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aSocket Review 2023 - Why 6.8 Stars?

Author Image Andjela Nikolic
Andjela Nikolic | Updated on 26th January 2023 Cybersecurity Researcher

aSocket promises high-level protection for a low price. It’s a fairly new VPN with decent security features and an option to create your own programs within the app. But can this young VPN really compete with the biggest services?

To find out, I got a subscription and did extensive testing. I performed leak tests to see how secure it really is and thoroughly tested its speeds. I also checked to see if it works with the major streaming platforms, and how good it is for gaming and torrenting.

My tests showed that aSocket is a secure service decent for streaming, but there’s still room for improvement. The server network is quite small, it’s only compatible with Windows, and there’s no 24/7 live chat support. Plus, its price is actually so low because you can only use it on one device. If you’re looking for a service with a large network that works on more devices, check out this list of the highest-rated VPNs available today.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings



aSocket Features — Updated in January 2023

💸 Price 5 USD/month
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
💻 Number of devices per license 1
🛡 Kill switch Yes
🗺 Based in country United States
🛠 Support Chatting over Discord

Streaming — Great for Unblocking US-Specific Content


aSocket worked with all the streaming platforms I tested. The speeds were also fast enough for uninterrupted streaming. However, not all US servers can unblock Netflix, and you can’t access the UK library even though it offers London servers.

Unblocked: Netflix US, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and ESPN

I could only access the Netflix US library. All the New York servers worked with Netflix, but I couldn’t even log in with the Las Vegas servers. I received a notification that my password was incorrect, but I could log in without issues using the same password on New York servers. The same happened with servers in Luxembourg.

Screenshot of Netflix homepage with US content while connected to aSocket's London serverYou can't watch The Office, Rick and Morty, or any other UK-exclusive show

aSocket also unblocks Amazon Prime Video. I tested the servers in Luxembourg, the UK, and the US, and they all worked without issues. My video quality was set to the highest level, and I watched The Boys without interruptions. I wasn’t expecting this, as I was connected to the Las Vegas server that performed poorly in my speed tests.

Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and ESPN also worked without issues. I’m surprised how many streaming platforms aSocket unblocks. The video quality was also satisfactory and all the movies and shows I watched loaded instantly. So, unless you need to unblock a specific non-US Netflix library, I can recommend aSocket as a solid VPN for streaming.

Speeds — Slow, but Faster on Nearby Servers


aSocket reduced my speeds by a lot. I did have okay speeds on nearby servers, but far away locations slowed me down significantly. Since the VPN’s network is pretty small, I tested every one of its servers. Here are the results:

Server Download Speed Upload Speed Ping Speed Loss
Base Speed (No VPN) 22.12 Mbps 28.91 Mbps 44 N/A
UK, London #1 9.48 Mbps 13.05 Mbps 101 59%
UK, London #2 9.44 Mbps 15.93 Mbps 82 59%
UK, London #3 11.46 Mbps 14.18 Mbps 90 50%
UK, London #4 17.39 Mbps 16.73 Mbps 138 22%
UK, London #5 16.13 Mbps 16.19 Mbps 88 27%
Luxembourg, Bissen #1 12.57 Mbps 15.48 Mbps 107 45%
Luxembourg, Bissen #2 12.91 Mbps 16.37 Mbps 117 45%
Luxembourg, Bissen #3 10.42 Mbps 13.36 Mbps 101 54%
US, New York #1 9.59 Mbps 12.63 Mbps 171 59%
US, New York #2 8.93 Mbps 15.24 Mbps 162 63%
US, New York #3 8.50 Mbps 13.96 Mbps 160 63%
US, New York #4 6.73 Mbps 12.85 Mbps 182 72%
US, New York #5 7.54 Mbps 12.02 Mbps 178 68%
US, Las Vegas #1 8.60 Mbps 13.44 Mbps 260 63%
US, Las Vegas #2 6.88 Mbps 8.06 Mbps 263 68%
US, Las Vegas #3 5.41 Mbps 9.74 Mbps 272 75%

The app shows a green dot next to servers with good speeds, a yellow dot for medium, and red for slow. This makes finding the fastest servers easier, which I appreciate. You can also see ping rates for the server you’re connected to. Many VPNs have the option to connect to the fastest server with one click, so it would be nice to see this implemented in the future.

