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Windscribe Review 2021 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Ernest Sheptalo
Ernest Sheptalo | Cybersecurity Researcher
Updated on 8th October 2021

Windscribe claims to offer top-notch encryption and access to tons of streaming platforms at a super low price. With so many VPNs on the market offering similar perks but at a higher cost, these features seemed too good to be true. To find out how it really performs, I decided to thoroughly test every aspect of the Windscribe app, including its security, speeds, and unblocking capabilities.

I also looked into how well it works for torrenting and tested it for leaks. In addition, I spent a lot of time learning how the free version stacks up and whether the 10 GB limit is enough for an average user.

Overall, I was impressed with many of Windscribe’s features, but it falls short in several key areas like speeds and gaming. The results actually surprised me, so join me on this vpnMentor review of Windscribe VPN.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

Windscribe Features — Updated in October 2021

💸 Price $0/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 30
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 170
💻 Number of devices per license Unlimited
🛡 Kill switch Yes
🗺 Based in country Canada
🛠 Support Online chat/email
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming — Works with Several Top Platforms, but Some Are Still Blocked

I was able to unblock Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and BBC iPlayer for buffer-free streaming. It worked so well because Windscribe has a proprietary spoofing technology (called Location Warp) that helps mask your IP, so you can access geo-restricted streaming platforms.

I tested Windscribe’s streaming capabilities on my laptop, tablet, and Android Phone. Then, I tried it out on my Firestick TV using the app I downloaded on the Amazon Store, and it worked great.

One minor issue is that compared to my base connection, videos took a little longer to load with Windscribe. However, the streaming quality never dropped below HD, and I didn’t experience any buffering.

Unblocked Netflix

I was able to unblock US Netflix and libraries in 5 additional countries. First, I connected to the Atlanta server and opened Netflix. The platform loaded up right away. I selected an episode of Supernatural, and it started playing instantly. The entire episode played back in HD without any buffering.

A picture showing how Windscribe successfully unblocks US Netflix

Every show I watched on Netflix loaded instantly

I also got similar results using the Dallas server. The only difference was that the video took 2 seconds longer to load, which is still an impressive result.

Unblocked Hulu

I was able to access Hulu using the Los Angeles server. This let me watch The Wonder Years, one of my favorite shows, in sharp HD.

A picture showing how Windscribe successfully unblocks Hulu

Every video I loaded played without buffering

The show loaded immediately and played back without any dips in quality. Jumping between episodes and different shows didn’t slow down the viewing experience.

Unblocked Disney+

All 5 US servers I used managed to unblock Disney+. While connected to Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, and New York servers, I could easily access all my favorite movies.

A picture showing how Windscribe successfully unblocks Disney+.

I finished watching an entire movie in Full HD without buffering

It took 2 seconds to load the page and 5 seconds to load each video. However, the movies never stopped to buffer once they started playing.

Unblocked Amazon Prime Video

I unblocked Amazon Prime Video libraries with servers in the US, Germany, and the UK. At first, the videos didn’t load. However, I simply reloaded the page, and I was able to instantly start playing movies and shows.

A picture showing how Windscribe successfully unblocks Amazon Prime Video

After I connected to the US server, I had access to the full library

The quality never dropped below HD, and it didn’t stop to buffer.

Unblocked HBO Max

It was easy to unblock HBO Max. I usually have issues unblocking this platform, but it worked immediately using Windscribe’s Atlanta server.

A picture showing how Windscribe successfully unblocks HBO Max

All the videos I opened, loaded in high quality

It took the video 3 seconds to load, but then it played without buffering. It worked just as well on the Denver server but videos took a bit longer to start up (around 5 seconds on average).

Unblocked BBC iPlayer

It was easy to access BBC iPlayer with Windscribe. I was impressed that all the videos loaded immediately with the highest quality already selected.

A picture showing how Windscribe successfully unblocks BBC iPlayer

Every video I opened had the highest quality already selected

The quality of the picture remained consistent even though I was downloading a few large files in the background.

Also Unblocked: HBO Go, iTV, All 4, YouTube, Spotify, and DAZN

The UK server even managed to unblock All 4. Most VPNs focus their attention on US streaming platforms as these are more popular. This makes it hard to find a service that works with UK platforms, but Windscribe’s UK server worked great.

A picture showing how Windscribe successfully unblocks All 4

I was able to enjoy all my favorite shows in the best quality

Windscribe managed to unblock every platform I tried it with. This is an impressive showing for a relatively small VPN provider.

