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NordVPN vs Ivacy VPN vs AirVPN 2022

After comparing these VPNs, we have a winner!

Which VPN is better?

Author Image Catherine Ablett
Catherine Ablett

Cybersecurity Researcher

At first glance you would be forgiven for believing that there was little to choose between these three VPN providers. After all, they all provide excellent security features and work across multiple operating systems, including mobile and public hotspots among them. However it doesn't take much of a deeper look to realize that while there is a clear winner, there is an even clearer loser. While NordVPN offers the highest possible levels of security and they all offer access to geographically blocked content, AirVPN provides a perfectly good service, and what it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in transparency and reliability. Our third provider however falls down on service, transparency and reliability. A once respected provider, Ivacy, is now not considered worth the cost of its fairly priced package. Its lack of transparency when it comes to customer services and privacy, and concerns over it being situated in Hong Kong put it way behind both AirVPN, which is based in Italy, and NordVPN that has encryption that the NSA would have trouble breaking. While all three offer a service that supports Netflix, P2P and Torrents, users need to be aware again of the China connection with Ivacy, and what this might mean for their privacy.


Features 9.9/10
Pricing 9.6/10
Ease of Use 10.0/10
Reliability & Support 10.0/10
Features 8.4/10
Pricing 9.8/10
Ease of Use 8.4/10
Reliability & Support 8.0/10
Features 8.0/10
Pricing 8.7/10
Ease of Use 7.8/10
Reliability & Support 7.8/10


Review by our expert
Author Image Kristina Perunicic
Kristina Perunicic

Managing Editor


It’s not often that a VPN has cheap prices coupled with an excellent set of features. Yet, when my team and I looked at what NordVPN has to offer, this is exactly what we found. It offers a huge global network of servers, unblocks hundreds of streaming platforms, and has iron-clad security and privacy features — and you can get it all for just $3.29/month. I had to wonder what the catch was. ...

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Latest positive user review
John Hoy
Best documentation was easy to understand

I came from Surfshark which never worked correctly. I had to run from the browser extension with supp... ort telling me it was my network that was causing the problem. That was rubbish. I set Nord up and had it running in a short time from the documentation. I only had to ask support about accessing more servers than just the one I saw. Great product.More

Latest negative user review
Average service, some nice features, rubbish support

Basic features work really well. Basically. I liked the feature that when Nord crashes (as it seems to...  do monthly) it will shut other apps so they aren't exposed. My subscription is based in Australia. Found downloads peak at about 1-1.5Mb/s, which is ok as long as you aren't playing online games. Don't go for the frills (though hard not to when they gamify them). I canceled my subscription because I added the Kill switch and then MFA. Nek Minnit I can't even log in. No way to remove the Kill switch without logging in. Uninstalled, reinstalled no joy. Went to the help page, and it redirected me to up my subscription as the only solution. No chatbot where I am. and I don't have an email app so couldn't email help. After a couple of hours of mucking around. Gave up and went to a competitor. Note: if I hadn't played with the security settings, I would still be with Nord. But if I can't log in, it's a dead service to me.More

Review by our expert
Author Image Lea Hyatt
Lea Hyatt

Cybersecurity Researcher


Ivacy — a Singapore-based VPN released in 2007 — claims to be a top-of-the-line, extremely fast, and innovative VPN. The real question is: is Ivacy worth your investment or are there better VPNs out there? With over 5,700 servers in 100 countries, Ivacy allows you to stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and HBO Max, but I couldn’t get it to work with Hulu. This VPN offers a zero logs...

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Latest positive user review
Tom Hofmann, Germany
My full recommendation.

Here is Germany. Here, too, the freedom of speech has ended. Of course, too much freedom of expressio... n promotes anti-Semitism. That's why you need a VPN. I have IVACY and I have to say that it works really well. The price is also quite cheap. My recommendation.More

Latest negative user review
Was good..now not reliable

The kill switch used to kill the connection to the internet until the user shuts it off, meaning the u... ser could close torrent clients and browsers before exposing their IP address, but now it auto reconnects leaving the torrent client to download from the users IP address during the time between it turning kill off and making a secure connection. Very disappointing... I'll be trying a VPN router with them (only because I have paid up to sometime in 2025) but also looking to Nord or someone else.More

Review by our expert
Author Image Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee

Junior Editor


Founded in 2010, AirVPN started as a passion project for a group of individuals dedicated to internet privacy and net neutrality. It offers a large selection of 7 subscription plans, which makes it seem like it would be a good value for money. So, I was curious to test it out and see how it works with some of the popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and oth...