I was disappointed by aSocket’s speeds when looking at the test results, but didn’t notice the difference while using the service. I watched videos without interruptions, and every website I visited loaded quickly. However, many of the top VPNs I’ve tested are 2-3x faster. So, if you’re looking for a reliably fast service, check out this list of VPNs with the best speeds.

Are aSocket’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes


You can use aSocket while gaming. One of the most important factors for a smooth gaming experience is ping. Generally, a ping under 100 ms is required to avoid lag. You need this so your character will react instantly when you enter a command. In my tests, some of aSocket’s servers had ping rates under 100 ms, so I picked those to test them for gaming.

I tried loading Overwatch and it took almost a full minute. However, once the game loaded, I played without any noticeable lag. The VPN also includes DDoS protection to prevent your rivals from bringing your server down. I haven’t found any VPN that has low ping on every server, so this was a good result.

Server Network — Very Poor Coverage

The server network is quite small. aSocket offers servers in only 30 countries, including Luxembourg, the UK, and the US. The VPN used to offer more US cities, but some less popular locations have been removed. This is a relatively young VPN, so I expect it to add more servers in the future.

On the plus side, I always had reliable connections, and the location on my IP tests always matched the server I was connected to. This is great, as some poor quality VPNs claim to connect you to a certain location, but the tests show your IP is in another country.

The main issue I had with aSocket’s servers is how long it takes to establish a connection. I had to wait for about 10 seconds to connect every time. This isn’t terrible, but it’s quite noticeable after you’ve tried premium VPNs that connect instantly.

If you live outside Luxembourg, the UK, or the US, I don’t recommend using aSocket. You won’t be able to use the VPN to access geo-blocked content in your home country, which can be an issue especially if you’re traveling. Instead, get one of the VPNs with thousands of servers all over the world, so you can access global content from anywhere.

Security — Keeps You Safe Online, but Offers No Additional Features


Compared to top VPNs like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost, aSocket only provides basic security features. However, it still offers solid protection. It secures your data with AES 256-bit encryption, which is used by militaries for securing confidential information. This encryption level is nearly impossible to break, and it has been calculated that even a supercomputer would need 100s of years to decode it.

I was a bit disappointed to see that it doesn’t have the widely-used OpenVPN protocol and only uses WireGuard. WireGuard does have many advantages — it connects and reconnects fast, it’s secure, and it’s faster than most other protocols. However, unlike OpenVPN, this protocol doesn’t have built-in obfuscation technology. So, while your ISP won’t know what you’re doing online, it can still see you’re using a VPN.

The kill switch is automatically enabled by default and can’t be turned off on Windows. I like that I didn’t have to remember to turn it on manually. It’s very efficient too — every time my laptop went into sleep mode, the kill switch terminated my internet connection to prevent data leaks.

Screenshot of a DNS/IP leak test while connected to aSocketI tested all servers for DNS and IP leaks, and there were none

The VPN also has the option to “use an anonymous DNS server that stores zero logs” for added privacy. Meanwhile, the default DNS servers store logs for 24 hours, although it’s claimed that there’s no identifiable data. It’s good to see this option added at no extra cost, whereas some premium VPNs charge extra for such features.

Overall, I can recommend aSocket as a safe service. While there are no special features like double VPN or split tunneling, the essentials are covered. Most importantly, the kill switch never failed during my testing, and there were no data leaks.

Privacy — Keeps No Logs, but Based in the US


aSocket has a strict no-logs policy. The VPN says it only collects the information it needs to maintain the service. Its privacy policy states that aSocket doesn’t store used bandwidth, traffic logs, or browsing data. However, since the VPN is still new, no independent audits have been performed yet. So we can’t be 100% sure the no-logs claims can be trusted.