Speeds — Fast on Nearby Locations but Slow at Long Distance Ones

Windscribe has decent speeds on local servers, but it slows down at long distances. Usually, the farther you are from a server, the slower your speeds will be since the data you are requesting takes longer to reach you. However, the drops in speed are much larger than normal with Windscribe.

Short-distance server speeds are great. I tested its Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova locations using the same IKEv2 protocol on a Windows 10 laptop. These are all less than 300km away from my location, but I did notice that Romanian and Moldovan servers are slower. All together, I got an average speed of 62.10 Mbps which is more than enough to stream 4K content.

A picture showing Windscribe good long-distance server speeds test results

I could perform any online activity comfortably with these speeds

However, long-distance speeds are quite slow. I tested its Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore (all of these are more than 2500 km away from me) locations for long-distance speeds with the VPN set to the default IKeV2 protocol. On average, I got 12.46 Mbps which isn’t fast, but it’s suitable for streaming since you only need 5 Mbps to stream in HD.

A picture showing Windscribe poor long-distance server speeds test results

The average speed drop is 90% compared to nearby servers

You can’t improve your speeds using different protocols. I wondered whether other security protocols might improve my speeds, so I tested them using the Singapore location.

A chart demonstrating how Windscribe's speeds using various security protocols

IKEv2 is the fastest and most reliable protocol

Every other protocol I tested was slower than IKeV2. Also, WSTunnel (another security protocol) never worked and prompted an error screen.

Are Windscribe’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes, but Not for Cloud Gaming

Windscribe is suitable for PC and consoles, but it’s not a good option for cloud gaming (playing games that you stream rather than download). To start my test, I set up Windscribe on my router and booted up Super Smash Bros Ultimate on a Nintendo Switch. It took me 2 minutes to find a match, and I didn’t notice any lag. During my gaming session, the ping remained low (the higher the ping, the longer your button presses will take to register by the game), and I was never disconnected.

However, when I tried it with GeForce Now using a US server, it took about 4 minutes to load. I tried again using a UK one, and it worked. However, the experience wasn’t good as there was a lot of pixelation, lag, and I was even disconnected a few times.

A picture showing a pixelated image of a game running on GeForce Now through Windscribe

I also noticed that input latency was high

I also tried Google Stadia and xCloud, but Windscribe failed to unblock them. You won’t be able to stream games using Windscribe. To experience cloud-gaming safely, you’ll need to use one of the top VPNs for gamers.

Server Network — Huge Selection of Reliable Locations

Windscribe’s vast server network will help you access more streaming sites. It offers 170 servers in 60 countries, enough to unblock a wide range of popular shows from various countries. You can also access several countries many VPNs neglect, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Keep in mind, some of Windscribe’s servers are virtual, which can affect your speeds as they aren’t located in the country you’ve selected. Overall, Western Europe and North America have the most coverage.

It doesn’t use fake IP addresses, which are easily blocked by streaming platforms. Some VPNs have their entire server list located in the US and Europe but use fake WHOIS data to make it seem like you’re in other countries. Most streaming platforms can easily detect such addresses and will simply block them. Windscribe offers real IP addresses, meaning you’re much less likely to be blocked.

Navigating the server list is easy and intuitive. In the app, you can expand it to find some useful information about each location. After you’ve opened the server list, select the country you wish to connect to, and hit the “+” icon. This will reveal a list of cities (all accompanied with funny names) you can connect to, along with the option to bookmark a location.

With the expanded list, you’ll also be able to see the latency rate (in ms). This is useful, but I would have preferred if there was a load percentage. The load lets you know how many people are on a server, so you can find one that’s less crowded.

I didn’t like that the sorting option is hidden deep within the app. You can sort by alphabet, geography, and latency. However, you have to open the app and hit the Settings menu, then access the “General” tab to find the sort feature. I wish there were a more straightforward way to arrange the server, like in the browser extension where you simply have to click on an arrow hidden inside the server list.

But I really liked that you don’t need to disconnect from a server to connect to a new one. This might seem small, but you aren’t exposing yourself if you swap servers instead of disconnecting, and the connection process is faster this way.

Security — Top-notch Features to Protect Your Data

Windscribe provides you with military-grade security that keeps you safe online. It offers AES 256-bit encryption which makes your data virtually unreadable. This is further enhanced by a SHA512 algorithm and a 4096-bit RSA key, making your information appear as a random set of characters only your device can read correctly.

