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Goose VPN Review 2023 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Lea Hyatt
Lea Hyatt | Updated on 30th December 2022 Cybersecurity Researcher

Goose VPN, founded in 2016, is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It boasts its company is by the Dutch, for the Dutch.

Goose implements a zero-log policy which means it doesn’t store any of your information. That also helps to protect sensitive data — such as banking details.

Even though Goose has a small server network of 100 servers in 24 countries — it does have specialized streaming servers. However, I could access only Netflix US. If you’re big on streaming, I recommend using a top-tier VPN.

I found Goose's rare unlimited simultaneous device connection feature especially interesting.

One drawback I noticed is that its speeds are inconsistent, creating a frustrating user experience.

I put Goose to the test — looking into how well it works, prices, servers, security features, and privacy policies.

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Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

Goose VPN Features — Updated in January 2023

💸 Price 5.32 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 100+
🛡 Kill switch Yes
🗺 Based in country Netherlands
🛠 Support 24/7 Live Chat Support
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming — Unblocks Netflix US, but That’s It

Goose can only unblock Netflix US. I couldn’t access Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime Video on its specialized streaming servers.

Streaming platforms' technology sometimes catches onto VPNs when too many users use the same shared IP address that the VPN issues. This sends a red flag to the streaming platform and blocks the IP address from being used to access the service.

Unblocked: Netflix US

I connected to Netflix US while Goose was enabled but it was too slow for HD, and I encountered some buffering.

A screenshot showing Goose unblocking Netflix USGoose VPN unblocks Netflix US, but I did encounter some buffering

Blocked By: Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video

I was unsuccessful in getting Goose to unblock anything else.

 Image showing error messages from HBO Max, APV, and HuluHBO Max and Amazon Prime Video blocked the VPN immediately

Disappointingly, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu all detected the VPN, and I couldn’t view anything. I had hoped for Disney+ to work with the VPN enabled, but speeds were too slow to even load.

A screenshot of Goose customer support's recommendation to access BBC iPlayerCustomer support recommended disabling Goose’s Smart Server feature to find all available UK servers

I contacted Goose when testing BBC iPlayer after the streaming site detected the VPN. Its support suggested I disable the Smart Server feature to find all the UK servers — which is what I did in the first place. After many attempts, I still couldn't access BBC iPlayer with this VPN.

Unblock Netflix US with Goose

Speeds — Varying

Inconsistent is how I’d describe my speed results. There are much faster VPNs on the market.

I conducted a series of speed tests on Android using the IKEv2 protocol — the only protocol available on the app. I also tested on Windows for the gaming section and was far from impressed.

First, I measured my baseline speed in Alabama, US.

Server location Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Ping (ms)
Starting Speed (Alabama, US) 60.7 21.0 32
I had better speeds on Android. Servers closest to my location (North American servers) were fast enough to use.
Screenshots of Goose's North American server speed test resultsDepending on your location, your results may be different

I experienced little speed reduction on Android using Goose’s North American servers.

Server location Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Ping (ms)
Kansas, US 57.2 (5.77% decrease) 17.6 61
Quebec, CA 52.3 (13.84% decrease) 3.92 64

However, Goose’s international servers cut my speed drastically but were still in a usable range.

A screenshot showing speed test results on international serversYou may experience slower speeds using Goose's faraway servers

Japan was the only server whose download speeds fell under 30 Mbps. The other servers performed slightly better.

Server location Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Ping (ms)
Tokyo, Japan 27.7 (54.37% decrease) 0.95 200
Paris, France 46.8 (22.9% decrease) 2.18 117
Frankfurt, Germany 35.6 (41.35% decrease) 2.90 131
London, UK 34.7 (42.83% decrease) 4.26 120
Stockholm, Sweden 32.3 (46.8% decrease) 6.49 130
Sydney, Australia 37.4 (38.4% decrease) 5.66 210

When it came time to test Goose on my laptop, I was greatly disappointed. It slashed my speeds as soon as I enabled it.

A screenshot showing Runescape not loading due to slow speedsI couldn’t test a game because my speed decreased to barely nothing

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Are Goose’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Not on Windows

Trying to use Goose for gaming was frustrating — with close to a 100% decrease in speed. Anytime I used the VPN on Windows, my speeds were greatly affected but were much worse when I was gaming.

My starting speed was decent.

Server location Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Ping (ms)
Starting Speed (Alabama, US) 42.51 3.34 800

When I connected to the VPN, my speeds dropped significantly.

Server location Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Ping (ms)
Tennessee, US 2.77 (93.5% decrease) N/A 882
Madrid, Spain 2.30 (94.5% decrease) N/A 881

I tested a local server and a server in Madrid using the Smart Server feature, but neither did well. My connection became unusable, and I couldn’t get Runescape to load.

A screenshot showing Runescape not loading due to slow speedsI couldn’t test a game because my speed decreased to barely nothing

I recommend using a better VPN for gaming due to the inconsistency.

Try Goose VPN Today

Server Network — Small Network, Lacking Variety

Goose has 100 servers in 24 countries.

