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Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

With governments vying for ever greater control over internet access and usage, and cybercrime developing in both sophistication and prevalence by the day, so the need for effective virtual camouflage grows. HMA VPN is a great tool for hiding users’ authentic location while providing both speed and reliability of connection. With three different modes available, users can easily decide on the best disguise for their intended activities. StrongVPN is also a solid service, particularly when it comes to using Skype, but is a little more complex in terms of set up and configuration than HMA VPN. StrongVPN’s Windows client, in particular, is rather unwieldly and the interface in general may be a bit off-putting to less experienced users. HMA VPN provides straightforward visuals and easy-to-follow instructions with a clean interface aimed at the less technologically minded among us.






 The Bottom Line

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

HMA VPN is not the cheapest option out there but nor is StrongVPN and, when it comes to pricing, there is little to choose between them. HMA has excellent coverage around the world and is a high-quality service but, on the downside, it has been experiencing some difficulties with the censorship and security around China. StrongVPN has been more successful in this regard, although has had its own challenges when it comes to unlocking Netflix. Overall, HMA VPN is a higher quality service which offers more versatility and accessibility than its rival.

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