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RapidSeedbox Review 2023: Find Out if Safe, Fast & Affordable?

Lawrence Wachira Updated on 28th August 2023 Fact-checked by Matthew Amos Senior Writer

RapidSeedbox claims to offer high-speed seedboxes (for faster uploads and downloads) and proxies. You can buy each service separately or opt for both. But considering the availability of fast and safe VPNs, is it really worth it?

To find out, I tested everything RapidSeedbox has to offer. I performed in-depth tests on its high-speed capabilities and checked if its proxy services work for streaming and gaming. In addition, I analyzed its security and privacy features.

Overall, it’s a decent seedbox if you want fast speeds to download (and store) tons of files. Unfortunately, its proxy services fall short in many areas. They can’t unblock much and only give you a 24-hour refund window. Plus, the speeds aren’t great, and they’re missing some essential security features. So, I recommend one of these VPNs if streaming and privacy are important to you.

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Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings



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Rapidseedbox Features — 2023 Update

💸 Price 19.9 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 14 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🛡 Kill switch No
🗺 Based in country Seychelles
🛠 Support 24/7 live chat

Streaming — Decent Playback With Average Unblocking Abilities


Its 4 proxy servers only provided limited access to a few services, and they’re quite slow. Even when I could unblock platforms, I ran into long load times and buffering.

Getting the proxies to work with each platform is also a complex endeavor. You need to manually enter the IP addresses and port numbers for each country. Plus, each time you want to switch locations you have to repeat this entire process. That’s not to mention how small its network is compared to the top VPNs.

The seedbox won’t change your location, so you’ll only be able to stream the services you can access locally with it. That means it’s not as relevant in this category. It does offer many features that make it easy to watch the videos you download, but I’ll discuss that more in the torrenting section.

Stream in HD with RapidSeedbox >>

Unblocked: Disney+, ITV, HBO Max, US/UK Netflix, and Other Libraries

US, France, Netherlands, and UK servers worked with Netflix. It always took a while to load, and there was a delay in video playback. I was eventually able to watch some movies and TV shows. Overall, the video quality wasn’t great.

I had no issues accessing ITV, either. The UK server was a bit faster and let me live-stream The Chase in great quality on the first try. However, I had to endure about 15 seconds of buffering first.

Initially, I struggled to access Disney+ with an IPv4 proxy, but I succeeded using IPv6. Even with the latter, the site took over 15 seconds to load, but the video quality was great. I watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in crystal clear quality.

Blocked By: Peacock, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, ESPN+

Peacock, Hulu, ESPN+, and Amazon Prime Video detected my proxy usage and blocked me. I tried to resolve the issue by switching to different port numbers and IPs, but my effort yielded no positive outcomes. This was odd since the same server successfully accessed Netflix US.

Overall, its proxy services aren’t great for streaming. To spare yourself from such frustrations, I’d go with these trustworthy VPNs for streaming instead.

Speed — Seedbox Is Fast, but Proxies Can Be Sluggish



RapidSeedbox lets you maintain fast download rates, with speeds reaching up to 10Gbps. The cool thing is, its speedy servers aren’t dependent on your computer, so they don't get slowed down by your ISP. When I speed-tested it, my download speed didn’t go below 1.2Gbps (40 times faster than my normal base speed of 30Mbps). With such speed and unlimited bandwidth, I was able to download large files in minutes.

Note. When using a regular seedbox, you may not be able to fully utilize the entire 10Gbps as it’s shared among multiple users. However, by switching to a dedicated server, you can maximize your speed potential.

Test RapidSeedbox Risk-Free >>


Its proxies were slower than I had anticipated. Typically, proxies don’t encrypt your data, so they tend to deliver better speeds than VPNs. That was not the case in my tests.

We usually use our dedicated speed tester for these reviews, so all our results come from the same base connection. However, in this case, it was necessary for a proxy expert to perform the tests. So, these results are an average of 10 different tests on each server I performed myself.

A screenshot showing the speeds I got with RapidSeedbox's proxyThe fastest server dropped my speed by 28%, and the slowest by 50%

The US and UK servers never dropped my speed by more than 37%. Considering both are 10,000+ km from my location, that’s not a super surprising result. Actually, all 4 locations were over 9,000 km away, which means there’s a possibility their performance might improve with proximity. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get closer to any of the servers during my tests.

The France server delivered a notable speed reduction of 50.3%. This came as a surprise since this was the nearest server to my location. So, you might get inconsistent results across the network regardless of your proximity to a specific server.

Overall, the proxy speeds aren’t impressive, especially because your connection isn’t encrypted. Even though I was miles away from these servers, some of the VPNs on this list lowered our speeds by only 25% over similar distances. So, it's best to opt for a VPN that offers fast connections instead.

