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VyprVPN Review & Test (2021) - Surprisingly Better than Others

Author Image Katie Kasunic
Katie Kasunic | Technology Researcher
Updated on 15th April 2021

VyprVPN is a popular VPN service created by Switzerland-based Golden Frog. This VPN has worked hard to establish itself as a trusted provider and advocate of internet privacy.

The provider has also been taking steps to improve its reliability, security, and quality of service based on customer requests. However, does VyprVPN really make the cut? Here’s a preview: when it comes to privacy, geoblocking, and price, VyprVPN makes the cut. It can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu, but where it falters is speed (read on for specifics). Speedier VPNs like ExpressVPN could be a better choice for streaming and P2P sites.

Read on for a detailed review of VyprVPN’s features and performance:

Streaming – Does VyprVPN Work with Netflix?

If you’re buying a VPN to bypass geoblocks on popular streaming services like Netflix, VyprVPN is a great choice.

The provider has been working on a big overhaul of their streaming service in an attempt to improve the VPN’s access to popular streaming sites in different parts of the world. In fact, it offers support for 45+ streaming libraries — giving you access to countless movies and TV shows.

VyprVPN’s proprietary Chameleon™ technology prevents Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), which helps it escape geo-restrictions and VPN bans on popular streaming sites.

We were able to access US Netflix on multiple servers without a problem. VyprVPN also gave us excellent speeds on the US servers, which is perfect for HD streaming. The VPN was also able to successfully access other popular US streaming sites like Hulu and Amazon Prime.

VyprVPN’s UK server was able to access Netflix UK, ITV, Eurosport, and BBC iPlayer during our tests.

Its Canadian server allowed us to stream Netflix Canada, DAZN, MuchTV, and NHL.TV.

VyprVPN has made some recent upgrades to its German server. We were able to unblock Netflix Germany, DAZN, Eurosport, RTL, Sky Go Germany, ARD, ZDF, and Pro 7.

With other server locations, we had mostly positive results, but also found room for improvement. The majority of countries we tested were able to access Netflix, but some popular locations like France were caught by the VPN ban. We also weren’t as impressed with the speeds we got on European servers. If you’re looking for a more global streaming experience, try one of the best VPNs for streaming instead.

VyprVPN Speeds

VyprVPN claims to offer “blazing fast speeds” on their network of 700+ servers in 70+ countries around the world. We ran our own speed tests with a starting speed of 70 Mbps.

We first used VyprVPN’s fast connect option to automatically connect to the fastest available server near our location. We got very impressive speeds of 50-60 Mbps.

Speed test on a VyprVPN server in the US

However, not all servers in our area gave us the same speeds. We only got 10-15 Mbps on the Canada server.

Speed test on a VyprVPN server in Canada

Our speed tests in the UK and Germany both resulted in average speeds less than 15 Mbps.

Speed test on a VyprVPN UK server

Overall, we were extremely impressed with VyprVPN’s US servers, but we found inconsistencies in server speeds throughout the network.

Is VyprVPN Good for Torrenting?

VyprVPN has never banned torrenting, but in the past it wasn’t strongly encouraged. However, some recent policy changes have made this VPN much more torrent-friendly.

The provider’s recent transition to a strict no-log policy means that VyprVPN is now able to offer a much stronger claim of privacy and anonymity than in the past — especially since the policy has been independently audited.

With no usage or connection logs on record, VyprVPN is unable to provide any information in response to DMCA requests. We will discuss this policy change in more detail below.

Security – Is VyprVPN Safe?

VyprVPN protects your internet connection with secure AES 256-bit encryption. The VPN also offers additional protection with extra security features like an automatic kill switch and a NAT Firewall to block malware.

One of VyprVPN’s best features is its proprietary Chameleon™ technology. With VyprVPN, not only do you get a choice of OpenVPN, WireGuard, and L2TP/IPsec protocols, but you can also select the unique Chameleon™ protocol.

Chameleon™ offers all the security benefits of OpenVPN, but also scrambles your metadata to prevent DPI, VPN blocking, and throttling. That makes it useful at overcoming restrictions in censored regions such as China.

