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GoodAccess Review 2023 — Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Andreea Juganaru
Andreea Juganaru | Updated on 4th January 2023 Senior Editor

GoodAccess is a cloud VPN solution ideal for small businesses requiring static IP addresses. The Czech-based developer behind GoodAccess, Samohyb, was set up in 2009 and is well-established in the field of VPN infrastructure. The service isn’t designed for individuals seeking to unblock a few things, but rather where team members need reliable encryption and geolocation wherever they’re located.

This is suited for securely accessing online business resources from an unsecured network, like an airport or hotel, for example. I'll be taking a look at GoodAccess’ features, applications for use, and the level of protection it offers. It does have some drawbacks like limited server locations, but offers fantastic value for money.

It’s difficult to compare against some established premium VPNs out there, as it’s targeted specifically for managing an online team. If you’re looking for an affordable online security solution for a small business, it’s a good choice.

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Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

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GoodAccess Features — Updated in January 2023

💸 Price 5 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 14 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 35+
🛡 Kill switch No
🗺 Based in country Czech Republic
🛠 Support Live Chat
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Speeds and Streaming — Speeds Could be Limited

GoodAccess offers unlimited bandwidth and fast transfer speeds.

It uses IPV4 for its connections. In theory IPv6 is faster, but in the real world there isn’t really a difference, especially if you’re sending large data packets. Provided you’re not capped as above, IPv4 should provide high-speed connections.

Samohyb also owns an individual provider called VPN Static IP, that comes with a 500GB bandwidth allowance each month. This is the better choice for large personal downloads.

As a business VPN, GoodAccess isn’t designed for unblocking streaming platforms. That said, it’s worth a mention because the static IPs should provide obfuscation to bypass geoblocks on sites including streaming platforms. This would depend on the location you choose, and unlike a personal VPN, your IP address is unchanging.

Should everyone in a business require access to Netflix US, for example, having a static IP in the US would unblock it. The same would hold true for any other geoblocked site that team members need to view.

GoodAccess told me that the static IPs should indeed be able to unblock streaming platforms like Netflix according to your IP location.

If you want to access multiple streaming sites around the world, you might want to look at some traditional geoblock-busting VPNs.

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Server Network — Worldwide Locations

With GoodAccess you can choose from multiple countries around the world, from Japan to the US. Choices may be limiting for some, as currently you can only choose from around 23 countries.

It’s worth pointing out too, if you’re not familiar with static IPs, these will provide you with one, unchanging IP address. This will be your private VPN gateway for all your team’s online business needs. You can’t hop from server to server like you can with a personal VPN. This isn’t much of a problem, unless your business requires multiple IPs in different countries.

If the locations aren’t adequate, you could consider these VPNs for your business.

Security — Keeps Your Business Safe

GoodAccess has a strong suite of business security features for an affordable price. It’s a SASE (Service Access Service Edge) solution that allows an online team to safely access all your online cloud-based systems. However, you might miss some features more commonly associated with personal VPNs.

It employs 2FA/MFA (2-factor and multi-factor authentication), adding an extra layer of protection for employee logins. In addition, there’s SSO compatibility with Google, Azure AD, Okta, SAML, Active Directory, or LDAP. These zero-trust access control measures protect your team members from the risk of identity fraud.

Encryption protocols are IKEv2 and OpenVPN, both offering strong 256-bit protection. GoodAccess states that WireGuard is in the pipeline — one of the newest protocols. All connections are IPv4 (no IPv6 leaks), and it protects you from DNS leaks, which could expose your business to privacy-breaches. In addition, port-forwarding is enabled.

Employee monitoring and access logging keeps tabs on team members' activity. Information on who accesses what, and when, is helpful not only for productivity but for business compliance too. You can have a clear picture of GDPR, SOC2, or HIPPA adherence and enforce granular access throughout the team. Software defined parameters can be set up to ensure team members can only access authorized material.

You can whitelist your dedicated IP, so all your online business systems know it’s safe. This eliminates the risk of employees being locked out of shared online resources.

With personal VPNs, you get some extra features like a kill switch. This halts all online traffic should the VPN connection fail, and would improve GoodAccess if it was possible to add this.

Privacy — Keeps Some Logs

Although GoodAccess is based in the Czech Republic, and not subject to any eyes agreements, it does log some minimal personal data. This is mostly for security purposes and maintaining a responsible service — all good things — but no-logs are better for GDPR/data protection within a business. It details what data is collected and says this ensures GDPR compliance, but you should check that this fits with your business’ privacy model.

screenshot of GoodAccess' privacy policyThe privacy policy suggests that not enough personal data is collected to affect GDPR

Privacy is particularly important both to businesses and individual users. Take a look at these VPNs with solid logging policies for comparison.

Torrenting — P2P Not Blocked

GoodAccess does allow P2P activity, should you require this for your business activity. As with all VPNs, I don’t condone using it for illegal purposes. GoodAccess also makes it clear you shouldn’t do this or download anything that infringes copyright law. If you are torrenting, you should check it’s allowed in your location. Clearly personal downloads wouldn’t be advised while connected to a business VPN, especially if this is against your business policy.

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For some top options for torrenting, have a look at these personal VPNs.

Does GoodAccess Work in China? — Not Guaranteed

Although it’s not guaranteed to work in China, GoodAccess says it hasn’t had any reported problems yet. There’s nothing to suggest it wouldn’t work, but as always you should exercise caution and set up the VPN before you arrive in the country.

For VPNs proven to work in China, check out these tried-and-tested personal VPNs.

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Simultaneous Device Connections — 2 Devices Per User

You can connect a desktop computer and a mobile device for each user. There is a limit to the number of users you can have per package:

  • Essential — 10 team members
  • Advanced — 30 team members
  • Premium — 100 team members

Despite these limits, extra team members can be added at an additional cost.

