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Liberty Shield Review 2023 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Lawrence Wachira
Lawrence Wachira Senior Writer

Liberty Shield was formerly known as UK Proxy Server and was founded in 2008. It provides VPN and proxy services and pre-configured VPN routers. It targets people who wish to unblock UK streaming platforms, so I tested it and managed to unblock ITV and Netflix, among others.

Liberty Shield uses military-grade encryption and says that it commits to a no-logs policy. It also provides security through 3 protocols: L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN, but it lacks a kill switch, and it’s located in a Five Eyes country, so is it really safe to use?

I wouldn’t say so because I had to uninstall the Windows app after detecting malware in the installer. Because of this, I recommend you try a safer VPN instead.

It has 218 servers in 8 countries. The servers are either on the Tier 2 or the legacy network.

Liberty Shield is easy to install. It has native apps for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Android TVs, and 2nd generation Fire TV.

The VPN offers 5 subscriptions (including a router bundle), a 48-hour free trial, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try Liberty Shield

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

Try Liberty Shield For Free Today

LibertyShield VPN Features — Updated in January 2023

💸 Price 6.11 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 218+
🛡 Kill switch No
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming — Unblocks Content on Major Platforms

Liberty Shield's main focus is to allow access to UK streaming platforms. Despite this, it does really well with US streaming sites too. I tested it, and it performed well despite a few buffering moments on some servers.

Unblocked: HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, ITV Player, Disney+, and Netflix

First, I tested HBO Max and managed to stream an episode of The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay without any buffering when connected to different servers in the US. The quality was excellent throughout.

A screenshot of Liberty Shield helping me unblock HBO MaxI tested HBO Max on US servers

I had a similar experience streaming Hulu when connected to different US servers. Liberty Shield unblocked it, and I streamed We Broke Up with great picture quality.

A screenshot of Liberty Shield unblocking Hulu contentLiberty Shield got past Hulu’s tough geoblocks

I also enjoyed watching Prime Video in HD without any major buffering with Liberty Shield’s US servers. The video only buffered for a few seconds at the start, but overall, the quality was great.

A screenshot of the VPN helping me enjoy Amazon Prime Video contentIt was fun accessing APV with Liberty Shield

I managed to watch a live stream on ITV when connected to its UK servers. Each server let me watch HD content with zero buffering.

A screenshot of Liberty Shield helping me access ITV contentLiberty Shield helped me watch ITV content buffer-free

Liberty Shield gave me access to Disney+ when I connected to a US server, and I managed to stream Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King. The quality was HD from start to end.

A screenshot of Liberty Shield helping me unblock Disney+I easily unblocked Disney+ with Liberty Shield

I had no problem unblocking Netflix US and UK. It unblocked both despite Netflix’s proxy/VPN ban, and I watched an episode of Squid Game.

A screenshot showing Liberty Shield helped me access Netflix US and UKEvery video I streamed on Netflix played without buffering

Blocked By: ESPN+

ESPN+ detected the VPN despite trying different servers. An error saying, "We're sorry an unexpected error occurred" popped up every time I tried to stream. So, to access geo-restricted US content, I would recommend you try these trustworthy VPNs for ESPN+.

A screenshot of Liberty Shield failing to unblock ESPN+I couldn’t unblock ESPN+ with Liberty Shield’s US servers

Unblock Content With Liberty Shield

Speeds — Most Servers Are Fast

Liberty Shield’s speeds are excellent on all Tier 2 servers, though you’ll experience somewhat slower connections with the legacy servers. If you would like to enjoy faster speeds, switch to the proxy connection, which is less secure but offers the same locations as the VPN.

I tested its Tier 2 servers in the UK, and the US, and the legacy servers in Canada and France. Without Liberty Shield connected, my download speed was 9.5 Mbps.

A screenshot showing the speed I got before tunneling via Liberty ShieldMy speed before turning Liberty Shield on

The percentages below show the decrease in download speeds while connected to Liberty Shield’s servers, with servers on the legacy network registering the highest drop.

  • France: 24%
  • Canada: 20%
  • US: 8.4%
  • UK: 10%

Notably, its speeds impressed me even though the servers I tested were far away from my location.

A screenshot of Liberty Shield showing download speeds of a server in UK, US, France, and CanadaI got excellent speeds on long-distance servers

Connections via Liberty Shield’s router also offer great speeds. On Liberty Shield's official website, it says that the PRO router has a max download speed of 90 Mbps.

Are Liberty Shield’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? No

Liberty Shield isn't ideal for gaming. You will still be able to play but you won’t have the ultimate gaming experience. I got latency higher than 160 ms on all servers I tested. An ideal latency is anywhere around 40 to 60 ms.

Try Gaming With Liberty Shield

Server Network — Small-Sized

Liberty Shield has 218 servers located in 8 countries. Servers on the Tier 2 network (those in Germany, the US, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, and the UK) get you excellent speeds, while those on the legacy network (Canada and France) are somewhat slower and require a manual reset. Customer support further confirmed servers in the legacy network won’t run on OpenVPN on routers, only OpenVPN via the VPN app.

