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Ran Greenberg
New-Media and online expert, Venture Capitalist and investor

If you’re looking for a VPN that will secure all your connected devices and protect your online privacy and freedom, then both Ivacy and Trust.Zone will do the job very well. While Ivacy supports OpenVPN UDP/TCP, L2TP, SSTP, and PPTP, Trust.Zone only supports the OpenVPN UDP/TCP and L2TP/IPSec security protocols. This isn’t a huge shortcoming, however, since OpenVPN is considered the most reliable and secure VPN protocol. You can use Ivacy on up to five devices simultaneously, while Trust.Zone allows three simultaneous device connections, with the option of adding three more at an additional cost. Both providers are very competitive when it comes to price, as a one-year subscription costs about the same with either provider. Ivacy’s month-to-month option is less affordable, but unlike Trust.Zone, Ivacy offers a 2-year plan that comes at a bargain. Although Trust.Zone has a smaller server network than Ivacy, it covers all important locations for accessing popular geo-restricted content. Both providers work on all major platforms, but only Ivacy has dedicated apps for Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS. By contrast, Trust.Zone only has dedicated apps for Windows and Android and requires manual configuration on other platforms. Features these VPNs have in common include a kill switch, leak protection, and automatic server selection. As for privacy, both Ivacy and Trust.Zone have no-logs policies to keep your activity anonymous. So far, it seems like a tight competition! Let’s dive into a detailed comparison by category to see which VPN is better for you.






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 The Bottom Line

Ran Greenberg
New-Media and online expert, Venture Capitalist and investor

The race was fierce and both providers gave it their all. Both Ivacy and Trust.Zone performed well and have a lot to offer in features and capabilities. Overall, however, Trust.Zone surpasses Ivacy by a narrow margin in performance and reliability. In fact, if Trust.Zone were to introduce a couple more native apps and expand its customer support by adding a live chat channel, it would be ready to compete with the big boys of the VPN world like CyberGhost and NordVPN.

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