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French VPN, Le VPN, offers the security and reliability that people need when they are on the web. Users never have to worry about bandwidth or speed restrictions, and they can rest assured that the provider will not log any of their online activities. The service allows five dev...

updated: Mar 7, 2019
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Mar 1, 2019
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Like others I was a long term client of MPN which was always great. Since the takeover by Le VPN I have been without any service. Basically I have been unable to connect. Their response to complaints is very slow, and I have tried downloading so many files, none of which work. Compared to MPN which was simple, easy to use and highly response, Le VPN is rubbish.

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    Mar 7, 2019
    I would grade LeVPN as being worse than useless

    MPN was a superb VPN provider, I started as they started more than 10 years ago and for the past 5 years or more used their SmartDNS which gave me a trouble free operation. I had expected with their sell out to LeVPN that they would have expected that company to be at least equal in quality and performance as they were. How wrong they were. Having spent six weeks trying to get LeVPN DNS to work properly with the appalling slow reply speed and with their support staff condescendingly offering apologies and advice that with all the past experience I have had with VPN/DNS was nonsense. Then finally just simply not answering an open ticket was the final straw. From the reviews here and other sites it can be seen so many of the MPN faithful have fallen foul of LeVPN as I. Don’t expect any refund of payment if you leave because they will bury their heads in the sand as they do with open tickets they are bored with.

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      Mar 6, 2019
      Very poor

      I agree, MPN was great, I was a subscriber for 6 years. Now I can't access anything. When I e-mail the responses come across very rude. I'm gutted my subscription was automatically renewed in January.

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        Mar 3, 2019
        Works as well as MPN so far

        Migration was easy; there is a MPN file that configures Le VPN like MPN. Alternatively, uninstall MPN stuff and install the Le VPN file. This works well and has a dynamic method of automatically choosing the connection protocol. The software falters on two of my PCs and I have to use the MPN configuration tool. The Le VPN advice on getting round this seems rather complex and I avoided it. The major difference to me seems to be a limited number of IP addresses such that if this is excluded by the content provider, you cannot change the IP like you can with MPN to get round it instantly. Luckily for me, the subscription runs out next month so that it is currently on test mode for the TV sites I go to. If LeVPN is smart, they should adopt the many IP strategy available to MPN users.

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        Feb 22, 2019
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        Client VPN software old and out-dated

        Poor connectivity and reliability. Latest LeVPN setup installed on my PC uses OpenVPN version 2.3.14 (released Dec 2016). Latest version of OpenVPN is 2.4.7 (Feb 2019). Many bugs fixed in 2-years! From my personal experiences and frustrations with LeVPN I do not recommend it.

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          Feb 12, 2019
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          No internet when Le VPN connected on either laptop or Macbook Air since changing from My private network the service and ticket response has been poor

          Subscribed to My Private network who unfortunately have been taken over by this mob and I have had to migrate from MPN to Le Vpn Since then, multiple issues, primarily can`t connect to the internet at all on either laptop or Macbook Air. Raised a ticket with Le Vpn no response as yet. When I do connect to the internet when no VPN connected my speed is 100/30 when VPN connected this falls to 7/5 Previously MPN responded almost immediately and their agents were superbly proacative and helpful. A backward step considering asking for a refund and trying another VPN service

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              Compare Le VPN with the top alternative VPNs

              Features Description
              Number of Server Locations (countries) 114
              Number of servers 800
              Does VPN keep logs No
              Includes Kill Switch Yes
              Devices per license 5
              Ease of Use 4.1 / 5.0

              1. Download the product from your Client Area on the Le VPN site
              2. Double-click on the downloaded file
              3. Progress through the set-up until you reach the welcome screen (this means that the product has successfully installed), then click "Close"
              4. Click the Le VPN icon in your taskbar (located at the bottom right of your screen)
              5. Select the protocol you wish to use and the country you wish to connect to (OpenVPN port 53 is the recommended option as it provides the best security)
              6. Enter your account details when prompted (these will have been sent to you in the activation email for your account) and click "OK"


              Pricing 3.8 / 5.0
              1-Year Plan
              $4.95 /month
              6-Month Plan
              $7.50 /month
              1-Month Plan

              Le VPN offers a 7-day money back guarantee on its service. The service allows you to pay for either 1, 6 or 12 months at a time, with longer subscriptions offering bigger savings – other than price and duration, each option is identical.

              Reliability & Support 4.1 / 5.0

              Le VPN offers a basic knowledge base, mainly containing information relating to installation. They also have a ticket system and live chat help available seven days per week. Depending on the urgency of your issue the time taken to respond varies, we sent a medium urgency message and received a response in a few hours. The response was basic, but helpful. The connections are reliable and have good speeds, great for streaming.

              The Bottom Line
              Alex (Shurf) Frenkel
              (Ex-Hacker and Technical Researcher)
              On the expensive side, but offers unlimited security and almost global coverage for the price

              This French VPN service is incredibly well catering in terms of server location, with a massive list of 114 countries, they cover most of the globe. You can almost guarantee servers close to where you are based, wherever you are, and wherever you are visiting. They also offer all the latest encryption options, and don't put limits on usage. They aren't the cheapest service on offer, but do have a 7 day free trial so you can see if this is the right service for you.

              Le VPN
              4.0 / 5.0
              Detailed expert review of Le VPN
              Alex (Shurf) Frenkel
              (Ex-Hacker and Technical Researcher)

              French VPN, Le VPN, offers the security and reliability that people need when they are on the web. Users never have to worry about bandwidth or speed restrictions, and they can rest assured that the provider will not log any of their online activities. The service allows five devices to be connected at the same time, so a user could have their desktop or laptop hooked up at the same time as their smartphone.

              Le VPN is a VPN provider based in Hong Kong that offers server locations in 114 countries, including France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, India, Argentina, and many more. Le VPN provides fast, secure and reliable connections. The service offers OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2, PPTP and L2TP protocols, with 256-bit encryption.

              Le VPN does not set speed and bandwidth limits and keeps no logs of their users' online activity. Le VPN allows for five devices per user to be simultaneously connected. The service allows torrent and peer-to-peer file sharing with dedicated servers in five countries. It also offers Smart DNS, which allows users to unblock geo-restricted websites and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go, Pandora, Spotify, amongst others. Le VPN also offers a feature called HybridVPN, which combines VPN connection with a Smart DNS service for a streamlined, fast and reliable access to geo-restricted websites in the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

              Le VPN is compatible with all recent versions of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android, with dedicated software for Windows and Mac, and apps for Android and iOS. This means that it works on most desktop and laptop computers, as well as tablets and smartphones. The software is very easy to download, install, configure and use. The service's website provides extensive and detailed guides on how to do so. Customer support is very quick to reply and efficient, and can be contacted via a ticketing system.

              Le VPN offers three plans with three different subscription periods: one month, 6 months and 1 year. The 6 months and 1 year plans offers substantial savings. All plans include all the features provided by LE VPN, without any limits. Le VPN also offers a 7-day money back guarantee.

              • Torrenting support on some servers
              • OpenVPN access
              • Truly global network
              • Advanced encryption
              • Active social media presence
              • Get started with Le VPN now
              Money Back Guarantee (Days): 7
              Mobile app:
              Devices per license: 5
              VPN Plans: www.levpn.com
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