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RusVPN Review 2021 - Why 5.4 Stars?

Author Image Kate Veale
Kate Veale | Cybersecurity Researcher
Updated on 19th July 2021

RusVPN stands for “Reliable, Unlimited, Secure,” but it doesn’t quite fulfill that promise. It operates 390 servers across 50 countries, with military-grade encryption and an automatic kill switch. It doesn’t log any of its users’ data.

I put the VPN through a series of tests to determine if it delivers on its claims, assessing its speeds, security, privacy, streaming, and more.

RusVPN’s apps are available in English, German, and Russian, and overall it seems like an “okay” choice. However, it can’t unblock Netflix and leaked my DNS. It isn’t particularly competitive against the bigger and better VPNs available.

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Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

RusVPN Features — Updated in July 2021

Price $2.99/month
Money Back Guarantee 30
Does VPN keep logs? No
Number of servers 390
Number of devices per license 5
Kill switch Yes
Based in country Dominica
Support Via Email
Supports torrenting No

Streaming — Doesn’t Unblock Netflix

RusVPN fails to unblock several streaming platforms, including Netflix. Where it did manage to bypass geoblocks, I couldn’t reliably watch in HD. I had fairly frequent buffering, and I can’t recommend this provider for watching your favorite movies and shows online.

Unblocked: HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, Crunchyroll, Disney+, YouTube

I could only unblock a handful of US-based streaming platforms. HBO GO worked after a few attempts, and YouTube seemed to work without any problems.

Getting BBC iPlayer to work can be tricky, so I was pleased that RusVPN managed to bypass the geoblocks with the UK server. That said, I couldn’t maintain consistent HD and it took a long time to load the stream.

Screenshot showing BBC iPlayer unblocked after connecting to a RusVPN server in the UK

Although I could watch BBC iPlayer, the quality was quite poor at times

Blocked By: Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, CBC, NBC, HBO Max

Some of the big US streaming platforms were blocked, most notably Netflix. You might expect this for some of the more difficult platforms, like Amazon and HBO Max. Unblocking Netflix is one of the main reasons for using a VPN, so this was quite disappointing. It seems the US servers don’t have the ability to smash through most geoblocks.

Having said this, I did manage to access Wikipedia, Reddit, Instagram, Vkontakte, and LinkedIn while connected to the VPN. It does live up to its claims for some non-video-based unblocking capabilities.

In conclusion, I’d say that this VPN isn’t the best choice for streaming. There are some top-rated VPNs out there that let you watch just about any movie or show online.

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Speeds — Superfast But Not Very Reliable

RusVPN delivers some decent speeds, but connections are unreliable. Connection speed is one of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing a VPN. Nobody wants a sluggish connection, so it’s vital that you choose a superfast service.

The important measurements of speed are:

  • Download speed — determines the quality of your streaming and how fast you can download data. It’s measured in Mbps.
  • Upload speed — measures the amount of traffic you can send. This is usually slower than download speed and is also measured in Mbps.
  • Ping — vital for gaming, you’ll want as low ping as possible. It’s the time it takes for a server to respond, measured in ms.

Local Speeds

I measured my base speed against the connection speed of the nearest RusVPN server first. It’s normal to experience some slow-down when you connect to a VPN, because your data needs to travel farther to reach the server. It also takes extra time to encrypt and decrypt it. However, the difference should be barely noticeable with a premium VPN.

When you’re browsing local sites, you’ll get the best connection speed by connecting to a server close to your physical location. My base speed before connecting to RusVPN was 76.15 Mbps download, 7.38 Mbps upload, with a ping of 10 ms. This is just above average for the UK.

VPN Disconnected (UK) VPN Connected
Speed Percentage Change
Download 76.15 Mbps 43.89 Mbps 42% decrease
Upload 7.38 Mbps 2.94 60% decrease
Ping 10 251 2410% increase

My connection speed decreased considerably by 42%. Though not terrible, it did take some time for the test to load. Although upload decreased by 60% it was still usable, and ping increased significantly.

