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ProxyWins Review 2023 — Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Andjela Nikolic
Andjela Nikolic | Updated on 27th January 2023 Cybersecurity Researcher

ProxyWins claims its proxy servers are super fast and can help you access tons of content. The service offers dedicated IP addresses for exclusive use, which should be able to avoid overcrowding and easily bypass firewalls and blocks. But is ProxyWins really better for unblocking and faster than a provider offering public IPs?

To verify this, I tested all of its features, such as connection speeds, unblocking abilities, privacy policy, and ease of use. I also found out how good it is for streaming, gaming, and torrenting.

All things considered, I don’t recommend ProxyWins. Although it works well for accessing most streaming platforms, its limited speeds make streaming a chore. Additionally, it offers no encryption, and it’s quite expensive. It’s better to stay safe and try one of the best VPNs from this list with thousands of servers for the price of only 1 ProxyWins IP address in the US.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings



ProxyWins Features — Updated in February 2023

💸 Price 3.28 USD/month
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🛡 Kill switch No
🗺 Based in country Russian Federation
🛠 Support Live chat

Streaming — Good for Unblocking, but Poor for Streaming


Although ProxyWins can access most US platforms, it’s too slow for streaming. While I could access Netflix US without issues, I often had to wait for the videos to load. To be fair, my base speed isn’t that high, and I was using a server that’s over 9000 km away from my location. So, you may get better results.

You can’t target specific European countries, so unblocking its content is tough. The list of offered countries constantly changes based on availability. Additionally, you don’t get to choose which European country you get an IP in, as the only choices are Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the US. Asia, Africa, and Latin America aren’t available, so you can’t access popular Netflix libraries like Japan or Brazil.

If your base speed is very high, and you plan on streaming content from Russia, Ukraine, or the US, ProxyWins might be a good choice. However, if you need to access content from several different countries, you need to pay for each location separately. Meanwhile, there are VPNs with worldwide server networks at a similar price.

Unblocked: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and ESPN+

I accessed Netflix US without any issues. Netflix is notorious for blocking VPNs, so this is an impressive feat. However, I had to wait a few seconds for the videos to load. I had the same experience with Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and ESPN+. The services didn’t detect I was using a proxy, and (apart from much slower speeds) everything went well.

Blocked By: Hulu

Hulu immediately detected I was using a proxy and blocked my access. I couldn’t even log in. After entering my login information, I saw the following error message: “Hulu is available in the U.S. only, and cannot be used with an anonymous proxy service”. This platform is usually tough to unblock, so this isn’t a big surprise.

Overall, I can’t recommend ProxyWins for streaming because of the slow speeds and lack of servers. Even though my base speed is low, I don’t have issues streaming with the top VPNs. If you want to unblock platforms from around the world, try streaming without long load times on tons of servers worldwide with one of the top VPNs.

Speeds — Significant Speed Losses on Every Server


ProxyWins is not as fast as advertised. I got an IP address in the US (Bend, Oregon), around 9,000 km from my location. It takes some time for data to travel back and forth at this distance, so speed losses were expected. However, it reduced my average download speeds by 68%. This is a significant loss, especially if your base speed is already low.

Screenshot of a speed test showing the writer's connection speeds without a VPN.My connection speed wasn't that great to start with, but still fast enough for HD streaming

While my base speed is relatively low, I can watch videos in 4K without issues. The recommended streaming bandwidth for UHD is between 20 Mbps and 25 Mbps. Additionally, my ping was 46, which is good enough for gaming without lag. On the other hand, my ping with ProxyWins was 229, which is way too slow for a good gaming experience.

Screenshot of Ookla speed tests showing very slow speeds while connected to ProwyWinsMy upload speeds didn’t fall as far as the download speeds and ping

As a comparison, I tested my connection speeds with ExpressVPN, using a server closest to the ProxyWins’ one. It slowed me down by only 0.5%.

Screenshot of a speed test while connected to ExpressVPN showing an insignificant reduction in speedAll of ExpressVPN’s US servers were faster than ProxyWins

Every other ProxyWins server gave me comparable speeds. If I had multiple tabs open, even simple websites took a really long time to load. With fast speeds being one of the main advantages of ProxyWins (according to its website), these results are truly disappointing. You can get much better speeds if you try one of the fastest VPNs around in this list.

Are ProxyWins’ Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? No


ProxyWins is too slow for online gaming. It reduced my download speeds by 68%, and my ping went from 46 to 229. Ping is the main factor that impacts your gaming experience. It tells you the time it takes for a system to respond to an action, like pressing ‘W’ to move forward. Generally, a ping rate under 50 ms is exceptional, while anything over 150 ms will cause lag.

In my test, I tried to load Dota 2 on Steam and couldn’t connect after accepting a match. This caused me to receive a ban. After I set the graphics to low, I could start playing. But the connection to the server was lost mid-game. So, I can’t recommend ProxyWins for online gaming. Instead, pick one of the top VPNs for fast and safe gaming from this list.