It also comes with a dedicated kill switch (called Firewall). This feature will disable the network when your VPN connection drops, so you don’t leak any data. You can enable it in the app simply by toggling the white switch near the connect button. There are three modes you can select, Automatic, Manual, and always ON.

There’s also a whitelisting feature that will automatically activate the VPN connection when you connect to an unsecured network. This is a lifesaver for someone like me, as I often forget to turn on a VPN when using public networks. However, with this feature, I set up my home network as “secured” and all others as “unsecured.” That way, my device is secured every time I use a public Wi-Fi network.

Other Security Features

Windscribe also offers additional security features. These include R.O.B.E.R.T., a botnet attack prevention system, Secure Hotspot, Double Hop, Location Warp, Time Warp, leak protection, and multiple security protocols.

The R.O.B.E.R.T. feature can help you protect your network. This is a dedicated domain and IP-blocking system you can use to blacklist IPs, ads, tracking, and crypto miners, which will also help you save internet data. The system is also capable of malware blocking, phishing detection, and location spoofing. R.O.B.E.R.T. is available to both paying and free users, but the free version is paired back in terms of features.

There’s a botnet attack prevention feature — A botnet invasion is a curated attack of several computers that have access to your device through malware or a phishing website. It’ll automatically block such threats so you won’t have to worry about network-related invasions.

Another handy feature is Secure Hotspot which you can use to make your computer work as a protected router. This could be useful, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use it. I tried this feature on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks, restarted my device, and even tried to connect via Ethernet port, but it didn’t work.

The Double Hop tool will route your traffic through an extra server. This will make your traffic more secure and untraceable for hackers, trackers, and malware. To activate this feature, you first need to install both the desktop app and the browser extension. Then, simply connect to whichever country you like using the desktop app and do the same using the extension.

A picture showing the difference in speeds when Windscribe's Double Hop feature is enabled

The latency doubled, and I lost a lot of speed

Since Double Hop reroutes your traffic, I expected a drop in speeds. I wanted to see how severe the reduction is, so I connected to the Romania server and did a speed test which gave me 18.50 Mbps. I then connected the browser extension to the US and redid the speed test again, resulting in 9.65 Mbps, roughly a 52% reduction. Unless you need an extra security layer, I do not recommend using this feature since you lose so much speed.

Location Warp will make it look like you’re in a specified location. In most cases, a VPN will give you the necessary IP address so you can access geo-restricted content. However, some websites might check your physical location through the GPS module on your device or through your Wi-Fi SSID. This feature helps prevent such issues by giving the website you are visiting fake GPS coordinates.

Time Warp is another feature that’ll help you keep your device anonymous. Some sites can detect that you are using a VPN by looking at your time zone. This feature will prevent that by showing the website you’re on a matching time figure.

It also passed my leak tests. I ran my tests with IPleak.net, and it successfully passed all of them. Many VPNs leak data through your browser (a.k.a WebRTC), so I was glad to see that Windscribe kept my data hidden from the websites I visited.

A screenshot showing how Windscribe managed to pass an IP leak test successfully

I’m actually 8787 km away from the US

There are also multiple protocols to choose from, so you can customize your security level. Windscribe supports every major security protocol, including IKEv2, OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), WireGuard, WSTunnel, and its own Stealth option. Overall, I recommend using WireGuard as it offers the best balance of speed and security.

Is it safe to combine Windscribe with Tor? Yes!

You can use Windscribe over Tor for maximum security. Tor, also known as The Onion Router, is a special browser that was designed to offer complete anonymity. It is more secure than a traditional browser which makes it useful in highly restrictive countries.

You can combine Windscribe with Tor to add another layer of security and mask your activities from the ISP. And if there’s something wrong with Tor, Windscribe’s IP will be exposed, not yours. However, Tor is notorious for cutting speed so I decided to test this.

A screenshot showing how Windscribe performs once paired with Tor

Despite reduced speeds, I was still able to load pages relatively fast

Even though the speed reduction is significant, you can still combine Windscribe with Tor, and have a responsive web-browsing experience.

Warning! While Tor itself isn’t illegal, it’s possible to use it for illegal purposes (like watching copyrighted content). My team and I do not condone any illegal activities. Please read up on your local regulations before deciding to access it.

Privacy — A Strict No-Logs Policy to Protect Your Data

Windscribe does not reveal any information about you. It follows a strict no-logs policy and does not store any of its customer’s data. Your IP address, the sites you’ve visited, and timestamps for your VPN sessions won’t be collected either. You can be sure that your information will stay safe.