We detected no leaks during our security tests, which is good news for VyprVPN’s protection.

Does VyprVPN Keep Logs?

No, VyprVPN has a strict no-log policy. It also hired independent cybersecurity company Leviathan Security to perform a thorough privacy audit.

The results of the audit confirmed that VyprVPN does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) through its VPN service. With this move for transparency, VyprVPN became the first publicly audited No-Log VPN Provider.

In addition to this great privacy policy, VyprVPN is incorporated outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance in privacy-friendly Switzerland and also adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles to provide maximum transparency when it comes to customer data.

Does VyprVPN Work in China?

If you’re looking for a VPN that can give you access to the free web during a trip to China, VyprVPN is an excellent choice.

The VPN’s proprietary Chameleon™ technology provides all of OpenVPN’s security but also scrambles your metadata to prevent your VPN use from being identified. This protocol is great for bypassing restrictive censorship in China and other countries that don’t allow free access to the internet.

In early 2021, VyprVPN introduced an extension of this technology, Chameleon™ with Smart IP. It works by changing the server IP periodically throughout your session without dropping the connection. This makes the VPN even harder for governments to detect.

Is VyprVPN Compatible with my Device?

VyprVPN is compatible with all major platforms. The provider offers a generous number of dedicated apps, and there are also set up guides to manually configure the VPN on a variety of other platforms.

VyprVPN is fully compatible with the following devices:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • QNAP
  • Blackphone
  • Smart TV
  • Anonabox
  • Tomato, DD-WRT, OpenWRT, and ASUSWRT routers
  • Boxee
  • Synology NAS
  • Blackberry

The VPN’s features are similar across platforms. You can connect up to 3 simultaneous devices with a basic plan, and 5 simultaneous devices with a premium subscription.

VyprVPN Customer Service

In the past, we have had complaints about VyprVPN’s lack of live chat service and slow response times. However, we were pleased with the improvements that VyprVPN has made to their customer service.

You can now contact support through an email request form or their 24/7 live chat service. We had positive experiences with the VyprVPN customer support team on both platforms. Our email request through the website was answered within 20 minutes, and we got a response from the live chat service within several minutes. Both methods are responsive, polite, and helpful.

The VyprVPN website also provides some great resources to help with common issues. You can find an FAQ page, troubleshooting guides, set up tutorials, and some general information about VPNs and online privacy.

VyprVPN and WireGuard

WireGuard is one of the newest protocols in the VPN world and is now available on all VyprVPN apps.

WireGuard is an open-source protocol that provides VPN users with the highest level of security and privacy as possible. It also helps to increase speeds. Its features include a much slimmer codebase – which mean VyprVPN apps are faster and more responsive. WireGuard also includes much stronger encryption. All the features of WireGuard equate to a faster, safer, and more reliable VPN.

Price $1.67/month
Money Back Guarantee 30
Does VPN keep logs? No
Number of servers 700+
Number of devices per license 5
Kill switch Yes
Supports torrenting No

Ease of Use


VyprVPN is easy to set up no matter what device you’re using. The provider offers dedicated apps for a number of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, and routers. VyprVPN even supports the macOS M1 chip natively.

There are also setup tutorials available for many other popular platforms.

The VyprVPN native Windows app is simple to install and straightforward to use. When you open the app for the first time, it automatically selects the fastest server for you to connect to.

The app’s main screen displays your location and connection status at the top. Below this, there is a simple interface that allows you to open the server list or settings menu.

Options include the ability to autoconnect when you connect to untrusted WiFi (Public WiFi Protection), an automatic kill switch, and advanced malware protection.

Connection status interface

Displays the VyprVPN app’s connection status interface.

At the bottom is a large connect button that is blue when you are disconnected and transparent while you are actively connected. Pressing this button will automatically connect you to your most recent server location.

You can also click on the location directly above the connect button to manually select your server from a list of locations. There is also an option to quickly connect to the fastest available server.

Server selection interface

One convenient feature is the way that the server location list displays a measure of connection speed for each location, so you know what servers will give you better speeds. A smaller ping means faster speeds.


