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Netnut.io Review 2023 — Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Matthew Amos
Matthew Amos | Updated on 12th January 2023 Senior Editor

Netnut.io advertises itself as a superfast proxy service that lets you unlock anything you need on the web. It also claims to be highly secure and offer millions of IPs with a variety of proxy types. But can it really live up to all this hype?

To see how good it really is, I tested out every aspect of Netnut.io. Speed tests showed me if it could maintain fast connection rates for browsing, gaming, and torrenting. I found out if it works with the top streaming platforms and performed leak tests to test its security. On top of that, I did a deep dive into its policies to see if it can be trusted to handle your data.

After my tests, I do not recommend Netnut.io. It slowed me down worse than nearly any other proxy or VPN I’ve used. There are several key security features it doesn’t offer, and it asks for tons of personal information when you sign up. It’s better to try one of the best VPNs available today that are all safer, faster, and more privacy-friendly.

Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings



Netnut.io Features — Updated in January 2023

💸 Price 20 USD/month
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
💻 Number of devices per license 1
🛡 Kill switch No
🗺 Based in country Israel
🛠 Support Email support

Streaming — Decent Playback but Not Great for Unblocking


Although I could access a few popular platforms, there are much better overall options for streaming. Especially since I was never able to unblock Netflix. There are many VPNs available that can unblock 10+ Netflix libraries, so this is disappointing. Netnut’s slow speeds also affected the video quality and caused long load times with some services. Many people use proxies to gather data from popular websites. So the one positive is that it let me connect to Instagram, Pinterest, Ticketmaster, and Craigslist.

Unblocked: HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer

HBO Max was the first service I could unblock. I used a rotating residential server in the US to access it. It took a few seconds for the video to load, but eventually I got A Christmas Story Christmas to start. The picture started out in blurry low quality, but after 10 seconds it resolved into HD and played without buffering.

I could also access Amazon Prime Video which played back great. That’s one issue you run into with the rotating servers. The quality can be a little unpredictable since your IP is continuously changing. I could load videos in HD nearly instantly.

The last service I could access was BBC iPlayer with a static residential IP in Gloucestershire, UK. The long-distance between myself and the server gave me slow speeds, so it took at least 30 seconds to sign in. But after that, I could watch Strictly Come Dancing without any issues.

Blocked By: Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu

I couldn’t even reach Netflix to get an error screen.

Screenshot of Opera browser error screen received while trying to connect to Netflix while connected to Netnut.io proxyI thought static residential IPs would work better, but they were blocked too

I got a similar error screen on the Opera browser when I tried to access Hulu and Disney+. This surprised me because I can usually unblock a ton of platforms with a proxy’s residential IPs. These are addresses shared by real households, so they’re not blocked as often as datacenter IPs are.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t test other browsers due to issues I had with Netnut.io. I also wasn’t able to test its datacenter servers because they weren’t offered in my free trial. On top of all that, I wouldn’t recommend using a service like Netnut.io for streaming because it charges for bandwidth. If you want to stream as long as you want, check out this list of VPNs that can unblock all the major platforms.

Speeds — Super Slow at Any Distance


I had a tough time even testing Netnut.io’s speeds because it was so slow. Normally, I do my speed tests on a site called Ookla. However, I couldn’t get it to complete a speed test while connected to a Netnut server.

There are 3 main factors speed tests measure.

  • Download speed is how fast you can receive data and is important for activities like torrenting and loading webpages.
  • Upload speed is the opposite, how fast you can send data. You’ll want it high if you’re doing things like posting on social media or uploading videos.
  • Ping is crucial for gaming since it tells you how quickly your inputs can be responded to.

My tests were done on a Windows Surface Laptop running Windows 10. I tried doing tests with my Android phone, but I couldn’t complete any of the online speed tests I tried there.

Download Speed Upload Speed Ping
No Proxy (Austin, US) 365 Mbps 214.7 Mbps 7 ms
Rotating US Server (Atlanta) 36 Mbps (90% drop) 10.7 Mbps (95 % drop) 93 ms
Rotating US Server (Monterrey) 1.65 Mbps (99% drop) 11.4 Mbps (95% drop) None
Static UK Server (Gloucestershire) 18.5 Mbps (95% drop) 4.74 Mbps (98% drop) 6 ms

Since Ookla didn’t work, I had to use Google’s speed test. I wanted to test more servers but I had a tough time connecting to any of the proxies. Some locations, like one in Illinois, were too slow for the speed test to complete.

