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VuzeVPN Review 2023 — Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Andreea Juganaru
Andreea Juganaru Senior Editor

VuzeVPN is a smaller VPN, but it impressed me with its speeds and security. However, it could improve its support service in some areas, and the privacy policy raises some questions.

I put the VPN through some vigorous testing to see how it held up for security, privacy, speeds, streaming, and more. Although VuzeVPN has a limited free version, I tested the premium unlimited version to get the best it has to offer.

It doesn’t quite compete with some other premium VPN services, but it can certainly be taken seriously as a smaller provider.

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Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

  • Unblocks Netflix. VuzeVPN did a great job bypassing Netflix’s geoblocks and unblocked some other major platforms in my streaming tests, with a few exceptions.
  • Consistently high speeds. Even when connected to more distant servers, it never dropped below 30 Mbps in my speed tests.
  • No-logs policy isn’t watertight. Upon analysis, the privacy policy suggests your data may be shared with third parties or governmental agencies.
  • Security is reliable. Encryption is military-grade AES-256 bit, and I didn’t find any IP, DNS, WebRTC, or IPv6 leaks during my tests. However, you can’t choose which protocols to use.
  • Server selection is small. You can only select a country rather than individual servers. However, I found that every server I tried was extremely reliable and fast, and there were enough for all your online activities.
  • Torrenting isn’t recommended. VuzeVPN doesn’t state clearly in the terms if P2P is allowed, and the privacy policy might leave you vulnerable if you accidentally download copyrighted material.
  • It’s good for light gaming. If you’re connecting to a very distant server over 5000km away, very competitive gamers might find the ping a bit too high.
  • Free version of the app. However, you’re limited to 50MB a day and a limited selection of servers.
  • 30-day money-back policy. You’ll be able to try VuzeVPN risk-free with this policy in place.
  • It only supports Windows. Currently, the only app available is compatible with Windows.

VuzeVPN Features — Updated in February 2023

💸 Price 2.95 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 200+
💻 Number of devices per license 5
🛡 Kill switch Yes
🗺 Based in country United States
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming — Bypasses Netflix’s Geoblocks

VuzeVPN quickly unblocked Netflix US and a few other major platforms but failed to access some favorites like Disney+. For this platform, I’d recommend you try a more hardy VPN like these. A VPN needs to bypass geoblocking imposed by streaming platforms due to broadcasting rights. It does this by changing your IP address, and although VuzeVPN achieved this, it didn’t manage to unblock all the services I tried.

Unblocked: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video

I tested some popular streaming platforms by connecting to a server in the associated country. Netflix US worked instantly and showed me the “popular in the US" section — indicating that the content has switched to the correct country. I didn’t encounter any slowdowns or error messages, and I was able to stream in UHD as I never dipped below 30 Mbps.

Screenshot showing Netflix unblocked after connecting to a VuzeVPN server in the USI was pleased with how quickly Netflix worked after I connected to a US server

BBC iPlayer also worked with a UK server, and I could load any show ready for streaming within 10 seconds. Amazon Prime Video is notoriously tricky to unblock as it usually detects VPNs, so I was impressed that VuzeVPN worked here.

Blocked By: Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and 10Play

In my tests, VuzeVPN was unable to bypass restrictions on several platforms. Disney+ wouldn’t allow me to proceed to the login screen, regardless of trying in an incognito browser and clearing cookies. I experienced the same with HBO Max, which would not allow me to log in to my account.

Hulu (US-based) and 10Play (in Australia) detected the VPN while connected to the servers in the relevant countries. Though the webpages loaded, I could not start a stream as the VPN failed to smash through the geoblocks. All I got was frustrating error messages.

Screenshot showing 10Play blocked after connecting to a VuzeVPN server in AustraliaVuzeVPN couldn’t bypass geoblocks for a few streaming platforms

Overall, it managed to unblock all the platforms VuzeVPN lists on its webpage, except Hulu. Hopefully, the VPN can improve, or it should adjust its advertised list of unblocked platforms. Here’s a good selection of alternative VPNs with superb unblocking capability.

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Speeds — Superfast Speeds With No Slowdowns

I was pleasantly surprised by the speeds VuzeVPN gave me, even when connected to distant servers. Usually, I’d expect to see a significant reduction in Mbps the farther the server is from my location. There was no noticeable drop with this VPN, so that you can use VuzeVPN for any server location without speed limitations.

