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Web-Leader.net VPN Review 2023 - Are You Truly Anonymous?

Author Image Kristin Hassel
Kristin Hassel Staff Writer

Web-Leader.net VPN has a clean design, and user-friendly interface but is it ready to compete with top VPNs? Not just yet, there are still multiple areas the VPN could improve on. The VPN is a product of MIU Dev, which has been around since 2008. MIU Dev offers other security software like proxies for business and individual use and designs a few game apps as well.

While the speeds were decent for HD, I was unable to hit UltraHD speeds outside of the US (local for me). The farther I got from my base location, the worse the speeds got. Not only that, I wasn't able to find information on important security features like encryption method. If you want strong encryption and blazing-fast speeds, try one of these premium VPNs.

Short On Time? Here Are My Key Findings

Web-Leader.net VPN Features — Updated in February 2023

💸 Price 2 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 14 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 60+
💻 Number of devices per license 5
🛡 Kill switch No
🗺 Based in country Belize
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming - Can It Unblock Netflix? Limited Capability

I was able to access Netflix US and stream in UltraHD without buffering or disconnects. The streaming speeds lagged during peak hours and wasn't that impressed with the video quality dropping to SD. Web-Leader.net VPN couldn't unblock BBC iPlayer, 9Now, CBC, or Netflix UK, France, and Canada.

Unblocks: YouTube, Netflix US

Block By: BBC iPlayer, CBC Gem, 9Now, and international Netflix libraries.

A screenshot of a couple of the services blocked while using Web-Leader.I couldn't unblock CBC or BBC iPlayer

While trying to connect to BBC iPlayer I received the geoblock error even though I was connected to a UK server through Web-Leader.net VPN. The weirdest part was it didn't leak IP addresses or DNS requests, so ultimately the server wasn't strong enough to bypass that BBC iPlayer's tough geoblocks.

Speeds - Significant Drop

The speeds weren't fast enough for streaming in UltraHD/4k outside of my immediate surrounding area; US and Canada. The pingback was also incredibly slow outside of the US, so gaming was off the table.

Location Ping Download Upload
Base speed (before VPN) 5ms 109.73Mbps 95.74Mbps
US (VPN server) 79ms 34.59Mbps 24.82Mbps
Canada (VPN server) 110ms 37.83Mbps 26.94Mbps
UK (VPN server) 135ms 17.65Mbps 10.21Mbps
France (VPN server) 123ms 15.27Mbps 9.42Mbps

While testing VPNs I usually look for no more than a 20-25% speed drop at most. With Web-Leader.net speeds dipped significantly from my base speed, decreasing well over 65% for downloads on each server tested. On half of the servers I tested speeds weren't even fast enough to stream in UltraHD/4k, which takes around 25Mbps.

Upload speeds took a significant hit as well, but were still fast enough to video call in HD quality as those speeds were well over the required 1.5-5Mbps required for services like Skype.

If you are looking for consistently fast speeds and the ability to unblock popular streaming services, check out our best VPNs for streaming movies.

Is Web-Leader.net Fast Enough for Gaming? Local Only

Unfortunately, it doesn't offer speeds that are fast enough for gaming in most areas. The only place speeds were fast enough were the nearest server and Canada. The rest of the locations tested had pingback well outside of the 100-105ms cut-off for preventing latency issues like lag and disconnects.

If you want a VPN that works well for gaming in multiple locations world wide, check out the best VPNs for gaming.

Server Network - Small But Well Distributed

Web-Leader.net VPN has a mere 60+ servers in 35 countries. True it's a small network, but it still covers a fair amount of the globe. Those 60+ servers include two in the US, and they were strong enough to bypass regional Netflix blocks.

Security & Privacy - Minimal Features

In terms of advanced features it offers a quick connect, DNS leak protection, and Always On. It doesn't offer a kill switch or allow split tunneling though, features that are essential if you use torrenting sites a lot.

It offers OpenVPN protocol, which generally uses 128 or 256-bit AES encryption. Web-Leader.net VPN never clearly states on its site what type of encryption it offers only saying it uses strong encryption, which is vague.

OpenVPN is the go-to protocol for both security and stability. It offers fast speeds for gaming and streaming as well, all while keeping your connection secure.

Other protocols available include PPTP, IKEv2, and L2TP. PPTP is a dinosaur when it comes to reliable, secure protocols but many VPNs still provide the option because it's useful for unblocking restricted websites and works well with proxies. Since Web-Leader.net VPN offers a proxy for browsers, I wasn't surprised to see this protocol make the list.

While L2TP is a bit outdated and has been known to be blocked easily, the protocol is great if you don't want to worry if the protocol will be compatible with the sites or services you're using online. IKEv2 is a fast, stable protocol that works well for streaming but is missing some of the security that OpenVPN offers.