Server Network — Offers 4 Countries With Poor Coverage in Europe and the US


The service provides IP addresses in Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the US. Most of the IPs are in Russia and Ukraine, with the rest of Europe and the US taking up only a small portion of the network. However, I don’t like that ProxyWins offers IPs in Europe without disclosing the actual countries. Additionally, when I asked customer support which European countries are covered, I was told that they don’t have the full list.

So, if you need lots of private IP addresses in Russia or Ukraine, this might be a good option. If not, it’s better to use one of these premium VPNs for Europe that have servers in multiple European countries, including many city-level locations. These VPNs openly disclose their server locations, so it’s easy to see if they cover the country you need.

Security — No Added Security Features


ProxyWins changes your IP address, but doesn’t encrypt your data. When buying the subscription, you’ll be asked whether you want an HTTP or a SOCKS proxy. Using the HTTP protocol isn’t recommended, as it’s quite outdated. The more secure HTTPS protocol has been widely used for years. SOCKS5 is mainly used for P2P file sharing, as it transfers smaller data packets, which makes it faster than other proxies.

Neither one of these options is secure. Most premium VPNs nowadays use the virtually uncrackable AES 256-bit encryption. And they come with a kill switch to protect you from data leaks. ProxyWins lacks both, so if you care about protecting your sensitive information, I recommend checking out this list of the most secure VPNs.

Privacy — Logs and Shares Your Private Data


Although it has “No Logging” as one of 6 main selling points on its homepage, ProxyWins logs too much data. Not only does it log identifiable information such as your IP and email address, it also shares this data with third parties. Additionally, it logs the pages you visit and the time of access. Its privacy policy also states it will share your data with governments if necessary.

Screenshot of ProxyWins privacy policy highlighting the data it logsIts privacy policy is very short and vague, and there’s no official English translation

Because of this, I wouldn’t trust ProxyWins with my data. I recommend you check out the top VPNs with strict no-logs policies to protect your privacy online.

Torrenting — Slow and Risky


I don’t recommend using ProxyWins for torrenting. It’s too slow, and it would have taken me 1.5 hours to download a 5 GB file.

Additionally, it’s not secure since there’s no kill switch. If your device goes into sleep mode while you’re torrenting, you’ll get disconnected from your proxy, and your real IP address will be visible.

Another issue is its privacy policy. ProxyWins logs too much data and openly admits to sharing it with third parties. If you want to stay private, it’s much safer to pick one of the best VPNs for torrenting from this list instead.

Torrenting is legal in most countries, but it’s never legal to download copyrighted material. My team and I don’t condone any illegal activities. We recommend you read your local rules and regulations to avoid breaking any laws.

Does ProxyWins Work in China? Possibly

ProxyWins’ customer support claims that it works in China. This might be true, as the IP addresses are used exclusively by one person, so they’re less likely to be detected and blocked. If you go for it, pick a SOCKS5 proxy, as it’s more likely to work there. But based on the issues I had with support, I wouldn’t take their word for it. It’s safer to try a VPN that’s tested and proven to work in China.

The Chinese government has blocked many VPNs and proxies. However, it usually only goes after the technology rather than individual users. We recommend reading up on the current laws and regulations before using a VPN or proxy in China.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Depends on Your Subscription Plan

Only one device can claim an IP address at a given time, so it depends on how many you buy. You can get batches ranging from 1 to 1000 IP addresses or talk to customer service and get a special offer for your specific needs. However, this can be very expensive. It’s easier and cheaper to get a VPN, like IPVanish, with unlimited device connections and thousands of servers.

Installation & Apps


Device Compatibility — Available for Any Device With Access to Proxy Settings

ProxyWins’ website states it can be set up on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. The customer service is ready to help you set it up on just about any browser.

However, you can set it up on any device with access to proxy settings. I highly recommend setting it up on your device instead of the browser. This way, all your apps will use your new IP address. The process isn’t that complicated, but it’s easier to use one of the top VPNs that don’t force you to access your device’s settings.

Setup & Installation — Could be Complicated for Beginners

Setting up ProxyWins is quite tricky. If I didn’t need to review it, I’d have simply given up and found another service.

First, I kept getting an error message when I tried to get a subscription. I talked to the customer service agent, who told me it might be because of my location. They recommended using a VPN to connect to Russia or Ukraine. Having to use a VPN to get another VPN is odd, but I tried, and it didn’t work.

After countless trials, I finally found a solution. I don’t speak Russian, so I had Chrome automatically translate the ProxyWins’ website into English. When I turned off the automatic translation, I could pay without issues.

After buying the IPs you need, an activation code is sent to you via email. You need to send this code to customer support via live chat and ask for it to be activated. After 15 minutes, I received a text file with my login details and proxy address. I had to set it up manually on my Windows 10 laptop, which isn’t that complicated. Here’s how it’s done:

Quick Guide: How to Set Up a Proxy Server on Windows in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Find your Proxy settings. Go to Settings in your Start menu, then click on Network & Internet and select Proxy.
  2. Enter your proxy address. Under Manual proxy setup, click on the toggle under Use a proxy server, and enter the address you received from ProxyWins’ customer service.
  3. Start browsing. After opening your browser, you’ll see a pop-up asking you to enter your login details. Once you’ve done that, you’re all set and your IP is changed.

