhat unclear specifications, VPNKI offers their services on a wide range of operating systems, such as desktop PCs using Windows OS and Macs using Sierra and Linux-powered systems. Their service is readily available for mobile devices that are powered by both Android and iOS. You still need to have at least Android 6.0 and/or iOS 10.0.2 to be able to run this software.
The company has only 2 servers at the present time, one in Moscow and one in Amsterdam, and they give you the option to choose which one to use. When you sign up all you have to do is fill in the basic necessary information, like your name and e-mail address, and you should be good to go.

This product is free and thus you do not have to worry that any additional costs will come up while you use their services.

As we mentioned, the services of VPNKI are somewhat new and thus still not fully tested, but as their product is free and they do not charge for any additional usage, you can rely on the fact that there are still a few glitches. The company uses 256-bit encryption but you can choose not to use any. On their website they guide you how to set up the encryption. In terms of support, you can contact them via an e-mail address and they will promptly answer and try and resolve any issues, but like we mentioned, this is a free service, so do not expect an instant reply.

VPNKI is best to use among gamers. If you want more encryption and a faster service, you should probably go with a more seasoned company that either requires reasonable payment or that has advertisement popping up every now and then. If you want to stream your favorite TV shows and movies, choose from our list of recommended VPNs for Netflix instead.

Number of countries with servers 2
Number of servers 2
Number of IP addresses 2
Does VPN keep logs? Yes
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 2

Compare VPNKI with the top alternative VPNs

  • Requires no special apps
  • Features many tunnel types, like PPTP, L2TP, Ipsec
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Get access to a variety of your devices at home
  • Can be used for access to gaming servers
  • Lets you control the level of security
  • Get started with VPNKI now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) :
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 2

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