Unblock Netflix (If You Reside Outside The US)

Netflix-logoNetflix has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years and is known to offer great varieties of TV shows and movies for the viewing pleasure of millions across the US and beyond. Presently, there are around 20,000 shows and movies in the US version of Netflix, although this number is significantly lower compared to its Canadian and European versions. Like many other media services, only American viewers get to attain the full benefits of the service. This has turned to be a grave concern for viewers who reside outside of the US.


Netflix error message outside the US

If you are such a user, then do not worry, there are several solutions that you can resort to. There are two major aspects to this problem: financial and technical. And if you want to resolve this problem then you will need to address both of these issues. Here is some information that will help you; Netflix assesses your IP address, which allows it to determine your country. You can check your IP address using this tool. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of web applications that you can use to mask your IP. Download a web application that re-routes your internet traffic, which will make Netflix servers think that you are in the US. This method will be further discussed in just a moment. But first, let’s emphasize another important issue: the membership of Netflix. If you have a Netflix account that was created in the US, you won’t encounter any complications as you can utilize IP spoofing methods. Testers of this method have found out that Netflix doesn’t take into account the location when it comes to registering your account with the website. This means that if you live abroad, you can enjoy all the benefits of Netflix that users in the US are entitled to. If you have not registered to Netflix, it becomes much more complicated.

Legally, you can say that the solution to Netflix viewing complications in other countries is still in the gray. You can try to pay with PayPal or your local credit card, and make use of an American address that you have to register at. This may or may not work. So, only resort to it when all else fails. Now, let’s revisit the solution that tricks the server into thinking that you are a US viewer: Altering Your IP Address You can do this via three different ways. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages associated with all three:

Paid/Free Proxies

Proxies are basically servers that users have online, which you can connect to (in this case the servers should be present in the United States). This allows you to route your internet traffic through the server. Generally, the proxies are free and can be annoying to use because of the hundreds of ads placed on them. And because they are utilized by thousands of people all around the world, they generally offer low speeds.. If you use a proxy, then remember that video streaming will put a tremendous amount of load on your bandwidth, which may result in lower buffer speeds. So, the next best alternative is to download the movie or TV show, which can also take a long time. If you want to have a go at proxies then try visiting Proxy.org. The site has tons of information about proxies and you will surely find something that suits your needs.


Generally speaking, proxies are free for use. You can easily download them.


Many proxies, (especially the free ones) are very slow. This is because they are most likely to be used by a lot of people. For example, proxies are used by many in Middle Eastern and Asian countries, so streaming and downloading can turn out to be frustratingly slow. Plus, you can never be sure about the quality you get.

Browser Extensions

These are compact software mechanisms that alter your browser’s functionality. The extensions usually work by changing your IP address and unblock restrictions that are placed on sites such as Netflix. Browser extensions are so popular that you may find their mention in terms and services of popular websites, like Netflix. This is why you should always be careful how aggressively you utilize them.


Unblocking access can be easy because IPs and extensions are available in most of the countries around the world. Plus, a majority of them are free.


It is highly unlikely that you’ll be viewing any video in premium quality, especially if you’re streaming a video. You may also face the problem of other users routing their traffic through your internet connection, putting a load on your bandwidth.

Virtual Private Networks

VPN commonly ranks among the best tools that anyone can use to unblock online restrictions. This is because the service actually works as per its stated claims of speed and safety, (but they aren’t free). Virtual Private Networks are servers that you connect with, like proxies, the main difference being that VPNs are created specifically for this purpose. VPN developers make sure that you can surf blocked sites without having to worry about quality. VPNs provide several different benefits other than an access to Netflix, like masking your online identity and doubling the security on your browser. A majority of VPN services work by using IP addresses that are present in at least 25 different countries, and users have the option to connect with all of them. A VPN subscription starts at $3 a month and goes to around $10 per month, (which are mostly premium charges). But it is better if you take the $10 per month service for increased video quality and streaming. Here are some top rated VPN services of today along with their rates:

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