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Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

ProtonVPN and Tunnelbear are close competitors with each providing strong 256-bit AES encryption, seamless cross platform compatibility, and bitcoin for anonymous payment. As a Swiss provider, Proton offers formidable protection from government surveillance with its OpenVPN protocol. By passing traffic through multiple servers using Secure Core technology, Proton is able to safely hide users’ IPs. While Proton boasts a zero-log policy, it disappoints with its poor customer service, support for a single device, and shifty connection speeds. Beyond its quirky outlook, Tunnelbear has a lot to offer in the way of security and privacy with its wide choice of protocols including OpenVPN and GhostBear, and the VPN’s stealth mode, which makes it possible to bypass firewalls such as those in China. If you are looking for P2P torrenting, TunnelBear will disappoint but users will be delighted with this VPN’s ability to unblock Netflix. Tunnelbear permits the use of five devices simultaneously and comes with a kill switch too.






 The Bottom Line

Ariel Hochstadt
Ex-Google, International tech speaker

For a relatively new kid on the block, ProtonVPN offers a solid VPN package. This VPN does fall short with its slow response times but with an affordable pricing structure, considerably large server coverage, and its Secure Core technology, ProtonVPN is certainly worthwhile. Its location in Switzerland, a privacy friendly country, means that Proton is able to guarantee the privacy and security of data at all times. This advantage is complemented by a strict zero-log policy, making ProtonVPN a clear winner.

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