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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

VyprVPN starts off to a great start with its location in Switzerland, which means a strict no-log policy. While not the cheapest, VyprVPN does come with two flexible plans, the Pro and Premium to meet different users’ needs. HMA offers a 30-money-back guarantee to its competitively priced packages but places restrictions. While HMA only supports two simultaneous connections, VyprVPN supports five under its Premium plan. Other great VyprVPN security features include a NAT Firewall, Chameleon Technology and VyprDNS which make bypassing firewalls in China a breeze. If you are looking to unblock Netflix, HMA is the better choice. While VyprVPN lives up to its claim as the fastest VPN, HMA speeds are mediocre at best. Both support OpenVPN but a major caveat is that they do not accept bitcoin. As far as customer support goes, both VPNs boast friendly services provided through live chat.






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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

This VPN is one of just a few that are truly serious about online security and privacy. This VPN is also the go-to VPN for privacy enthusiasts all over the world who are looking to bypass geo-restrictions to enable streaming. This is great value for money considering the competitive prices and large server network offered by this VPN.

Interestingly, if you compare HMA VPN with NordVPN, which is our top ranked vpn, you'll see that HMA VPN can learn a lot from NordVPN. Compare HMA VPN with NordVPN