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Latest positive user review
Reliable and secure global VPN

Just signed up for 2 more years with AirVPN. Yes, there are other higher-rated services, but AirVPN al... ways works perfectly and is reasonably priced. I run it on Windows, Linux, and OSX, which does limit the contenders. The main usage is secure browsing when traveling and file transfer. I like that it uses OpenVPN and also that it is NOT at the top of the list. OpenVPN is very secure and with a lower rating is unlikely to be a hacking / DOS/government target. I could go on about great AirVPN is, but really, it would be like telling you how much I like my water or electricity utility. It just works and I don't think about it more than once every two years when I need to renew my subscription.More

Latest negative user review
Very bad performance

AirVPN is by far the slowest VPN I have ever used. Whichever protocol and/or server I have used, it di... dn't make any difference. My internet speed decreased by over 90%, download speed as well as upload speed. When you take a look at the AirVPN forum, you will notice loads of users are experiencing the same issue, for which AirVPN obviously has no solutions.More


Starting price $3.29/month
Money Back Guarantee (Days) 30 Days
Number of devices per license 6 devices
Starting price $1.19/month
Money Back Guarantee (Days) 30 Days
Number of devices per license 10 devices
Starting price $2.87/month
Money Back Guarantee (Days) 30 Days
Number of devices per license 5 devices

Best VPNs by category

AirVPN is an overall solid provider, with superb encryption and a selection of impressive features. However, the VPN's high prices, lack of support for protocols other than OpenVPN, and relatively small server network make it less popular than the other two competitors. Ivacy VPN is an excellent service that can access popular geoblocked content. However, NordVPN impressively surpasses both VPNs by offering topnotch encryption, solid privacy, simplified access to restricted sites, a wide range of features, and attractive apps for all major platforms, all at a low cost.

All three providers allow torrenting. However, NordVPN has dedicated servers for torrenting at higher speeds and offers cheap subscription plans.

NordVPN has a very slick and intuitive dedicated client for Windows. It’s equipped with a number of security features, including a kill switch and Double VPN encryption. NordVPN for Windows also has preset modes for various online activities. It is therefore much easier to use than AirVPN, which is more aimed at tech-savvy users. Ivacy also provides a good Windows app, but the money-back guarantee has significant restrictions, and the provider's location in Singapore raises privacy concerns.

NordVPN has a more user-friendly app for Android than Ivacy and AirVPN. With a kill switch, obfuscated servers, Double VPN and access to the Tor network, NordVPN offers a complete VPN service for Android. AirVPN focuses primarily on technical matters that aren't that important to most VPN users.

Mac users will appreciate the simplicity of NordVPN’s client. AirVPN for Mac requires a technical background to navigate through the app, while Ivacy doesn’t give you much room for customization. NordVPN makes it much easier, faster, and cheaper to secure your Mac internet connection.

NordVPN offers a dedicated app that can be used on 6 different iOS devices at the same time. The app gives you stable connections for streaming geoblocked content around the world. Ivacy provides a decent app for iOS devices as well. AirVPN doesn't have a native iOS app and so must be manually configured, which could be difficult for VPN beginners.

NordVPN boasts a far larger network of US servers (almost 2,000 as of writing) than Ivacy and AirVPN. Both NordVPN and Ivacy can overcome geo-restrictions on US streaming services. However, NordVPN offers better connection speeds, a stronger privacy policy, and 6 connections per account, one more than you get with Ivacy and AirVPN.

The Bottom Line

Author Image Catherine Ablett
Catherine Ablett

Cybersecurity Researcher

NordVPN is a clear winner in terms of number of servers, server locations and IP addresses it has for users to avail themselves of, not to mention its 30-day money back guarantee. This is much longer than the 3 days offered by AirVPN, and actually pays out unlike that of the 7-day guarantee of Ivacy, which prefers to tie its users up in red tape. It is Ivacy's customer service approach that really brings it down and takes away from its feature list, which actually rivals that of NordVPN. All three providers offer various payment options, but in terms of value for money, top rate security and round the clock support, you just cannot beat NordVPN.

Time to decide which one is best for you


Is NordVPN better than Ivacy VPN and AirVPN?

Yes, NordVPN is better overall than Ivacy VPN and AirVPN. It has 5507 servers in 60 countries, fast speeds, and impressive security features.

Best of all, you can take advantage of its latest discount and get it for only $3.29 a month.

What should I keep in mind when choosing between NordVPN, Ivacy VPN and AirVPN?

When choosing a VPN, you want to pay close attention to its number of servers, overall speed score, pricing, and the number of simultaneous device connections it offers. While some VPNs provide a flawless online experience, others will really slow you down.

If you’re ready to commit, then NordVPN may be perfect for you due to its performance during the tests.

Is NordVPN faster than Ivacy VPN and AirVPN?

Yes, NordVPN is faster than Ivacy VPN and AirVPN. Since your VPN is your computer’s main connection to the internet, you need to use a service that won’t slow you down by more than 20%.

If speeds are important to you, then I recommend you take a look at ExpressVPN. It’s the fastest service out there, provides unlimited bandwidth, and you won’t experience any slowdowns even when you connect to the other side of the planet. You can try it out risk-free.. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund if you don’t like it.

Do NordVPN, Ivacy VPN or AirVPN offer any deals?

NordVPN, Ivacy VPN, and AirVPN offer deals on occasion. You can check out the current coupons and discounts here. However, ExpressVPN has the best deals. Right now, you can get a 49% discount and up to 3 months for free with a new subscription.