Long Distance Speeds

RusVPN gave me fast speeds, but the connections remained unreliable. I couldn’t perform speed tests on some servers at all, like France and Germany — I just got stuck on “finding optimal server”. Despite this, I was impressed with some of the results I got with distant servers that worked.

Image showing speed tests with increasing distances

My results were unusual in that distant servers gave me superfast speeds

Image showing speed vs distance when connecting to RusVPN

I got excellent speeds with most RusVPN servers

The server in Canada performed exceptionally well, as my speed was almost as high as my UK base speed. The pattern was mostly the opposite of what I’d expect, with speeds getting faster with more distant servers. This is quite a rare occurrence for a VPN, especially when the servers are physically located.

Screenshot showing superfast speeds when connected to RusVPN server in Canada

When I connected to Canada, my speed was much higher than I expected

Although the speeds were very impressive, I had trouble connecting to many servers and couldn’t perform some tests. The Android app fared a little better, connecting me to more servers and in a quicker time. Whilst it’s delightful to get blazing-fast speeds, if they’re not consistent and reliable I can’t really recommend this VPN. Take a look at these ultra-fast VPNs that are more dependable.

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Are RusVPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes

Although RusVPN’s speeds are fast enough for gaming, the servers may not be reliable enough. For most gamers, a ping below 120ms is desirable. Even the server in Canada gave me a ping as low as 12ms, so this VPN delivers that. However, it can be hit and miss whether you’ll get a dependable connection at times. If you’re an elite gamer, a ping lower than other players will give you an advantage. But they’re going to get the biggest advantage if you find yourself unable to connect to the server in the first place.

You’ll be able to use the VPN on your Xbox, Playstation, and more by setting up RusVPN on your router. This will enable any device connected to your WiFi to be securely routed through the VPN. It offers additional protection against DDoS attacks and other malicious online threats related to gaming. If you’re a super competitive gamer, I’d recommend checking these top gaming VPNs.

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Server Network — Medium-Sized Network

RusVPN’s network is on the average side, with 390 servers in 50 countries. These are mostly based in Europe, so you should take this into consideration before signing up. Key locations are there, like the UK (for BBC iPlayer), France, Germany, and Spain. The US is also covered, although I found its unblocking ability to be limited, as well as Russia. I was pleased to find that RusVPN now offers server locations in South America and Africa, too.

All in all, you’ll get a large pool of IP addresses to choose from, so there are no problems here provided the servers work.

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Security — Strong Encryption but Leaked my DNS

RusVPN carries some robust encryption protocols but failed in my leak tests. Carefully consider using the VPN if you want to avoid the risk of your internet traffic being intercepted.

Encryption and Protocols

You’ll get military-grade AES-256 encryption and the choice between OpenVPN (2048-bit RSA, UDP/TCP), IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP protocols. It didn’t appear to select OpenVPN by default, which is definitely the most sensible option here. P2TP is quite up to scratch, and PPTP and IKEv2 are older protocols that don’t offer the same level of protection. The app has a setting for encryption to be “optional”, which is concerning.

If you set up the VPN using OpenVPN Connect, you’ll always be sure that you’ve got the most secure connection. However, I think the app should be more adept at keeping you protected, especially for beginners. There is no comparison to these VPNs with stellar apps.

IP, DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC Leaks

The VPN failed to prevent DNS leaks. This is concerning as your internet traffic could be compromised.

Leaks tests look for the following:

  • IP leaks — your location can be exposed, making you susceptible to online threats.
  • DNS leaks — risk your private internet traffic that can be intercepted.
  • WebRTC — the peer-to-peer communication between your browser and the web pages you visit can slip outside the safety net, and mistakenly reveal your IP
  • IPv6 — some data isn’t sent through the VPN ‘tunnel’, potentially falling into the wrong hands. Most VPNs disable it entirely.
Screenshot showing RusVPN failing the leak test

My IP, WebRTC, and IPv6 were safe, but RusVPN leaked my DNS

My IP address successfully changed to a Czech server, WebRTC was blocked, and IPV6 was safe, but my actual DNS addresses appeared in the leak test. This is not good news, as it puts you at risk of prying eyes extracting confidential information from your online traffic. I experienced the same flaw with all the servers I tried.

