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Ran Greenberg
New-Media and online expert, Venture Capitalist and investor

AirVPN and Buffered are two popular VPN providers that are widely respected for reliable security and bypassing unusually tough geoblocks worldwide. Unlimited bandwidth, strong 256-bit encryption, and support for P2P are some of the essentials that these two VPNs share. You also get protection from wi-fi hacking, tracking, and leaks with either of these VPN providers. While AirVPN offers access to 220 servers in 20 countries, Buffered provides servers in 37 countries. In addition, Buffered offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all new orders, whereas AirVPN only offers a 3-day refund policy. Both VPNs have apps for MacOS and Windows, but Buffered’s provision of additional apps for Android and iOS devices makes it a very attractive option for mobile users. Buffered also provides Internal VPN DNS resolution on root servers, which is great for bypassing geoblocks smoothly. Before deciding which of these VPNs is better for you, scroll down and see how we compare them across several categories.






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Ran Greenberg
New-Media and online expert, Venture Capitalist and investor

While AirVPN competes strongly with good security features and an innovative approach to unblocking Netflix, Buffered wins this comparison by providing dedicated mobile apps and a more user-friendly service overall. It also has 24/7 live chat support in place, which is absent with AirVPN, and comes with a much more customer-friendly guarantee. Although both VPNs can reliably bypass many tough geoblocks, Buffered offers better speeds for seamless streaming. Yet in spite of emerging as the winner here, Buffered struggles when compared to elite providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Interestingly, if you compare Buffered VPN with NordVPN, which is our top ranked vpn, you'll see that Buffered VPN can learn a lot from NordVPN. Compare Buffered VPN with NordVPN