Privacy - Not A No-Logs VPN

Web-Leader.net's main headquarters is in Seychelles, where VPNs are completely legal. Seychelles is well outside the 5, 9, and 14 Eyes Alliance, and it currently has no major restrictions placed on internet use. Another great feature, it's a sovereign state, it isn't subject to another countries rules and governs itself. All of this would mean a lot more if Web-Leader.net's Privacy Policy wasn't full of holes and restrictions.

The privacy policy for Web-Leader.net is lengthy, and despite it claiming to keep no-logs there are a lot of prohibited activities. I won't list them all but there are two that made me pause.

The first is no searching for security vulnerabilities while using the VPN. That would include a DNS/IP leak test in my view, because it explicitly points out clear vulnerabilities.

Secondly, if you violate a countries laws on VPNs while using a server in that area Web-Leader.net VPN accepts no responsibility. It may also share your personal information for the following legal reasons:

  • If supeonaed or issued a warrant for the information by law enforcement
  • If required by law for any other reason
  • If its lawyers require the information for legal purposes

In the privacy policy it states that Web-Leader.net  can't/won't verify that its affiliates don't use your personal information when you click on follow through links. If the VPN is no-logs, it shouldn't get any of my information when I click on the link anyway.

It clearly keeps logs and honestly I can't recommend using it if you value your privacy.

Web-Leader.net is Not Safe for Torrenting

Web-Leader.net doesn't explicitly condone or condemn torrenting but I don't recommend it. While it doesn't leak DNS or IP requests, it does collect personal information and doesn't have a problem sharing it.

Granted, this isn't an issue if you don't do anything illegal but what if you accidentally access a site known for illegal torrents in your quest for open source software? You'd be better off with one of these secure torrenting VPNs.

Does Web-Leader.net VPN Work for China? No

When our staff contacted customer support it said it couldn't guarantee a reliable connection on the Chinese servers and that you'll likely encounter issues. Since the connections aren't proven reliable, this VPN does not work for secure access to China.

If you want a VPN for accessing content in or from China, there are plenty of safe, reliable providers to choose from.

Installation & Apps


Web-Leader.net VPN offers setup instructions for all supported devices and protocols. If you've ever used Proton VPN, you'll notice a strong resemblance between its app design and Web-Leader.net's app for Windows and Android.

The clean interface, sleek design, icons, and user controls are almost identical to Proton VPN, right down to the colors. Web-Leader.net even acknowledges the comparison, saying it modeled the design after Proton VPN's app. Not very imaginative on their part.

Simply choose the quick connect option to connect to the nearest server or select one from the server selection list. To activate Always On or DNS protection, go to the settings page and use the respective toggle buttons.


1 year
$ 2 / month per month
6 months
$ 3 / month per month
1 month
$ 4 / month per month

Web-Leader.net VPN offers three affordable plans. The bi-annual plan is billed at $18 once every 6 months, and the yearly is billed at $24 once a year. All plans also come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Web-Leader.net VPN accepts multiple forms of payment including WebMoney, Bitcoin, Yandex.Money, QIWI, and most major credit cards. It doesn't accept PayPal.

Reliability & Support


I contacted support with a couple of questions about the service that I couldn't find on the site, specifically I wanted to know about the reliability of the servers in China. One odd thing I noticed was the live chat features was in Russian even though the companies headquarters is in Seychelles.

That's not only confusing but a major issue if you don't speak the language, I had to enlist the help of a coworker. On the upside, the representative I talked to was friendly and knowledgeable.

It's worth noting that live chat support can be somewhat hit and miss, working at some times and not others. Luckily, the website's knowledge base has answers to the most common payment, setup, and privacy questions. Web-Leader.net VPN has a separate Help area for setup instructions and support tickets.

Compare Web-Leader.net VPN With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Web-Leader.net VPN needs a lot of work, especially when it comes to securing users information.

The main reasons for getting a VPN are streaming content and increased security, this VPN fails on both counts.

While it does have a few good security features like DNS leak protection, its no-logs policy doesn't hold up. The small server network also makes it difficult to connect to another server in the same area if you get disconnected while streaming.

If you want a VPN that truly offers no-logs, check out our top VPNs for privacy.


Can I use Web-Leader.net on Windows XP and 10?

Yes. Web-Leader.net VPN can be installed on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. It's also available for both macOS and Android for sure.

Although the website says it works with all your devices, I was unable to find any definitive proof of that. If you want a VPN proven to work on multiple devices try one of these.

Does Web-Leader.net VPN have a browser extension?

No. Web-Leader.net VPN doesn't have a browser extension but it does offer guides for setting up a basic proxy on your browser, which is almost as good. The guides are easy to follow and the proxy takes minutes to set up.

Still, if you'd prefer the ease and features of a VPN extension there are several reliable options for Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and more.

Can I download a modded APK for Web-Leader.net VPN?

There is an available APK pack for Apple and Android, however, I was unable to find a modded APK from the vendor.

Feature Summary

  • DNS leak protection and Always On
  • Affordable plans
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • One click server connection
Money Back Guarantee (Days): 14
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: 5
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