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Which VPN is better?

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

Competition is fierce in the VPN world and, as services continue to multiply, the time has come where only the fittest will survive. One of the most crucial traits for a VPN is the anonymity of its users and Hide.me VPN is very good as exactly what its name suggests. With no logging data collected, Hide.me celebrates a premier privacy package. SaferVPN can’t make that claim, as some limited logs are retained. What they lack in logging, they make up for in the plain layout of their interface – it is truly user-friendly and ideal for beginners entering the world of VPN. For the purist, however, PureVPN is unbeatable, receiving a five-star reputation from those real techies out there. Included in their advanced features is split tunnelling, which only a few services provide. This enables the user to choose an IP address through which to access geo specific data, while maintaining their local connection for all other functions.






 The Bottom Line

Nicky Hosek
Cybersecurity Researcher

All the VPN providers discussed here provide three different pricing options, something that is becoming synonymous with quality in this field. Hide.me VPN is the only one offering a free plan, although that is pretty limited. PureVPN is by far the most expensive but money can buy you security, even if it can’t buy you love and, in PureVPN’s case, it also buys versatility and convenience. SaferVPN’s Linux issues mean it can’t really compete in the versatility department, while Hide.me’s Premium service is less cost-effective than anything PureVPN have to offer.

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