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Daniel Krohn
Cybersecurity Researcher

ExpressVPN comes at a higher than average price and is certainly more expensive than UnlocatorVPN. However, its many benefits to users may make up for the cost. They offer extremely high speeds, access to Netflix, service in China and access to a significantly higher number of servers and countries than Unlocator. Express also offers a range of native apps and a router app that can protect your entire home, while providing live chat for convenient customer service. It also includes a kill switch, has a 5-to-1 device advantage over Unlocator and doesn’t log any inquiries, though Unlocator also fulfills this no-logging promise while allowing social media and banking sites to continue seeing actual location. Unlocator does allow you a free trial and a 14-day refund period, while Express allows for a 30-day refund period but no free trial, a comparison which comes out fairly even in the end.






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 The Bottom Line

Daniel Krohn
Cybersecurity Researcher

Both services have their upsides and downsides (such as neither accepting Bitcoin as payment). The choice, however, is a fairly easy one, with Express clearly providing the superior service and value, even with a higher price tag. The ease, stability and high speeds they provide are unmatched by Unlocator. Unlimited speed and bandwidth, startlingly good customer service and native apps make it a strong choice for any VPN user. For those looking to spend less, Unlocator is still a good option, however with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ExpressVPN is easily accessible to those wishing to give it a try. More Info