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A recent study by Palo Alto Network Inc.'s Unit 42 revealed that 85% of organizations leave their Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) internet accessible for a quarter of a month or more. This exposure makes them vulnerable to ransomware, data exfiltration, and more. Both financial service providers

Husain Parvez Published on 17th September 2023

In response to the growing threat of sophisticated phishing attacks enabled by AI, NordVPN has introduced a tool called Sonar, the first experimental project released from its innovative NordLabs platform. With cybercriminals increasingly harnessing AI to create convincing and deceptive phishing

Keira Waddell Published on 15th September 2023

A new malware, MetaStealer, is making waves by aggressively targeting Apple's macOS users, predominantly those in the business sector. This information-stealing malware has joined several other new info-stealer families, like MacStealer, Pureland, Atomic Stealer, and Realst, signaling an alarming

Zane Kennedy Published on 14th September 2023

A new cyber attack dubbed “WiKI-Eve” has emerged, which allows attackers to steal a victim’s numeric passwords. This alarming discovery was brought to light in a paper compiled by a team of researchers from China and Singapore. The attack capitalizes on the Beamforming Feedback Information (BFI)

Husain Parvez Published on 14th September 2023

Malicious actors have successfully distributed counterfeit versions of Telegram on Google Play targeting Chinese users, infecting over 60,000 Android phones with spyware. Data such as user messages and contact lists were stolen. These deceptive applications were uncovered by Kaspersky, who

Keira Waddell Published on 13th September 2023

Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, also known as Janssen, has revealed a data breach that exposed sensitive information of its CarePath users. The breach stemmed from vulnerabilities in the infrastructure managed by its technology service provider, International Business Machines

Zane Kennedy Published on 12th September 2023

In a recent surge of cybercriminal activity, a China-based threat group known as the "Smishing Triad'' have launched a sophisticated iMessage smishing campaign targeting US citizens. Leveraging compromised Apple iCloud accounts, the gang uses fraudulent package delivery messages to extract personal

Zane Kennedy Published on 10th September 2023

The travel booking giant, Sabre, may have experienced a significant data breach. The company is now actively investigating claims of a cyberattack after private records allegedly appeared on an extortion group's leak site. The publication TechCrunch has seen screenshots of Sabre databases and

Husain Parvez Published on 8th September 2023

Freecycle.org, a nonprofit platform dedicated to promoting the recycling of reusable items, faced a significant data breach impacting approximately 7 million users. According to Freecycle, the breach, uncovered on August 30, 2023, exposed usernames, user IDs, email addresses, and hashed passwords.

Keira Waddell Published on 8th September 2023

India's Defense Ministry has issued a stern warning about the DogeRAT malware, a sophisticated Remote Access Trojan (RAT) targeting Android users. This malware is capable of granting hackers unauthorized access to sensitive data, and even taking control over infected devices. The Controller

Husain Parvez Published on 7th September 2023