Best VPNs for Online Poker 2018

It is no secret that poker fans are some of the most passionate people out there. Their love for the game can reach great lengths — and since online poker is often a harsh environment and the unfortunate subject of a myriad of restrictions, a VPN can work wonders.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Online Poker?

  1. You are looking to bypass restrictions.
    The sad reality for many online poker enthusiasts is that they simply cannot jump in and enjoy the game if they are located in a state/country that has banned or heavily restricted online poker. VPN is a real jackpot since it hides your IP address and changes your location, allowing you to access poker/casino websites that would normally be off-limits.
  2. You care about your online security.
    Many poker websites that deal with real money can sometimes be a gate to fraud and hackers.  A reliable VPN will keep you safely hidden from the majority of hackers, and your private information (your credit card, for instance) won’t be at risk.

DISCLAIMER: Most popular casino/poker websites consider the use of VPNs against their terms of service. Although you may mean no harm, you will nevertheless be running the risk of a ban or legal action if a VPN violates your preferred service’s policies. Always read the terms thoroughly and consider the legal implications carefully before taking the risk of using a VPN for online poker.

We do not endorse the use of a VPN if it is not in compliance with a service’s terms and regulations.

These VPNs are the best for online poker:

Every VPN on this list has a solid track record, with servers in every major country, fast and dependable connection, and a zero-logs policy.

How a VPN Helps with Online Poker

  1.  It offers wider and better access. As mentioned, online gaming (and poker in particular) is either outlawed or subject to heavy regulation in a variety of countries.
    A very popular example is the USA — only the states of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have legalized online poker within their borders.
    Naturally, poker is a very popular pastime around the world, and with the convenience its online iteration offers, it is no surprise that so many are looking for a way to play.
    A VPN is a very effective solution, as it changes your virtual location, but it may also breach policies. We strongly recommend using a Static IP with your VPN if your provider offers it, although it will probably cost you extra.
  2. It eliminates any privacy and security concerns. Everyone in the online poker field knows that it is not the safest environment to be in. Hackers are constantly on the hunt for your personal details and even your earnings.
    However, you can keep your digital chips safe with the help of a VPN. Since your IP is hidden, you will not be exposing yourself to any risks, and a decent VPN will always have kill switch functionality and DNS leak protection, ensuring your data is not compromised in case the network goes down.
    Even if you are not worried about fraudsters, online poker has its fair share of threats. It is best to be on the safe side and remain anonymous to everyone – including your opponents. If you’re really worried about anonymity, then these top no-log VPNs are what you need.

Take a look at what two of our most recommended VPNs have to offer:

  • Dazzling variety of servers – 145+ locations across 94 countries
  • Advanced encryption for guaranteed security online
  • Known for its ability to bypass all types of geoblocks
  • Zero-logs VPN based in the British Virgin Islands (outside of the Five Eyes)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Above-and-beyond customer support

Visit their site  or see their reviews.

  • Over 1000 available servers in 61 countries
  • One of the most secure VPNs available – DDoS protection, double encryption and much more
  • Panama-based — maintains no logs and is outside the Five Eyes
  • 30-day trial
  • Outstanding 24/7 customer support
  • Offers Static IP features

Visit their site  or see their reviews.

Want a great deal on these top VPNs? Check out our deals page.

In conclusion, the best VPNs for online poker are ones that provide you with amazing accessibility and the best security features currently available.

While the legality of using a VPN for online poker is very often a matter of legal ambiguity, the benefits could not be more transparent.

If you are careful and do your research, you will enjoy all online poker has to give, with minimal risk.

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