Screenshot of aSocket's privacy policyI like that the VPN doesn’t share user data with a long list of affiliates

Unfortunately, the company is based in the US, which is not the most privacy-friendly location. The US is part of the 5-Eyes Alliance, which is a group of countries that collect and share information about their citizens. So, if aSocket was to receive a legal request to hand over your data, it would be obligated to comply. Right now, I can only take it at its word. If it really doesn’t collect any data, it would have nothing to hand over.

Despite the VPN’s no-logs claims, I’d still like to see an independent audit before I can recommend it as a private service. Meanwhile, most premium VPNs publish transparency reports outlining requests for user data they receive regularly. Plus, their no-logs policies have been proven by audits or court cases. That’s why, at the moment, I recommend using one of the VPNs from this list if privacy is your main concern.

Torrenting — P2P Supported on All Servers


I could download torrents while connected to aSocket. All its servers support P2P file sharing. Its kill switch reacted every time my laptop went to sleep, so I had to check up on my download frequently. Still, I was glad to know my real IP was hidden the whole time.

Screenshot of a torrenting app with a file being downloaded while connected to aSocketSome VPNs block torrenting on US servers, so I was pleasantly surprised it worked

My speeds were great for torrenting. I connected to a server in London, and it even increased my download speed from 22 Mbps to 34 Mbps. My ISP seems to throttle my connection when it detects torrenting activity and aSocket prevents that by encrypting my traffic. Unfortunately, long-distance speeds were still extremely slow.

While torrenting is legal in most countries, downloading copyrighted files is not. My team and I don’t condone any illegal activities, so I recommend you read the laws in your country and only download content that’s in the public domain.

Does aSocket Work in China? Unsure

According to customer support, aSocket might work in China. Some previous clients have alleged it worked there, but an official test was never performed, so they can’t guarantee it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a colleague in China who can test it, so we can’t be sure.

China’s advanced online censorship system, known as the Great Firewall, has blocked many VPNs. At the moment, there’s only a few VPNs that work in China. These providers all have trustworthy money-back guarantees, so you can get a refund if they ever get blocked.

My team and I don’t condone any illegal actions. However, there’s currently no official ban on using VPNs in the country, and the Chinese government usually goes after the technology rather than individual users. Still, to avoid breaking any laws, make sure you’re up-to-date with the local rules and regulations before using a VPN in China.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Paid Additionally

With a basic subscription, you can only use aSocket on one device. For each additional device, you need to buy a token. These will cost you $2 each. There’s no limit on how many tokens you can get per subscription. However, if you need a VPN for more than 3 devices, I wouldn’t recommend using aSocket. For the same price, you can get a premium VPN that allows multiple device connections with faster speeds and a larger server network.

Installation & Apps


Device Compatibility — Available for Windows Only

aSocket is currently only compatible with Windows. Mac and Linux are planned for the near future, while Android and iOS are scheduled to be released later. Meanwhile, most (if not all) premium VPNs offer native apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS as a bare minimum. Many of them can also be installed on routers, smart TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, and more.

I use my phone more than my laptop, so the ability to secure my mobile traffic is very important to me. That’s why, instead of aSocket, I’d rather use a VPN that’s also compatible with Android and other major operating systems.

Ease of Use — Great for Beginners, but a Bit Slow

The Windows app is simple and user-friendly. I like that the list of servers is right on the home screen, so I don't need to open another window or tab to find the location I need. Additionally, the main window also displays your current ping rate. The only issue I had with the app is that it’s a bit slow. Switching between tabs takes a couple of seconds, which I found frustrating when I was in a hurry.

ASocket offers something unique — the modules program. Modules enable developers to create their own programs within the desktop app and share these with other users. During testing, I could already install a couple of modules, including a password generator and a private browser. So while it has a few issues, I’m excited to see how it improves in the future.