A screenshot showing that Liberty Shield servers in the legacy network won’t run on OpenVPN on the routers, only OpenVPN via the VPN appThe differences between the Tier 2 and legacy servers

The servers have numbers instead of names — for example, US 1, US 2, etc., and you can utilize the Optimal server option to connect to the fastest and nearest server to you. Moreover, Tier 2’s auto-connect feature facilitates a smooth switch from one server to the other. Also, any change of location on the Windows app automatically reflects on your dashboard. While you're on the dashboard, you can also change from a VPN to a proxy connection or vice versa.

A screenshot of Liberty Shield showing the active location and connection type when connected to itLiberty Shield’s website dashboard

Try Liberty Shield Today

Security — Military-Grade Encryption, but Lacks Important Features

Before installing the app, I tested it on VirusTotal and it turned out that Liberty Shield’s Windows installer had malware. So, I was forced to uninstall it to protect my device.

A screenshot showing that Liberty Shield had malware in its Windows installerVirusTotal detected malware in Liberty Shield’s Windows installer

It uses military-grade (AES 256-bit) encryption, but it doesn’t back it up with Tor over VPN, multi-hop, kill switch, or perfect forward secrecy. A kill switch prevents your IP and browsing activity leakage in case the VPN connection drops. Perfect forward secrecy ensures session keys aren’t compromised when the VPN is on. The VPN further lacks built-in ad and tracking blockers and malware protection, which is essential for your online safety and privacy.

I tested a US server to see whether there are any DNS, IP, or WebRTC leaks, and there weren't.

A screenshot showing liberty Shield doesn't leak your IP address and DNSLiberty Shield passed all my IP and DNS leak tests

Liberty Shield’s VPN uses the OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) protocol only. You have to set up a manual VPN on your devices to use the L2TP and PPTP. However, the router runs on all 3 protocols.

A screenshot showing customer support confirming which protocols run on the VPN and which runs on the routerThe VPN uses OpenVPN while the router runs on OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP

Try Liberty Shield Today

Privacy — No-Logs Policy, but No Audit

Liberty Shield says that it doesn’t log traffic data, but there’s no evidence to support that. Moreover, it's based in Scotland, which is part of the UK. The UK is a member of the 5 Eyes Alliance and supports the Snooper's Charter law. All of this makes me wonder if my data is going to be safe with this VPN.

Additionally, it clarifies that it may use the services of a third-party server to store users' information. However, its Privacy Policy and ToS don’t mention much about those servers and how they safeguard information.

Besides the information you provide when signing up, Liberty Shield may record the times you use the VPN, the server locations you choose, and the overall amount of data you transfer each day.

A screenshot displaying the additional information Liberty Shield collects from youLiberty Shield collects extra information besides that provided during account creation

I would recommend using a no-logs VPN if privacy is one of your top priorities. Besides, the company clarifies it stores limited personal data in accordance with the UK’s jurisdiction for 2 years maximum after the last use of its services.

A screenshot showing Liberty Shield stores your personal data using the UK's jurisdiction for 2 years after the last use of its servicesLiberty Shield follows UK's jurisdiction to store your data

Get Liberty Shield

Torrenting — Reliable Speeds, but Risky

Liberty Shield is fast enough to torrent on most of its servers. However, you need to be careful because it lacks a kill switch and dedicated P2P servers. If you experience low speeds when torrenting, it’s possible your VPN app isn’t running correctly, allowing your internet service provider to throttle BitTorrent traffic.

With that in mind, my team and I do not condone any illegal torrenting. However, you’re free to use the VPN to keep prying eyes away while you download copyright-free materials. Besides, since some countries don't allow torrenting, be sure to thoroughly check the laws of your country.

Try Liberty Shield Today

Does Liberty Shield Work in China? Unclear

I contacted customer support about this, but they didn’t give me a definitive answer. They only recommended using the free trial to test the VPN in the location of choice. However, that was not possible because I don’t live in China.

A screenshot showing customer support requesting I test the VPN to verify if it works in ChinaLiberty Shield didn't give me a specific answer about whether it works in China

Moreover, considering China’s Great Firewall, you want to be cautious using this VPN there as it fails to pack top-notch protection. However, it’s worth noting there are secure VPNs that still work in China.

Try Liberty Shield

Simultaneous Device Connections — Unlimited

Liberty Shield’s router allows you to connect all your home devices at once. Besides, the support team confirmed that you can also use the VPN on as many devices as you want in one location using a single account.

A screenshot showing customer support confirming you can use the VPN on multiple devicesJust keep in mind that you have to select a different server for each device

Secure All Your Devices With Liberty Shield

Device Compatibility — Works on All Major Devices

Liberty Shield has native apps for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Android TVs, and 2nd generation Fire Sticks (but won’t run on 1st generation Fire TV Sticks without the Alexa option).

You can also use it on a router. Ordering the LITE or PRO router lets you select a free UK, US, or EU power supply option. Additionally, you can use Liberty Shield’s router with Kodi, Now TV boxes, Linux, and Apple TVs.

