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Geoff Whiting
VPN and Cybersecurity Researcher

ExpressVPN and LogMeIn Hamachi represent two different approaches to keeping your data and browsing safe online. ExpressVPN operates as a true VPN with thousands of servers for streaming, torrenting, and more all backed by high-level security protocols and support for all devices. LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted, mesh network VPN service designed specifically for gamers and businesses. However, it lacks some features of a more traditional VPN, such as a kill switch and torrent support because of its business and online gaming focus.






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Geoff Whiting
VPN and Cybersecurity Researcher

Military-grade security, 2,000+ servers across 94 countries, support for every major platform, and multiple browsers all make ExpressVPN a leading choice. If you’re looking for torrenting, ExpressVPN is likely the better choice. That said, both services perform well for streaming and reliability. LogMeIn Hamachi is designed for businesses and gamers and not as a true VPN, so it is only a leading choice if you're looking for that functionality and want additional security, like anti-DDoS options. More Info