VPNTraffic Review & Test 2019- Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Though they've been established since 2010, VPN traffic does not have the recognition other service providers enjoy. Based in the USA for the price of just $5 a month, you can bypass proxy servers as well as any filters set by your network administrator or your internet service provider.

Users can access blocked websites no matter the site's location or where you live or travel anywhere around the globe. They don't place a block on any protocols, so you can use any type of application you like. This includes Usenet, BitTorrent, games, work applications, and movie streaming, etc.

If using a US-based service or one that doesn't have as large of a network of servers, you can check out a more established service like NordVPN or CyberGhost.

They have a network of servers in over 73 countries and enable you to unblock websites, bypass restrictions, and services in any country including those that impose strict usage policies like China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to name but a few. Switch between servers with them as well as many times as you like. They have no bandwidth limitations and support 100 Mbit/s Connection. As for operating systems, their VPN service works on Windows, Mac OS and iOS, Symbian, and Android. They provide complete anonymity, and you can trial their VPN Service for 3 days for only $1.99.

Following their trial, there are three options to choose from. Decide between paying monthly, for 3 months, or for one year. All come with the same high speed and the potential to switch between servers as you choose.

They offer setup guides including screenshots and tutorials for the variety of devices you might connect with. Their support page is pretty limited; there is a list enabling you to Troubleshoot errors and common issues and their solutions. There is also an email option; they state that they will respond within 12 hours. Disappointing though that there is no other assistance such as a live chat option or proper Knowledge Database. As far as the interface goes, it's all a little simple and basic, but with no restrictions on torrent & P2P with VPN traffic with a low fee of $5 per month, it is definitely worth a shot.

Once again, though: if using a US-based VPN makes you nervous, we've ranked the top 10 providers in the world, and picked NordVPN as our favorite overall and measured ExpressVPN as the fastest.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 73
Does VPN keep logs? Yes
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 1
  • Simple setup including screenshots and tutorials
  • High-speed and unlimited server switching
  • A server network in over 73 countries
  • Try their VPN Service for 3 days for only $1.9
  • Unlimited bandwidth; 100 Mbit/s connection
  • P2P torrenting available
  • Get started with VPNTraffic now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 0
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1
VPN Plans: www.vpntraffic.com
VPNTraffic User Reviews
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Fraud, Scam Vpntraffic

I bought it for a month for 5$ then they send me an email for Vpn username and password.. i tried to log in and its not working on any country.. then i email the Customer support they just keep saying to try again.. i did try again for 10hrs already all they have to reply to you is try again.. user authentication failed. so i tried it on my computer and is say "the username and password are not recognize" and i tried emailing the Customer support but no reply at all.. they gave me an username and password that is not working to begin with.. i wish i could put -Star on this one.. total garbage and scam.. don't even bother buying their service not unless you like giving away your money.

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    Annoying experience. Bad service.

    The connection with the Italian VPN server (actually the server for which I bought the subscription) is simply not working. The connection to other servers works. I contacted them 3 days ago asking for support, but they are not responding while they should respond within 12 h! I am really upset.

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      Disgusting Service
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      Avoid like the plague.

      Their VPN worked only intermittently and then stopped working completely. I asked them to fix it many times, but nothing was done and my emails were ignored. Then I found that they had completely deleted my account from their system. I had used less than a third of the time I purchased, so effectively this is theft!

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