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Daniel Krohn
Cybersecurity Researcher

It is somewhat difficult to separate ExpressVPN and StrongVPN. StrongVPN is based in the US yet appears to be serious about privacy, offering Open VPN protocols and giving back to privacy causes. Express, however, is based in the British Virgin Islands, a more privacy-friendly location. Both offer access to Netflix, though ExpressVPN’s is faster and is available across all platforms, whereas Netflix can only be accessed through a desktop browser on StrongVPN. StrongVPN’s subscription, however, is cheaper overall but there are less (though still plentiful) server options to choose from. Both offer secure payment protection through email, and both can be paid for via Bitcoin. Neither provider has a free trial option, but both offer money back guarantees within an agreed limit. Both VPNs are honest; StrongVPN insists on ethical copy and conduct from their affiliates while ExpressVPN forbids spam from theirs.






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 The Bottom Line

Daniel Krohn
Cybersecurity Researcher

Despite their similarities, ExpressVPN comes out on top on this comparison. They offer up to 5 simultaneous connections where StrongVPN offer just 1. Their 30-day money back guarantee also trumps the competitor, who offers just 5 days to decide if their service is right for the user. ExpressVPN is also supported by Linux, while StrongVPN is not. StrongVPN also fall behind ethically, misleadingly claiming that their service is 100% secure and effective; our winners of the day make no such claim. Overall, StrongVPN is the choice of the corner-cutter, leaving ExpressVPN for the rest of us. More Info