Windscribe offers transparency reports which you can read to verify its policy. There’s a graph you can use on its website to track how many times the company’s received DMCA or law enforcement data requests. It also tells you whether Windscribe fulfilled any of these requests. After reading through them, I could not find any records of Windscribe complying with the requests. This proves the company doesn’t store any of your data.

However, you should be aware that the company is based in Canada, a member of the 14 Eyes Alliance. This is an agreement between Canada, the US, the UK, New Zealand, and 10 other countries to share data on their citizens. In other words, Windscribe can be summoned to turn over any records they have on an individual to the government.

A picture showing the Windscribe FAQ section

I found this info browsing Windscribe’s FAQ section

Fortunately, Windscribe does not require you to give out any identifying information. The only things you need to create an account are a username and a password.

Here’s what Windscribe never collects This is what Windscribe does collect
  • The historical record of VPN sessions
  • Source IP
  • Sites you visited while connected to the VPN
  • The total amount of bytes transferred in 30 days
  • Timestamp of your last activity on the Windscribe network

Windscribe states that all of this data is necessary to enforce the free tier’s limitations.

You don’t have to give Windscribe an email or any other type of contact information if you don’t want to. To maximize your anonymity, Windscribe even allows you to pay with Bitcoin. This is a fantastic option as you don’t have to give away your credit card or PayPal info during the checkout process. If you sign up with this method, it won’t have anything to share even if government agencies request your data.

Torrenting — Download Large Files Fast and Safely

Windscribe speeds are fast enough for large torrents. It allows you to torrent on most servers, excluding India, Lithuania, Russia, and South Africa. There are no data caps and download speeds are quick. I did some light torrenting and downloaded Charlie Chaplin Mabel’s Strange Predicament (160MB) in less than 2 minutes using its UK server.

A picture showing the Windscribe's fast torrent speeds

During my download, the speed reached a maximum of 4.6Mb/s

Windscribe also works with popular torrent clients such as uTorrent, Deluge, qBittorrent, and VUZE. I tested all of them and didn’t notice any differences in speeds.

Notice! My team and I don’t condone illegal torrenting, so be sure to check the rules and regulations in your country. The film I downloaded is copyright-free and is meant only for demonstration purposes.

Does Windscribe Work in China? Yes

Windscribe can bypass the Great Firewall of China. This is a strict system of censorship that blocks internet users in China from accessing popular websites and apps such as Google, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Wikipedia, and many more.

Windscribe uses a Stealth connection protocol that is designed to work in restrictive environments like China. The protocol masks your OpenVPN traffic by hiding it inside a secure tunnel (called TLS) that makes it look like regular traffic. Do keep in mind that non-government-approved VPNs are illegal in China. I suggest that you read up on your local laws to avoid getting penalized.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Use on as Many Devices as You Want

For both the free and paid versions, you can connect an unlimited number of simultaneous devices. I connected my laptop, 2 gaming consoles, 2 smartphones, and my Firestick TV to the same location and started streaming on all of them. Speeds remained the same, and each time I added a new device, I was still able to stream without buffering. You’ll have zero problems using Windscribe on all your favorite devices.

Device Compatibility — Works on All Popular Operating Systems

Windscribe apps can be installed on a wide variety of devices. You can install it on Windows, Mac, and even Linux. It also has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. But keep in mind that the extension does not give you full protection. It only serves as a proxy that doesn’t have the same security features as a VPN. You should always use it in conjunction with a VPN for maximum security.

Windscribe can also be installed on routers which can help you easily protect all your devices and encrypt traffic on devices without native apps, like gaming consoles. It offers router installation guides on its website. There are detailed tutorials for DDWRT, Tomato, and Asus routers. If you don’t have the time to deal with configurations, it even sells pre-configured routers.

The iOS and Android apps are almost identical to the desktop versions. Both apps have the same user interface and share a similar menu structure. In terms of security features, there’s support for IKEv2, WireGuard, Stealth, and OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), network whitelisting, shortcuts for voice assistants, and split tunneling. There’s even a design feature that lets you pick a custom color scheme for the entire app. The only difference is that the mobile apps don’t have access to the WSTunnel protocol and Proxy Settings. If you want to live stream videos on your TV, Windscribe can be installed on Amazon Fire TV, NVidia Shield, and Kodi.