The crucial measurements of speed are:

  • Download speed, measured in Mbps. This determines the quality you can stream in and how quickly you can download data.
  • Upload speed, again measured in Mbps, is how fast you can send or upload files over the internet.
  • Ping is also an important consideration, primarily when gaming. It’s the response time for the connection, measured in ms — the lower the ping number, the better.

Local Speeds

To gauge any speed changes when activating the VPN, I first captured my base speed. I then switched on the VPN, connecting to a local server in the UK (London) to see if this changed anything. As a VPN needs to encrypt your traffic, you might expect a bit of a slowdown. The speed drops were minimal, and ping decreased a little bit.

VPN Disconnected (UK) VPN Connected
Speed With VPN Connected
Download 43.58 Mbps 41.75 Mbps 4% decrease
Upload 7.25 Mbps 6.20 14% decrease
Ping 25 20 20% decrease

Long Distance Speeds

I didn’t experience any significant pattern of speed loss or degradation of server performance, even when connected to the farthest servers. My connection remained mostly the same using servers in all the countries I tested, including France, Italy, the US, Japan, and Australia.

Chart showing speed vs distance when connecting to VuzeVPN serversThere was no particularly noticeable impact when switching between servers

One thing that surprised me is that I achieved a higher speed when connected to a server in Australia than the nearest server to me in the UK. The only downside is that you can’t select a particular location within the list of countries. However, with speeds this fast, I can recommend VuzeVPN as you can stream in UHD and download files superfast.

Screenshots showing VuzeVPN's Ookla speed test results with Australia faster than the closest server in the UKI was surprised that my connection speed on the most distant server was faster than my local server

Ping increased in line with what I’d expect, as the response times slowed on more distant servers. The numbers remained in the excellent range as far as the US. Upload speeds were more than acceptable throughout, only dropping below 5 Mbps once I connected as far as Japan.

Screenshot showing Ookla test results, with ping increasing with very distant serversI had a low ping in most locations until connecting to the most distant servers from me

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Are VuzeVPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes

VuzeVPN delivers blazing-fast speeds even on the most distant servers, but be mindful of the ping if you’re a competitive gamer. For most casual gamers, you won’t notice a big difference with a ping below 120 ms. If you want the competitive edge, you might want to stick with a closer server that can deliver a ping rate below 50 ms. It was only when I reached VuzeVPN servers farther away than the US that I noticed a difference, well over 5500 km away from me.

Screenshot showing Extreme Asphalt Racing game working well while connected to VuzeVPNExtreme Asphalt Racing worked well with my VuzeVPN connection

My gaming experience was flawless, and I’d recommend VuzeVPN for casual gamers. However, if you’re a heavy gamer and need more server options and lower ping, you may want to look at these top gaming VPNs.

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Server Network — Small but Reliable Network

VuzeVPN has 200 servers in 50 countries — a humble offering — but I found every one of them to be fast and reliable. Some VPNs might have a vast number of servers but with a high rate of connection failures and performance issues. While a more widespread network helps bypass geoblocks on streaming platforms, you’ll always find a working server with VuzeVPN.

One downside is that you don’t have the ability in the app to select a specific location within each country, but it simply connects to the best possible server in a matter of seconds. I don’t think this is a huge problem unless you require a larger VPN with a more detailed and larger selection of servers.

Screenshot showing VuzeVPN Windows app server selection screenAlthough I couldn’t select individual cities or towns, the list of countries was very good

I tested every VuzeVPN server, and all of them connected within 10 seconds. The connections remained stable and fast, and each server delivered exactly what I needed from it — with the exception of a few streaming platforms that wouldn’t unblock.

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Security and Privacy — Leak-Proof but Some Logging

I was satisfied with VuzeVPN’s online protection and didn’t experience any leaks. This is a great result, and I’m confident that you can trust VuzeVPN to keep you safe from malicious online threats resulting from leaks.

When picking a VPN, you want to ensure your IP address isn’t leaked — this can expose your real location. DNS leaks are similar, but this time it’s your private internet traffic that can be intercepted. WebRTC is the peer-to-peer communication between your browser and the web pages you visit — this data can slip outside the safety net and mistakenly reveal your IP. Finally, IPv6 is a type of data that sometimes isn’t sent through the VPN ‘tunnel’, thus allowing sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands.