Gaming — Poor Gaming Performance


The high ping rate made it impossible for me to enjoy smooth gameplay. Even when connected to the UK server (which gave me the fastest speeds), I still got a ping of 172 ms. A rate under 100 ms is recommended for lag-free gaming. Unfortunately, my latency consistently ranged from 172 to 278 ms, which caused a lot of lag while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

I experienced noticeable delays while loading bullets and during firing sequences, which was really annoying. All these together made it harder for me to outsmart my opponents. However, with a reliable VPN, you can avoid low latency and shield your gaming sessions from DDoS attacks.

Server Network — More Seedbox Options; Limited Proxy Servers


RapidSeedbox has high-speed virtual private servers (VPS) in the Netherlands. Each VPS includes a selection of 80 one-click app installers for apps like VLC, Dropbox, Deluge, Google Drive, Transmission, and NZBGet. This makes it easy to access P2P apps and video players within your seedbox, and the one-click title is accurate.

Unlike a VPN, a VPS doesn’t change your location. However, when using one, any torrent peer interacting with you will perceive your location as being in the Netherlands, as that's the location they connect to.

It maintains a range of 4 to 32 users per VPS. It claims this provides you with an enhanced downloading and uploading experience.

You can also get dedicated seedbox servers for even faster speeds. These give you your own physical server, so you’re not sharing a virtualized machine like with regular VPS setups. On top of that, these dedicated servers guarantee 99.9% uptime, unlimited traffic, DDoS protection, and up to 256 failover IPs to prevent server downtime.

RapidSeedbox also owns all the IP addresses it offers. Typically, seedboxes lease or purchase IPs from third-party providers. So, I like that RapidSeedbox gets rid of intermediaries to increase your privacy.

It also provides proxy servers in 4 locations — the UK, France, the US, and the Netherlands. With the seedbox, a server is automatically chosen for you. You also have to purchase each proxy individually. If you need to access tons of worldwide servers to avoid geo-restrictions, you can try any VPN from this list that all offer huge networks you can easily switch between.

Security — Good, With a Range of Flexible Options


RapidSeedbox prioritizes your safety with a range of protective measures. Its seedboxes secure your data with top-tier encryption, secure protocols, and robust DNS/IP/WebRTC protection. It also hides your location from anyone you’re seeding with, and it allows you to encrypt the rest of your internet traffic with proxies. This is all impressive for a seedbox, but you do miss out on a kill switch, a necessary feature all the top VPNs provide.

Stay Safe Online with RapidSeedbox >>

RSA 2048-bit encryption

RapidSeedBox uses RSA 2048-bit encryption to keep you safe online. The encryption conceals your IP address and scrambles your data, making it unreadable to hackers and snoops. Top VPNs like ExpressVPN and CyberGhost use AES 256-bit, which is equally as secure.

Security Protocols

RapidSeedbox offers several industry-leading protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard. Some protocols like FTPS and OpenVPN come pre-installed, while the rest can be easily set up. All connections via these protocols are rerouted through RapidSeedbox’s secure data center in the Netherlands. It also uses FTPS, SSH, and SFTP protocols to protect you while you’re torrenting. Overall, I was impressed with Rapidseedbox in this category.

Leak Test Results — Passed

My results showed no IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks. I tested 4 different proxy servers (including the US and Netherlands) multiple times to ensure fair results. Only the IPs that were assigned to me by the proxy showed up throughout. This means it concealed my real location.

Privacy — Logs and Stores Your Information


RapidSeedbox logs information that can be used to identify you. Plus, its privacy policy indicates a willingness to share your data with third parties. So, you need to worry about your privacy when using it. On a positive note, it operates in a country with no strict data retention laws. However, if safeguarding your privacy is of utmost importance, then consider using the seedbox simultaneously with a no-logs VPN.

Does RapidSeedbox Keep Logs? Yes

Rapidseedbox collects sensitive data such as your IP address. It also holds onto your email address and details of your identification documents, such as credit cards and driving license. You can pay for your subscriptions in crypto using a throwaway email, but it doesn’t protect you much when it has your ID.

It may also collect non-personal data. This includes information like the type of browser you use, your operating system, and the website addresses you click on. The company claims the purpose of collecting this data is to improve its site and enhance your experience.

Was RapidSeedbox Audited? No

RapidSeedbox hasn’t undergone an independent audit by any external organization. The top VPNs hire reputable third parties to prove they follow their privacy claims. I hope RapidSeedbox opts to do this in the future.

Based in Seychelles

RapidSeeedbox is headquartered in Mahe, Seychelles, a country with privacy-friendly laws. Seychelles isn’t a member of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance, which means RapidSeedbox is unlikely to be obliged by any authorities to log or share your data. But since it lacks a strict no-logs policy, there’s no guarantee your information won’t be handed over to authorities if requested.