Kill Switch

RusVPN employs a kill switch, essential for maintaining your secure connection. Should the VPN suddenly disconnect, your whole connection will be terminated to avoid detection. During my tests, the app wasn’t very stable and I suspect this was due to the kill switch being enabled. I think it would also be better if the app also notified you, should your connection drop while the kill switch is disabled.

Double VPN

This feature sounds most similar to split-tunneling, and adds an extra layer of encryption. The webpage description explains that “your traffic is routing through two different servers (instead of one) and therefore gets encrypted twice”. The best way to imagine this is if you shredded a document, and split the pieces between 2 trash cans — it’s extremely unlikely anyone would be able to put it back together again.

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Privacy — Relatively Clear Policy

The VPN outlines its terms and doesn’t appear to misuse your data. It’s important to research VPN policies before using them, to avoid your data being handed over to 3rd party advertisers, or worse. I don’t condone using a VPN for any illegal purposes of course, but this is still a reassurance that your private info won’t be sold on.


Based in the Commonwealth of Dominica, RusVPN is outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances. This reinforces the trust that your data cannot be passed on, and will remain strictly private.

RusVPN Doesn’t Keep Logs

The policy is transparent enough to determine that RusVPN won’t hold onto your information. It does state that their legal department will be in touch should you download any material with copyright infringement. This is common practice for VPN providers. Again, I don’t condone illegal downloads — so long as you’re using the VPN lawfully this isn’t a concern.

It’s not evident that RusVPN has undergone independent security auditing. This is a sure-fire way to boost confidence in a company that handles your online traffic, and I’d like to see this done in the future.

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Torrenting — Allowed

RusVPN references torrent downloads on its webpage, suggesting they are allowed. Provided you are only downloading files without copyright infringement, you shouldn’t have any problems. The VPN will give you added security benefits like encryption, and the kill switch, helping you avoid malicious online threats and hackers.

Although I got high speeds in my tests — perfect for P2P downloads — bear in mind that I experienced connection issues. You may want to explore other secure VPNs for torrenting.

Does RusVPN Work in China? — Not Guaranteed

I contacted RusVPN’s support and they advised me that it works in China. Despite this, I would exercise caution given the leaks I detected in my tests. The difficulty with some servers and lack of confidence in the native app may also put you off.

Screenshot showing RusVPN's helpful live chat explaining it will work in China

RusVPN told me it will work in China

I can’t fully recommend it for use in China at the moment. Consider these tried-and-tested VPNs that work in China instead.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Up to 5

You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously — about average for premium VPNs. Coupled with the wide range of device support, you’ll be able to use it on most of your devices at the same time without connectivity problems.

Enjoy RusVPN on All Your Devices

Device Compatibility — Multi-Platform Support

RusVPN has a good range of device support and installation options. It was easy to determine what options there were, and determine the best way to use the VPN. The browser extensions are free but offer limited server choices.

You’ve got dedicated apps for Windows, macOS/OSX/iOS, Android, and Linux. Browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox, with manual setup options for OpenVPN and routers.

The ability to install the VPN via OpenVPN is a bonus, because you can bypass some of the inadequacies of the app. By enabling RusVPN on your router, you’ll be able to use any WiFi device with it including smart TVs. I’d like to see Opera and Internet Explorer extensions added too.

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Ease of Use


Set-Up & Installation — OpenVPN Recommended


RusVPN has dedicated apps, but I ended up using OpenVPN to set it up. When I tried using the Windows app, I encountered some difficulties. I also knew I’d be ensuring the best encryption, although you may prefer the dedicated apps for ease of use.

Screenshot showing Windows Defender flagging up RusVPN install file

The download file was flagged as unrecognized by Windows

Firstly, Windows Defender identified the app as unrecognized, which caused an alarming pop-up to appear. This warns you against installing it, but all RusVPN needs to do here is digitally sign the file so it’s approved in Windows. Most premium VPNs do this, as it’s not a good look when trying to install the software.

