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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

Surfshark may not be as popular as Private Internet Access (PIA) yet, but their similarities in features and pricing make this a very close competition. Does a new British Virgin Islands-based VPN have the power to beat an established provider? Looking at the numbers, PIA seems to be the favorite. With 3,800+ servers and more available protocols (including L2TP/IPSec), it’s the VPN with better variety. Then again, Surfshark has its advantages, too. For example, its smaller network of just over 500 servers spans 50 countries, compared to PIA’s 33 countries. Being a new service, Surfshark hasn’t gotten a lot of notice yet – either from VPN users or from anti-VPN websites and governments. That low profile works wonders for unblocking geo-restricted streams like US Netflix or bypassing the Great Firewall of China. PIA has long-running issues here. As one of the most popular VPN providers around, it is an easy target for both government and streaming service VPN blocks. As for privacy, both VPNs come with strict zero-logging policies and great security features to prevent data leaks and malware. It’s important to know that PIA is registered in the US, which is not ideal if you want a VPN that operates far away from data retention laws or gag orders. The great news is that when US authorities have demanded user information from PIA, the provider calmly answered, “Nothing to see here,” proving that the zero-logs pledge is kept in full. There’s only one way to find the better VPN in this tight competition. Scroll down to see how Surfshark and PIA performed in our detailed tests.






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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

Surfshark and PIA have a lot in common, including strong security, spotless privacy policies, and attention to the customer’s needs. Each category has a winner, but the margins were small so the selection of a winner doesn’t tell the whole story. As our tests showed, each of these providers has its own mission. For Surfshark, it’s all about proving that a new service has what it takes to be the next premium VPN. So far, it’s on the right track, with excellent performance and some neat features you won’t find in most VPNs. For PIA, the main goal is to provide a dependable service that will keep you safe online. Other aspects, like streaming, don’t seem to be as important to this VPN. Both services offer amazing value for your money, but which one should you choose? Summing up: If you need a flexible VPN for streaming with new, impressive servers and fast speeds, then go for Surfshark. However, torrenting fans and Android users who value a feature-packed app will find what they need in PIA.

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