Whoer VPN Review & Test 2019 -Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Nicky Hosek | Updated on 5th December 2019
Cybersecurity Researcher

New on the international VPN scene is the Cyprus-based Whoer VPN. Whoer released their full VPN service less than a year ago and it has surprised many experienced users with its advanced features and unequivocal professionalism.

We were impressed to see that Whoer can unblock Netflix. But, it operates a limited amount of servers across 16 countries, so if you are out of luck if you enjoy a more global streaming experience. If you are looking for flexibility and a streaming-friendly VPN with servers across the world, try NordVPN instead.  Its SmartPlay DNS feature can unblock over 140 streaming sites.

There are free and paid plans available, giving users the choice between a basic service and the full range of functionality. While their monthly plan is quite pricey, the longer-term plans are more competitive, with an economical annual plan. The free plan is pretty basic but still provides some decent features, and those considering a paid plan can take advantage of the free trial before purchasing.

Whoer has been bold in their commitment to navigating geoblocks and guarantees access to Netflix, which is a brave statement given the content provider's attempts to block VPN access. Whoer's privacy policy is robust, although it is fairly stern about the terms of service, so users must mind their manners while online. A well-designed interface fronts the powerful application with plenty of customizable functions.

User's can choose to connect to Whoer using an optional UDP connection. In the same settings screen, they'll also find a kill switch.

Whoer maintains user privacy by keeping zero logs. Its latest update also offers a Double VPN setting to increase user security. Whoer will encrypt your data with AES-256 bit encryption. With Double VPN employed, you won't have to worry about your privacy. If you need a VPN for China, Whoer might be a good option.

The support service is impressive, with live chat and ticket systems in place and prompt, helpful responses. This reflects the company’s overall professionalism which evident in the advanced features available. Speeds are consistent and, although they don’t have extensive international server coverage, they do manage to maintain a reliable service. Useful additional tools are available on Whoer’s website, including an IP address checker and speed tests.

Whoer provides unlimited access on its paid plans and one subscription covers the simultaneous use of up to three devices. All plans allow access to their 16 servers, of which three allow torrenting. Although server numbers are small compared to some of the VPN giants, Whoer maintains impressive speeds, although torrenting can be a little tedious.

You'll find native apps for Windows, MacOS, and Android, though OpenVPN configuration is available for Linux as well. The one concern we have is that it's a growing VPN with a limited number of servers to date. Although it can access Netflix, a small server network will stop you from streaming content from all over the world. For more access (and to run a VPN that is consistent and trustworthy), we still recommend NordVPN.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 14
Number of servers 25
Number of IP addresses 25
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 3
The Bottom Line

A young VPN service with heaps of potential

Whoer is still the new boy on the block but has produced an impressive performance so far. Excellent customer service, reliable speeds, Netflix access and impressive features make Whoer one to watch. Look out for further technological advancements which may well take this contender to the top of the heap.

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 0
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 3
VPN Plans: www.whoer.net
Whoer User Reviews
  •  5
Good enough

I've been using Whoer about a year, they provide 16 countries now. Fine service. good support. I work on euro servers mostly, fast enough for stream videos. Ask for promo coupons - they provide good discount

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    •  1
    Honesty & integrity?

    Whoer Net's main pages are scripted with words that imply (or outright declare) their ethos of honesty and integrity. However, after running a few tests of my current connections, using their in-house scanner, it became clear, that the results were merely fearmongering... fearmongering designed more to tempt you into subscribing to their service by appallingly trashing your current connection, than giving you an honest or accurate score. Two connections I tried returned no identifying information about me whatsoever, save the IP of the exit servers - it scored my well configured OpenVPN connection at just 63% (it didn't even identify my browser correctly). I really realised they were being dishonest when they scored my TOR connection (running on a virtual Linux instance with Win10) at just 40% Don't try and sell yourselves as honesty incarnate when you peddle dishonest misinformation about visitor's current connections. Here's my HONEST score of Whoer VPN... 10%

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      •  2
      Кажется, контора мутная

      В Опере недавно были неполадки со встроенным ВПН, но с обновлением их пофиксили и всё прекрасно работало, как и до неполадок. Но чёрт меня дернул поставить полноценный десктопный ВПН от Whoer. Вроде бесплатно, без рекламы, на долгий срок, но после пользования ним у меня перестал работать тот же встроенный в Оперу ВПН, при попытке зайти на какой-лтбо сайт выбивает ошибку HTTP ERROR 502. Получается, Whoer блокирует все остальные ВПН-сервисы..?

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