A screenshot showing Liberty Shield doesn't have a native app for LinuxYou can set up the VPN manually on your Linux device

It lacks browser extensions, but you can install its proxy solution on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. You can also set up proxy connections on gaming consoles such as Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox. Just keep in mind that while the proxy connection offers the same locations as the VPN and better speeds, it’s less secure.

Try Liberty Shield’s Proxy

Installation & Apps


Set-Up & Installation — Easy and Straightforward

Liberty Shield's set-up is straightforward, and it requires zero technical knowledge. It took just a few minutes to install the Windows app, but I later removed it because there was malware in the installer. However, its interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

A screenshot showing Liberty Shield has a user-friendly interfaceLiberty Shield’s Windows app interface

The optional router comes with all you need to install it. This includes a short ethernet cable, power supply, and a quick start guide with a code you’ll need to commence your 2-week free trial.

Once you connect the router, go to your dashboard on the website, select the proxy or VPN connection and the location you wish to tunnel from and restart your router. If you wish to change your password and protocols, you can do that while still on your dashboard. The proxy option is only accessible from this dashboard — not the app itself.

Try Liberty Shield’s Router


12 Months
$ 6.11 / month per month
6 Months
$ 6.29 / month per month
1 Month
$ 7.33 / month per month

Liberty Shield offers 5 pricing options, including the 1-year plan that comes with the free VPN router. The 1-year plan that offers the VPN and proxy service is the cheapest at $6.11/month. All options, except for that with the router, allow you a 48-hour free trial.

When subscribing, you’ll need to select a country, but you can switch the server when you start using the VPN. All subscriptions have no limit on data and bandwidth. If you’re unhappy with the service, you can use the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Currently, you can only pay via credit or debit card, and it charges in British pounds only.

A screenshot showing Liberty Shield only charges in British PoundsThey even converted the price to USD to further assist me

Liberty Shield has 2 pre-configured routers, LITE and PRO models. Each comes with a free trial, and once the trial period elapses, you can choose between getting a special rate of around $66 for the first year only or paying $9 monthly.

Try Liberty Shield For Free

Reliability & Support


To contact Liberty Shield’s support team, you can create a ticket in the support center or send an email for technical support. The support works from 9am to 9pm UK time. The live chat option is also available but handles sales questions only.

A screenshot showing Liberty Shield live chat option only handles sales questions and quickly connects you with the support teamI connected with a support agent within a few minutes during their working hours

You can also use the FAQs on Liberty Shield's website and the telephone option, or browse its blog, and scan its installation guides.

I tested both the live chat and the email option a couple of times. In all instances, first, I received automated email responses. Soon after, I got the actual responses which were helpful, and the support team was willing to expound on any subsequent questions.

On average, I got replies in about 15 minutes. Their responses were in native English, and I loved how Liberty Shield integrates live chats with their email system, so you don't miss any of their replies.

Enjoy Liberty Shield’s Exceptional Support

Compare LibertyShield VPN With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

Liberty Shield is an excellent VPN if streaming and torrenting speeds matter the most to you, and would love to connect multiple devices at once. However, when it comes to ensuring your online safety, it falls short in several areas. It lacks malware protection and a kill switch. So take note of these downsides before committing to using it.

  • Offers a pre-configured router
  • Has excellent speeds
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Uses military-grade encryption

FAQs on Liberty Shield

Is Liberty Shield safe?

Somewhat safe. Liberty Shield uses military-grade encryption and OpenVPN to safeguard its users. However, it lacks a kill switch, uses third-party servers to store information, doesn't provide a way to prove it has a no-logs policy, and gathers a lot of its users’ information.

Can Liberty Shield unblock Netflix?

Yes, it can. With Liberty Shield, you can comfortably stream high-quality content on Netflix UK and Netflix US.

Will Liberty Shield slow my speeds down?

Yes it will, but only slightly. Liberty Shield will get you excellent results even when connected to servers in the legacy network, which are a bit slower.

Try Liberty Shield Today!

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 30
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: Unlimited
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Happy with Liberty Shield

I ordered VPN to use in the USA 6 years ago after Marrying British Girl and moving her to be with me. Always have good service no downtime. I have had to call a couple of times when I needed to reset the password, always very helpful.

Peter Todd
Peter Todd
Not bad

Wi-Fi is a bit slow but ethernet was fast, I tried a few like Nord VPN but sometimes my broadband dropped with Nord and sometimes lost internet so I bought liberty Sheild router so fingers cross, It works well so far.

Peter Mulholland
Peter Mulholland
Worked well for two weeks then service badly deteriorated and kept freezing in the evenings

Tried to get their help as service deteriorated after a couple of weeks. Offered assistance and their staff spent time trying to help but nothing worked and streaming got worse and worse and sometimes I totally lost service. They may have taken too many clients without adequate servers etc. But it was then suggested that I buy a faster router from them but I’m worried that I’m just spending more money but no guarantee I will get satisfaction. They were nice people though and they did spend time trying to help and it’s a pity really.

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