Screenshot showing RusVPN Windows installation process

I continued with the installation, and the app was ready

I decided to install the file anyway, and created a desktop app. The macOS installation is going to be very similar here. Sadly, once I tried to load the app, I was greeted with an error message.

Screenshot showing Windows app error message

After completing the Windows installation, the app crashed on opening

The Windows and Mac apps aren’t over-complicated to use because they’re basic. The kill switch option (though this causes the app to crash) is in the settings menu, with easy-to-use buttons. Here, you’ll also be able to choose your preferred connection protocol — I recommend OpenVPN. The app does make suggestions, but it would probably be better if the most secure encryption level was the only option. You can choose your server and connect easily, and the connection status is displayed on the main screen.

OpenVPN Connect is extremely easy to install and use. Although it’s intimidating to import individual servers’ configuration files, VPN beginners shouldn’t be put off. If it’s new to you, you’ll need to follow RusVPN’s installation guide to import your server configuration files into the app. The guide leaves out some important information, though, including where to download these configuration files.

Screenshot showing RusVPN OpenVPN download files

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to the OpenVPN config files

Then, it’s as easy as selecting the orange plus sign in the OpenVPN Connect app, and following the instructions to import the file. You can drag and drop them into the specified area to install.

Screenshot showing where to drag and drop RusVPN OpenVPN config files

All you need to do is import the configuration files from the RusVPN webpage

You can configure your connection from within the app’s settings menu, but you don’t have to change anything to start with. You also don’t need to provide your login credentials; just import your server config file and hit connect. However, I would recommend using the “seamless tunnel”, as this is effectively a kill switch.

Screenshot showing OpenVPN setup screen

The “Seamless Tunnel” is similar to having a kill switch

Once you’ve imported a server’s config file, it’ll remain on your list of available servers forever. You can easily add more by pressing the orange plus sign again.

Screenshot showing OpenVPN with RusVPN servers installed

It’s easy to manage your RusVPN servers via OpenVPN Connect

Android and iOS

The RusVPN Android and iOS apps are streamlined and easy to navigate. I downloaded the Android version from the Google Play Store and had it up and running in seconds. It’s worth noting that mobile users get a 7-day free trial.

Screenshot showing RusVPN Android app

You get a 7-day free trial with the mobile apps

The kill switch is there in the settings menu, including an auto-connect option so you don’t have to keep selecting the same server. There are no protocol options to be found in the mobile apps. The app will modify some connection settings within your device protocols automatically. You’ll find server recommendations to help narrow down your choice.

RusVPN’s iOS counterpart is very basic — it’s just a proxy with no encryption or protocols to choose from, but it does have a kill switch. You can auto-connect, and it has a last-used location feature for easy access.


You can download the Chrome and Firefox browser extensions for free. The navigation is similar to the apps, but as this is a proxy setup only, you’re not going to have any setup options. Features like the kill switch aren’t available, but this is pretty standard for VPN extensions.

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Compare RUSVPN with the top alternative VPNs


3 Years
$2.99 /month
1 Year
$2.49 /month
1 Month
$9.99 /month

RusVPN’s longer plans attract a heavier discount, with the one-year plan offering the best value for money. You can subscribe to the service for one month, six months, or a year. You can take advantage of the 76% discount to get fantastic value for money.

Payment options include VISA, MasterCard, WebMoney, QIWI, PayPal, and even cryptocurrency. You have a lot of flexibility with how you want to pay for your subscription, and BitCoin isn’t always accepted by VPNs.

There’s a 7-day free trial for mobile users, and every plan comes with a 30-day money back policy. This lets you try RusVPN totally risk-free.

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Reliability & Support


  • 24/7 Email support
  • Web-form ticket submission
  • Live Chat
  • Online blog

RusVPN offers 24/7 support, but the live chat isn’t always available. There’s an email address to contact, as well as an online form option. I used the live chat service, and the first time I got connected straight away. A friendly agent answered my question about using the VPN in China without hesitation.