Screenshot showing IPleak.net test with no leaks whilst connected to VuzeVPNEvery VuzeVPN server I tested kept me safe from online threats

VuzeVPN did a good job securing my connection. Each of the servers geolocated me to where I expected and disguised my actual IP address. DNS was changed and hidden accordingly and kept WebRTC leaks under control. IPv6 data also remained undetected while connected to the VPN, indicating it was routed correctly.

It uses AES-265 bit type encryption, and this was confirmed by customer support. This is military-grade level, so expect the best-of-the-best in data scrambling. VuzeVPN also offers a built-in kill-switch, which automatically terminates your connection if the VPN unexpectedly fails. My connection remained stable throughout my testing, but it’s nice to know this additional feature is available.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to specify your preferred connection protocol in the app, and the webpage doesn’t confirm what protocols are used by default. I reached out to customer support about this and await a response.

VuzeVPN collects minimal logging information but is based in the US and subject to the Five Eyes jurisdiction. This is on par with other VPNs based in the US and is a measure to prevent illegal activities. It can be legally compelled to hand over data under some circumstances. I don’t condone using a VPN for any unlawful activity, but it’s certainly something to be aware of in terms of how your personal data can be used.

Screenshot showing VuzeVPNs privacy policy, listing information that will be loggedThis type of privacy policy isn’t abnormal for US-based VPNs and outlines the logging policy

I feel that VPNs, including VuzeVPN, have a duty to draw attention to privacy policies in a more transparent way, rather than simply stating that they are ‘no logs.’ You may want to look at this list of truly anonymous VPNs.

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Torrenting — Not Recommended

Given the over-flexibility of the privacy policy, I wouldn’t recommend using VuzeVPN for torrenting. Azureus Software also released the Vuze BitTorrent Client, so I’d expect the 2 services would work well as companions. There is also nothing in the terms to either allow or disallow P2P activity.

However, the privacy policy means it’s more likely for a breach of agreed use in the T&Cs to be enacted upon. The terms clearly state that downloading copyright material is against the terms of use, but it might be easy to download such material mistakenly.

I would urge caution if intending to use VuzeVPN for anonymous torrent downloads. For some safer options for torrenting, have a look at these VPNs.

Does VuzeVPN Work in China? — Yes, but Not Recommended

If the app is pre-installed before arrival in China, there’s nothing to suggest that it wouldn’t work based on its reliability and speeds in my tests. However, even if it does work in China, it wouldn’t be my top choice for this purpose based on the privacy statement. Potentially your data could be legally exported.

I’m still awaiting a response from customer support concerning whether or not VuzeVPN considers it will work in China. In the meantime, check out these tried-and-tested VPNs that work in China.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Standard, but Windows Only

VuzeVPN lets you install and use the VPN on 5 devices at the same time. However, as it currently only supported Windows, you’ll be pretty limited.

Device Compatibility — Only Works With Windows

VuzeVPN only has a Windows app at the moment, although it works quite well. If you need to use it on an Android or Mac device, you’ll be out of luck. This is something I hope is expanded quite soon, otherwise, you might find it a bit restrictive. I found it frustrating not being able to use it on my Android smartphone — I recommend these VPNs for that purpose. There’s no installation option or guide for setting up VuzeVPN on a router as a DNS proxy to use it on other devices.

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Installation & Apps


Set-Up & Installation — Straightforward Windows App

Although it’s the only option, I found the Windows app quick to install and use. It took about 5 minutes to get it installed and ready to use after running a check on the .exe file for any malicious content using Total Virus.

Screenshot showing Total Virus check for VuzeVPN installation file giving the all clearTotal Virus gave the VuzeVPN file the all-clear for nasty viruses and malware

You can download the app even before you’ve subscribed, as there’s a free version you can try. It’s limited to 50MB per day and fewer servers, though, so not much use for most online activities. The server selection is also reduced. For the best truly free VPNs, have a look at this list.

Screenshot showing free version of VuzeVPN app after reaching 50MB daily limitThe free version is limited but gives you a chance to try the VPN

The refreshingly simple app gives you access to the list of countries to connect to, and once you’ve chosen your location, you just select the connect button. VuzeVPN is among the fastest VPNs I’ve tested for establishing reliable connections.

You’ll only find minimal options in the settings menu, but here you can turn on the Kill Switch. Besides this, there are basic settings for Windows startup and operation and a few links to upgrade the app and find the VPN’s policies. I’d prefer to see just a couple more options here, like the ability to choose your preferred protocols, and IP rotation.