Ease of Use


Using Windscribe is super easy. Simply click on a location from the server list, and it will automatically connect you to it. There’s also a smart location feature at the very top of the server list. Pressing it will connect you to the fastest server.

You can also type the country name in the search bar to narrow down your searches. I used this feature to quickly find servers and “favorite” them for quick access. You’ll have no problem finding a fast server.

The entire options menu is divided into the following 5 categories:

  • General allows you to configure the app. You can set it to launch on startup, auto-connect, and minimize to tray. There’s also an option to turn off notifications and country flags. This is also where you can change the language of the app and sort the server list. One standout option is called Docked, which allows you to snap the app to the taskbar.
  • Account allows you to view your username, email, and the plan you are using (along with the expiration date). There’s even a button that will take you to Windscribe’s website, where you can edit your account info.
  • Connection allows you to configure your VPN app. This is where you can set up split tunneling, network whitelisting, proxy settings, and even select when the firewall should activate (before or after connection). Moreover, you can choose a connection mode, packet size, and whether LAN traffic should be allowed. There’s also a MAC spoofing toggle and Kill TCP sockets option (which is on by default) you can use if you have trouble connecting to Windscribe.
  • Share has features that allow you to connect devices that don’t support native apps. The Secure Hotspot feature and the Proxy Gateway function let you use Windscribe on your console, TV, and other devices.
  • Debug will allow you to use advanced features. Most toggles are designed to help developers troubleshoot, but even still, you can set an internal DNS (OpenDNS, Cloudflare, Google, or OS default) if your device fails to connect.

The last three icons are Help, Sign Out, and Quit. The Help tab will open your browser and boot Windscribe’s help section.

Windscribe also allows you to import OpenVPN configuration files. This is an excellent feature if you use multiple free/paid VPNs as you can import the server configurations to Windscribe and make it work as a single front-end. Using this feature, you won’t need to bother with different user interfaces.

Set-Up & Installation — Straightforward

Windscribe’s installation process is simple and straightforward. You can install the desktop app or browser extension in seconds. Just head over to the Windscribe website, click on the “Download” menu and pick your platform. After it finishes downloading, simply double-click on the file to install it. I easily set up Windscribe on my Android phone, iPad, Windows 10 laptop, and even on an old Linux workstation.

Compare Windscribe VPN with the top alternative VPNs



Build A Plan
$0 /month
Yearly Plan
$4.08 /month
Monthly Plan
$9 /month

Windscribe offers several affordable packages. There are two types of paid packages – monthly and yearly. The monthly one is $0/month, which is on the pricier side, but you can save 100% if you sign up for a yearly plan.

However, there’s also a unique “build a plan” option, which lets you select what servers you’d like to use. One server costs just $1, and for an additional dollar, you can include the R.O.B.E.R.T. feature and unlimited bandwidth. Other services include static IP and Team-based accounts.

There are no free trials, but there is a free plan. Unfortunately, Windscribe no longer offers free premium trials. However, there is a free plan that comes with 2GB of data. There’s also an option to add 8GB more, but you’ll need to provide a valid email.

You can purchase Windscribe with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, American Express, and Payment Wall. There’s even an option to buy it with Bitcoin, so you don’t have to reveal any of your personal information.

As for refunds, Windscribe’s policy is pretty restrictive compared to many of its competitors. When you buy the service, you only have 3 days to request a refund. It’s not a lot of time, but this is somewhat reasonable considering you can test it out with the free version. Keep in mind that you will only receive a refund if you have used less than 10GB of data.

Reliability & Support


You can contact Windscribe through their ticket system, live chat, email, or using the chatbot. The company’s chatbot, Garry, can answer the most common questions and support requests. If your question is too complicated for the chatbot to handle, you will be transferred to a live chat team.

The live chat customer service team is responsive, friendly, and helpful. I asked them to help me unblock iTV. The support agent provided a list of steps to disable ad blocking settings for the R.O.B.E.R.T. feature, which solved my problem.

The website also provides some helpful resources like FAQs, setup guides, and a searchable knowledge base. Windscribe also has an entire subReddit where you can communicate with other users.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — A Safe, Feature-Rich, and Reliable VPN

Windscribe is a solid choice, although it’s a little slow, and there are better options for gamers. It offers a wide range of security features, plenty of servers to choose from, and consistent unblocking abilities.

I was also impressed with its short-distance speeds and ability to torrent on any server. It also works in restrictive countries such as China, which is rare. Unfortunately, it does have its downsides. Long-distance servers provide poor speeds, and I was never able to stream games, even with nearby servers. Plus it’s based in Canada which isn’t a privacy-friendly country.

