How to Get a VyprVPN Free Trial – Easiest Hack for 2020

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Get a VyprVPN Free Trial

Golden Frog is renowned for its dedication to internet privacy and safety. It’s not surprising then that its VPN service, VyprVPN, is just as hot on security.

If you’ve been wanting to put this VPN’s military-grade encryption, Chameleon technology, and NAT firewall to the test, you’ll be pleased to know that VyprVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, essentially giving you a 1-month free trial.

You might be less pleased to know that accessing it without getting charged is not that easy.

VyprVPN Free Trial: Overview

To begin with, VyprVPN requires you to pay before you can sign up to the 30-day money-back guarantee. It also employs automatic renewal payments. If you forget to cancel your subscription in the first 30 days, the service does not offer refunds so you will not be able to get your money back.

That being said, VyprVPN does not block or restrict access to any of its features during this time. You will be able to take the service for a full test run throughout your first month, including exploring the VPN’s 700+ servers and trying out its impressive unblocking capabilities.

You will also be fully protected by the VPN’s outstanding security features, including AES 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and a comprehensive NAT firewall.

Unfortunately, making the most of these services for free is difficult.

If you still want to go ahead, start your subscription now or keep scrolling for a helpful setup guide.

Try VyprVPN Risk-Free Now

VyprVPN: Quick Setup Guide

1. Go to the VyprVPN website and click ‘Get VyprVPN Now’.

VyprVPN website homepage

2. Choose the plan you’d like. We went for VyprVPN Premium so we could test out all the service’s features.

Choose Your Plan
3. Fill in your details then click ‘Continue to Payment’.

Remember, you will be billed at the start of your subscription.

VyprVPN Premium Plan

4. After payment, you will automatically be sent to the right download link for your device so just click ‘Download’. If you want to download VyprVPN on a different device, click ‘View all VyprVPN apps’.

App download page

5. When the app has downloaded, open it up and log in with your account details that you created earlier.

You may have to activate your account by replying directly to a confirmation email sent to you by Golden Frog. After you send your response, your account will be verified quickly.

VyprVPN app log in

6. Set up your configuration settings or click ‘I’ll Set These Up Later’ to get connected right away.

VyprVPN main interface
7. Then all you have to do is hit ‘Connect’ and you’re all set.

VyprVPN connection status interface

How Do You Cancel Automatic Payments?

Remember that VyprVPN will take automatic payment once you sign up. If you want to avoid being charged, you will need to cancel your plan before your first 30 days are up.

Unlike other VPNs, VyprVPN also instantly revokes access to their services as soon as you end your subscription.

This means you cannot cancel your subscription immediately after purchasing it if you want to enjoy all 30 days covered by the money-back guarantee.

If you do not want to continue with your VyprVPN account, you will have to remember to close your account as soon as you’re satisfied you’ve tested the VPN enough and before your money-back guarantee expires.

VyprVPN doesn’t make canceling all that easy, either. You will have to go through several steps before cancellation so give yourself enough time to complete the process to avoid being charged.

Firstly, head to the VyprVPN Control Panel and open your Account page.

Under ‘Services’, click ‘Cancel Services’.

VyprVPN services screenshot

You’ll then be prompted to give the reason you are canceling your VyprVPN account. Check off one of the options and hit ‘Continue Cancellation’.

Note that, if you check ‘Other’, you will be required to type something in the box before you can continue.

Account cancellation

You will also be required to give feedback before you are allowed to cancel.

Feedback form

If you don’t want to give detailed feedback, we found that typing any word allows you to proceed.

Click ‘Continue Cancellation’ again and your account will finally be canceled.

You will be refunded for your subscription within weeks.


VyprVPN does give you full and unlimited access to its services during the first 30 days, but accessing it without getting charged is tricky. Take a look at our user reviews to see if this VPN service is worth it.

If you’d rather go for an easier option, head to our list of the best VPNs with free trials.

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