When choosing a VPN, the network size is important for user experience. If there aren’t enough servers, you might run into a “server traffic jam,” meaning you’ll have slower speeds because too many users are trying to cram their way onto one server.

Goose has a Smart Server feature that automatically connects you to the optimal server. The best way to find a specific server is to disable the Smart Server feature to get a more in-depth list.

Most servers are located in Europe and North America, leaving out areas like South America, Africa, and most of Asia. However, you can find servers in Japan, Australia, and Singapore.

I contacted support and asked if Goose takes server requests, and its representative told me it does. Surprisingly, the servers would be physical — not virtual. At the time of writing, Goose’s support mentioned it’s changing server providers and plans on expanding its network.

Screenshot of Goose customer support confirming that the company takes sever requests and is changing server providers.Goose says that if you’d like to request a server in your location, reach out, and it will take it into consideration

Try Goose’s Servers Today

Security — Standard

Goose has standard security features, but they are different on each operating system.

It uses AES-256 encryption, HMAC Sha1, and RSA (2048) keys for authentication purposes. These are military-grade security features.

Your VPN client encrypts your data, making them indecipherable. Once they're encrypted, the data travels to the VPN server via your Internet Service Provider, and then they go out into the web. This way, your information is safe from any invisible on-lookers — giving you peace of mind.

A kill switch is automatically turned on when Automatic Pilot is enabled. This feature shuts your internet down if your VPN connection breaks, so your data stays safe.

Goose offers a variety of protocols:

  • OpenVPN — reliable and the most recommended.
  • L2TP/IPSec — a great alternative if you cannot use OpenVPN.
  • PPTP — fast but isn’t as secure as other protocols.
  • IKEv2 — fast and a good choice if you’re switching between internet connections (e.g., from WiFi to mobile) or have an unstable connection.

Windows supports all of these protocols, Apple users can choose between L2TP and IKEv2, while Android users have only one — IKEv2.

A screenshot showing customer's support's response to my question about security protocols on AndroidCustomer support says IKEv2 is the only protocol Android users have

DNS leak protection is available on Windows but not on Android.

A screenshot showing Goose offers DNS leak protectionUsers can switch DNS leak protection on and off on Windows

To see for myself, I performed a DNS leak test using the OpenVPN protocol and it showed no signs of leaks.

A screenshot showing DNS leak testYou can be sure that Goose will protect your true identity

Unfortunately, WireGuard is not supported at this time.

Protect Yourself With Goose

Privacy — Protective of Your Privacy

Goose has a no-log policy, and your information is never shared with third-party companies.

A screenshot of an excerpt from Goose VPN's privacy policyGoose VPN says it does not store IP addresses

The only stored information is your email address and your bandwidth — per its “fair use policy.” Goose’s website says, “Users, who use more than 1% of the entire bandwidth of the GOOSE network, will be approached by GOOSE to reduce the use, or to make a higher payment.”

A screenshot of customer support answering privacy questionsGoose’s customer support reaffirms the privacy policy

Its privacy policy states it has to comply with the law in the case of suspicion of criminal activity. Goose is based in the Netherlands, part of the 14 Eyes Alliance, but since it doesn’t keep records, there wouldn’t be much to hand over if the company gets subpoenaed.

However, there is some contradictory information in its Privacy Policy. First, it says it doesn’t register your IP address; in the following sentence it says it does, but only once.

A screenshot showing contradiction in Goose's privacy policyGoose’s privacy policy is contradictory

This is slightly confusing, so I reached out to customer support for clarification. The representative told me the app itself doesn’t log your IP address. However, when you log onto the website, your IP address is logged for location purposes to display the correct language, currencies, and billing tax information when you purchase a plan.

Goose VPN's customer support response to my question regarding its logging policyI was impressed by how customer support addressed this question

Fortunately, there are tried and tested VPNs that really don’t keep logs.

Goose has not undergone any third-party security audit. Security audits ensure that companies uphold the policies that keep your information private and secure.

Goose supports extra privacy tools:

  • TOR browser — provides an extra layer of security and privacy.
  • Cyber Alarm — which is a built-in malware scanner.

Keep Your Privacy With Goose

Torrenting — P2P-Friendly

Goose has dedicated P2P servers, which equals faster and safer torrenting. You can select a list of just P2P servers on Windows to narrow down your search. There’s a similar list on Android.

Screenshots showing server list on both Android and Windows.Both versions have the exact server list

Goose has a much more extensive selection of P2P servers than streaming servers but is still a small network with limited options.

P2P servers are in:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada Czech Republic
Denmark Germany Hungary Norway Netherlands
Poland Romania Singapore Spain Sweden
Switzerland UK US

Be sure to check the rules and regulations for your country before torrenting. My team and I do not condone illegal torrenting.

Torrent With GooseToday

Does Goose Work in China? Maybe

Goose says users may be able to use Goose in China, depending on the region and individual ISP's policies on VPN.

A screenshot of customer support responding to my question about Goose working in ChinaCustomer support recommends OpenVPN protocol as the best option for using Goose in China

There are VPNs that can bypass the Great Firewall, but it’s not exactly certain if Goose can.