While setting up a proxy like ProxyWins isn’t too difficult, there are easier ways to change your IP address. I find it much easier to use a premium VPN that you can activate through a simple app.


$ 3.28 / month per month
$ 16.14 / month per month
$ 31.95 / month per month

The price depends on how many IPs you need and where they’re located. IP addresses in Russia are the most affordable. The starting price for 1 month with a Russian IP address is 100 RUB, or 1.61 USD, as per current exchange rates. There’s no option to change your preferred currency on the website, so (unless you’re paying in rubles) you’d need to calculate the price in EUR or USD yourself. I found this quite annoying.

There are three payment options — interkassa, enot, and free-kassa. According to ProxyWins’ website, all three options support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as well as Visa and Mastercard. However, I couldn’t pay with my Mastercard via interkassa, so I used enot instead.

Screenshot of a conversation with ProxyWins' live chat supportI couldn’t get straight answers even for some fairly simple questions

ProxyWins doesn’t offer a free trial, and its money-back guarantee is only valid for 2-3 hours after buying a subscription. This isn’t nearly enough time to properly test the service. Additionally, you’d only get a refund if there were technical problems with the IP. This is disappointing because many of the best VPNs I’ve tested didn’t even ask for a reason before approving my refund request.

In general, the prices are too high, even with a discount. For example, 100 IP addresses in the US would cost you over 300 USD per month. You can get a VPN with much better protection and thousands of servers worldwide for much cheaper. Additionally, most premium VPNs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you plenty of time to test all their features.

Reliability & Support


ProxyWins’ customer service is available 24/7 via live chat, but the staff isn’t very helpful. When I asked the customer support if they could help me with setting up the proxy on my device, their reply was: “Just connect to the proxy from your device.” After telling them I don’t know how to do that, they told me to just google it. They also didn’t know which countries in Europe were available. Plus, when I asked if ProxyWins offers the more secure HTTPS proxy instead of HTTP, I was told they’re the same.

Screenshot of a conversation with ProxyWins' live chat supportI couldn’t get straight answers even for some fairly simple questions

Communication was also quite difficult overall, as they don’t speak English well. So, if you’re not tech-savvy, I recommend avoiding ProxyWins. Great customer support is a big deal to me because you never know when you’ll need help. It gives me peace of mind when I’m confident I can always get great help. I recommend you try one of the many VPNs with strong customer support in this list.

Compare ProxyWins With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

ProxyWins has a few very specific uses. If you need over 1000 dedicated IP addresses in Russia or Ukraine, it could work for you. But most people will be better off using dedicated IP addresses offered by one of the best VPNs.

It has a long list of negatives. For one, it will slow you down a lot, making streaming, gaming, and torrenting much less enjoyable (if not impossible). It doesn’t encrypt your data, and it’s missing several other essential security features that almost all VPNs provide. Plus, its privacy policy openly states that ProxyWins logs and shares your data.

So, I can’t recommend ProxyWins. It has a long way to go before competing with the top VPNs. For a similar price, you can get a service that outperforms it in every area. Check out this list to get a secure, fast, and privacy-friendly VPN.

  • Offers dedicated IP addresses
  • Good for unblocking content

FAQs on ProxyWins

Is ProxyWins safe?

No, ProxyWins has limited security features and logs too much information. While it can successfully change your IP address, it doesn’t encrypt your data — it also uses HTTP instead of the widely-used and more secure HTTPS protocol. Additionally, it disconnected every time my device went into sleep mode, making my real IP address visible.

Can ProxyWins unblock Netflix?

Yes, you can stream Netflix with ProxyWins. I had no issues unblocking Netflix US with a US IP address. However, your connection speeds will be slow, especially if you’re far away from the proxy server assigned to you. Additionally, if you get an IP address in Europe, you won’t know which country it is until you connect. This means you won’t be able to pick which libraries you want to unblock.

Can I use ProxyWins to access Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter?

Yes, ProxyWins can access the most popular social media accounts. I could log in to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using a US IP address. However, if you’re in a country that bans these services, you might not be able to access them even with a proxy. Most national firewalls use deep packet inspection, which a proxy can’t shield from. Your data with ProxyWins is not encrypted, so your ISP can easily see what you’re doing online.

Will ProxyWins slow my speeds down?

Yes, ProxyWins will slow you down significantly. To minimize the speed loss, make sure you get an IP address close to your physical location. I tested the speeds on its US servers from Europe, and it reduced my base speed by 68%. I had to watch videos in low resolution, and experienced constant buffering. Even simple websites took a while to load and gaming is impossible.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 0
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: Unlimited
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