So, if you want a VPN that has the fastest speeds, top-notch streaming capabilities, and a lag-free gaming experience, I recommend ExpressVPN. It is backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out yourself risk-free. If you’re not satisfied, all you have to do is ask for a refund.

  • Large server network
  • Reliably unblocks Netflix, Disney+, and other popular streaming platforms
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Robust security paired with a strict no-logs policy
  • Smart location
  • Accessible app
  • Works in China
  • P2P-friendly
  • Get started with Windscribe VPN now

FAQs on Windscribe

Is Windscribe safe?

Yes, Windscribe uses military-grade encryption, advanced security features, and a strict no-logs policy. Your data is encrypted with a robust algorithm that is impossible to crack even with modern technology. There’s also a leak protection system that will make sure you don’t reveal your sensitive information.

Can Windscribe unblock Netflix?

Windscribe can reliably unblock Netflix. Using its Japanese, US, and UK servers, I could easily access Netflix with these countries’ respective libraries. Other popular streaming platforms worked too. You’ll have no trouble unblocking all your favorite shows.

Will Windscribe slow my speeds down?

Yes, Windscribe will reduce your base speed. During testing, Windscribe cut roughly 52% of my speed on long-distance servers, and 20% on short-distance locations. This is normal as your data has to pass through another server and a layer of encryption.

How can I cancel a paid Windscribe subscription?

You can cancel Windscribe using the Account menu. Simply head over to the Windscribe website, locate the “Claim Voucher” menu, and hit the “Cancel Subscription” button. You can also use the app to access the “Cancel Subscription” menu.

Can I delete my Windscribe account?

Yes, you can delete your account inside the Account menu. Head over to your Windscribe account using a browser or through the app. Find the “member since” line where you’ll find a button to remove the account underneath the date you’ve registered. Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to delete your account.

Can I use Windscribe for the Dark Web?

Yes, you can use Windscribe for Tor, but I don’t recommend it on the free version. The free version of the app doesn’t have access to all of the security features found in the paid version. You should access the Dark Web with all the security features enabled to avoid accidentally leaking your info.

Warning! While Tor itself isn’t illegal, it’s possible to use it for illegal purposes (like watching copyrighted content). My team and I do not condone any illegal activities. Please read up on your local regulations before deciding to access it.

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 30
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : Unlimited
VPN Plans: www.windscribe.com

Watch the short video review and tutorial below of Windscribe VPN


Windscribe VPN User Reviews

Based on 274 reviews in 15 languages
Poor customer service, do not buy - 2
Pesar -
Oct 19, 2021

DO NOT BUY from them, first of all, the website support does not work properly, so I had to join the discord to ask a few questions and the discord admins started insulting me on a public chat. I saved all of the screenshots and will issue a refund. I messaged all staff members on discord, no one responded to me. I talked to a website manager named "Winder" he refused to even apologize for the issue. He did not help me at all. A staff member named "winder" banned me from the server after I raised my complaints to him. He did not even take responsibility or apologize to me, he banned me from the server instead and never explained why he did that. This is outrageous, as he did not even let me talk to his supervisor when he banned me. You basically pay to get insulted. I highly recommend the website owner reconsider the staff team. UPDATE: After talking to the website manager for an hour. He called me a "petty" person. I took screenshots from his chats too.

Mic Seee
The only VPN I use. - 10
Mic Seee -
Oct 9, 2021

10 gb for free. You can use as many user names and passwords as you can think of ..... So infinite GB. Do your homework. I myself connect to the server in Romania for obvious purposes. Also, use with a back downloader .... Torrent reasons... I use it myself. GPS spoofing on the VPN and on my Android through developer options (Mock GPS). Just pay attention to your 10 GB data... Other than that it has NEVER failed me.

Steer clear of freebies. - 2
Joe -
Sep 24, 2021

A complete mess. No proper support save for a bot. Very slow speeds, even locally. No email and no live chat to resolve issues. Took so many TICKETS I could wallpaper my room. Never a reply even though I gave my email. Requested a refund on the same day of purchase, 4-5 days later still waiting on acknowledgment. Paid-up full with a visa for 1 year, looked good on the outset until I started using it. As far as I'm concerned it's a train wreck and needs a serious revamp. Forget the FREE stuff and produce and proper VPN, paid for and working. Think I've lost my 40 dollars already. Stupid me. R.I.Pped off.

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