The 10 Best Secure Password Managers for 2018

If your password is still 123456 for everything, you owe it to yourself and the Internet community to either continue reading this article or stop using the Internet.

Creating strong and varied passwords is the most pressing concern for the average Internet user. This article is going to look at 10 password managers that will help you create a variety of secure passwords which are stored behind encryption.

1: LastPass

LastPass has been one of the top performing passwords managers for years. You can either use it for free or upgrade to a paid premium version. Both options will allow you to store an unlimited number of securely encrypted passwords.

LastPass gives you easy access to your passwords thanks to an auto-fill feature. They also have an easy to access drop-down extension from your browser to launch websites like a bookmark.

2: DashLane

Dashlane gives you the chance to not only store passwords securely, but also your private notes and credit card details through their Digital Wallet feature. They use AES-256 encryption, which is the highest level of encryption offered by any password manager.

The premium version includes:

  • The option to synchronize across your devices.
  • Secure backups for your account.
  • Two-factor authentication, which they call U2F.

The premium version is $40 per month, and it is meant for those with the highest security needs.

3: True Key

True Key is from Intel security. It looks like they are trying to be the next step in secure passwords with the use of facial recognition or fingerprinting as the second authentication factor. You still have a master password for the first authentication factor.

Your first 15 passwords will be free, then after that is $19.99 per year. This fee will be worth it for anyone who wants its integration with RealSence technology, or SGX technology. Connected digital security experiences like this offer exceptional protection.

4: RememBear

One of the most cleverly named password managers isn’t just a cute name. It also features:

  • Access from any device
  • Auto-fill of password
  • One-click auto-fill for credit cards
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Publicly audited code

This last point is particularly important as it allows security researchers the ability to verify that their code is secure. This program also comes from the makers of the TunnelBear VPN app. You can go to them for virtually all of your encryption needs.

5: RoboForm

If you are finding the above options a little complicated, choose RoboForm. It is a much simpler piece of software, and allows you to store unlimited login information. It still has the standard features of a password manager, such as secure password generation, form filling, and a search feature to find your passwords.

You can choose their free apps, which gives you unlimited logins, or you can go with their $19.95 per year premium plan.

6: Keeper

Not only does Keeper store your passwords, but it can also keep your files in a secured digital vault. It also includes smartwatch integration for two-factor authentication.

If you need a password manager for the whole family, plans start at $60 dollars per year for five users. Think about how your family can store photos, videos, and other family documents all in one place.

7: Sticky Password

This password manager has standard features such as form filling, auto-fill, and of course password management with two-factor authentication. The bonus is that it has biometric security, such as with fingerprints.
Their cross-device synchronization comes with the ability to back data up to the cloud. This will give you access to your secured sites from anywhere with any device.

If you don’t want to use the cloud, the creators are proud of the fact that you can synchronize data across local Wi-Fi.

8: KeePass

You may think that this is just a Windows desktop password manager, but it is also available on Linux and Mac. Since this is open-source software that has been available since 2004, there are unofficial ports available for other devices.
What is unique about KeePass is that it stores the passwords in an encrypted file on the device of the user. You can export and import credentials using forms that are in HTML, CSV, and XML formats.

9: LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce has all of the standard password manager features that you want, but it adds a digital wallet, a password strength report through an internal audit, and biometrics support.

This password strength report allows for one-click changes of weak passwords to stronger passwords. Users who have a backlog of older passwords from before they had a password manager will need this.

10: Enpass

Enpass has a number of interesting standard features, such as one-click password generation, web form filling, and AES-256 encryption. A unique aspect is family support. This support feature allows you to help your children better secure themselves, and manage them when they are not doing well. It can be great for teaching proper online practices to your children.

Analyzing the 10 best password managers

Everyone has slightly different needs from password managers. Some people are going to favor cross-device support, while some others are going to want something that will secure their family.

Take the time to read through this list one more time and carefully consider what it is you need. Many of these are free, so you can experiment a little bit until you find the perfect one! Think you don’t need any help? Check your passwords’ strengths and let’s find out!

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