Overall, the results are very slow compared to top the VPNs. With them, I might only lose 10-15% of my download speed on a server in Atlanta since it’s only 1,496 KM away. Monterrey is even closer at 603 KM away (although it shouldn’t have been included on a rotating US server since it’s in Mexico). That server lowered my speeds to almost nothing. This never happens to me with a high quality VPN no matter how far away the server is.

You can stay safe and maintain your connection speed if you use one of the fastest VPNs included in this list.

Are Netnut.io’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? No


You can’t use Netnut for most online games since it only changed the location of my browser. After you change the proxy settings on your device, you’ll have to enter your username and password before your browser connects to the internet.

While there are some simple browser based games, most people go online to play with people around the world on a service like Steam. Based on the way you log in to Netnut, I have no idea how to use it with Steam and customer service wouldn’t answer my questions about gaming. Plus, I wouldn’t recommend it even for browser games, since Netnut charges for bandwidth. Gaming would get very expensive very fast.

It’s best to have a ping rate between 50 and 85 ms for online gaming. This ensures the character responds to your buttons instantly so you can play competitively. If you want to protect yourself while you play games lag-free, you can get one of the best VPNs for gaming.

Server Network — A Large Network That Has Connection Issues


Netnut.io has many servers that are available in 170 countries total. However, it depends on which category of proxy you connect to.

It offers 3 proxy types:

  • Datacenter: These offer locations in France, the US, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, India, Romania, the UK, and Spain. They’re the fastest proxy type but are more easily blocked. Netnut recommends them for managing social media accounts, marketing research, and monitoring competitor ads.
  • Rotating Residential IPs: You can connect to all 170 countries Netnut.io offers with this proxy category. People generally use these proxy types for web scraping. This is because you’re less likely to get blocked using credible IPs that are always changing (it’s a P2P network). This relies on end users, people who get paid to share their IPs. It’s good that they’re ethically sourced, but it also means they disconnect when the owners of the IPs do.
  • Static Residential IPs: These are available in around 30 counties (but it’s always changing). However, you can only choose city or state-level locations in the US. Netnut also calls these ISPs. These don’t rely on end users, so you can connect to them as long as you like. That makes them better for things like streaming and unblocking websites.

I had a tough time connecting to any of Netnut’s proxies. First, I couldn’t connect to the proxies with Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. It’s not easy to get a hold of Netnut support, and I didn’t receive good answers to my questions. So I wasn’t able to troubleshoot as much as I’d like. After nearly a week of tests, I was finally able to get a few rotating residential and static residentials IPs to work with the Opera browser. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test the datacenter IPs.

If you’re a marketer, you’ll probably have several uses for Netnut.io’s network. On the proxies that rotate, you have nearly infinite customization options. However, it comes with less preset rotation scheduling choices than many of its competitors. Plus, it comes with a developer API that lets you get real-time data usage statistics. Once again, this will only help you if you’re a serious marketer.

If you’re looking for an easy, reliable way to change your location, you’re better off using one of the top VPNs with more user-friendly networks.

Security — Missing Essential Features That Keep You Safe


Netnut.io doesn’t offer military-grade encryption or a kill switch, so it’s not secure. Most of the top VPNs use the same encryption as militaries and banks, so they’re nearly impossible to crack. Netnut only protects you with HTTP or HTTPS protocols, which aren’t safe. A kill switch blocks your internet connection if your VPN ever disconnects, so it’s a crucial feature. I don’t feel safe with Netnut.io since it doesn’t come with one.

While a proxy can usually hide your real IP device-wide, that wasn’t the case in my tests with Netnut.io. For example, while I was connected to Netnut on my Opera browser, leak tests showed me my real location could be seen by anyone when I connected to Microsoft Edge. This would make sense if I was using a proxy switching extension, but I had changed the proxy settings on my device. This is another reason why it’s not a service you should rely on to hide your identifiable data.

Most proxy services aren’t worried about security. People often buy them to perform marketing research or to purchase fast-selling items like sneakers or tickets. A premium VPN is designed to protect you from anyone spying on your data, and the best ones come with additional security features like split tunneling, more secure protocols (OpenVPN for example), and more.

