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PureVPN vs Seed4me VPN 2023

Table of Contents

    Which VPN is better?

    Author Image Anneke van Aswegen
    Anneke van Aswegen

    Managing Editor

    PureVPN and Seed4me are two VPNs with tempting price tags. But do they offer the same value for money? In my opinion, the answer is no. One of these VPNs far outshines the other.

    To be fair, they both have decent security measures. PureVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption, while Seed4me uses 2048-bit SSL. They both have a kill switch, leak protection, and secure protocols.

    That doesn't mean they're equally safe to use though. PureVPN has a bit of a shady past, including providing user data to the FBI. However, it now has a new strict no-logs policy that has been independently audited. Seed4me doesn't have much of a privacy policy at all, and I found out it does log and store some info for up to 7 days.

    PureVPN is also better for streaming. It couldn't unblock Hulu but it gave me access to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and more. Seed4me couldn't bypass any of the geoblocks on these platforms.

    And neither provide reliable speeds. PureVPN performed slightly better on my tests, but was slow on long-distance servers. Seed4me gave me average speeds across its network.

    As you can see, this is a ""best of a bad bunch"" situation — but I think PureVPN takes the lead thanks to its slightly better performance.


    Features 8.1/10
    Pricing 9.1/10
    Ease of Use 8.0/10
    Reliability & Support 8.0/10
    Features 7.4/10
    Pricing 8.8/10
    Ease of Use 5.5/10
    Reliability & Support 8.0/10


    Review by our expert
    Author Image MJ Marsden
    MJ Marsden

    Cybersecurity Researcher


    PureVPN claims to be a superfast VPN for streaming with great security at a low price. It offers an extensive server network, military-grade encryption, and much more. But is it really as good as its most popular competitors? To find the answer, I performed extensive tests on its speeds, security features, and everything else it offers. This included seeing how well it works with the top strea...

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    Latest positive user review
    An excellent value, all things considered

    While they will absolutely throttle p2p in most servers, it's easy to find and log into the p2p server... s. They responded promptly when I had questions (although once it was basically to say "sorry, tough luck"). Overall though, I think I paid something like $20 for a year's subscription - I really can't complain. I'm sold on the service, although I think the fact that it's based out of HK is a bit spooky. 9/10More

    Latest negative user review

    I paid for the subscription using crypto, and the money was withdrawn from my account to theirs, I wai... ted 30 minutes upon the request of their system and nothing happened, then their system told me that the session was expired and no payment was received! I reached out to their support, and they kept telling me that my issue was moved to some higher level support and they will reach out. I waited, and I waited, and while I was waiting, three of their customer support reached out to me asking about my experience with the service... and when I answer and tell them that I have no service! they just ignore it. After more than 24 hours, I reached out to their support, and they told me that I'll get an answer in 2 hours, waited for 5, and still no answer. Reached out again, and they told me that the money didn't go to their accounts! I send them a screenshot that proves otherwise again, and they told me to wait again And in the end, they told me that the money will be converted back to my account in 15 days, 18 days later, and still nothing. Reached out again, and they asked me to re-tell the situation 10 times! and still no solution. All I hear from them is, I apologize for the inconvenience, we'll solve this soon, we'll move this ticket to the next level of support, and we'll reach out to you soon... empty promises!More

    Review by our expert
    Author Image Olga Kousi
    Olga Kousi

    Cybersecurity Researcher


    It’s not often you find a VPN at great monthly prices, which is why Seed4.Me VPN got me curious. I wanted to test this Taiwan-based VPN that has been rapidly growing since 2012 myself and find out what it’s all about. My first impressions were formed based on Seed4.Me VPN’s website, which is quite minimal and not particularly informative – something which didn’t exactly inspire confiden...

