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VyprVPN vs Mullvad VPN 2023

Table of Contents

    Which VPN is better?

    Author Image Daniel Krohn
    Daniel Krohn

    Cybersecurity Researcher

    Both Mullvad VPN and VyprVPN use a high level of encryption, don’t log users’ online activities, and provide multi-platform support. Torrenting is allowed on all servers with these 2 VPNs.

    VyprVPN has the in-house Chameleon obfuscation technology that reduces the chance of the VPN being identified while online. You can get help 24/7 via live chat, and read online support resources in multiple languages, including French, German, Chinese, and many more. Its servers are spread across 70 countries and completely owned by the VPN to avoid third-party involvement. It unblocks Netflix US and works well with Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer.

    Mullvad VPN has a slightly better torrenting performance since its speeds are more consistent and it comes with port forwarding and a SOCKS5 proxy for faster file sharing. It offers various advanced features, such as Double VPN, split tunneling, and an ad blocker. The VPN also has Bridge Mode to bypass tough web blocks but doesn’t always work in China. It also isn't very good at unblocking streaming platforms. It works with Netflix US but struggles with most other popular platforms.


    Features 8.9/10
    Pricing 8.9/10
    Ease of Use 9.0/10
    Reliability & Support 9.0/10
    Features 6.1/10
    Pricing 6.8/10
    Ease of Use 8.8/10
    Reliability & Support 8.4/10


    Review by our expert
    Author Image Katie Kasunic
    Katie Kasunic

    Technology Researcher


    VyprVPN is a popular VPN service created by Switzerland-based Golden Frog. This VPN has worked hard to establish itself as a trusted provider and advocate of internet privacy. The provider has also been taking steps to improve its reliability, security, and quality of service based on customer requests. However, does VyprVPN really make the cut? Here's a preview: when it comes to privacy, geobl...

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    Latest positive user review
    Geico Lizy
    Chameleon is Amazing

    I tried CyberGhost, Express, and Nord VPN over the last month. None of these were able to get by my in... stitution's Fortigate Firewall doing Deep Packet Inspection scanning. They are using some sort of Obfuscation technique but they were not good enough. I read about VyprVpn's Chameleon protocol. YES... It worked !!!! I do have to sacrifice speed but at least I get outside access. When I am out of that environment, I switch back to Wireguard and the speed increases 300%. The price is great, their Live chat was great when I questioned their own DNS servers. They were easy to reach with the chat and took the time to explain how their DNS servers worked. I highly recommend VyprVPN !!!More

    Latest negative user review
    David Troy
    I don't have time to...

    The company behind VyprVPN, Goldenfrog claims to have taken steps to improve its reliability, security... , and quality of service. I'm not sure when they said this, however, in 2022, reliability and QoS are going downhill quickly. I've been using Vypr for over a year with the software installed and executing on each PC. Everything worked relatively well until about three months ago when I began experiencing frequent and intermittent connectivity issues. Thinking that my 10-year-old router might be the cause, I installed a new TPLink router with all the latest technology After many hours of side-by-side testing with two computers on the same LAN, I have observed that a PC with the VPN turned off had 100% connectivity while a PC using Vypr had the issues. I have adjusted Vypr to use various protocols and TAP adaptors with no success in improving the QoS. As such, I'm convinced that my PCs and LAN are operating as they should. Further, from the beginning, I configured Vypr to always connect to a server in Canada. Every time I boot my PC I use "" to make sure that the PC is operating through the Vypr. About half the time it connects to a server in the USA and yet the software says that it is connected to Canada. I use a couple of business online services with geolocation services that require a Canada connection so I also know when Vypr connects to the USA when I am blocked from logging in to one of the business services. IT's really annoying when the software says it's connected to Canada and yet it is not. The biggest annoyance is that I now find I have to check my external IP every time I boot a device. Why should I have to do this? I've used other VPNs and they just worked all the time. I never had to keep checking them to make sure they are working correctly. I've also done security testing to make sure there are no IP or DNS leaks or any other issues and it appears that Vypr lives up to its reputation of being secure. If the service would operate consistently so that I don't have to always check it or disconnect and reconnect to force a Canada server, I could give Vypr 5 stars. Overall it's not a bad service, however, if the QoS continues to degrade, I may be forced to go back to one of the other VPNs that I've used. I don't have time to "handhold" VyprVPN.More

    Review by our expert
    Author Image Ren Sayer
    Ren Sayer

    Senior Writer


    Mullvad VPN has been popular among privacy buffs for some time now, but I’ve always wondered about its other features. Does it offer good value for your money? To find out, I tested its mobile and desktop apps and did some thorough research on its features. From this, it’s clear that Mullvad VPN offers more than privacy and has strong security features — it isn’t far behind the premium...

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    Latest positive user review
    This is the best !