36 Months
$1.67 /month
18 Months
$2.50 /month
2 Months
$6.47 /month

All three VyprVPN plans allow you to take advantage of Chameleon™ technology, one of VyprVPN’s best features. You also get a total of 5 simultaneous connections.

The premium tier offers unlimited bandwidth and access to all server locations around the world. You can choose between the one-month, one-year, or three-year plan.

VyprVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its plans. You can pay using: credit cards, Alipay, Amazon Pay, SEPA, and PayPal.

There is currently no option for Bitcoin, so if you’re particularly concerned about maintaining your privacy, this could be a problem for you. However, VyprVPN’s customer support assured me that support for crypto payments would be rolled out soon.

Reliability & Support


There are several ways to reach out to VyprVPN’s customer support if you run into any problems. You can use the website’s 24/7 live chat feature or submit an email request form through the support section of the website.

We were pleased to see that VyprVPN has made some recent improvements to the quality of their customer support. With both contact methods, we found VyprVPN’s customer support team to be fast, responsive, and helpful.

The Bottom Line

With their Chameleon™ technology and strong commitment to privacy, VyprVPN has a lot to offer.

It’s clear that VyprVPN is a great VPN provider that is committed to constantly improving their quality of service. We were impressed with the recent changes that the provider has made to their performance, privacy policy, and customer service.

After these recent changes, we can now recommend VyprVPN for anyone looking for online privacy, torrenting support, and the ability to bypass censorship and streaming geo-restrictions.

VyprVPN can unblock Netflix. However, when it comes to speed there is a lot of room for improvement. Ideally, we would like to see more consistent fast speeds across servers and anonymous payment options. We tested and rated the top 10 fastest VPNs, and concluded that ExpressVPN won out in that category.

  • Apps for all major platforms
  • Fast speeds with 700+ servers in over 70 locations
  • Bypasses the great firewall of China
  • Unblocks 45+ streaming libraries — including US Netflix
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switching
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Get started with VyprVPN now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 30
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 5
VPN Plans: www.vyprvpn.com

Watch the short video review and tutorial below of VyprVPN


VyprVPN User Reviews

Based on 301 reviews in 29 languages
Seldom works and abyssimal customer service - 4
Anonymous -
Apr 8, 2021

Similar to another reviewer, I would say it works well about 2 months a year. The rest is testing and bugs and disconnecting. When it works, it is a reasonable service, but not great. Their updates and new features are rolled out in very disruptive ways, so you can count on VyprVPN not working at all for a few weeks at a time. Customer service is terrible. You get template emails asking you to uninstall and reinstall, use another server or change the device no matter the problem described. In general, I have a sense that their Tier 1 customer service doesn’t even read the bugs or look at the attachments, otherwise there would be no reason for me to get the same questions over and over again after answering once, twice, more times ... Often it seems I know a lot more about the network and network analysis than they do. Maybe getting qualified people for this first line of customer service would be a wise move. Overall - no, I don’t recommend vyprVPN. Waste of your time.

Geico Lizy
Chameleon is Amazing - 10
Geico Lizy -
Feb 11, 2021

I tried CyberGhost, Express, and Nord VPN over the last month. None of these were able to get by my institution's Fortigate Firewall doing Deep Packet Inspection scanning. They are using some sort of Obfuscation technique but they were not good enough. I read about VyprVpn's Chameleon protocol. YES... It worked !!!! I do have to sacrifice speed but at least I get outside access. When I am out of that environment, I switch back to Wireguard and the speed increases 300%. The price is great, their Live chat was great when I questioned their own DNS servers. They were easy to reach with the chat and took the time to explain how their DNS servers worked. I highly recommend VyprVPN !!!

Insufficiently tested, unreliable and inconsistent for most of the time - 2

Having to reset the connection every few minutes. Somehow the access to the internet stops. (No, it is not due to my provider). Also, if your account is included in their first line of testing, you can bet on many months of unreliable and buggy service. Overall, probably the equivalent of 2 months a year you have good service, the rest of the time is garbage.

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