Device Compatibility — Multi-Platform Support

You can use GoodAccess on a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

It can be installed manually with the 3rd-party OpenVPN Connect app where available, or manual IKEv2 setup in Windows/macOS, but the dedicated apps are recommended.

GoodAccess will work with routers to enable the VPN on any WiFi enabled device, and can be integrated into the following:

  • Apache Web Server
  • Azure (Office 365)
  • Magento
  • Microsoft IIS
  • OpenCart
  • PHP/PHPMyAdmin
  • Pipedrive
  • PrestaShop
  • SalesForce
  • SSH Server
  • WordPress

There are no browser extensions — for that, check out these VPNs.

Installation & Apps


Set-Up & Installation — User-Friendly Dashboard

GoodAccess has detailed setup guides for each platform, so you shouldn’t run into too much difficulty during installation. It would be advisable for the business-lead with more advanced technical knowledge to liaise with support to complete the integration.

Once installed, there is a super-easy dashboard layout so you can get started quickly. It’s straightforward to add team members and systems — if you’re familiar with similar business interfaces you won’t find it challenging.

screenshot of GoodAccess' dashboardGoodAccess’ interface is intuitive and makes it easy to find everything (Image credit: GoodAccess)

On the left you’ll find all the features you need at a glance: gateways, members, systems, access control, and logs. Access control will let you change the accessibility of your chosen business system for team members in a heartbeat.

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$ 5 / month per month
$ 9 / month per month
$ 12 / month per month

GoodAccess offers reasonable value-for-money compared to similar providers, and the pricing model is per user. You’ll get more affordable plans compared to some bigger business VPNs, especially if your team is on the smaller side. The cost per user with GoodAccess’ packages starts from $5/month per team member.

There’s a 14-day free trial, so your business can try GoodAccess without committing. You just need to provide some basic details about your company.

There are 3 main plans, all offering a secure private network with the following notable differences:

  • Essential — Min. 10 team members. Dedicated gateway with static IP, 2FA, DNS filtering, gateway-level access logs, knowledgebase access, office hours email and chat support, and more.
  • Advanced — Min. 10 team members. All Essential features plus custom DNS records, custom DNS filtering, unlimited cloud, and branch connectors, SSO, system-level access control, priority office hours email and chat support.
  • Premium — Min. 20 team members. All Advanced features plus priority phone support, backup gateway, and a dedicated customer success manager.

You can add on reasonably priced extras like an additional gateway or connector, and additional users.

If you happen to require more basic services, you may wish to look at these affordable personal VPNs instead.

Reliability & Support


  • Office hours email and chat support (priority for Advanced and Premium)
  • Priority office hours phone support (Premium only)
  • Web form
  • Support Portal with FAQs
  • Dedicated customer success manager (Premium only)

GoodAccess provides business hours (9am - 7pm CET) support to its customers, and priority support to its top-tier Advanced and Premium users. I had a response on live chat within a few minutes, and responses were courteous and helpful. The chat isn’t available 24/7, however. If you’re used to on-demand chat support like ExpressVPN offers, you might be disappointed.

There’s 24/7 server monitoring, and Premium customers can get in touch via Skype out of hours for one-to-one support.

screenshot of GoodAccess' live chat supportI got quick and efficient responses from the GoodAccess support team

A web-form is also available, if you don’t require an immediate response.

screenshot of GoodAccess' contact formThere’s a support-ticket web form for less urgent enquiries

You can arrange a free online session with a “GoodAccess Guru” — perfect to help you get started with adding team members, whitelisting, and access control.

The Support Portal is exceptionally detailed, and covers just about every setup guide and FAQ you could think of. GoodAccess also lists its full HQ address with parking locations, suggesting that you’d be welcome to make an in-person appointment if necessary.

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Compare GoodAccess With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

GoodAccess offers an affordable and secure business VPN solution if you’re a small team. For bigger teams, however, you may want to consider setups that are potentially better suited for larger organizations.

The support offered is efficient and effective, though it would be better if live chat was available 24/7. Locations may be somewhat limiting to businesses requiring a specific location, or those needing more than a static IP. Lack of a kill switch may be disappointing if you’re familiar with using this feature on personal VPN apps.

Whether or not GoodAccess is recommended depends on the many factors unique to each business. Luckily, the best thing about it is you can try GoodAccess free for 14 days. Your business can test out all the features risk-free before deciding if it's the right match for you.

Try GoodAccess Now!

  • Dedicated static IP for your business
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Value for money
  • Employee monitoring
  • Unblocking capability for streaming and more
  • Comprehensive support
  • 14-day free trial

FAQs on GoodAccess

Is GoodAccess safe?

GoodAccess offers a range of security features that makes it safe for businesses. Military-grade encryption, employee monitoring, access control measures, and DNS leak protection make it a reliable VPN solution for your company. You may miss features like a kill switch if you’re used to personal VPN apps.

Does GoodAccess keep logs?

It keeps minimal logs. GoodAccess says these logs aren’t enough to compromise GDPR, but you should check how this translates to your company’s privacy terms. As the VPN is based in the Czech Republic, it’s not subject to any of the eyes agreements that could pass your details on to 3rd parties.

Will GoodAccess work on Linux?

Yes, but it needs to be set up manually. GoodAccess provides comprehensive guides on how to do this, and there is a Linux app in development. For the moment, there are dedicated apps for a variety of other platforms.

Will GoodAccess work on Linux?

Yes, but it needs to be set up manually. GoodAccess provides comprehensive guides on how to do this, and there is a Linux app in development. For the moment, there are dedicated apps for a variety of other platforms.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 14
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: Unlimited
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