Another time I went to the support page, the live chat wasn’t available. It was replaced by another web form. RusVPN could improve their service by having live chat available 24/7, in keeping with their support promise. There doesn’t appear to be any phone-based support.

Screenshot showing live chat unavailable at times

The 24/7 support doesn’t seem to include the live chat

The online blog isn’t really a true help center. It’s difficult to navigate and a lot of the articles aren’t really specific to any problems you might encounter. I think RusVPN could answer a lot of common queries with a more comprehensive support page.

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The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

RusVPN is easy to install and use, but don’t put too much faith in its security. The Windows app isn’t very stable, but it runs smoothly on OpenVPN Connect without any problems.

The fact that it leaked my DNS is not a good look for a VPN. That said, I got some excellent speeds with RusVPN when the servers worked. It’s not great for unblocking streaming platforms, with limited success there.

You’ll get the best value for your money by subscribing for a year. Customer service was easy to contact and provided a quick and friendly response. I would, however, like to see the live chat extended to 24/7 availability.

If strong security is the main selling point for you with a VPN (and it should be), I can’t recommend RusVPN until it fixes the leak issues. Otherwise, the framework is there for a decent VPN. If you want to try it risk-free, it’s backed by a 30-day money-back policy.

Try RusVPN Risk-Free

  • Unblocks some streaming platforms like Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and HBO GO.
  • Superfast speeds for quick downloads and smooth streaming.
  • Transparent no-logs policy, and based in the Commonwealth of Dominica.
  • Plenty of servers worldwide for bypassing geoblocks.
  • Torrenting allowed.
  • Fast enough for gaming.
  • 7-day free trial for mobiles.
  • 30-day money-back policy so you can try RusVPN risk-free.
  • Get started with RUSVPN now

FAQs on RusVPN

Is RusVPN safe?

Not really. I detected DNS leaks during my tests, which is quite concerning for a VPN. There are other excellent security features like AES 256-bit encryption and a kill switch, but this leak issue needs to be fixed urgently.

Can RusVPN unblock Netflix?

No. During my tests, I wasn’t able to access Netflix US at all with the VPN enabled. Occasionally this might vary from user to user, but in my experience none of the servers were successful.

Will RusVPN slow my speeds down?

RusVPN won’t slow you down. In fact, my speeds increased the farther away I connected to each server. It’s worth noting, however, that I was unable to connect to some servers at all. Some of them had connection issues which meant I wasn’t able to maintain HD quality while streaming.

Can I download a modded APK for RusVPN?

Downloading a modded APK is not recommended. Downloading files that modify an app from an unverified source is a recipe for disaster. You seriously expose yourself to the risk of viruses, malware, and hackers. Attempting to hack the app won’t provide you with any benefits or free access. RusVPN has you covered with a 7-day free trial for mobile users, and a 30-day money-back policy anyway. You can try it completely risk-free.

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 30
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 5
VPN Plans: https://rusvpn.com/

RUSVPN User Reviews

Based on 118 reviews in 7 languages
July Jansen
VPN works flawlessly - 10
July Jansen

I would like to share my experience of using a paid RUSVPN subscription. I have been using the subscription for several months and there have never been any failures in the service. At any time of the day, all sites open quickly. VPN synchronizes with the server instantly. This resource is worth its money, I will definitely continue to use a subscription to RUSVPN.

Adam Glosher
VPN is Good! - 10
Adam Glosher

For some reason, I couldn't go to many sites recently. I thought there was a problem with the Internet. Then I decided to look for a good VPN service. I was recommended this VPN by a friend of mine. Worked for a week. The speed is good and there are a lot of locations. I liked. Then I decided to buy a subscription and bought it in one year. Because 50% is cheaper.

July Jansen
VPN works flawlessly - 10
July Jansen

I would like to share my experience of using a paid RUSVPN subscription. I have been using the subscription for several months and there have never been any failures in the service. At any time of the day, all sites open quickly. VPN synchronizes with the server instantly. This resource is worth its money, I will definitely continue to use a subscription to RUSVPN.

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