If you want to stay safe online, try one of the safest VPNs around that won’t ever leak your real location.

Privacy — Requires a Lot of Personal Information


You have to give Netnut.io your address and phone number to sign up, so it’s not privacy-friendly. On top of that, you have tell it at least 3 different websites you intend to access before it will let you purchase a subscription or start a free trial. Plus, the privacy policy is concerning.

Screenshot of Netnut.io's privacy policy highlighting its intent to share your dataI'm also uncomfortable with how vague it is about who it will share your data with

The policy states it can store any information you give them for 7 years or longer. It says it does this to protect itself from people misusing the service. This implies it monitors your browsing history, although it’s quite vague.

Its headquarters are in Israel, which has been known to cooperate with the 14 Eyes Alliance. This is a collection of governments that share their citizens’ data. So Netnut could be asked to share your information with several countries that aren’t concerned with online privacy.

One of the most important reasons I use a VPN is to make sure bad actors can’t access my vital information. So, I need to trust that the services I use won’t be irresponsible with my data. If you’re worried about online privacy, choose a VPN from this list that has a verified and audited no-logging policy.

Torrenting — Not Recommended for P2P Networks


I couldn’t test Netnut.io for torrenting since I was only able to get it working on the Opera browser. When I tried opening up Utorrent with the proxy set up on my laptop, it wouldn’t start downloading. On top of that, I wouldn’t use Netnut for torrenting anyways since it charges a lot for each GB of data you use. It’s also not secure.

In most countries, torrenting is legal. But it’s not legal to download copyrighted material. My team and I don’t condone any illegal activities. Since it’s possible you could download the wrong file by mistake, I wouldn’t torrent with any VPN or proxy that doesn’t have a trustworthy privacy policy. If you want to stay safe while you torrent, read this list of the best VPNs for torrenting.

Does Netnut.io Work in China? No

I couldn’t confirm with the live chat if Netnut works in China.

Screenshot of Netnut.io's live chat showing it failing to answer my questions about using it in ChinaI had a tough time getting answers to my questions over live chat or through email

Because of this, I just have to assume it doesn’t work in the country. The Chinese government has banned many VPNs, but it usually doesn’t go after individuals. It generally focuses on preventing the technology from working. However, I recommend you read up on the laws and regulations before you choose to use a VPN or proxy in China.

If you decide to use a VPN to get past the Great Firewall, you can try one of these VPNs that have confirmed they work in China.

Simultaneous Device Connections — Unclear

Similar to my questions about China, I couldn’t get an answer about how many devices can be set up at the same time. Many proxies only let you use static IPs on one device at a time, but you can connect to rotating IPs on as many devices as you want. But since they generally charge for bandwidth, it’s best to only use them on one device at a time.

I like being able to protect all the devices in my household with one subscription. To easily protect multiple devices at the same time without worrying about data limits, check out this list of VPNs that allow several simultaneous connections.

Installation & Apps


Device Compatibility — Should Work on Any Device With Proxy Settings

Netnut.io can technically work on any device that lets you change proxy settings, but I can’t confirm this since I had several issues connecting. As I stated above, most browsers wouldn’t even connect to the internet once I’d entered a Netnut proxy into my settings. Plus, it was hit-or-miss on my Android phone. I found out most of the proxies didn’t change my location when I did leak tests on my mobile device.

Since its connections are so unreliable, I wouldn’t trust it to connect a smart TV or game console. Many premium VPNs have native apps for things like Android TVs and Firesticks. You can get a VPN that makes it easy to connect to all your devices in this list.

Setup & Installation — Much More Complicated Than a VPN

It was very difficult to get Netnut.io set up, and I found the process frustrating. When you sign up, you have to communicate with a support team member, telling them how you intend to use the proxy. They have to approve you before you can get started. This is much different than signing up for a VPN, which you can easily do in a few minutes on its website before you immediately get started.

Once I got my login details, it was tough to figue out how to connect. Even after reading several guides on Netnut’s website, I couldn’t get it working. I could only reliably communicate with support over email, and their answers to my questions were brief and vague. Eventually, I was able to connect through trial and error, but only on one browser.