China restricts the use of most VPNs and only approves the ones operating in China. However, there have been no cases of prosecuting tourists for using VPNs.

Installation & Apps


Simultaneous Device Connections — Unlimited

Goose allows unlimited simultaneous device connections. Considering the industry standard is around 5 devices per subscription, Goose excels in this area.

I tested to see if having both of my devices connected at the same time would change my performance results and saw no change. This is good news for users that have multiple devices.

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Device Compatibility — Wide Selection

You can use Goose on a wide variety of devices: mobile, desktop, and even routers.

It’s compatible with all major devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

A screenshot of devices compatible with GooseI was impressed by how many devices Goose is available for

You can also use Goose on ChromeOS devices, Raspberry Pi, and various gaming consoles by installing it on a router.

There are variations on how the VPN is structured on different devices:

  • Apple users do not have access to PPTP and OpenVPN.
  • Windows supports all security features.
  • Mobile apps do not have a kill switch (kill switches help keep your privacy in the case of dropped internet connection).
  • Linux needs to be installed manually.

Connect Your Device With Goose

Set-Up & Installation — Quick and Easy

Installing and using Goose on Windows and Android was straightforward with small differences between the interfaces.

I installed Goose on my Windows and Android devices.

Windows Install

After creating an account, installing was straightforward.

image showing how to download Goose for WindowsIt was simple to install Goose on my laptop

On the Windows client, icons at the bottom of the screen allow you to enable Autopilot (which includes the kill switch), choose a server, view Cyber Alarm, and change your advanced settings like security protocols.

Screenshot of Goose on WindowsI found the Windows desktop version to be easy to navigate

Android Install

I downloaded the app in a matter of minutes.

Image showing the setup process for Goose on AndroidThe setup process for Goose on Android was easy

However, the Goose Android app gives you minimal options. Only IKEv2 is available; there is no advanced setting option, nor is there the automatic pilot feature which means no kill switch.

Screenshot showing Goose on AndroidThe Goose Android app is very basic

Try Goose Today


1 Year
$ 5.32 / month per month
1 Month
$ 10.65 / month per month
Lifetime Deal
$ 158.84 / year per year

With prices starting as low as $5.32/month —  I'd say Goose is pretty affordable. There are a few options to choose from, with longer plans giving you better savings.

After creating an account, Goose sends an invoice of .01 cent to verify your payment method. Payment options are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, iDeal, or PayPal.

Goose offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Although, if a user uses more than 100MB of data in the first month, it's up to the discretion of Goose to approve the refund.

A screenshot of Goose's money-back guaranteeThe policy states that usage over 100MB may disqualify you from a refund

Save with Goose Today

Reliability & Support


Goose’s customer support gave informative and well-written responses.

24/7 customer support is available via email or live chat. I used both options. I was impressed with the response times — email was efficient, it took 30 minutes to an hour to get a reply. Every response was informative and never automated. Its website has a FAQ section, as well.

Image showing screenshots of interactions with Goose's customer support via email and chatGoose’s customer support answered every single question I had

Goose is also multilingual and offers Dutch, English, German, and French language options on both its website and apps.

Its customer support team can also help you with more complicated technical issues on TeamViewer.

Customer support confirming Goose is multilingual and gives support via TeamViewerI was very impressed to learn that Goose makes its website, apps, and customer support accommodating to users

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Compare Goose VPN With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

Goose is a decent VPN with unlimited simultaneous device connections, low prices, and a no-log policy.

However, Goose had inconsistent speeds, and it could not unblock most streaming sites. It could also stand to update its Android app to provide more user options, such as changing security protocols.

  • Unlimited device connections
  • Low prices
  • Responsive customer support
  • No-log policy
  • P2P-friendly
  • Military-grade encryption

FAQs on Goose

Is Goose safe?

Yes, but it could do a better job at offering security features to all supported apps. You can read my full security report here.

Can Goose unblock Netflix?

Yes, Goose can unblock Netflix US. I was able to access US-exclusive movies and shows.

Will Goose slow my speeds down?

Yes, but speed loss differs depending on which server you choose.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 30
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: Unlimited

Watch the short video review and tutorial below of Goose VPN

Goose VPN User Reviews (User reviews are not verified)
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Cross-site-tracking scripts of Goose VPN

The website of Goose VPN uses huge cross-site-tracking scripts, and it has no influence on whether you have reported it or not. It is ridiculous that they guarantee your "privacy" but at the same time, they are using cross-site-tracking.

Jheri C
Jheri C
Disappointing IMO

I subscribed but there are too many issues of the servers going down. When it works it's fine but too many cases of getting disconnected and without warning, e.g. on an Amazon Firestick, the server you're on will go off-line so you're losing the privacy and protection. I'd look elsewhere!

Was better few months ago

I took Goose because I read the review on vpnmentor and I was happy the first several months... Now, the service is not as good as it was. The app is bad, there are fewer servers (i used to use on in Australia, but not here anymore) Do not recommend it Goose,

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