    This is definitely the best VPN I have ever used ! First, there is no password for this service accou... nt. Second, the kill switch cannot be turned off. This is great news for error-prone users ! Third, payment for services can be made in bitcoin or monero. This helps improve anonymity. Fourth, and this is guaranteed by other services, is that it is open source and no-log. The service is operated in Sweden and can be trusted with respect to privacy. The disadvantages are higher fees and fewer servers than other companies. However, compared to the above four advantages, this is not a major issue. I would recommend this level of service to my family and close friends. fantastic !!!!!More

    Latest negative user review
    Bad service

    Used to work fine, now it's messed up my internet connection twice when I tried to install it. It some... how messes with my modem or something and now I'm struggling to try to get it back working again. Waste of money, twice and now I'm quarantined without my internet working, thank mullvad you've ruined the coming days for me...More


    Starting price $5/month
    Money Back Guarantee (Days) 30 Days
    Number of devices per license 10 devices
    Starting price $5/month
    Money Back Guarantee (Days) 30 Days
    Number of devices per license 5 devices

    Best VPN by category

    VyprVPN comes on top with servers in more countries than Mullvad. Also, it’s more user-friendly, and (unlike Mullvad VPN) offers live chat support.

    Mullvad wins, although VyprVPN runs a close second. Both VPNs allow P2P sharing on all their servers. They also have no-logs policies and a kill switch to protect your privacy. However, Mullvad has faster and more consistent speeds for torrenting than VyprVPN and its kill switch can't be disabled, which is a big plus since you can't forget it.

    VyprVPN has a slightly better Windows app. Mullvad’s Windows client is also a decent choice but it doesn't show the time you spend connected to a certain server. VyprVPN has many advanced settings, but it’s still easy to use. You can even customize which notifications you receive on your desktop, which is quite convenient.

    VyprVPN takes the lead for the Android category. It includes the super-safe OpenVPN, WireGuard, and Chameleon security protocols, as well as VyprDNS, split tunneling, and a kill switch. Mullvad doesn’t support OpenVPN on Android, but offers WireGuard only and includes split tunneling. Also, the kill switch is available only on Android 8 and above versions.

    VyprVPN has the advantage in this category too. Its macOS app comes with most of the same features included on its Windows client, plus it has split tunneling and a malicious site blocker. Mullvad’s Mac app also has a lot of extra features but lacks public WiFi protection.

    VyprVPN is better for iOS, although both VPNs lack many features provided on other platforms. Mullvad has an ad, malware, and tracker blocker, but VyprVPN has more protocols to choose from, which is much more important for a VPN. Mullvad only offers 1 protocol (WireGuard) on its iOS app.

    VyprVPN has more US servers in total, and unblocks more US streaming services (including Netflix US, Hulu, and Disney+), so it’s a better choice here. Although Mullvad has servers in over 9 US cities, it’s a very poor choice for streaming. Plus, it’s based in Sweden, part of the 14 Eyes Alliance.

    The Bottom Line

    Though both providers offer a range of services and features, VyprVPN has a slight edge over Mullvad because it operates on a larger scale globally, with multiple server locations and multiple IP addresses for usage without limitation. The pricing points for both are reasonable in terms of value for money, however VyprVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee, whereas Mullvad offers no money-back guarantee, therefore lessening its appeal. Both providers offer multi-devices per license, but VyprVPN offers 2 more devices as compared to Mullvad.

    Time to decide which one is best for you


    Is VyprVPN better than Mullvad VPN?

    Yes, VyprVPN is better overall than Mullvad VPN. It has 700 servers in 70 countries, fast speeds, and impressive security features.

    Best of all, you can take advantage of its latest discount and get it for only $5 a month.

    What should I keep in mind when choosing between VyprVPN and Mullvad VPN?

    When choosing a VPN, you want to pay close attention to its number of servers, overall speed score, pricing, and the number of simultaneous device connections it offers. While some VPNs provide a flawless online experience, others will really slow you down.

    If you’re ready to commit, then VyprVPN may be perfect for you due to its performance during the tests .

    Is VyprVPN faster than Mullvad VPN?

    Yes, VyprVPN is faster than Mullvad VPN. Since your VPN is your computer’s main connection to the internet, you need to use a service that won’t slow you down by more than 20%.

    If speeds are important to you, then I recommend you take a look at ExpressVPN. It’s the fastest service out there, provides unlimited bandwidth, and you won’t experience any slowdowns even when you connect to the other side of the planet. You can try it out risk-free. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund if you don’t like it.

    Do VyprVPN or Mullvad VPN offer any deals?

    Both VyprVPN and Mullvad VPN offer deals on occasion. You can check out the current coupons and discounts here. However, ExpressVPN has the best deals. Right now, you can get a 49% discount and up to 3 months for free with a new subscription.