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    Latest positive user review
    Best vpn on the market

    Very good service and one of the best VPN easy to use and very effective. Many locations To be used....  Just with a click you can connect and protect yourself and have piece of mind. The cost is very low if not completely free.More

    Latest negative user review
    Edmond Dantes
    Fishy VPN

    I don't think this VPN is based in The United States as the Cybersecurity Researcher Olga Kosi says it...  is. Once you have an account, and after you have signed in, the website that you download the program from is in the Federation of Russia. I personally don't trust Russia because of the war with Ukraine. I removed the program and got my money back.More


    Starting price $1.33/month
    Money Back Guarantee (Days) 31 Days
    Number of devices per license 10 devices
    Starting price $2.99/month
    Money Back Guarantee (Days) 30 Days
    Number of devices per license Unlimited devices

    Best VPN by category

    PureVPN is best overall because of its superior unblocking abilities, easy to use apps, and bigger server network. It also have many servers located in the US to access your favorite streaming platforms, like Netflix US.

    PureVPN is better but not perfect. It allows P2P traffic on its network, but only in countries where torrenting is unrestricted. That means you can't torrent on servers in the UK, US, or Canada. However, it's still better than Seed4me (despite the name), which only lets you torrent on 2 servers and has a dodgy logging policy that could make the activity risky.

    PureVPN is better because it has a simple, intuitive Windows app with useful features like split tunneling and a kill switch. On Windows, the VPN also displays user server information like up-to-date ping rates.

    PureVPN is best for Android because, like the Windows app, the Android app also supports split tunneling. This means you can choose which of your apps route through the VPN, and which don't. For example, you can unblock streaming content in your browser with the VPN, but use your mobile banking app with your regular IP.

    PureVPN is better but only because Seed4me was originally intended as a mobile app, so its macOS offering is pretty basic. PureVPN for Mac is basic too, but at least its easier and safer to use.

    PureVPN is best for iOS because its iPhone and iPad apps have a useful auto-connect feature that launches the VPN as soon as you go online. It also auto-reconnects if your signal drops out. The iOS app even automatically selects the best protocol based on your current activity.

    PureVPN is better for the US because it has a whopping 2230+ servers in the States. It helped me unblock my US accounts on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max (though it admittedly struggled with Hulu).

    The Bottom Line

    Thanks to its huge server network, slightly more reliable speeds, and ability to bypass geo-restrictions, PureVPN wins this fight. Seed4me has some impressive security measures, but they're undermined by its concerning logging policy and disappointing speeds.

    That's not to say PureVPN is perfect though. It was still slow on long-distance servers and couldn't unblock every streaming platform I tried. If you want reliable performance and lightning-fast speeds for streaming, I recommend you try ExpressVPN instead. Its server network is comparable to PureVPN and it offers much better speeds. Plus, it unblocked every site and service I tested. You can even try ExpressVPN risk-free — it's backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can claim a refund if you're not 100% happy.

    Time to decide which one is best for you


    Is PureVPN better than Seed4me VPN?

    Yes, PureVPN is better overall than Seed4me VPN. It has 6500 servers in 78 countries, fast speeds, and impressive security features.

    Best of all, you can take advantage of its latest discount and get it for only $1.33 a month.

    What should I keep in mind when choosing between PureVPN and Seed4me VPN?

    When choosing a VPN, you want to pay close attention to its number of servers, overall speed score, pricing, and the number of simultaneous device connections it offers. While some VPNs provide a flawless online experience, others will really slow you down.

    If you’re ready to commit, then PureVPN may be perfect for you due to its performance during the tests .

    Is PureVPN faster than Seed4me VPN?

    Yes, PureVPN is faster than Seed4me VPN. Since your VPN is your computer’s main connection to the internet, you need to use a service that won’t slow you down by more than 20%.

    If speeds are important to you, then I recommend you take a look at ExpressVPN. It’s the fastest service out there, provides unlimited bandwidth, and you won’t experience any slowdowns even when you connect to the other side of the planet. You can try it out risk-free. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund if you don’t like it.

    Do PureVPN or Seed4me VPN offer any deals?

    Both PureVPN and Seed4me VPN offer deals on occasion. You can check out the current coupons and discounts here. However, ExpressVPN has the best deals. Right now, you can get a 49% discount and up to 3 months for free with a new subscription.