Does RapidSeedbox Work in China? Not Sure

The customer support of RapidSeedbox suggested that the service might function in China. Yet, considering the strength of the Great Firewall of China (GFW), it's highly probable that its IP addresses may not be effective in the nation.

A screenshot showing RapidSeedbox's customer support in the use of the seedbox in ChinaAccording to RapidSeedbox, the blocking of its IPs in China is uncertain and can vary

While the Chinese government has banned several VPNs, it rarely goes after individuals for using them. My team and I don’t condone any illegal activities, so we recommend you read up on the laws before using a VPN. If you choose to use one in the country, check out this list of VPNs that reliably work in China.

Torrenting — Supports Popular Torrenting Clients


Rapidseedbox offers unlimited bandwidth and comes with a range of pre-installed torrenting apps like Deluge and ruTorrent. If these don't tickle your fancy, one-click installers are available for alternatives like qBittorrent, uTorrent, Tixati, and WebTorrent. It also makes it easy to install Sonarr and Radarr, which streamline the process of downloading and managing TV shows and movies.

It also offers an ample amount of storage space, providing up to 5.6 TB. You can stream files directly on any device without the need to store them locally. Setting up the Plex Media Server to enable this functionality is a breeze — I successfully configured it in my client area without requiring any assistance from customer support.

I tried it out and was able to download a 797 MB file using Deluge in just 2 minutes and 28 seconds. When I downloaded the same file with the same torrent client on my computer, it took 12 minutes. My base speed was 30 Mbps, and I had ExpressVPN running to protect my online identity. However, I wouldn’t recommend its proxies for torrenting as they don’t offer any protection.

I would like to note that the top VPNs keep you safe while torrenting at a more affordable price. So, it only makes sense to get a seedbox if your original speed is really slow. With a base rate of 100 Mbps, you can connect to a VPN and download movies in 5 to 10 minutes. Personally, I don’t think that justifies the added cost of a seedbox.

While torrenting is legal in most countries, it’s illegal to download pirated content. So refrain from torrenting copyrighted files.

Download Torrents with RapidSeedbox >>

Important. RapidSeedbox advocates for the installation of OpenVPN and WireGuard clients directly onto your computer instead of setting up your seedbox to use a VPN for torrent downloads. The reasoning is twofold: firstly, using a VPN on your seedbox could impose speed limitations. Secondly, given it operates independently of your system, it’s not prone to ISP throttling.

As such, the benefits of simultaneously using both while file sharing are considerably small. Therefore, it's most effective to keep the client on your personal computer to protect your data and hide your IP.

Installation & Apps


Installation & Apps — Easy To Set Up and Use

RapidSeedbox is a simple-to-use web-based seedbox. You can manage your seedbox through a web interface regardless of which device you use.

A screenshot showing RapidSeedbox's client area has a user-friendly interfaceTap on the expand buttons to the left of the screen to access more settings

One thing I liked is that the client area is well-organized and uncluttered. Its clean interface makes it easy to access each of the advanced features in a couple of clicks.

Get Started with RapidSeedbox >>

Setup & Installation

Getting RapidSeedbox up and running is easy. Upon signing up, I was able to add extra apps like Radarr, qBittorrent, and Brave to my seedbox within a matter of minutes. Installing Chrome, Sonarr, Dropbox, headphones, PyLoad, and Resilio Sync was just as simple. There’s a similar 1-click installer for each app.

It also comes with a remote desktop feature. This lets you connect to your seedbox using a GUI (Guided User Interface). All you have to do is download the X2Go client for Windows or Mac, and you can control your seedbox from far away.

On top of that, installing and using its proxy services is also relatively simple. I had a bit of trouble using IPv6 on my Windows laptop initially, but its customer support came to the rescue. After you buy any proxy, you'll see all the details in your client area. Just copy the ones you need and paste them into your device or preferred proxy extension.

Device Compatibility

RapidSeedbox offers a web-based interface that runs smoothly on all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, Mac, and Linux. This means you can utilize it from any device you normally use for torrenting.

As for the proxy services, they can be used on any device where you can tweak proxy settings. This covers your smart TV, phone, router, gaming consoles, computers, and so on. Also, if your device can run web browsers, you can easily add and use a proxy extension.

See All RapidSeedbox Apps >>

Simultaneous Device Connections

You can use your seedbox simultaneously on multiple devices without getting logged out on any of them. This is especially handy if your family enjoys fast file downloads and wants to use the seedbox too. I logged in from 5 devices and was able to download files without any issues. Just remember, as long as you're not uploading the same file from different places using a non-P2P service, you can use your seedbox on more devices seamlessly.

With the proxy services, you’re allowed up to Unlimited simultaneous connections from a single IP within a 3-second timeframe. After that, if you attempt to establish additional connections from the same IP, they may be denied or restricted.