Screenshot showing VuzeVPN app settings screen with kill switch optionThe settings menu is limited but easy to navigate to enable the Kill Switch

The installation guides are only accessible via a link in the app once you’ve already installed it, which isn’t particularly useful. However, it was very straightforward with only the Windows version available, so you likely won’t need to refer to it.

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Yearly Basic
$ 2.95 / month per month
Yearly Premium
$ 5.95 / month per month
Monthly Premium
$ 11.95 / month per month

I thought the pricing was a little bit on the expensive side when I signed up. That said, you can take advantage of a deal for 76% off the standard prices. This makes it a little more attractive, but you may be able to get better value elsewhere.

VuzeVPN has a free version, though this is extremely limited. It might do for some quick testing, but the 50MB daily limit will quickly be reached, and you can’t choose from many servers. A better option would be to make use of the 30-day money back policy, so you try the VPN risk-free. You’ll get unlimited bandwidth and the full range of servers to choose from.

You can pay by card or PayPal, though it would have been better to see some cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin for better anonymity.

There are other VPNs out there that could offer you more for your money. For providers that offer a reasonable price without compromising on quality, check out this list of VPNs.

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Reliability & Support


VuzeVPN only offers email support, which was helpful but a little bit slow. There isn’t a ‘client area’ or similar that you can log into on the webpage for support. The installation and help guides can only be reached via a link in the app after installation.

Screenshot showing how to access help guides via the VuzeVPN appThere are basic help guides, but you can only access them via this link

I felt that the guides lacked information and FAQs, although VuzeVPN works well enough as a basic VPN. The “support" tab on the VuzeVPN webpage takes you to an online form to email customer support. There are no other options for support, so if you have a problem that needs fixing in a hurry, you’ll need patience.

Using the online form, I messaged customer support, and I had an answer within 4 working days. Despite the response being helpful, I think this response time needs to be improved.

Screenshot showing VuzeVPN's email support responseVuzeVPN’s response time could be improved, although the response I had was useful

I didn’t find any negative mentions of VuzeVPN on social media, though I didn’t find anything positive either. This isn’t too uncommon for smaller VPNs, but it’s good to check other users’ experiences, if you can, before committing.

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Compare VuzeVPN With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

I was pleased with VuzeVPN’s performance, but it could expand its ability to unblock streaming platforms. The speeds I got were consistently impressive, and I never experienced any slowdowns or poor server connections, but there is room for some improvement.

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video (notoriously hard to unblock) worked perfectly, but I’d like to see other platforms like Disney+ and Hulu work just as well. The privacy policy is questionable in places due to the VPN being based in the US, so tread carefully if you intend to use it for torrenting.

The support service also needs to be addressed, but overall, VuzeVPN worked well to secure my connection reliably and enabled me to watch Netflix.

  • Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video
  • Fast speeds, even on distant servers

FAQs on VuzeVPN

Is VuzeVPN safe?

It did an excellent job of protecting me from leaks, but there are a few privacy concerns. The VPN is based in the US, and the privacy policy is such that data could be exported under some circumstances. You may not find this a major concern depending on your usage, but if you’d rather use a tried-and-tested VPN that’s truly anonymous, you might want to explore other options.

Can VuzeVPN unblock Netflix?

Absolutely! I had no problems accessing Netflix US when I connected to a US server. The stream loaded in seconds, and I could watch in UHD. There are a few platforms that VuzeVPN couldn’t unblock, like HBO Max and Disney+.

Will VuzeVPN slow my speeds down?

No, I never experienced any major slowdowns with VuzeVPN. No matter which servers I connected to — even distant ones — my speeds remained superfast.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 30
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: 5
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Not trustworthy!

Vuzevpn's dev network has been infiltrated a long time ago, usernames, emails, and passwords, various source code, code signing key has been leaked. No word from them at all, it's not trustworthy at all!

Diana Gorun
Diana Gorun
Affordable VPN

They provide good quality services at low prices. This way I can download torrents anonymously. You can also use it to watch Netflix (I do that very often). It is very user friendly and, if you have any trouble using it, they have 24/7 customer support available

Great value for money! Does what it says it does and more

I loved that they have the kill switch and there's no DNS leak. I was able to watch both Netflix and Prime and play games some online games while connected to VuzeVPN. And when I misplaced my password, their support team was very helpful. Totally recommend!

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