Setup & Installation — Quick and Easy

The VPN app is easy to install and set up. I’m pretty pleased with this no-nonsense installation process, which is similar to most premium VPNs. You simply need to download the installer from aSocket’s website, open it, and after 2 clicks the app will be up and running. Then you’ll be asked to enter a token, which can be found in your account dashboard on aSocket’s website. After that, you can pick a server and connect. It couldn’t be much easier.


1 Device
$ 5 / month per month
2 Devices
$ 7 / month per month
3 Devices
$ 9 / month per month

aSocket is quite affordable. Although, it only offers a one-month subscription plan. It’s stated several times on the homepage that there are no hidden fees. However, I had to pay sales tax. While this is not a huge amount, I’d prefer to see the full price upfront.

You’ll only be able to use the VPN on one device unless you pay extra. If you want to protect more devices, you’ll need to buy tokens. One token equals one extra device, and costs $2. The website also says the following: “Our payment processor will calculate the days left in your current billing period and charge your account accordingly.” I was already using the service for 17 days at that point, so I bought an extra token to check if I’d be charged less. The token cost me only $0.86.

Unfortunately, there’s no free trial, or a standard money-back guarantee. The Terms of Service state that these can be granted on a case-by-case basis, but there’s no information about the criteria one must fulfill to get a free trial or a refund.

If you’re only using it on one device and don’t want to commit to a subscription plan longer than one month, aSocket is a good choice. However, if you have more devices to secure, you’re better off using a premium VPN that offers multiple simultaneous connections. Even ExpressVPN, often regarded as a bit expensive on its monthly plans, is cheaper if you need to protect 5 devices. Additionally, if you pick a premium VPN, you’ll also get a tried-and-true money-back guarantee.

Reliability & Support


The customer service took a long time to reply to my emails. However, they are very active on Discord. I asked a couple of questions there, and I got a reply from the person who developed the VPN. I really liked that, as he could easily answer all my questions. Many VPNs have customer service agents that don’t have enough knowledge about the service and send unhelpful automated replies, so this was refreshing.

After I complained on Discord about my emails not being answered, I immediately got a reply. All my subsequent emails were promptly answered too. The community is very active, and all announcements about the VPN since its launch can be found there. However, I’d prefer to see more information on the VPN’s website itself. Additionally, most premium services have live chat support, which is much more convenient than sending emails or chatting over Discord.

Compare aSocket With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

aSocket is a young VPN with great potential. It has only the essential security features, but these are some of the best available today. It also works well with US-streaming, gaming, and torrenting. Plus, its Modules feature lets tech-savvy users utilize the app as more than a VPN.

However, it has servers in only 30 countries, and its speeds are quite slow. Additionally, the VPN is only compatible with Windows, and you’re charged extra for more than one connection. There’s also no live chat support, and the customer service is hard to reach via email.

Overall, aSocket is a decent service, but it can’t compete with the best VPNs yet. While the low monthly price seems enticing, there are too many shortcomings. Additionally, the VPN doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, so you can’t test it to see if it’s right for you. You’ll be better off if you check out this list of the best VPNs with trustworthy money-back guarantees.

  • Reliably unblocks Netflix US, Hulu, and other streaming platforms
  • Create programs within the desktop app
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • Easy to use

FAQs on aSocket

Is aSocket safe?

Yes, aSocket secures your data with military-grade encryption. It also uses the WireGuard protocol, which is regarded as one of the safest and fastest security protocols available. The kill switch protects you from any potential data leaks, plus the VPN did great in my DNS and IP leak tests. aSocket also comes with advanced DDoS protection to prevent attacks and keep you online at all times.

Can aSocket unblock Netflix?

Yes, aSocket can unblock Netflix on some servers. However, it can only unblock the US library. Although its UK servers work with Netflix too, I could only access US content, even with a London server. The VPN doesn’t have the best speeds, but I had no issues streaming in HD.

Will aSocket slow my speeds down?

Yes, aSocket will reduce your connection speeds. This is particularly noticeable over long distances. The servers closer to my physical location were faster and didn’t affect my streaming or gaming experience. However, since the VPN doesn’t have servers in many countries, you might not always be able to pick a location close to you for better speeds.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 0
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: 1
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