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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

NordVPN and Trust.Zone are two of the most secure VPNs available in the market. They both use a strong AES-256 bit encryption in securing users’ data and also have a kill switch available. Both VPNs also have apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, with Trust.Zone taking it a step further with a Linux application.

With over 3000 servers in 60 countries, NordVPN is positioned well ahead of Trust.Zone VPN which only has 135 servers in 31 countries. NordVPN also has more than 1000 US based servers compared to Trust.Zone’s 35. Trust.Zone however has some US based servers dedicated to streaming Netflix and Hulu while NordVPN has numerous servers dedicated to both streaming from Netflix and torrenting.

While Trust.Zone uses a ticketed support system, NordVPN provides 24/7 support, responds a lot quicker, and provides more helpful materials for users. NordVPN also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee compared to Trust.Zone’s 10 days. Continue reading to find out which of these VPNs truly stands out as the best.






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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

With over 3000 servers in 60 countries, very fast speed and a very strong encryption, NordVPN is miles ahead of Trust.Zone. It also offers unlimited bandwidth, more simultaneous connections and some dedicated servers for streaming Netflix and other US content and torrenting. NordVPN also has one of the best prices for any premium VPN in the market.  More Info