Screenshot of Netnut.io's dashboard with a 7-day free trialI ended up just using instructions I got over email since the dashboard was so unhelpful

Unless you’re a marketer or entrepreneur that knows a lot about proxies, I wouldn’t bother trying to figue out how to use Netnut.io. It’s so much easier to sign up, download, and install a VPN that lets you connect with 1 click. You can find a great VPN that’s super user-friendly and easy to set up in this list.


Datacenter Proxy - 20GB Plan
$ 20 / month per month
Rotating Residential Proxy - 20GB Plan
$ 300 / month per month
Static Residential Proxies - 20GB Plan
$ 350 / month per month

Netnut.io’s prices vary depending on which proxy types you want to use and how much data you buy. It accepts Visa, Mastercard, Allpay, UnionPay, and Paypal. There’s no way to pay with cryptocurrency, but it doesn’t really matter. Most people pay with crypto to stay anonymous, but you have to give Netnut a ton of information to sign up, so that wouldn’t work.

Datacenter IPs are the cheapest. Static residential proxies are the most expensive, with rotating residential proxies costing slightly less. When you buy the smallest amount of data it offers, you only get email support. Higher tiers get access to an account manager that you chat with over Skype. As you might expect, the more data you purchase, the cheaper it is per GB. The cheapest plan is $100 for 100 GBs with datacenter IPs, but the plans can cost up to $1000+.

It offers 7-day free trials that come with 5 GB. I was happy about that because many proxies don’t offer free trials. You should only consider buying a Netnut subscription if you’re a serious marketer or entrepreneur. Otherwise, you won’t get much value for your money. But compared to other proxies offering similar services, its prices are fair.

Try Netnut.io Today

Reliability & Support


The live chat was basically useless, and I didn’t get good answers to my questions over email. I had tons of problems trying to connect to these proxies, so I went back and forth with a support agent over email. After 8 separate emails, they never helped me solve the problem. My issues were only resolved when I got lucky testing it with Opera.

Screenshot of Netnut.io's dashboard with a 7-day free trialI ended up just using instructions I got over email since the dashboard was so unhelpful

I could only get a live support agent on its chat twice. Both times, they only gave me a few short answers before they stopped responding. Most of the time, you’ll only end up with a bot that tells you you’ll get an email response to your questions. Unfortunately, this never happened. I was only able to communicate with the support team member who gave me my login credentials when I created my account.

All of my interactions with Netnut.io’s support were frustrating. The best I can say is they weren’t rude. But the top VPNs offer 24/7 live chat services that get you in touch with a helpful customer service rep in a few minutes or less. I have a lot more peace of mind when I know I’ll have easy access to a knowledgeable team if I ever have issues. You can get a VPN that offers excellent customer support from this list.

Compare Netnut.io With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

You might find a use for Netnut.io if you’re a reseller or a marketer. It offers highly customizable proxies from datacenters and both rotating and static residential IPs.

However, it has a wide variety of issues. The speeds were so slow I couldn’t even complete a test with several IPs. Since it doesn’t offer a kill switch or military-grade encryption, it can’t keep you safe. You can’t sign up without giving Netnut a bunch of your personal information and many of its proxies wouldn’t even connect.

I can’t recommend Netnut.io. There are just too many high quality VPNs available that are much easier to use. You can find a great VPN that’s fast, safe, and trustworthy with your data for much cheaper in this list.

  • Decent price compared to its competitors

FAQs on Netnut.io

Is Netnut.io safe?

No, Netnut.io is missing several key security features you need to stay safe. Most important is military-grade encryption that makes it practically impossible for anyone to access your vital information. It also doesn’t offer a kill switch, which blocks your network if you’re ever disconnected. Plus, even when I changed my proxy settings, it only hid my location on one browser. My real IP was still leaking on Microsoft Edge.

Can Netnut.io unblock Netflix?

No, you can’t access Netflix with Netnut.io. I tested out its rotating residential IPs and static residential IPs in several locations. Every time I tried to get on Netflix, I couldn’t even reach the website to get an error screen.

Will Netnut.io slow my speeds down?

Yes, it will reduce your connection speed a ton. I was able to find a location that was only 600 KM away. The top VPNs might only slow me down by 10% or less at that distance. However, Netnut dropped my speeds by 99%. Throughout all my tests, I never found an IP that didn’t slow me down by at least 90%.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 0
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: 1
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