Unlocator VPN Review 2020 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Guy Fawkes | Updated on 18th January 2020
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Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Unlocator has been running since 2013, offering a Smart DNS proxy service you can use on unlimited devices. Simply put, it allows you to bypass any restrictions and limitations on worldwide content that you'd like to access.

Unlocator now offers a VPN service as well. Recent updates include a kill switch, Amazon app, and the ability to use the VPN on up to five devices simultaneously.

Unlocator can unblock major Netflix libraries, including the US and Canada, and it offers buffer-free streaming, too.

Unlocator's Smart DNS Proxies are essentially DNS servers but with a twist. They go further than the average DNS server to resolve queries, so speed is of the essence. And Unlocator is running a great service. They enable you to enjoy completely open and unrestricted access to the Internet from anywhere around the globe. What this means is the DNS queries of a user who visits a restricted website (maybe one that supports streaming) get re-routed automatically. They hide your real location ensuring that certain tracking services can't locate you with their geographic detection services. Regular services such as social media sites and internet banking continue to see your actual location and aren't affected at all, but any with geographic tracking detection is misdirected. This means your connection speed isn't affected, and they even have the capability to make it seem like you're in multiple locations all at the same time!

Now that Unlocator added a VPN service, you can enjoy Hybrid mode, which offers users the best of both worlds. Streaming traffic is routed through their Smart DNS, but the rest of your data is encrypted through a VPN.

Your traffic remains untouched, the company operates under Danish privacy laws, and they maintain a strict privacy policy. Importantly, they keep no activity logs when users browse with their DNS servers.

They support an extensive list of compatible devices, and there are no limits to the number that you can use the service on. Your account can be used in multiple locations at any single one time. Unlocator also offers native VPN apps for iOS, Android, Windows and OS X. An app for Amazon TV is coming soon.

Following registration to their simple 7-day free trial (which doesn't require a credit card), it is easy to upgrade to any of their paid packages. The choices range from a monthly price plan, a six monthly package, or the option of a yearly price plan. All the packages offer a 14-day money back guarantee and the option to cancel at any time.

They have an extensive customer support page enabling users to troubleshoot any problems they may have with ease; they provide in-depth guides to setting up Unlocator on any device and lots of tips for making the most of the service.

They unblock access to over 196 channels allowing you to stream your favorite programs from anywhere around the world. So long as users have Unlocator any restrictions are bypassed, bans on sports channels are lifted, and users can enjoy access to media from anywhere.

The pros are the privacy, easy registration, and a 7-day trial period. If you would rather stick with a provider with a broader range of services check out our top choices.

While it's reliable for streaming Netflix, you could enjoy top-notch security and hassle-free streaming with one of our top five recommended VPNs for Netflix.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 28
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? Yes
Number of devices per license 1
  • A Smart DNS Proxy with a twist
  • Regular services are unaffected by the Unlocator
  • Unblocks over 196 different channels
  • Free 7 day trial
  • Use from locations anywhere around the world
  • Hides your real location from tracking services
  • Get started with Unlocator VPN now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 14
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1
VPN Plans: www.unlocator.com
Unlocator VPN User Reviews
Jan 18, 2020
  •  2
Long term customer about to leave

I’ve been using unlocator for a number of years, if ever I encountered a problem support were on top of it, usually fixing within a short period of time. Since December 4th I’ve had problems with Prime streaming from an iPad and iPhones. First support told me they don’t provide support on prime UK for ipads and it’s only the US version. When it was pointed out that amazon video UK is now known as Prime UK another member of staff apologized and told me they do provide support! I have emailed support on numerous occasions with no fix, just a stab in the dark as to what to try. On numerous occasions I’ve emailed and they have ignored me. Don’t bother with them, they seem like they are losing ground and can’t provide an adequate service!

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    Dec 23, 2019
    •  2
    Bad Quality Now

    I've been using unlocator for a number of years. It was convenient and had few problems. However the quality of service has REALLY gone down recently and Sling TV has stopped working for 6 weekends out of the last 8, here in Tokyo. ExpressVPN may not be as convenient as Unlocator, but I never have the same problems. It's a real shame about this company. I had 3 years of quality service, before the recent happenings.

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      Dec 3, 2019
      •  5
      Wonderful Smart DNS. That's where Unlocator tops the rest.

      The VPN is just like the others. In fact, I canceled the VPN and stayed with their Smart DNS service. It is fantastic. Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime among others. I am using 2 Roku Ultra boxes. Sometimes after watching an episode in Hulu, I do get an error message saying "it seems your using an anonymous proxy please contact customer support.." All I have to do is hit the back button and select the episode. That's it! The downside is every time my modem's public IP address changes, I have to update it on my cell phone (connect to my wifi) or on my PC. It's no a big trial, since I have the update link bookmarked on both devices. 4.8 Stars!

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