$ 19.9 / month per month
$ 33.16 / month per month
$ 39.79 / month per month

Pricing — Reasonably Priced With a Proven Refund Policy

For what RapidSeedbox offers, its pricing is fair compared to other seedboxes. It has a comprehensive suite of 6 distinct packages, each available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Among these, 2 are categorized as lean plans, which are designed for essential needs and are ideal for anyone new to seedboxes. The remaining 4 are premium plans and give you more control.

With the lean plans, you only get the web-based torrent client and FTP. Plus, you can't install any apps, and you don’t have access to the seedbox. So, I suggest you stick to the premium options for a more satisfying user experience.

The seedbox also has separate plans for its proxy services, 5 in total, each available with the flexibility of monthly or yearly payment options. One of these is an IPv4 plan, while the remaining 4 are based on the more recent IPv6 protocol.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 plans come with their own unique offerings. The IPv4 plan extends its reach across 4 server locations, whereas the IPv6 plans operate across 3. However, the IPv6 plans have the added advantage of supporting IP rotation, along with an included dedicated IPv4.

RapidSeedbox accepts credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency payments. If you prefer not to disclose your payment information while subscribing, I suggest paying via cryptos.

Each seedbox plan is backed by a 14-day refund policy and a 24-hour window for the proxy services. The easiest way to ask for a refund is via its 24/7 live chat. You can also cancel your subscription by accessing your client area.

Image showing it's easy to request a refund via RapidSeedbox's live support featureThe rep promptly shared a screenshot as proof of the refund

The refund processing time varies depending on your payment method. If you paid via credit card, it may take up to 14 days for the money to appear in your account. However, if you used PayPal for your payment, you can expect to see the refund immediately.

Try RapidSeedbox Risk-Free >>

Reliability & Support


Reliability and Support — Knowledgeable, but Slow on Weekends

RapidSeedbox’s 24/7 live chat support is very helpful, even though there may be delays during the weekends. Its support team is well-informed and polite. Every rep I talked to was ready to answer any question I had, and they usually got back to me in just a few minutes.

What I appreciated the most was the live chat feature's ability to retain the previous conversation, even days after the interaction. This allowed for easy reference and ensured the seamless continuation of the conversation.

A screenshot showing RapidSeedbox retains chat historyA conversation remains open for further review if a rep is unable to resolve any issue

You can also reach out to its support team via a 20-minute video call or by email. However, RapidSeedbox informed me that it rarely monitors its email account. This didn’t bother me since I was happy with the live support feature (making a video call unnecessary).

If you prefer not to talk to a live agent, there’s also an extensive FAQ, a knowledge base, a regularly updated blog, and a YouTube channel.

Try RapidSeedbox Risk-Free >>

Compare Rapidseedbox With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict — Seedbox Worth a Try, but Not the Proxy Service

RapidSeedbox’s feature-rich seedbox is worth trying out. Its one-click installers make setting up torrenting apps pretty effortless. On top of that, it can really help you reach speeds of up to 10Gbps, so I can see the appeal for a heavy torrenter. Like most seedboxes, it logs some personal information, so I recommend you check its privacy policy before signing up.

However, its proxy services could be better. They only have 4 locations, they're not great at unblocking content, and their speeds aren't the best. They’re also missing important safety features like a kill switch, which is really important for keeping your online activities private. If you’re already able to torrent comfortably, I recommend staying safe online with one of the top VPNs.

  • Advanced encryption
  • One-click apps
  • Great for file sharing
  • Reliable customer support
  • Decent speeds

FAQs on RapidSeedbox

Does RapidSeedbox have any bandwidth limits?

Rapidseedbox offers unlimited bandwidth but throttle speeds, the extent of which varies based on the plan you opt for. Additionally, it permits numerous concurrent connections so you can utilize the bandwidth with your family. Exceeding your plan's bandwidth leads to a speed cap of 10Mbps, which resets with the next billing cycle.

Will RapidSeedbox give me fast download and upload speeds?

Yes, it can reach speeds of up to 10Gbps. This lets you download and upload files of any size quickly. Plus, 24/7 support is available to help you maximize your seedbox's performance whenever needed.

Is RapidSeedbox safe?

Yes, its seedboxes keep you safe online with a built-in VPN and secure protocols like OpenVPN. So, you can download files safely from anywhere. On top of that, it’s based in Seychelles, a country with privacy-friendly data retention laws.

What is a seedbox?

A seedbox is a dedicated, high-speed server for downloading and uploading files. These servers often have very high bandwidth, and they're primarily used to safely download and upload torrents at very high speeds. RapidSeedbox hosts speedy seedboxes equipped with a range of one-click apps.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 14
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: Unlimited
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